The Gravest Danger Facing America, and the World, at this Time…

It is this:- Joe Biden just might win the 2020 Presidential election!

From Europe – Opinion by Karma Singh

On the one Hand you have an organisation (the Democrat Party) ready, willing and able to do anything, anything at all, to get one of their stooges into the White House. The former Vice President Joe Biden, a self-confessed fraudster who openly boasts of his abuse of power for personal gain now wants to become “Vice” President and, you know what? He might just do it.

With California leading the way of corruption with a voter base totalling 169% of those eligible to vote (or so I read yesterday) and in 2016 Democrat party officials openly boasting of their skills in voter fraud that they’ve been practicing for decades -( bussing, graveyard votes, non-citizen votes, etc.) – they just might get enough numbers together to put a self-confessed criminal into the highest office in the land.

Add to this the attempts to compel the Electoral Colleges to vote in a particular way…

Aren’t these unconstitutional? I mean, if the Founding Fathers created the Electoral College to vote their conscience in the best interests of the American people then, surely, any attempt to compel them to vote one particular way must be illegal, or?

Their abuse of children to emotionally promote their nonsensical schemes which, even were they technically feasible (and many are not) would bankrupt America! They even want to lower the voting age to permit children, in their ignorance and naivety, to vote them into power so that they can deepen their exploitation of the American people.

Emotional maturity – an essential and normal stage in becoming an adult – begins at around thirty years of age. I could make a very good case for setting the minimum voting age at 32 – twice that which the Democrats want – or even 35! The point being that a young adult at 35+ has the life-experience and maturity that school children lack and is, therefore, much better able to perceive what is possible and what are mere fairy tales intended to mislead.

How many of you remember the life-shock when you finally left formal education and discovered that the real world had little point of similarity to the world you’d been “taught” about all those years? Until you’ve been through this, you really have no idea what you are doing and what the ramifications thereof will be.

Why did Nancy Pelosi really delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate?

So that those Senators competing with Joe Biden for the Democrat Party Presidential Nomination would be absent from the hugely important primary in Iowa and instead be compelled to be present in the Senate for the trial.

On the other hand we see a rising complacency in the ranks of the Republican supporters who see just how good this president has been and fall into the trap of, “There’s such an overwhelming support for Trump that I don’t even need to vote – everyone else will ensure that he remains in the White House.”

This is what happened in Virginia where so many Republican supporters were so sure of victory that they didn’t make the effort to vote and now we have a Democrat triumvirate pushing towards a new civil war in the state.

Let Virginia be a warning to everyone of what could happen in the whole of America through complacency.

Let California also be a warning of what happens when you have an unassailable Democrat majority.

How the economic power house of America was converted to an open sewer with homeless masses and politicians openly supporting criminals whilst neglecting the people they are being paid to serve, where “correct speech” is vastly more important than honour and integrity, where good businesses employing millions are being forced out of the state…

These are the warnings of what complacency will bring.

The time to start organising is NOW!

Create Republican voter clubs and make sure that all Trump supporters are members and then, on polling day, you have a check list to make sure that everyone votes. Organise wheel chairs now to get the sick to the voting booths. Organise, organise, organise. This is the sole difference between those who worship evil and those who serve humanity and the world – they have been highly organised for a very long time. It’s now time for us to organise to defend truth, justice, peace and honour.

What can you do to monitor polling station to make sure that ineligibles don’t get to vote? I don’t know and I suspect that the rules differ from county to county so find out NOW and be prepared to stop illegal voting.

There is time to prevent this great evil befalling America if you start now.

Blessed be

Karma Singh

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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

6 thoughts on “The Gravest Danger Facing America, and the World, at this Time…”

  1. Documentation please, and not from Breitbart: ” voter base totaling 169% of those eligible to vote (or so I read yesterday) .” And how exactly would these extra multi-millions (??) of votes be tabulated? Would that many people have the fake IDs and be willing to risk a felony conviction for… what? A few dollars? And who does that benefit? It certainly has no effect on the national elections since CA has always been solidly Democratic. In local elections it would have almost no effect either for the same reason. This is just smoke to hide the actual election fraud occurring in the battleground states that actually matter. There people are being thrown off the voter rolls and gerrymandered to win elections. Get real!

  2. Roger – You really have to start looking around you in California…

    Here, they say “My grandmother voted straight Republican until she died twenty years ago. Now she votes non-straight Democrat.”

  3. What is there to “look around” at? Give me some documentation. These accusations are senseless and distracting from real issues. Lord knows, California has lots of other problems and plenty of corruption in other forms… Dr Pan being one good example.

  4. Trafficking in conspiracy theories is always a waste of time and energy.

    Paper ballots publicly counted and removal of easily hacked voting machines is the answer that Japan and Germany put into effect. End the outdated Electoral College. One person= one vote.

    Working with RFK, Jr. to oust Dr. Pan would be most effective.

  5. Wrong K.,
    the last three electons in Germany have seen massive voter fraud in order to keep Merkel & Co. in power.
    There are, presently, a number of legal actions slowly working through the courts regarding a possible 28% fraudulent count which made the difference between an AfD majority and a banker controlled coalition of their stooges in two of the states in Germany.

    In the last general election, massive voter fraud was documented but not in sufficient detail to eneable legal challenges.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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