Coronavirus Pharmaceuticus Con-job-icus…

Gosh!  What a Surprise!  Another Pandemic That Big Pharma/China Wants Two Hundred Trillion Dollars From The US to Develop A Vaccine For (Sarcasm intended)…

From Europe – Opinion By Karma Singh

As we “celebrate” the 102nd birthday of the “Spanish ‘Flu” which wasn’t ‘flu but something very different, we are told yet another fairy tale (hence con-job-icus) of a mass-epidemic which is going to threaten millions.

Firstly, however, let us clear up the story of “Spanish Flu”.

As you will see in this video from Dr. Bergman, the Spanish ‘Flu wasn’t ‘flu at all!

What actually happened was that the vaccine manufacturers found themselves with millions of shots in store with no soldiers to give them to and so they started a propaganda campaign saying that the soldiers returning home will be carrying all manner of diseases with them and so everyone must get vaccinated or the soldiers will make them ill.

Everyone (except the Greeks) said, “Yea, what a brilliant idea.” People queued up to get multiple shots with the result that somewhere between 20 and 30 million people died – not of the ‘flu but of typhus, bubonic plague, smallpox, diphtheria and a host of other diseases which were contained within the so-called vaccines.

The hypothesis under which vaccines are sold is that if you inject a weakened form of a virus into your body it will then create antibodies to it so that, if you come into contact with the wild virus, you will already have the antibodies and will not get ill.

The two problems are that the hypothesis is, scientifically speaking, purest nonsense and that it simply doesn’t work.

Where vaccines have any effect at all it is to spread disease!

All epidemiological studies show this to be the only discernible effect. As I explain in my book, “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” if you know how human immunity actually functions, this is precisely the effect that you would expect.

Currently, the Philippines are undergoing a massive polio outbreak. They didn’t actually have a polio problem until a genius pharmaceutical salesman sold a shipload of old vaccines to them to “prevent polio”.

The result was a massive upswing in polio cases so, what did they do? They sold them another two shiploads of vaccines to “contain the outbreak” with the result that they now have an almost raging polio epidemic – all caused by vaccines. Dr. Salk who was on the team that invented the polio vaccine has stated that all polio cases since 1964 have been caused by the vaccine.

There are not only many statistics and graphs in my book showing this to be the case but also a link to a “hidden” website where you can access many more.

Ask at a vaccine manufacturer for evidence that vaccination works – any manufacturer at all – and you will get a run-around, meaningless platitudes like “Everyone knows that they work” or, “It’s unethical to carry out comparison trials because this would mean that one group would be denied the obvious benefits of vaccination”. Two years ago now, the American Academy of Pediatrics (a pharmaceutical front organisation) declared that, “No proof is needed; a general belief that they work is all that is required”.

So much for science in the pharmaceutical sickness industry.

There is another aspect to this problem which deserves our meticulous attention:

There is no hard evidence that viruses even exist!

The hypothesis was first promulgated by a Dutch botanist towards the end of the 19th century. As he had many cases of diseased plants for which he could find no associated bacteria, he postulated that there are also much smaller disease causing organisms. These were later called “viruses”.

This is the sum total of human “knowledge” about viruses!

The problem was and still is that optical microscopes can only magnify up to a maximum of 2,500 times. This is nowhere near sufficient to see the putative viruses. In 1937, the electron microscope was invented and, with 7,000 times magnification it is theoretically possible to see viruses. As you might expect, a plethora of previously unknown things suddenly became visible. The great drawbacks of the electron microscope are that it can only view dead, immobile material and can only give pictures in black and white. Any colour pictures, purporting to be of a virus, which you may have seen are, therefore, not actual photos but an artist’s impression of what the virus might look like (i.e. they’re photoshopped!).

Now, when you see a dead particle, you have no idea what it is, where it comes from, where it is going to or what it does. Nonetheless, this did not hinder the owners of the sickness industry in declaring “ex-cathedra” that these unknown and unknowable particles are viruses.

In the 1980’s, a completely new principle in microscopy was invented. It is called the “Somatoscope”. With its ability to view living, active organisms at more than 20,000 times magnification, the life-cycles of viruses should, finally, be exposed. More than thirty years later and the Somatoscope has still found no evidence of the existence of viruses. Not only this, it has shown that the hypothesis of infectious disease itself has no basis in fact. This is why the use of somatoscopes is banned in medical schools, hospitals and pathology laboratories. Again, in my book, you will find a detailed explanation of how sickness actually is transferred from one person to another.

For some years now there has been a reward of €100,000 (about $115,000) on offer for anyone who can prove that viruses actually exist.

In 2015, a pharmaceutical stooge laid claim to the reward. Eventually, it landed in Germany’s highest court, the Bundesgerichtshof, where the panel of judges ruled, in December 2016, that the suppositions, assumptions, guesswork and pretenses submitted by the claimant are NOT evidence and ruled against him. Since then, no further attempt has been made to claim the reward.

Over the last 100 years, there have been many claims made about world epidemics…

…which were going to claim millions of lives: In the 1960’s, as a child, I have vague memories of the Chinese ‘flu, then we had legionnaire’s disease, SARS, AIDS, avian ‘flu, swine ‘flu and several more. Also you have probably noticed that they never happened!

The only discernible effects of these scare stories are massive upswings in pharmaceutical sales, tens of thousands of deaths and serious injuries from the toxins and death triggers randomly included in vaccines by the manufacturing process (see for more on this) and an upswing in attempts to use pharma-owned politicians to make vaccination compulsory.

Throughout, it is clear that the sole beneficiaries of all this are the vaccine manufacturers.

