Californians – Vote for Travis Allen on Tuesday!

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

To my California readers, you need to strike a world-wide blow for health freedom this Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

I have long said that pharma has completely corrupted the democratic party, and has effectively corrupted most of the republican party.

There is a wing of the republican party, the classic liberals who believe that freedom and transparency is the key to human progress, which is the best hope for the truth to be revealed about human health.

I remind you again of Travis Allen’s own words from March 14, 2018 on the terrible mandatory childhood vaccination law, SB 277, in California.

“This whole nonsense about having to give your kid seventy-nine different vaccines to get into school is absolute nonsense.  I have legislation coming up about that in a couple weeks.”

I’m a huge opponent of SB 277 and you will see legislation from me during the next week or so about the vaccine situation. [Assembly bills 2832 and 2668]  We’re all vaccinated, right?  I got like fourteen vaccinations.  California’s immunization rate was over 90% before Dr. Pan’s terrible law.  Now kids have like seventy-seven vaccines, some of them are nineteen in one day.  We don’t know what these vaccines are doing.  Autism is now off the charts and they recently found out there’s elevated levels of aluminum in a lot of these kids’ brains.  You want to talk about science?  I have a scientific problem with that.

We believe in science, but we don’t believe in unproven science.  This unproven science of seventy-nine vaccines, or however many are on the list.  And by the way, with that new law they can add as many new vaccines as they want, and we have no choice about it.”

I know that those of us who have lived under the terrible democratic leadership of Jerry Brown are understandably tempted to vote for somebody like John Cox, who offers something of a reprieve.

Here is a new Youtube of Travis Allen talking about vaccines from May 19, 2018.  He makes the argument that we are giving large numbers of vaccines to our children without doing the longitudinal studies to establish safety, as well as the recent finding of high levels of aluminum (used in vaccines) in the brains of children with autism.

I think Travis Allen is the real deal when it comes to understanding the concerns of the health freedom community.

I fear that John Cox is just the flip-side of the corrupt democratic-republican duopoly which frustrates voters on both sides of the political aisle.

Vote for Travis Allen on June 5, 2018 to save the next generation of California children.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

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8 thoughts on “Californians – Vote for Travis Allen on Tuesday!”

  1. Your politics are very suspect. Voting on a single issue is really short sighted. You criticize the Dems for being subverted by Big Pharm However, where is your criticism of the GOP for creating the nightmare by giving Big Pharm the Held Harmless status which set this nightmare in motion on steroids! And it was the GOP that supported GMOs basically on a hand shake. Now we have GMO viruses inserted into vaccines.

    So get over your anti-Dem rant and take a good look at the issue of the 1% Oligarchy controlling the whole mess and this includes both parties. They play off each other for public display while both supporting the same anti-human, anti-life fascism!

    Isn’t it about time you learned to think of building coalitions across political party lines on this issue? How else will there ever be meaningful push back on this nefarious project to control human life for profit.

  2. Tamarque – We HAVE formed a coalition. It is called “The Trump Coalition.” It is neither Democrat or Republican. It is a Populist Movement. And, we are not taking prisoners.

    “The People’s Republic of California” is a shining example of why we pick on Democrats. So is the “Vaccine Issue.”

    The Democratic Party, in the US, has failed Americans. It has become the spokesperson for globalism, the secular state, gender manipulation, immorality, big government, and totalitarianism. I see no reason to keep it.

  3. We’ve already voted for him, just need to turn in the ballot on Tuesday.

  4. Voting on a single issue that has such far-reaching implications for our children’s future is the most long-sighted goal worthy of voting on. Without the health of future generations, nothing else really matters. I have sent this article to all my California friends. I’m praying for Travis Allen on June 5th. Thank you Kent for the updates.

  5. I voted today for Travis Allen. Health freedom is a God-given right that has been commandeered by the political machinery. In considering the grave implications of children being subject to mandatory vaccination, I don’t care which party Travis Allen represents; he’s the only guy who intends to repeal SB277.

  6. tamarque — I couldn’t have said it better. There is a lot of promotion of Trump in this blog, with no mention that what the current-day Republicans stand for is:
    – Opening the door wide for corporations to rape our environment,
    – Focus on profit over people,
    – Racism,
    – Lack of compassion,
    – Control over women’s bodies,
    – Destruction of government regardless of value, and
    – Erosion of the separation between church and state.

    Tim Bolen — the problem with “the Trump Coalition” is that no compassionate person can support him. His politics are beyond heinous, witnessing the heartbreaking cruelty he and his henchmen are inflicting on asylum-seeking parents and their children. When on more than one occasion he refused to denounce the neo-Nazis who supported his election, he lost me for good.

  7. Out of sheer curiosity of the answer, what do current-day Democrats stand for?

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