Why “Millennials” Might be DIFFERENT from Other Generations…

By Janet K. Kern, PhD

Millennials, or Generation Y, are referred to as the “Snowflake Generation”.

They were born between about 1982-2000. They are currently, as of 2019, between approximately 19 and 39 years of age. They follow Generation X and precede Generation Z.

A “snowflake” is a person who is considered to be overly sensitive or too easily offended. Millennials get “triggered”. According to the Slang Dictionary, the word “triggered” is used to describe someone who is angry and filled with hate. A person usually gets triggered after seeing something upsetting or alarming. Using the expression “triggered” is way to describe irritable people.

According to a 2013 article in Time magazine by Joel Stein, Millennials have characteristics that are different from other generations. Stein states that millennials lack the kind of empathy that allows them to feel concerned for others, but they also have trouble even intellectually understanding others’ points of view. According to Stein, Millennials are interacting all day but almost entirely through a screen. They are most often sitting next to one another and texting. They might look calm, he further describes, but they’re deeply anxious.

Loneliness is also something that greatly troubles Millennials.

They tend to rely on technology to stay in communication with others.

Interestingly, they are also reported to have declining fertility. In addition, they are more likely to be diagnosed with mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder.

Millennials are also the generation of “Social Justice Warriors”. A recent (2019) Democratic Socialist Convention”, filled with Millennials, made the news when the convention speakers were frequently interrupted by Millennials complaining about “sensory overload” and being “triggered”. Clapping was not allowed because clapping was “triggering”. Quiet spaces were available and the use any scents/fragrances was discouraged.

So why are Millennials different? Most explanations include growing up with technology. But Generation Z also grew up with technology. Other explanations include parenting. But are parents from Generation X and Z that different from parents of Generation Y (Millennials)?

As a neurotoxicologist, I have my own theory…

If you look at the Table below, you will see the differences in mercury exposure levels from childhood vaccines between the generations. The Millennials received 3 to 9 times the amount of mercury of previous generations, and up to 237 times the following generation, Generation Z.


Year of Birth Mercury Exposure from Childhood Vaccines (micrograms)


1922-45 25-50
Baby Boomers 1946-64 25-75
Generation X 1965-81 25-75
Generation Y


1982-2000 150-237
Generation Z 2001- present 0

Table 1: Differences in the amount of mercury exposure from childhood vaccines between the generations.

Moreover, the characteristics associated with Millennials are also associated with mercury exposure…

…i.e., lack of empathy, problems with “Theory of Mind” (or understanding others), anxiety, sensory sensitivity, social phobia, being socially withdrawn, depression, irritability, infertility, and difficulty controlling anger. Basically, Millennials were exposed to much higher levels of mercury than are considered safe by the EPA through no fault of their own.

Who is at fault?

Probably the FDA, which was admittedly, “asleep at the wheel” and not paying attention to the amount of mercury these children were given. The good news is that mercury was taken out of childhood vaccines in the US in about 2002. The bad news is that this generation is going to also be more susceptible to dementia later in life.

Call them Millennials or Snowflakes, but, in reality, evidence suggests many of them are basically on the Spectrum.

By Janet K. Kern, PhD






19 thoughts on “Why “Millennials” Might be DIFFERENT from Other Generations…”

  1. The bad news is that while Mercury was “taken out of” vaccines in the recent past, it wasn’t actually taken out of the vaccine manufacturing process. FDA still allows Mercury to be used to “clean” multi-vaccine vials, and does not require any testing to determine how much Mercury remains after the process. The vaxx drug pushers want Mercury in their “products” since it will trigger the appearance of an immune system response. But the author is correct, the amount of Mercury post-Millennials are receiving is probably less than what the Millennials got. Since the incidence of autism continues to grow, we need to look to other toxins in vaccines and in our environment to understand the horrific increase in this preventable medical condition.

  2. Mercury and aluminum, have been in various vaccines for over 80 years. The doses have been increasing, but the mercury was mostly removed but the aluminum is still present. So these problems are not going away anytime soon if they are a factor in these social behaviors.

