Rearranging the Deck Chairs at the CDC

By K Paul Stoller, MD

Many of you have heard that the documentary about the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Whistle-blower, who revealed the CDC had fraudulently covered-up the link between the MMR and autism (especially if you are a child of color) was pulled from the Tribeca film festival due to undue pressure on Robert De Niro.

What many of you may not know is that the CDC pays throngs of people to stick it to others that are working against what they perceive as their best interests and the interest of their masters (vaccine manufactures).

These hired disinformation agents are hired because the CDC is more interested in protecting their corporate masters, and when I say CDC I am really referring to the Infectious Disease Division, since they receive most of the money for the agency and set the policy.

The CDC even advertises for bloggers to do this kind of work. Was it not the NDAA that ended an almost 70 years of protection from allowing the government to pump out misinformation to the American public? Without that protection for us, the CDC has gone to town hiring trolls and media whores to push misinformation.

Now, this does run afoul of the Data Quality Act, an executive law that prohibits anyone speaking on behalf of the government or government agency to announce or to publish anything that is not representative of the best scientific evidence available. But then laws need to be enforced, and enforcing the Data Quality Act requires legal action, but alas, few know about it.

Still, the CDC is pulling out all the stops because the stakes are high for their corrupt, incompetent and lying behinds and those of their masters. You see, 15 years ago the CDC, knowing there was a link between vaccines and autism (the government’s worst kept secret), set out to bury the truth by having published six vaccine safety studies that would proclaim vaccines don’t cause autism. You can listen to mainstream media people today repeat the lie, “study after study has shown there is no link.” The whole story is in a new book coming out later this month (April 2016) title Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC (Skyhorse Publishing, April 2016).

These fraudulent studies are those very same “study after study” the media keeps talking about, and those that wrote the studies had ties to Merck, and the Vaccine Act does allow lawsuits if there is a case of fraud. So, while you can’t sue the CDC for fraud unless you use the Data Quality Act, which no one seems to want to do, Merck can be sued for fraud, and those lawsuits are already in process with more coming.

Measles is not a fun disease, but it is not Ebola. It was on its way out here in the USA because by the time the 50’s rolled around Americans were able to reap the benefit of a safe water supply and better nutrition.

The MMR vaccine has limited usefulness and is not a benign intervention. The antibody response it creates does not fully protect against the disease and if it does at all that protection is short lived. Because wild measles is so rare no one is getting their own immunity boosted by the occasional contact with the virus.

Herd immunity is an illusion, and immunity from Measles after getting the MMR is more of a (false) hope than a reality.

While the unvaccinated are almost always going to get Measles if exposed to it, it seems the vaccinated often fare no better, because the MMR just doesn’t work. The vaccine seems to be a hoax (as per a recent False Claims complaint and Class Action suit).

When children used to get Measles it just wasn’t such a big deal, because for most Measles is not a big deal, especially if you have access to Vit A.

When you have a medical intervention that doesn’t work you blame those who are smart enough not to get it and divert attention away from the fact your intervention is worse than worthless, because you are indemnified – you have a get out of jail for free card and vaccines are your ATM machine.

By K Paul Stoller, MD

4 thoughts on “Rearranging the Deck Chairs at the CDC”

  1. The truth cannot be suppressed forever. Just like Thalidomide was revealed to cause severe birth defects in pregnant mothers, vaccines will be revealed to be the cause of so many digestive and cognitive medical issues.

    Thankfully not ALL scientists and physicians are sold out!

  2. Very much looking forward to the corruption at the expense of our children’s health all for greed! under the deceitful guise of health being exposed and hopefully these disgusting parasites who put families and children through unnecessary hell will themselves rot in hell!!

  3. We have been looking for lawyers who are interested in a class action about these vaccines. Do you have any referrals of who to contact. I have a vaccine injured child and our experience in vaccine court has been awful. We are still fighting but I know lots of families who would be on board. We need someone who knows how to get around the vaccine court.

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