How Richard Pan Is Manipulating The California Medical Board To Destroy The 130 “Vaccine Medical Exemption” Doctors…

They Failed to Kneel In His Presence…

Part Three of the BolenReport’s “California is Ground Zero” series…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

We, as Americans, have been too comfortable in our existence for far too long.

We assume that the basis for our lives, the US Bill of Rights and the US Constitution, documents based on Judeo/Christian values, are the law of the land.  Why?  Because, in the US, that’s our basic philosophy.  What we fail to remember is that other parts of the world see things differently.

Much differently…

One of the strangest things I have seen develop in California (and LOTS of strange things happen here) is the simple fact that the California political structure, overwhelmingly “Progressive Democrat,” not only ALLOWED, but strongly developed a Chinese Communist value structure for its statewide health care system.  That development is personified in State Senator Richard Pan.

There is nothing “American” about Richard Pan’s thinking…

Of course the idea of “Mandatory Vaccines” for children flies in the face of Judeo/Christian values.  47 American States took this very view when they were forced by Big Pharma’s cash-heavy minions to politically examine this issue – and very loudly proclaimed not only “NO”, but “Hell No” to the idea of damaging their valuable children in this way.

It is obvious that if Richard Pan had his way EVERY Californian would be subjected to “Freeway Closures” where all citizens would be funneled through “Inspection Points,” with “papers” demanded, and if you didn’t have written evidence with you of compliance to a CDC vaccine schedule, you’d be dragged out of your vehicle, thrown on the ground, and vaccinated with EVERY Made-in-China vaccine Dicky could think of.  Right then.

Think not?  Think again.  Richard Pan is NOT from a Judeo/Christian background like most Americans.  He’s Chinese.  Let me give you some specific example of what, exactly, that means.

There is a BIG difference in the “value of life” between China and the US…

I am going to give you five examples.

(1)  Look at this short video below showing the difference in the way China and the US see “The Death Penalty.”  4,000, or more, people per year, in China, as opposed to 46 in the US, are executed – most for minor drug trafficking crimes, that in the US would get, at most, a citation.  Really scary, is that China quickly executes those that disagree with government policy and say so.

Richard Pan, I’d bet, would absolutely LOVE to have THIS policy available in California…

Uyghur women grieve for their men who were taken away by Chinese authorities in a crackdown on the Muslim minority group.

(2) Everyone knows that China is holding one million Uyghur muslims in re-education (prison) camps in what used to be the country called Turkestan.  What is NOT generally known about these muslims is that they are a specific 60% Eurasion/40% Turkish race.

(3)  But what is not so generally known is that China’s Christian community is under massive attack.   According to Townhall:

What, exactly, has been taking place? According to the report:

      • Over 2,000 crosses already have been burned or ripped down from church buildings.
      • Many churches have been demolished.
      • Thousands of pastors already have been arrested, beaten, tortured and/or sentenced to years in prison.
      • By 2020, 600 million CCTV cameras – nearly one for every 2 Chinese citizens – will blanket China. They are being forcibly installed inside church buildings to record 24/7 the entrances, stairwells, offering boxes, and Bible counters to monitor who attends church, buys Bibles, and where those Bibles are taken.
      • The Chinese government’s new “social credit system” has begun to assign social credit scores to its citizens for not loitering, not jaywalking and other compliant behaviors, which eventually will include not attending “illegal” underground churches.
      • Chinese Christians will only be able to purchase the Communism-friendly version of the Bible that the Communist Party is presently translating.
      • In February of 2018, the Chinese Communist Party also drastically increased its penalties and restrictions targeted against Christians. The government will also tighten up control over religious activities in schools, religious postings online, and trips overseas for religious training.
      • Recently, the State Council endorsed the penalties, adding that anybody providing a venue for an “illegal religious event” will face a fine of between 20,000 yuan ($2,900.00 USD) and 200,000 yuan ($29,000.00 USD).

Just like China, Richard Pan has NO RESPECT whatsoever for Judeo/Christian beliefs.  After reading about Richard Pan’s background are you surprised that he would want to eliminate “Religious Exemptions” to vaccines?

(4)  There are over 1,045 labor camps in China.  Watch this short three minute video to get an idea what Senator Richard Pan has in mind for members of California’s “Anti-Vaxxer” Movement.

“China’s Laogai prison system was created soon after Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party came to power in 1949 and it still exists today in its essential form.

