“Weinergate” Again? Hillary is a Hoot… No one in Hollywood Would Buy This Script. It is Too Unreal…

Am I Reading All This Right?  Hillary Clinton’s Muslim Jihadist Lesbian Lover is Married to Ex-Congressman Pervert Anthony Weiner?

And Weiner Has 10,000 of Hillary’s Top-Secret e-mails on His Computer in a File called “Life Insurance?”  Alongside of His Naked Selfies He Sends to Fifteen Year Old Girls?

You Can’t Make This Stuff up…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

I have two YouTube videos for you to see.  They sound very much like conspiracy theory – but when you look closely, they definitely ARE NOT.  The sources are excellent.

I, Tim Bolen, am one of the most outspoken anti-vaxxers on Planet Earth.  I believe, and do not hesitate to point out that, pro-vaxxers are made up of some of the worst slime humanity could ever produce.  Why?  Because vaccines are a complete, and utter hoax. They are so dangerous, and so damaging, that all production needs to cease as soon as possible – and those responsible for the vaccine construction jammed into the depths of the worst prisons we can find…

During the campaign in Sacramento to try to defeat SB 277, the legislation to make childhood vaccines MANDATORY, parents, with immense effort, brought their vaccine damaged children into the legislative halls so Senators and Assemblymen could see, for themselves, what vaccines were really doing to the community.

What did the California Democratic Party controlled legislators (76%) do in response?  They shut down the legislature in their face – celebrating “Gay Pride Day,” heading, I guess, for the gay bars, and the bath houses, to do whatever they do there “to celebrate.”

It was a massive, and very pointed message, for “families” from the Democratic Party about what their priorities were.  Homosexuality was at the top.  Families, and family concerns, were not even on the chart. I pointed all this out at the time, raising some ire.  There were some, at the time, that thought this was just a coincidence.

It is NOT a coincidence.

The California Democratic Party controlled legislators passed SB 277, almost literally spitting on families.

But then, the 2016 Presidential election campaign started, and we started to get a look at what the national Democratic Party was really made up of – with Hillary Clinton at the apex.

And it is worse than we thought…

So, let’s see some video…

The first video, eight information-packed minutes, explains who Huma Abedin, Hillary’s Presidential Campaign Vice-Chairman, actually is – and points out, quite correctly, that this woman, who, by the way, is married to ex-Congressman pervert Anthony Wiener, would end up as Hillary’s Chief-Of-Staff in the White House…

Be VERY AFRAID of that…


The second video, less than five minutes long, is an encapsulation you will find even more interesting.

From World News – David Vose

See What I Mean?  Nobody in a Hollywood Studio Would Buy This Script.  It is TOO Over The Top…

It has been common knowledge for a very long time that the reason that Hillary was NOT angry about her husband Bill’s affairs, is because, as Bill has said, “she gets more pussy than I do…”

Sally Perdue, now known as Sally Miller, was the 1958 Miss Arkansas

According to the Washington Star-News, in a February, 2016 article titled “Move Over Bill, ‘Hillary Is A Lesbian’”, Former Miss Arkansas and Bill Clinton’s alleged former mistress Sally Miller claims, “Hillary is a lesbian.” 

According to the Washington Star-News article:

“While Miller and Bill had an affair in 1983, she claims that she now sleeps with a loaded semi-automatic.

Miller, who is about to release a tell-all memoir, entitled “The Beauty Queen: Let No Deed Go Unpublished” of her and Bill Clinton’s relationship said, “I take [Bill Clinton] at his word and he told me [Hillary] liked females more than men. She was the child of a more progressive community.”

According to Miller, Hillary “was exposed to all the liberals, she was a flower child” who “does drugs too.””

I Can’t Help It.  I Have to Stop and Laugh Here…

I was once a Democrat.  I know, I know, how could that be?  I was a Kennedy Democrat.  You had to be there to understand.  It was a world that glowed…

But then, after Jack Kennedy was murdered, the music died.  Each successive Democrat president was just a little less, every time – until we got to Obama, who was in a terrible class of his own.

so-muchWhy am I laughing? This woman(?) Hillary Clinton is where the Democratic Party has sunk down to.

It doesn’t seem to bother the Democratic National Committee that their presidential candidate offering is NOT TRUSTED by 70% of the American people, and that there is clear and convincing evidence that Hillary ran the US Secretary of State’s office in a “Pay to Play” scheme with the Clinton Foundation.

Did you get that?

Let me laugh out loud once again.

How Does All of This Tie Into the California SB 277 Mandatory Vaccine Legislation that Went into effect July 1, 2016?

I had said, way back when, that we needed to make vaccines an issue in the Presidential election.  We did that.  Where as Trump gets it – understands the basic dangers, and the greed of the vaccine construction, Hillary, on the other hand, got millions of dollars from China to “arrange” for China to make those childhood vaccines for American children with “pre-approval” for the factories, and NO INSPECTIONS of the product before it is all force-jammed into our children.

Trump for President. Hillary for Prison…

Is that clear enough?…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

8 thoughts on ““Weinergate” Again? Hillary is a Hoot… No one in Hollywood Would Buy This Script. It is Too Unreal…”

  1. Tim, I have called many Republican senators and reps asking them why they are not aware and do not investigate the Clinton Foundation and review the Clinton Health Access Initiative, which demonstrates how Hillary Clinton helped bring China into the global market. Trump should be all over this! I am grateful for your articles and for bringing these issues to light.

  2. Due to the funds the Clinton’s have received from big pharma, Bill Gates and China to push the vaccine agenda, there is literally no chance that this woman will ever protect the constitutional rights of American citizens regarding informed consent. Vaccine mandates are now part of the Democratic Party agenda.