  3. Interesting postulate Janet and certainly worth further research.
    However, mercury was still being found in vaccines last year! All experience with the pharma manufacturers tell us that their promises are not to be trusted. Nonetheless, let us assume that these people do have extremely high levels of mercury in their systems; what happens?
    Their susceptibility to electro smog rises considerably (our studies here in Germany show that all electro hyper-sensitivity cases have very high levels of mercury.)

    May I add a further postulate here?
    The specific electro smog frequencies from smart phones are, to mercurennials, highly addictive. The combination triggers something in their brains which seems to them essential for survival. Frequencies outside of this narrow addiction feel threatening: Hence the “need” for “safe spaces” and the repeated attempts to exclude such from their lives.

    The obvious next question is, “What would be the result of using mercury removal techniques such as http://www.clearingtransmissions.com upon these mercurennials?
    If our postulates hold water then a considerable change in their world-perception and, hence, their actions will follow.

    Anybody know a few mercurennials who’d be willing to try?

    Blessed be
    Karma Singh

  4. It is great that Ms. Kern is rightly associating mercury exposure with behavioral issues. But, aren’t the Generation Z kids being filled with mercury that is still within flu vaccines, amazingly being recommended to pregnant mothers? Also, the myopic focus on mercury ignores the aluminum, adjuvant, and other neurologically damaging constituents within the current insanely negligent recommended vaccine schedule.

  5. To me the Childhood Vaccine Program is now, and always has been, in place for the purpose of intentionally damaging American children. The millennials, I think, were PROGRAMMED this way so they would be “liberals.”

    In the minds of the super-crazy “Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development” promoters America needs to be destroyed. What better way to implement that plan than to vaccinate our children into something unrecognizable.

    If you look at what new vaccines are being developed you will see that there are plans for vaccines that will make our next batch of children into (1) three foot tall tomato pickers, or (2) ten foot tall with eight foot arms so as to pick apples and peaches. They’d all have an IQ of 74, and would be automatically enrolled, and chipped, as loyal Democratic Party voters (sarcasm intended).

  6. EVERY VACCINATED CHILD should have mandatory brain scans after EVERY vaccination!!! (But then there’s a radiation over exposure issue)

  7. Spot on, Janet. You hit the nail on the head. As a victim of mercury poisoning (mostly from my dental fillings) I can tell you all of those symptoms are familiar to me. I like to tell people, now that I have detoxed a lifetime of mercury from my system, I can function like a normal person. So….I know that there is a lot that can be done to restore normalcy most of which lurks in the politically-incorrect healing arts products and services.

    I have no doubt Trump knew all the details of this when he asked Bobby Kennedy to dig into things. The problem is political NOT scientific. Once Congress acts on the findings in Bobby’s report, we can root out all the criminals in research and in the agencies not to mention getting good science and good political action to clean things up. The vaccination issue is BOTH a drug industry and a Marxist political agenda and the plight of the millennials is the result they were hoping for – highly fragile, dimwitted people who can’t think for themselves. The drug industry wants a government-guaranteed steady customer base (including after market drugging of people damaged by the vaccines) and the Marxists want obedient serfs who are easy to manipulate.

  8. I think there are many factors involved. Many also were raised by a generation of helicopter parents. Many of the traits you attribute to the millennial snowflake also have run over into society in general. I know many baby boomers & the generation after that are just as bad. Then again maybe it’s the aluminum in the flu shot to blame.

  9. So what are the symptoms of aluminum poisoning, so we can identify who was poisoned nearly irretrievably by the latest vaccines.? And see where we are going…..

    And judging by the psychiatrist [Dr Janet Kern’s] observation of the proneness to violent reactions and a level of irrationality in the VICTIMS OF VACCINE/MERCURY POISONING, why don’t we take those mercury levels and figure the average levels by age for the current population AND MATCH IT TO THE EXPONENTIAL INCREASE IN MASS SHOOTER INCIDENTS..?

    CNN [for its own corrupt reasons] showed a list of supposedly all the mass shooter episodes since 1949, and ignoring the ones likely false flags as unknowable but un-removed in my tabulating now, the progression is pretty shocking,…
    1— From 1949 to 1986 [pre vax mostly] the frequency was ONE IN TEN YEARS……..
    2—- from 1986 [pharma immunity granted] til 1996 [roughly a developing GENERATION of more and more vaccines], the frequency was ONE IN 2.5 YEARS………
    3—- from 1996 til now [with a full generation of exponentially added required vaccines] the frequency is …. [drum roll]…….