In concept, it is rooted in communist revolutionary ideology blended with traditional Chinese views on punishment, namely that anti-social behavior (whether criminal or political in nature) can be “reformed” and eliminated through forced labor and re-education.  Rather than merely aiming to reduce recidivism, the communists sought to transform inmates into “new socialist men” by forcing them to engage in productive labor to benefit the state and by exposing them to ideological indoctrination.  Originally patterned after the Soviet Gulag, and put it place with Soviet assistance, the Laogai prison system has fostered similar inhumane treatment and been used as a vital tool in suppressing dissent and maintaining Communist Party Power.

The Laogai system imprisons both common criminals as well as individuals whose behavior is deemed dangerous to the state – behavior such as opposing government policies, being critical of government officials or practicing banned religions. Political detentions have often been arbitrary, in which prisoners are denied a trial, held on unspecified charges, and serve indefinite sentences.”

It is estimated that in the last fifty years more than 50 million people have been sent to Laogai camps.

(5)  Executions and Organ Harvesting

According to the Loagai Research Foundation:

“More people are executed in China each year than in the rest of the world combined. Although the true number of executions per year in China is a closely guarded state secret, most human rights organizations agree the number is in the thousands, and some estimate it could be as high as 16,000. Beginning in the 1980s, the government began harvesting the organs of prisoners, typically for a profit. This macabre practice has since become commonplace, providing the State with yet another means of exploiting prisoners, even after their deaths.

China harvests organs from executed prisoners on a large scale. According to the Ministry of Health, between 2000–2004, China carried out 34,726 organ transplants. Voluntary organ donation is almost unheard of in China, due to the traditional beliefs that the body must remain intact after death. Huang Jiefu, former Vice minister of health, admitted, “most of the organs from cadavers are from executed prisoners.”

Got the picture?

It looks to me that Richard Pan was put in place to finish implementing the Chinese Communist/Big Pharma/Progressive Democrat government methodology – SMASHING Judeo/Christian values in California.

Their obvious goal was to weaken California, and hence America’s children, by over-vaccination.  As Bobby Kennedy Jr’s child project shows – it is working for 54% of America’s children now have a debilitating health condition.

But let’s remember that 47 of America’s 50 States rejected Richard Pan’s ideas, instead embracing traditional Judeo/Christian values of, and for, children.

So, how do we beat them?

It is easier than you think.  For those of us raised in the Judeo/Christian world “Awareness” is the key.  We say “identifying the problem is half way to solution.”  That idea is important because “Judeo/Christians,” as opposed to “Chinese,” are self starters, self sufficient, innovators.  It is how we are taught.  Chinese people are taught to conform, to obey, to follow authority.

Although the Chinese Communist/Big Pharma/Progressive Democrat government methodology has a beginning stronghold in California we have had, before, a similar situation, and defeated it.

We just had to work at it.
As anyone can see Richard Pan is ALREADY being frustrated – and he does not like it.  He was unable to take California parents’ children away from them and turn them into little Communist wards of the State when local activists defeated his SB 18.  He was unable to take control of the internet with his SB 1474.

We have to do only two things to get California back…

(1)  We just have to make sure Pan doesn’t even get started trying to implement any, or all of the five things we listed above that his ancestral homeland China is already doing.  You can be certain that Pan is probably, right this moment, trying to  write legislation “Organ Harvesting” California prisoners – with an eye towards imprisoning California’s “Anti-Vaxxers,” starting with Josh Coleman.

(2)  We have to take back control of our State Agencies.  We have had this kind of problem before and we did take them back.  I have written, already, about how we did it.

It was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

In my next article I will give you the details of what and how we took back the California Medical Board from the evil clutches of Big Pharma….

There is SO MUCH wonderful stuff going on in the background in California and I can’t wait to tell you all about it…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

16 thoughts on “How Richard Pan Is Manipulating The California Medical Board To Destroy The 130 “Vaccine Medical Exemption” Doctors…”

  1. I’m not sure why, but when you write of the barbarities of Communist China, you never mention the Chinese brutality towards Tibet and Tibetans which has been going on since the 1950s. During the Cultural Revolution 3000 monasteries were destroyed, leaving only six intact. On a regular basis and out of desperation, young Tibetan Buddhists set fire to themselves and on at least one occasion, the parents of the deceased were presented with the bill for damaged uniforms for the police who attempted to put out the fire.

