The “Racist” Democrats “War On White People” Is More Than Just The “Childhood Vaccine Program…”

To A “Progressive” Democrat American “Nationalism” is A Bad Thing.  Being “White” is Worse…

They Seem to Want Heterosexual Christians and Jews Killed Immediately, and Their Children Ripped Apart At Birth, or Vaccinated Into Zombies…

First, Of Course, They Want Our Guns Confiscated…


Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Watching the ultra-left Democratic Party presidential candidates attempting to come up with a strategy that would give them ANY chance, at all, of getting a candidate elected President in 2020 is getting VERY interesting.

It has brought them all out of the closet, so-to-speak…

At first, the counter-move to OUR electing Donald Trump as our President in 2016 was to make the claim that “Trump is an agent of the Russian government.”

When that STUPID story was shown to be nonsense the liberals had massive egg on their faces – so they IMMEDIATELY came out with a new thing.  Trump, and by association, all of his supporters, are “Racists…”

Their latest gambit is to try and set up a HATRED of all white people who want to “Make, and Keep, America Great Again.”  Think about that…  Somehow, in the minds of Democrats, a strong America, with people working, buying homes, buying cars, is a BAD thing.  Blacks, whites, browns, yellows, etc. working together as one nation is, to a “Progressive” Democrat, a bad thing.


There is NO question that MOST 2020 Democrat presidential candidates want America destroyed in favor of total UN-Run (Agenda 21) One-World Soviet Style Communism.

The wild-eyed “Green New Deal” would completely bankrupt America in a matter of months, shutting down MOST of America’s industries, putting MOST Americans out of work, giving Mainland Communist China the ability to crush America overnight.  And, for the “Anti-White” Democrats, the result would be sweet – the end of Western Civilization.

“Medicare For all” is another nation buster.  Just envision millions of out-of-work people standing in line to get their 2,364 “Mandatory Vaccinations.”

$96,000 For a BA in Hispanic Transgender Gay & Lesbian Studies and I can’t find work…

“Free College for all” is another line of BS.  American Universities have become nothing more than a baby-sitting service for liberal Prima-Donnas whining about how hard their privileged lives are as they dope-smoke their way between safe-spaces.  The idea of graduating from college and getting an actual job is simply NOT in their plans.  with “Free College for all” they could stay right there, as a student, until their hair falls out.

“Mass Shootings” – Liberal Democrats are completely responsible for this situation.  Every person killed or wounded can be traced back to “liberal” values.  Our country is faced with the liberal’s long-term plan to destroy family units, removing the guidance of fathers from the child-raising picture.

Don’t even start me on the “Childhood Vaccination Program.”  54% of America’s children are chronically ill.  American Millenial generation males have 50% of the testosterone their father’s had…  One plus one equals two.  Two plus two equals four.

“We Want America Destroyed” is the war cry of almost every 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Candidate…

Top Democratic Party leadership screams out “America was never great…” on the nightly news.   Just below is a 17 second clip from Fox News Tucker Carlson exposing the Democratic Party’s OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON  “Beto” O’Rourke” claiming (laugh here) that “This country was founded on white supremacy…”

Yeah, “Beto,” you dumb-ass, our Founding Fathers and Mothers created this country to promote “White Supremacy?”  Try reading a history book you jackass…

What “Beto” is against is “Freedom…”

There is no doubt that the Democratic Party is trying to foment a race war in the racial/cultural “Melting Pot” of America.  In a way this attempt is hilarious.  Why?  As Victor David Hanson of the Hoover Institution states:

“The United States has always cherished its “melting pot” ethos of e pluribus unum — of blending diverse peoples into one through assimilation, integration, and intermarriage.

The history of state multiculturalism is one of discord, violence, chaos, and implosion.

When immigration was controlled, measured, and coupled with a confident approach to assimilation, America thrived. Various ethnic groups enriched America with diverse art, food, music, and literature while accepting a common culture of American values and institutions. Problems arose only when immigration was often illegal, in mass, and without emphasis on assimilation.

But to the liberal Democrat’s complete chagrin…

those new DNA tests (23 and Me) are VERY CLEARLY showing that the people of America, themselves, personally, almost en-masse, decided to assimilate with other races and cultures in their sexual congress (smile here).  Which translates to the simple fact that Americans are NOT, as crap-for-brains liberals claim, “racist.”  They are, in fact, just the opposite  (smile again…).

Those tests are CLEARLY showing that America is now, and has been, for a very long time, a true “Melting Pot” – and we obviously have, and had, FUN doing it.

The United Nations (UN) “Agenda 21” Plan Specifically says that “America’s middle class will need to be destroyed, because their value system believes that all lives are important…”

The UN “Agenda 21” Plan started in the 1970s, basically is a project, already in play, to reduce Planet Earth’s overall population from a projected nine billion (9,000,000,000) to five hundred million (500,000,000) by the year 2021.  Yup, that’s next year…

However, wanna-be “Empress” Hillary told her political base “not to worry” that the timetable was moved to 2030…  When she said that she truly believed she was going to be elected President.  Somebody else got the job…

Here is what “Empress Hillary” was talking about…

We have forced the liberal Democrats to come out of the closet and reveal what they really are…

And it is VERY revealing…

Opinion By “Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen



4 thoughts on “The “Racist” Democrats “War On White People” Is More Than Just The “Childhood Vaccine Program…””

  1. The communist agenda of “healthcare” is what set the stage for forced vaccinations. To protect the “herd” (communist/collective) a eugenicist on our US Supreme Court reasoned that we would not longer have individual rights, (NONE of them, not even the right not to be MURDERED by our government) so long as some bribed politician was running around screaming that it’s good for “public health”. Much like Hillary, (who was herself colluding with “Russians” to affect the elections, while pointing the finger at Trump) people who don’t vaccinate are called “killers” by the ACTUAL executioners.

    Beto does desperately need a history lesson. The Country he says is “founded on white supremacy” is the most desirable Nation in the world to live in….at least for the moment. If we can stop Pharma from swallowing an entire generation of our children whole, we’ve got a shot at keeping it. is working through a plan to stop the Pharma slaughter or American children. The CDC says 99% of Americans are vaccinated. Therefore, our National disease rates are a fair barometer of the health of vaccinated people. So we’re exclusively studying the disease rates for entirely unvaccinated people. So far, our sampling rate of this population (about 3 million) exceeds the CDC’s own standards for a “95% reliability factor” by a whopping 3,600%. But we’re not done. We’ve decided to extend the deadline for surveys until October 15th, because we’d like to exceed the CDC’s reliability standards by at least 50K% before heading into court.

    So far, our study is showing that less than 1% of entirely unvaccinated people have ANY health problems AT ALL. It’s also showing unvaccinated are far less susceptible to ALL infectious diseases, and far less likely to suffer complications when one is contracted. This means one can reduce their risk of just about every known health problem to less than 1% simply by avoiding the filthy practice of routinely injecting myriad toxins, multiple diseases, foreign animal and human DNA, etc. Who knew? 😉

    Go to to see how you can help. Write us. We WILL respond. We are going to Federal court in the last part of 2019 to put an END to Pharma’s slaughter of our Nation’s people.


    Joy Garner, founder of The Control Group

  2. Good information.

    I know of some people who worked in hospitals that have quit their jobs so that they do not have to get flu shots. GOOD FOR THEM. One is my long-time friend of about 50 years!!!

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