    Think that’s extreme? Well i think it’s in keeping with the stunning data Dr Kern produced showing they are ” more likely to be diagnosed with mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder.” Does that sound like a stepping stone to mass shooting.. or not.. it does to me…….

    Curiously, the depression and schizophrenia are basically extreme deficiencies in niacin and C… don’t know about bipolar. But definitely pharmaceuticals can cause severe deficiencies in other nutrients needed for body functioning. So why not try the niacin therapy successfully [80% cured schizophrenics] for vaccine injured snowflakes?

    Not keen on Karma’s scheme though I do recognize the benefits of energy medicine of micro currents, magnetic fields, LLLT and hbot. Would love to see more of Amen’s work on vaccine injured children. Thanks for that link.

    So picture these pieces.. the drug companies KNEW that such ‘side effects’ were coming and put their big development efforts into SSRIs and opioids and a plethora of more neuro-whatever drugs with more and worse side effects… how much effort would it take to make a case of intentionality..? And how far would they go, knowing what we are seeing.? Guess that kind of justice ain’t gonna happen……… TTYL

  10. Very happy to see this article. it is important that we think and speculate about these issues. I very much believe that we must not drop the emphasis on mercury. Despite what the neurodiverse may say, it can be quite unpleasant to be different from other people. Mercury is now injected into the fetus through vaccines given to the mother. Mothers may eat a lot of fish or live in areas of high mercury pollution- airborn. . There are a variety of ways that mercury may enter the bodies of our children. The majority of doctors have no clue about the mercury issue. Most doctors, if they hear about mercury in vaccines, dismiss it without a thought.

  11. Vitamin C is great before, during and after vaccines. It’s also great for your heart. So work on finding your bowel tolerance level by taking one gram of C/hr. until just before you are ready to explode. For me it’s 10-15 grams/day (10,000-15,000 mg.) on a normal day and more if you are ill.

  12. I do believe that you flipped over what I said much too quickly Dr. Raichyk and completely misunderstood it:
    It is not a “scheme” but a hard, proven, scientifically based use of one of the many “unexplored” aspects of quantum physics.
    Basically, it works, every time and painlessly and cheaply removes the root cause of many of these problems.
    It is certainly unconventional but so were all other breakthroughs which made life easier so that gives no grounds for rejecting it out of hand without bothering to take a good, long look at it.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  13. It’s interesting that you would flip over the use of the term ‘scheme’ when clearly a scheme is simply a plan that appears novelty oriented. And in fact, i did go to your linked videos and see what they consisted of for several applications.. and it looks like the faith healers that could interfere with the stage lighting in Dr Becker’s book on electro medicine and pollution… so i am simply saying which of the electro medical ideas i’ve explored and suggesting that i would have no opinion on your scheme because there’s nothing demonstrated or explained on your website/channel to validate any connection to quantum anything, a glaring omission that needs work imo. TTYL

  14. bmommy,
    I think by helicopter parents, you mean those who are always hovering over their children, in other words being too concerned for their welfare. I have to say, it is a feature of the Pharmageddon era that “they” are always looking out for things they can use to blame parents for the effects of vaccine injuries. The reality is that when parents see a vaccine injured child – such as these millenials – they know by their parents’ intuition that that child will be hugely at risk of bullying by everyone – peers, teachers, carers etc. So they take extra special care of that child, and are then branded as helicopters! We need to resist this propaganda.

  15. Hey Tim, what’s happened to quackpotwatch.org ? Seems to be down, blocked or something. I hope it’s just temporary

  16. Thanks to everyone for the great comments.
    Karma Singh – I like the name “mercurennials”…really clever.
    Dr. Raichyk – I have thought about Thimerosal and the rise in the young male mass shootings. It would be interesting to explore further.

  17. Dr. Raichyk,
    the Clearing Transmissions are NOT a scheme and I would most grateful for your desisting in describing them as such.
    They are a highly effective, safe and extremeley cheap tool for the complete removal of toxins from the human body; including those classed as “impossible” such as mercury, aluminium etc. in the brain and spinal cord.

    The need is not to denigrate them but to USE them!
    Incidentally, the new website is now online at https://www.clearingtransmissions.com

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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