    I notice too that when you refer to ‘Judeo-Christian values’ you ignore the integrity of those Buddhists who for over sixty years have campaigned peacefully for a degree of Tibetan independence. As with Han Chinese prisoners of conscience and Uighurs, Tibetans are also subject to forced organ transplantation. This practice is not simply perpetrated on those who have been executed.

  2. Thankyou very much Tim. This article is right in so many levels and , knowing full well that many people would howl with rage at the suggestion that Richard Pan is not an “American”, I think , this is like the Me Too movement- Its long past time to start calling a spade a spade. I, myself , am a white American married to a person from India. I am not a person who dislikes “foreigners” in America. But I think it is obvious from so much research in psychology and sociology that people from different cultures do not think or behave the same and therefore they can have difficulties getting along. Therefore, it is time to throw out those cheerful fantasies that when people come to America, they just love it so much and they love their new values and they quickly assimilate and become good American citizens. it just doesnt work that way . New immigrants retain a great deal of their cultural values . Their children , in many cases have little contact with mainstream American culture. It certainly is possible that Richard Pan, as one example, thinks vry little about personal freedoms and a great deal about the importance of following RULES !!!! On a very deep level, that perhaps even he is unaware of, he may think that its his job to make people follow the RULES by whatever means he has at hand – in this case, putting up bills and getting them passed. My impression is that most Americans would agree with me that immigration to the United States should be allowed, but very carefully and thoughtfully, to avoid conflicts between cultures.
    One has to think- Isnt Richard Pan the perfect mouse to please the pharma cats- Being a doctor, people ignorant of vaccine ingredients might imagine that he knows the science of vaccines ; and being of a Chinese value system, he thinks its just fine to force people to accept invasive medical interventions.

  3. Kevin –

    No one on the BolenReport is PC…

    But, as you probably know THERE IS SO MUCH TO WRITE ABOUT.

  4. [quote] Chinese people are taught to conform, to obey, to follow authority. [end quote]

    In case you’ve forgotten how the Teachers Unions have worked, that recipe for obedience to authority at all costs is exactly how the American education school system works, not only k-12 but also college mostly..

    i recall from the mid 1990s an assessment of that particular schooled influence, as being held solidly by young people into the subsequent 5-10 years after graduation.. After those 5-10years, the educated begin to reassert some idea of self-respect in facing authority figures. Just about enough time for their children to have a chance at home edu if the parents are waking up.

    So considering the size of the homeschooled population, i’d wonder about the resources you’re planning, except for the vax damaged kids’ parents.

    And yes we are aware that there are a few unruly teachers in extremely limited numbers that are undoing that conform-to-authority ideal and at some point opening a door to a couple dozen students each term — for a few months, a couple semesters maximum, of those students’ 12-16 years of schooled life — to challenging authority… like Kent does.

    So we look forward to the next edition of your plan, Tim.. ttyl

  5. Tim- nor am I PC, but your accounts do scant justice to a people who have suffered probably longest of all at the hands of the Communist Chinese, and who have been on lockdown for the twelve years since the Peking Olympics in 2008.

    It is important too to know that it is not only executed prisoners whose organs are plundered for profit by the appalling CCP. It is estimated that up to a million prisoners of conscience, many of them Falun Gong practitioners but increasingly Uighurs and Tibetans, are being murdered for their organs. Very courageous Chinese surgeons have escaped China and reported on this despicable trade, most recently to the London China Tribunal which said in 2019 that,

    “The conclusion shows that very many people have died indescribably hideous deaths for no reason”

  6. Okay… I see your point here. Now …lets go a step further. How to explain the legal support for Dr. Pan and his programs, specifically at Hastings Law School (Dorit Rubenstein Reiss) and across the Bay at Boalt Hall (U.C. Berkeley), dean Erwin Chemerinisky who was one of the legal advisers for SB 277. These legal matters are rising again as more-and-more states propose restrictive legislation and people resist.

    What I find amazing is that the NCVIA passed in 1986 was predicated on the problematic safety of vaccines. Basically, both side stipulated that categorically, vaccines were not safe but vital to public health and thus required protections outside the “trier of fact” (trial courts). The safety net was “informed-consent”. As long as informed-consent was not threatened, few protests arose.

