Why Are Liberal Democrats Trembling Over the Idea of a VACCINE SAFETY COMMISSION?

Because Vaccines are Neither Safe Nor Effective…

And an Empowered Federal Commission Would Reveal THAT In It’s First Month of Operation…

And THEN What?


Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

America has been awakened to the fact that the US Vaccine Program, both for children and adults, is a massive money-generating, but deadly, dangerous, hoax.  Autism is but ONE of the problems vaccines cause.

It is likely that the anti-vaxxer movement in the US steered the presidential election towards Donald Trump – there is so much interest.

President Trump, before the inauguration, talked to Robert F. Kennedy Jr about he, Kennedy, heading up such a Vaccine Commission.  Kennedy said he would.  And, the liberal media began its shrill whining…

A keening of fear…

So let’s look at what will happen.

Do Federal Commissions Have Any Real Power?

Oh yeah – they certainly do.

Historically, Commissions in the United States have played prominent roles in US decision making.  They come in different colors and sizes, and can have different functions depending on how they are originally set up, and by whom.  Below I’ll show you some samples…

For example – it would be nice if the “Vaccine Safety Commission” could have Subpoena power, the ability to drag California liberal Democrat Senator Richard Pan into an interrogation session… (preferably in wrist and ankle chains).

So, let’s Look at the Different Kinds of Federal Commissions Available For PRESIDENT  Trump to Use…

An article in CQ Researcher on Presidential Commissions says:

Federal commissions may be classified in various ways:

(1) as regulatory, advisory, or fact-finding, according to their character or function. The Interstate Commerce Commission illustrates the regulatory type, the Council of Personnel Administration the advisory type, and the Research Committee on Social Trends is an example of the fact-finding kind.

(2) As permanent or temporary, according to their duration.

(3) As executive, departmental, or statutory, according to the authority creating them. The Council of Personnel Administration, appointed by President Hoover on April 27, 1931, upon his own initiative; the Interdepartmental Board on Simplified Office Procedure, created by the Bureau of the Budget on May 16, 1924; and the Commission to Study and Review United States Policies in Haiti, authorized by joint resolution of Congress on February 6, 1930, are examples of these three types.

(4) As administrative or policy determining, according as they call for administrative work, strictly speaking, or for the exercise of quasi-legislative, quasi-judicial, general policy determining functions. Instances of these two classes are the Veterans’ Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission.

And (5) as official, private, and mixed, according to their composition. They may be composed of members serving full time and receiving compensation on the same basis as other officers of the government (the Tariff Commission), of private persons receiving no compensation and giving only a small part of their time to the work (the Board of Indian Commissioners), of members holding other offices under the government and by virtue of such offices being ex officio members of the board or commission (the Federal Oil Conservation Board), or of members representing combinations of these methods of selection. The National Timber Conservation Board, appointed December 5, 1930, has a mixed membership, three of its thirteen members consisting of the Secretaries of Commerce, Agriculture, and the Interior, who serve without additional compensation, and the other ten being persons appointed from private life with a view to their representing manufacturing, commercial, conservation, and scientific interests, who also serve without compensation and give only part of their time to the board.

The article quoted above was written in 1931…  Since then the use of Commissions has grown even more.

The McGeorge Law Review Paints a Current Picture of Commissions…

I love what their report says.  Liberal Democrats reading the CQ Researcher on Presidential Commissions quote from 1931, and the McGeorge Law Review below are very rightfully afraid of what Trump is about to do.  Why?

Devastation is coming the pro-vaxxer way.  It is inevitable.

Just below is an excerpt from that McGeorge Law Review.  It is the Table of Contents for the entire sixty-one page report I have linked to here.  As you can see from the Table this report is an outline of how current Commissions are set up.

If a Commission of this sort is set up, staffed by Trump picks, and run, it will ONLY result in the complete destruction of the US Childhood and Adult Vaccine Program.  

Why do I say that?  Because the US Vaccine Program is a massive hoax.  It cannot survive this kind of questioning and examination.

