Are You Talking to Me? Cause the CDC heard you

K Paul Stoller, MD


Well, it finally happened. The CDC screwed with the wrong person. Pressuring Robert De Niro to pull the plug on the documentary Vaxxed at the Tribeca film festival caused him to go into a rant on the Today show where he stated he believes there may be a link between vaccines and autism.


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There are many “astro-turfed” (faux negative) reviews of Vaxxed, but perhaps one of the best comments was by the physician who discovered the HIV virus, Prof. Luc Montagnier:  “Respect scientific truth is the basis of the credibility of the institutions responsible for public health. If they fail in this respect they are seriously exposed to a loss of confidence from the public. The CDC seem to have falsified the results of their own studies that showed a correlation between the occurrence of autism and MMR vaccination (MMR in English) in young African-American children. This falsification, revealed by one of its authors, support the conclusion that the lack of correlation, which has helped to keep vaccinations without changing the conditions. Besides the damage to young victims, this case amplifies the fear of vaccinations in the audience, thus ruining the disease prevention policies. This is what describes the film of Andrew Wakefield, medical researcher and whistleblower with courage and lucidity.”

Robert De Niro: ‘there is a link between vaccines and autism’

Robert De Niro: My Wife Saw a Change in Our Autistic Son After He  Us Weekly

Robert De Niro: ‘I’m not anti-vaccine, I want safe vaccines’ The Guardian

Robert De Niro defends support for anti-vaccination doc Entertainment Weekly

Robert De Niro Talks Autism and Vaccines: “I Want to Know the Truth” Hollywood Reporter

The above stories were out in just a few hours after De Niro was on the Today show.

So… in the face of this what did the CDC do?  They had to do something…. What stupid bomb could they drop on the unsuspecting public?

They made it official… the ZIKA virus is the cause of all the problems with birth defects in Brazil… it is all the virus’s fault!  Pay no attention to the pesticides or the Dtap/DtwP vaccine being forced upon pregnant women… it is the Zika and we need vaccines.

The CDC is getting very desperate, very, very desperate – they are cornered and they are in a panic.

Screenings of Vaxxed are being sold out and I personally have some trepidation about this, because the people who brought you the Tuskegee experiment, the people who told us Agent Orange was safe, the people who told us about all the dead bodies that would pile up from the Mexican Swine flu pandemic that never happened (without investigating why a lab created virus was released in Mexico City)… yes the Centers for Disease Creation are reading the handwriting on the wall and they may do something even more stupid than cover up the fact that vaccines have been behind the autism epidemic… They are willing to kill us, but it is a sacrifice they are willing to make to deflect responsibility from the most horrific medical crimes of all time. They don’t want to lose their jobs, they don’t want to go to prison, and they don’t want the blame for destroying the no-liability cash cow that vaccines have become for Pharma.

They will unleash who-knows-what to declare medical Martial Law next…. Stay tuned this isn’t over yet. They are cornered and desperate. They may feel they have nothing to lose.

6 thoughts on “Are You Talking to Me? Cause the CDC heard you”

  1. Dr. Stoller,

    Thank you for your 20 year steadfast truth search starting from within American pediatrics culture. The vindictive nature of medical culture towards its brightest has been wrought against you for so long. Our family, my future grandchild have already and will continue to benefit from intellectual equity your integrity and passion in fighting the good fight all these years for protection of the vulnerable in a system that has no practical restitution for those injured by our fellow physicians.

    Ted Fogarty, MD

  2. (What you are about to read is a very nasty comment by a troll and it was decided to leave this comment on the blog so others could become aware of who this troll is, out him [his email is] and learn how to spot a troll comment – no substance all personal attack. Dr. Stoller has a reply to this comment below, but as we do not believe in censorship, we have left his comment intact: “Screw you Stoller, you asshat of a quack pediatrician. I am talking to YOU, as a real pediatrician who doesn’t ignore child abuse cases like you do you simpering asshole. It’s a shame you didn’t lose your medical license as you should have when you did that. I despise you completely, especially as you are now selling vaccine exemptions. I hope the CA medical board nails your ass to the wall for good. You are what medicine is not supposed to be–arrrogant, ignorant and a danger to your patients.”

  3. Chris Hickie: Dr Stoller is not a pediatrician. If he were I wouldn’t have him here as an Author, for I have NO USE for the average vaccine pusher. Look at this –

    Want to Keep Your Baby Healthy? Stay Away From Pediatricians…

    Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

    I’ll be blunt. Pediatricians, these days, are con-men – only here to push more-and-more dangerous, useless(?), vaccines on an unsuspecting public. They have absolutely no other function.

    They are, in fact, a whole section of US medicine that we could well do without. It didn’t used to be that way – but it is now.

    Supposedly, Pediatricians developed as child specialists – and, to hear their representatives talk, they are the one-stop shop for all health issues pertaining to children.


    Their organization, calling itself the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), is totally, and virtually ONLY focused on vaccine promotion. In 2010 the AAP took in $110,079,859.00 in total income. Their thirty-three (33) sub-chapters, together, took in a total of $16,109,174.00. All together they amassed $126,189,033.00 in total 2010 income. More on this in a minute.

    But, go ahead and guess where all that money came from…

  4. Chris Hickie’s practice is CLOSING!!
    He has driven himself out of business.
    Karma wins! Mean loses.
    Bye Felicia (um, Chris).

  5. Regarding Hickie’s comment: First and foremost “quack” is what they used to call physicians who used mercury, so it ironic to be called a quack when I have been trying to get mercury out of medicine. The child abuse case Hickie refers to was not a child abuse case at all. The mother of a vaccine injured child was falsely accused of Munchhausen’s Syndrome by Proxy, I defended her as an expert witness and the child-abuse expert I testified against was so enraged that she filed a complaint against me (harassing a witness is a 2nd degree felony in NM). The mother was never charged with child abuse BTW. The New Mexico Medical Board, once they found out the facts, neither disciplined me nor found me in violation of any law. Nothing I was accused of had any evidence behind it. Now, I assume that Hickie’s accusation that I am selling vaccine exemptions comes from his misunderstanding of my website: but only Hickie, who is apparently very angry with multiple pediatricians, knows only his own anger and is blinded by it, or someone is paying him – take your pick.

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