    That all changed in 2015, when a virtual “cottage industry” of vaccine opposition developed over vaccine safety-related matters, proving that the issue at bar was indeed the threat of abolishing informed-consent since these groups were not formed during the 30+ years prior to SB 277 (1986 – 2015). Where were these people during those years? Why suddenly did they organize in 2015 and who are the leaders?

    But wait. If both sides did indeed stipulate that vaccines were categorically unsafe back in 1986, and, informed consent is being attacked, why the effort is focused now on a subject not in dispute — vaccine safety? In other words, if not for SB 277 and subsequent threats to informed-consent, would we even be having this discussion now? And if it is all about civil rights, why hasn’t a legal “cottage industry” risen to support Rights to the scale and magnitude evidenced in the vaccine morbidity-mortality side? Could it be that a focus on vaccine-science is part of plan to distract energy and organization for the affirmative here, namely informed-consent which is a Rights issue first and foremost?

    Sure seems the evidence here suggests this to be the case. Richard Pan have been successful in re-visiting the stipulations surrounding vaccine morbidity/mortality as evidenced in 1986 Act to re-visit and challenge the agreement that vaccines are not safe. So much so, they have alleged they are now safe, conveniently ignoring any references to the NCVIA (‘the Act’). Because the Act is a Federal law, individual states are now working to void the protections of informed-consent on a “state-by-state” basis under “states’ rights cover”. How can this be? Isn’t the attacks on informed-consent inconsistent with the protections afforded the vaccine industry pursuant to the Act? And, if those behind the Act no long wish to uphold its protections of informed-consent, isn’t the Act itself now moot? Void? They want to have their proverbial cake .. and eat it too here. Who is going to stop them?

    It is time to sue in Federal Courts to stop this “state-by-state” attack on informed-consent incumbent in the Act or vacate the Act altogether — not keep bickering over argumentative science in the court of public opinion. That is a controlled opposition technique to infer that our Rights are predicated on science. As you point out in the article above, they are not predicated on science so why are scientific arguments used here for a Rights issue? I don’t get it …. unless there is a sinister reason behind it all.

    Time to stop this endless cycle of argumentative bickering over vaccine morbidity-mortality when it is a moot point since 1986 and start to re-establish informed-consent. That, or abandon/vacate the Act. How about both? It makes me wonder when I see this type of behavior along with advocating for a “safe vaccine”.

  7. Michael –

    There are always different “legal supports” for an idea.

    I suspect that legal support from within the UC system has a LOT to do with the ship fulls of cash dropped on them by the drug industry.

    Universities know on which side their bread is buttered. These days they need to kiss up to the money for the Student Loan (You’ll get rich with a big job!) scam is coming back on them…

    The absolute BEAUTY of the “Anti-Vaxxer” movement is their sheer size and different points of view, and the way in which they will not stop.

    I’ve read some of Dorit Reiss’s stuff – and I view it as sophomoric. I’ve asked the question “By any chance did she write this with a crayon?” I haven’t looked but I suspect her presence at Hastings has something to do with a Grant from somebody associated with Big Pharma.

    Are we stopping them? Yup – 47 States so far.

    Election 2020 is “Big Pharma vs Trump” My money is on Trump.

  8. What is Pan a doctor or a politician, who is paid off by the Big Pharma. What right does he have to interfere in legal matters, which he does not understand? He maybe Chinese, or Korean. But he is definitely a bad Pan, or is the correct spelling Bedpan?

  9. Michael, that ‘cottage’ industry of 2015 may have taken off because of the progress that the Tenth Amendment Center was making in challenging bad federal laws…..

    To relate that 10th A to medical issues, they had successfully turned the tide in the marijuana prohibition and by 2016 the MAJORITY of states had smashed the hold the drug lords had put on access to medical marijuana… Coincidental?

  10. In re: Bolen response:

    That fails to explain the 30+ years of virtual silence between the NCVIA (1986) and SB 277 (2015). The only objective explanation I found relates to “informed-consent” as the contributing factor. The attack thereof after 2015’s SB 277.

    Also … while the “Chinese” influence is apparent, the legal side is another matter. Erwin Chemerinsky (formerly of U.C. Irvine but promoted after SB 277 to Boalt Hall/U.C. Berkeley) and Dorit Rubenstein Reiss (Hastings/U.C.). What, if anything do these two have in common? Subject of another OPED.