Read the Table below – and you will see why…

Special National Investigative Commissions: Essential Powers and Procedures (Some Lessons from the Pearl Harbor, Warren Commission, and 9/11 Commission Investigations)

Lance Cole*


I. INTRODUCTION …………………………………………………. 2



A. The Roberts Commission and Pearl Harbor…………… 9

B. The Warren Commission and the John F. Kennedy Assassination ……… 14

C. The 9/11 Commission and the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks……………………….. 26


A. Commission Members: Roles, Time Commitments, and Conflicts of Interest…………………………. 36

B. Commission Staffing and Investigative Resources… 40

C. Commission Funding, Timetables, and Deadlines…. 44

D. Subpoena Power—Use and Enforcement………………. 46

E. Witness Testimony-Essential Powers and Procedures…54

F. Transparency and Public Access ……………………….. 59

V. CONCLUSION…………………………………………………….. 61

Any document that has to do with this investigation cannot be beyond our reach, [9/11 Commission Chairman Thomas H.] Kean said on Friday in his first explicit public warning to the White House that it risked a subpoena and a politically damaging courtroom showdown with the commission over access to the documents, including Oval Office intelligence reports that reached President Bush’s desk in the weeks before the Sept. 11 attacks. 

You can read the entire sixty-one page report here..

This Vaccine Safety Commission Solution May Be Just a Trump Ploy To Rein In Big Pharma…

And I am VERY comfortable with that.  Pharma knows that a real Vaccine Safety Commission will find to their detriment, and that such a finding would lead to even more Commissions looking at their other activities.  In a way Trump just made a power play.

Trump’s message to Big Pharma – “Submit – or Else.”  And, it is about time an American President told them that…

If you look at Trump’s Pre-Inaugural Press Conference first five minutes you will hear references to the fact that most drugs are made in foreign countries (with NO quality control inspections) and that those drugs had better start being manufactured in the US from now on – providing jobs for American workers, and following US quality control procedures.

Trump’s “Or Else” was very, very plain, and explicit.  An Executive order BANNING drug advertising on Mainstream Media would literally CRUSH BOTH the liberal media and the pharmaceutical industry overnight…

In the words of “A Team'” leader John “Hannibal” Smith – “I Love It When a Plan Comes Together…”

So, Why Are Liberal Democrats Trembling Over the Idea of a VACCINE SAFETY COMMISSION?

That is EASY to answer.  All over America Big Pharma POURED tons of cash into the election prospects of liberal Democrats, not only in the California legislative elections – the sponsors of  the Mandatory Vaccine (SB 277) are ROLLING in Pharma cash – but nationwide in presidential election 2016.

And, they both lost…  America voted for “America First…”

There is that old saying – “Payback is a Bitch…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

14 thoughts on “Why Are Liberal Democrats Trembling Over the Idea of a VACCINE SAFETY COMMISSION?”

  1. Love the image of Pan in chains before the Inquisitors! On a more serious note, I think most progressives who don’t have vaccine-injured children, or children at all (nothing liberal about these folks) are simply ignorant of the horrors of this 18th century “medicine,” and have no idea how slickly they are being manipulated every day by the media and in university classrooms. Lots of the rest of us have wakened up, though (I am a former progressive from whose eyes the scales have fallen). And we voted for Trump for this very reason.

  2. Tim: What is the likelihood of the new U.S. Attorney opening an investigation of Pan (and Allen, for that matter). I’ll never forget the image of the two pharma lobbyists standing right on the other side of the rail behind them, and whispering to Allen, who then proceeds to whisper to the committee members who appear equivocal in their support. What did they whisper? That video is evidence.

  3. Every time I read one of your posts I learn something new and my fears about things are washed away. You dissect things brilliantly. I don’t have time to dissect and I don’t have the same knowledge as you. So thank you for writing about the very things I have questions on.

  4. The California legislature’s problems, I’d guess, are legion. That’s why they hired Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder, at a rate of $25,000 per month, to defend them, as they say, against Trump’s attack…


  5. Orange is certainly a better color for Senator Pan than that pink he’s been seen around town in as of late.

  6. They could pay Eric Holder $25 million per month and he still wouldn’t be able to stop Trump from cutting off federal funding to the state. There is no legal or constitutional “right” to federal funding. The majority party of Congress can use the reconciliation process to manage the federal budget without interference from the minority party. No private lobby group could possibly replace the lost funding from a government that can print money. If Trump actually makes good on his promises, the addle-brained supermajority of this state has already lost the war because the joke is on them. Once the funding goes away there will be a shift towards the right where people actually have ideas for creating prosperity and protecting freedoms that don’t require more taxes and handouts. I’m sure they’ll all have a wonderful time spending their early retirement attempting to collect cow farts with former Governor Moonbeam.

  7. Alan Hysinger: Pink? Wonder if he’s breaking in new running shoes. By the way, are they paying Holder from tax funds?

  8. Quote from article: “An Executive order BANNING drug advertising on Mainstream Media would literally CRUSH BOTH the liberal media and the pharmaceutical industry overnight…”

    There’s your attention getter, your headline.

