What the Lame-Stream Media really said when they panned VAXXED …

by Kenneth Stoller MD   www.incurable-me.com

Anne Dachel, author of The Big Autism Cover-Up, wanted the public to know what the reviewers from the New York Times and other controlled main stream outlets were really saying in their lame reviews of Dr. Wakefield’s film.

So, she has translated their double-speak into clear unambiguous English:

We’ve been helping to cover up the link between an unsafe, unchecked vaccine schedule and autism for so long, we can’t suddenly start to legitimately report on this topic.

We’re so dependent on advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry that we won’t say anything that could jeopardize that income.

For these reasons and others….

We won’t look into the conflicts of interest of the experts we cite who deny a link between autism and vaccines.

We won’t interview Dr. Wakefield and let him defend himself over the charges that have been made against him. Instead, we’ll constantly talk ABOUT him, never WITH him.

We will never interview any of the parents of the study that Wakefield wrote about in his 1998 Lancet piece.

We won’t talk to any of the experts mentioned in the film “Vaxxed.” That includes Dr. Rachel Ross, former U.S. Representative Dr. Dave Weldon, Noble Prize winner Dr. Luc Montagnier, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, MIT professor Dr. Stephanie Seneff, or Dr. Jim Sears.

We won’t ask the Centers for Disease Control why they’ve never called for a simple study of fully vaccinated and never vaccinated kids to compare their autism rates, even though we all know it could settle the controversy instantly.

We will absolutely never talk about the independent science out there that challenges all the pharma-funded studies we constantly cite in our stories.

We will continue to blame actress Jenny McCarthy for stirring up concern over vaccines and autism.

We will universally label a film about a scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who says his agency destroyed critical research data as simply “anti-vaccine.”

We will never mention the fact that the same British government that removed Dr. Wakefield’s medical license, also indemnified the maker of the MMR vaccine, so they’re the ones liable if a link between that vaccine and autism is publicly recognized.

We certainly won’t ask Dr. Jon Poling, the father of Hannah Poling, about the fact that the federal government conceded her claim that the vaccinations she received caused her autism.

And we won’t discuss the fact that no one is liable for a vaccine injury since doctors and vaccine makers have been indemnified by the federal government, and therefore there is no real incentive to produce truly safe vaccines.

We’re sorry, but the consequences that would result if we honestly and thoroughly covered this controversy are simply unimaginable. Who would be held responsible for such a horrible mistake? What if an uncheck, unsafe, liability free vaccine schedule were doing incredible damage to children everywhere? We simply can’t consider that possibility.

It’s so much easier to ask the agency with vast money ties to the vaccine makers if their vaccines are safe. It’s so convenient to say that all the autism is the result of “better diagnosing” and “an expanded definition” and not mention that the diagnosis was widened back in 1994 and what followed was a continual, steady increase for the next 20 years.

Most of all, we’re not ever going to show concern over all the kids out there with autism. And it’s April, we’re ready to talk about all the blue lights and calls for awareness.


If you want to read a real review of Vaxxed, here is one by the NYC Movie  Guru