    I remember the former at a lecture/debate at U.C. Irvine circa 2008 on the topic of “gay marriage” when asked if the Declaration of Independence did not apply to the topic at bar making special legislation moot. His response to me? The Declaration of Independence had no legal weight in law ….it was (past tense) just “a good idea”. While this is not on topic specifically, it speaks volumes about his (legal) bias & opinions. Moreover, he did make an on-topic remark by co-authoring a law review paper and O.C. Register OPED advocating for the use of “police powers” to force compliance with vaccine mandates. His opinion went onto to rationalize the “strict scrutiny” requirements of SB 277 (“compelling state interest”). This too is flawed since there can be no compelling state interest to abolish any Right…ever. Suspending them into perpetuity is a back-door way of outright abolishment. Cover story .. .or no cover story (public health).

    It is remarkable to note that during the 2015 SB 277 hearings in judiciary, BOTH SIDES stipulated that this was a “Rights” issue over-and-above a public health one. It might be beneficial to revisit those hearings now in retrospect.

    Finally, anyone who doubts the validity of the remark in re: “cottage industry” need only tally the posts and submissions online and in social media. Those numbers speak for themselves. One must ask the obvious then, “how many tickets must be sold before the mission is accomplished?”. To answer that, one must first state what the endpoint is here. Ask any number of people and you get almost as many ambiguous, diverse answers (ex. “awareness”). That is not how an advocacy movement is run IMO. Any successful one must have an unambiguous mission and goal while at the same time appeal OUTSIDE its narrow advocacy base — not to contain the movement within an “advocacy ghetto”. That is how Soros’s NGO’s operate (see, “Occupy Wall Street” & Adbusters Vancouver). That movement is a model .. but not one to copy for any success.

    1. Compelling State Interest/Strict Scrutiny (stipulation)

    2. Use of Police Power in enforcing vaccine mandates (Chemerinsky)

    Next up? Dorit Reiss. How to defeat the cabal by not playing in their court ..but our court.

  11. The NVCIA narrowly passed in 1986, based on the questionable belief that vaccines deserve protection from tort liability. The immediate reason for NVCIA was the threat of the discontinuation of the DPT vaccine. Recent African studies have shown that one is more likely to die from the vaccine than from the diseases it supposed to prevent. Maybe the DPT vaccine wasn’t worth preserving.

  12. One would think that any legislation that “narrowly passes” wouldn’t be signed by the POTUS. It was. Nobody wants to be framed as against public health. Don’t let your opposition frame you? This is what happens when you don’t frame yourself in the affirmative. You get branded “anti-vaxx” instead of pro-civil rights. Why even mention vaccines?

    If the reason for the legislation was narrow (DPT), why was the legislation overly broad, categorical to cover all vaccines, prospectively?

    Since the legislation removed “the trier of fact” (trial courts) and replaced them with a special master and tribunal, there are no (legal) facts here. After all, where does one go to establish the facts, when those facts are in dispute? To the court of public opinion and only the court of public opinion? Why not the seats of power instead?

    The court of public opinion is no substitute for the trier of fact, unless of course, by design. No resolution results from the court of public opinion. The vote is never taken. Nothing objective comes from that worth mentioning just argumentative bickering that has gone on now since 2015 with nothing to show for it but ticket sales. Awareness is worthless unless it goes the extra step and translates to power. Emotional rescue is not substitute for power. At some point, being a victim loses its appeal.

    Those who own the narrative (authority), control the outcome. The attack on informed-consent must result in both vacating the Act and restoring inform-consent (civil rights). How to accomplish those goals one would think be the objective goals here. What proven road map, if any, is there being proposed to achieve these? More VAXXED films?

    If we want to see what life will be like in 5 year? Take today, and multiply by 5. I personally don’t like that trend. So, what’s the plan? I can tell you one thing for sure: Without framing this in the affirmative, nothing good will happen. Who is framing this in the affirmative? Anybody?

  13. Strange how most USA people with commonsense dont like the politico / corporate/ pharma complex, yet they get one bad egg (an American) and try and blame it on his Chinese heritage.
    I assure you a bad egg in China doesnt last long. That is why China doesnt have the murders, mayhem, childhood gun murderers, and everything else horrible that USA seems to have.
    I suggest you go visit, China, before blaming China, on your own home bred, ego centric, money motivated, Pan. Oh, and his publicity crew, post out of call centres in India, not China.
    Sorry just cant stand your racist slant.
    Also vaccines made in China, are just as full of sludge as USA made ones. China didnt invent this crap, USA and UK did.

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