There is, further, one common factor in all these mass-epidemic scare stories: In each case, other than AIDS, the symptoms are identical to those of normal ‘flu!

Now, ‘flu is a natural detoxification of the emotion “fear”. So, what do you need to sell massive amounts of useless medications? You need to generate a lot of fear to bring about the natural detoxification which you, then, declare “ex-cathedra” to be not common ‘flu but some new super-sickness which is going to kill millions unless you buy our quack nostra. I’ve even written a whole book on this called “The Flu Fairy Tale”

Let us now put the final nails into the coffin

Someone is bound to bring them up in the comments if I don’t: Smallpox and Polio – the two major diseases which the pharmaceutical carpetbaggers falsely claim to have eliminated.

Due to the widespread building of sanitation and sewage systems combined with the isolation of the sick, smallpox had been almost totally eliminated more than three decades before the WHO vaccination programme even started. In country after country they arrived too late with their syringes because sanitation and isolation had already eliminated this sickness, along with many others.

Polio first exploded into world consciousness at the beginning of the 20th century…

…when the widespread use of amalgam tooth fillings in children and the introduction of household pesticides produced a combination which causes severe nerve damage. Polio was only eliminated when DDT and some other pesticides were banned. Nowadays, polio is only to be found either in countries undergoing a mass-polio vaccination programme or where the use of DDT is still allowed.

So now we can say: Coronovirus Pharmaceuticus Con-job-icus R.I.P.

Blessed be

Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

17 thoughts on “Coronavirus Pharmaceuticus Con-job-icus…”

  1. There’ve been some developments overnight and many people have forwarded new infos to me.
    Watch out for Part II in which I even spell coronavirus correctly!
    I’ll be recording a video in about two hours and hope to have it on Brighteon by this evening.
    I’ll post the URL a.s.a.p.

    Blessed be


  2. Karma, while you’re at it with the added information, perhaps you’d want to clarify exactly what is happening in Latvia with their Rigvir cure for cancer — apparently a useful little beast of a virus… and then there’s this article on how they explain the ‘colors’ in lanthanide-enhanced slides for electron microscopic photos of virus… it sure would be useful to see what that is… and the latest is the idea that there is a virus based version of the microbiome — the virobiome, iirc…. ttyl

  3. It’s nice to see an article on a blog that’s read much better than mine, stating that viruses have never been proven to exist and that germs don’t cause disease.

    But the last bit is incorrect. Polio is everywhere, but it’s labeled something different. E.g. Guillain Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis, aseptic meningitis, muscular dystrophy, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome and many more. Only since DDT was banned polio doesn’t happen much anymore in clusters. But it’s everywhere and in many cases the direct result of vaccine poisoning. The polio outbreaks are not so much linked to the polio vaccine, as to the DTP vaccine that’s usually given at the same time.

  4. The reason coronavirus was said to have”spread so fast” is that they stopped testing for actual cases in the rush, like they did in the SARS false flag in America, claiming instead that every fever is corona. This is a tactic considering it’s in the middle of an enhanced flu season due to immune systems being a tad low during this solar minimum. The corona death rate is 3% compared to 10% for SARS, which didn’t much take off either, and the actual number is very low compared to the other fevers.

    This fraudulent epidemic story enjoys a spot in the news for two reasons:

    1) The anti-meat lobby is taking the opportunity to try scare tactics to stop the entire Chinese meat trade of all species and especially the North American imports, and are casting suspicion even though disease usually can’t jump species very well, or in many cases at all, unless it has been genetically engineered to do it.

    2) The pro-vax agenda is to legislate forced vaccinations. If they did anything we’d want them without force.

    Agenda 21 looms large. Wash hands, take vitamin D and antioxidants, eat well, and don’t assist the vectors and trolls.

  5. I concur!
    Thank you!
    And, as always, I’m not having chemicals injected into myself. I’ll stick to my natural alternatives.

  6. As always. What Rixta said.

    I’ll only add that it appears (although to be fair the data is a little sketchy) that paralysis from disease is more common now than before the polio vaccine.

  7. Will –

    We don’t bother to engage, in any way, “skeptics.”

    Don’t waste your time with them.

  8. Tim –
    I’m disappointed by that response.

    Yes, these “skeptics” (actually not skeptical at all; they swallow the official line whole), they are a bit like germs. Infecting the areas where ‘good’ information is not available.

    Nevertheless, come now, I would still like to see the citations. Or should I just accept your word for it? (Ahem.)

    And you might be aware the bskeptics have a far better-organised propaganda campaign than the forces of good can muster. That propaganda influences general opinion, which in turn influences policy. We ignore it at our peril. As we have seen.

  9. Sorry I haven’t been her so much in last few days – been very busy on this and similar projects.

    The first video has now been uploaded – it’s not yet been approved (8a.m. pacific 29th Jan) but will be within the next coule of hours whilst I’m sleeping (11 p.m. here).
    You can see it on my brighteon channel:-

    More tomorrow

    Blessed be


  10. Will –

    Smile – It is our policy not to bother with the skeptics, beyond an explanation of who and what they are, for they are what they are, and they do what they do. No one, of any consequence, cares what they say or do.

    Arguing with them is like arguing with the homeless screamer in the park on a Saturday morning. We just cut them off, denying them a venue, opening the lid on the septic tank so-to-speak,, shoving them back into the effluent where they are comfortable in their element.

    You can read our analysis of the “skeptic” movement here –

  11. Tim –

    I know very well about the pseudo-skeptic movement, and I have used that link myself, since long before the Doctor’s Data dispute (disappointing, that) and the change in format here.
    Personally I’m more skeptical about ‘mainstream’ propaganda. Very 1984.

    Now, where are you cites?

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