    And it’s true, too.

    I’d love to see that happen and I don’t think I’m alone.

    As to the Senator Pan thing: CA must be shakin’ in its boots over the possibilities of what MIGHT happen with Trump and JFK, Jr., because otherwise they wouldn’t need Eric Holder to defend nutjobs, airheads, and wingnuts like Pan et al. I doubt very much that Eric Holder will earn that money. Just more CA gov moonbeam wasting money on a grand scale. Why would they pay Holder until and unless he actually does something? Stooopid.

  9. I personally think JFK Jr. was a near PERFECT pic by Trump to head up the committee, I really can’t imagine many people I would rather see in that role. GO team TRUMP!!!

    What really needs to happen now is that every single (so called) ‘study’ (of which there seems to be VERY few accessible) needs to be THOROUGHLY analyzed by an INDEPENDENT panel that would have NO reason to attempt to deceive. And after that we need some REAL Science based studies performed, first possibly animal 14C tagged mass balance and metabolism studies with REAL control groups, and REAL protocols written and reviewed again by totally fair and impartial investigators. I personally have over 25 years experience in these types of studies, they are NOT entirely too complicated and they can tell us exactly what happens when a subject is injected with toxic aluminum, mercury, Triton, formaldehyde, etc. etc. how much of the metal/adjuvants etc. are retained vs excreted, in what time frame, where does the tagged drug end up (brain etc.) what metabolites are produced, what is their effect, etc. etc., you know all those questions that industry and THEIR agencies have tried their best to avoid for so long. This IMO would be a GREAT start. My best professional opinion is that these HONEST/non biased studies would CLEARLY show that injected vaccine toxic metals/along with their toxic adjuvants play a HUGE role in human disease simply (one mechanism) by their ability to negatively bind to receptors along with their potential to bioaccumulate in succeptible individuals.

    WE can all hope JFK Jr. will employ *REAL SCIENCE* vs simply listening to bought and paid for so called *scientists*. A HUGE difference!!!

  10. Remember – this is a Commission that will have more members than RFK Jr. We need to make a list of potential Commission members.

    My first recommendations would be my friend Sheri Tenpenny DO, former US Congressman Dave Weldon MD, etc…

    Then we need to make a list of those that need to be subpoenaed – like the head of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the people who run the Vaccine Data Safety link, the people who run the Vaccine Court, etc…

    And I’d want all of the hearings on video…

  11. I would also nominate Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Boyd Haley, Captain Richard Rovet, USAF (Ret.), Colonel Felix M. Grieder, USAF (Ret.), and Dr. David L. Lewis.

  12. I’m tired of the choice around vaccines being made into a Republican vs Democrat issue! Bernie was not going for mandated vaccines and neither was Jill Stein! I AM AS LIBERAL AS IT GETS and I am pro choice with regards to vaccines, anti-vaxx. I have been vaccine injured and I was injured by imgaging contrast during an mri! Stop pitting us against each other! It’s not attractive.THIS IS NOT ABOUT WHO IS PRESIDENT!!! PROBABLY HALF OF ANTI-VAXXERS ARE PROGRESSIVE! YOU ARE ALIENATING 1/2 OF THE POPULATION OF PEOPLE WHO ARE NEEDED FOR THIS FIGHT! Let go of your divisiveness and embrace the diversity that is this cause if you want to win. Otherwise, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Vaccine injury does not just happen to conservative repubs.

  13. For Vaccine Choice: You make a good point. I spent many, many hours in Sacramento during the SB277 hearings, meeting and talking to people at the rallies, standing in line, having lunch, riding in elevators, and I was astonished at the wide spectrum of political beliefs among those I met. I am a liberal, too, a liberal who voted for Trump. Pan and his henchmen/women drove me from the Democrats. I’m not a Republican either. What I see as the greatest danger in governance are the ideas of the progressives, neo-libs and neo-cons. The political elite. That is why it is refreshing to have an occupant of the White House who isn’t part of that club. He will undoubtedly shoot himself in the foot numerous times, as with the travel ban, but he’s going to stop the vaccine madness, and for this, he will save us. This is the gravest danger our nation has ever faced, so I’m willing to cut him some slack on stuff I disagree with. It doesn’t bother me one bit when Tim writes stuff I don’t like or disagree with, because he’s fighting for all of us, for sanity in medical freedom. He’s one of the good guys.

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