  3. By sharia law Huma supposed to be stone to death. What they are waiting for? We can deliver her to ISIS with great pleasure!
    And talking about democ-rats! Those rats have no slightest idea what democracy is!

  4. Tim, you are a valued colleague on so many good health and medical issues…but when you get into the bigger poiltical issues, you lose me ENTIRELY!

    Your generalizations about Democrats suggests that you have a mindset that is riddled with contradictions. Please don’t go there.

    If you actually read the Democratic platform, homosexuality plays only a SMALL role in it. There are many family-friendly positions, considerably more than the Republican platform which is riddled with fundamentalist religion. I could easily provide a lot more details.

    And yes, Hillary isn’t the best Democratic candidate (I was a Bernie supporter)…but she is infinitely better than Trump who is a crazed hate-monger and fear-monger. I don’t need to provide more specifics…we all know them.

    My point, however, is that you are more effective when you stick to Health & Medical issues…and if you continue to deal with broader and more complex issues, you will lose me and a lot of others!

    I hope that you take these words in the kind way that they are meant…

  5. I say: Preach it Tim!
    You are correct in so many ways. Thank you for all you do. I hope you sleep with a semi-automatic too. Demon-crats will be coming for you!

  6. Dana:

    Our political system is upside down. The Democrats DESERVE what is going to happen to them for allowing the likes of Hillary Clinton to be their Presidential candidate.

    The Dems need to sit down and make some decisions about who, and what, they are. They need to abandon huge parts of their political platform. And I hope they do it quickly, for a one Party system never gives us balance as a nation.

    But, the abandonment of the Judeo/Christian ethic, including family values, by the Democrats is going to cost them in spades – and it is about time.

    Tim Bolen

  7. Tim and All,
    Hillary’s reported remark on Twitter was so Orwellian I felt a cold shiver of unbelievability when I read it:

    “The science is clear. The Earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work. Let’s protect ALL our kids. #Grandmothersknow Best”

    All our kids??? At least as has been said, Trump, despite whatever issues he has, seems to get this. The vaccine program as it is now administered, does NOT protect ALL our kids. It DESTROYS some of them, and the ACTUAL science seems to be saying that number is magnitudes greater than admitted by the profiteers and their cheerleaders.
    Until things improve WE need to take it upon ourselves to protect them. WE need to question EVERY vaccine, it’s use and timing.
    Though I can fully appreciate Tim’s warrior like stance on this issue, we must remember many parents still haven’t yet ‘got it’ and I personally think we are going to have to take a more balanced approach until that time comes. For now I would hope that the PRIME consideration would be to try in all ways (feasible) to minimize risk and damage.

    Below is a link that takes a more balanced approach, and the site also has ways and even a book that can be downloaded to help REDUCE risk and damage for those that still choose vaccination. And many will. So we have to keep the kids in mind, and perhaps comprimise for *now*, working to reduce harm WITHIN the current framework (until we can drastically change it).


  8. Would like to add a comment I found over at the website Vaccine Impact Community, on the message board there that I feel is worthy of consideration, contributed by one Kayla Wildman, commenting on the above article I posted here. While I *personally* do not have enough information (yet) to conclude *NO* vaccine is *ever* worth the risk (as she seems to) the list of damages she lists appears IMO quite potentially valid. Her comments seem to echo Canadian Doctor Andrew Moulden’s who died ‘unexpectedly’ at the reported age of 49 and many feel was murdered for his brilliant work. (one of many lately?) It’s a long read hope you don’t mind Tim,hope this box has the room. I plan to read several of her reccomendations.

    quote: (sharing for informational purposes)

    “I wish I could be positive about articles like this. I suppose they represent “progress,” but the thought of “making progress” is sickening during a massive epidemic of a horrific problem like autism.

    Here’s a fine example of a statement that makes me feel ill:

    “We know something happens at the 12- or 15-month doctor visit to some susceptible children but we don’t know what it is and we don’t know why.”

    Any intelligent parent who’s researched vaccine adverse effects for a few hours on the web could give several different accurate answers to the question of what happens to these kids. How about these?

    1. The child’s immune system is overwhelmed by the injection of several different attenuated or killed pathogens, or fractions of pathogens or toxins produced by them.

    2. The overwhelmed immune system produces high levels of cytokines.

    3. Inflammation skyrockets.

    4. The brain’s own immune system is massively activated, with great bystander damage to neurons.

    5. High numbers of white blood cells clog capillaries.

    6. Red blood cells agglutinate, clogging capillaries, and as a result, micro-strokes happen in “watershed areas” of the brain.

    7. Micro-strokes probably happen in other capillary-rich organs as well.

    8. The child’s detox capacity is overwhelmed by the injection of a long list of toxic substances including neurotoxins, immunotoxins, and carcinogens.

    9. Aluminum vaccine adjuvants poison the nervous system.

    10. The child is injected with fragments of DNA from human fetal cell lines (used in production of MMR, Varicella, and Hep A vaccines), fragments which can be incorporated into the child’s own DNA causing mutations and possible metabolic dysfunctions. These incorporated fragments of DNA can also attract attack by the child’s own immune system — in other words, they can trigger auto-immune diseases.

    11. Cellular immunity is suppressed for weeks or months, and the attenuated pathogens injected have a great opportunity to successfully establish themselves in their new host causing acute and chronic infections…or lying dormant in cells waiting for a future opportunity to create illness. (An example of this is the chronic infection with MMR measles virus [which is easily distinguished from wild measles virus] that occurs in the gut tissues of many autistic kids.)

    12. Any injected pathogens that “escaped” attenuation or reverted to virulence in the vaccine vial also have a great opportunity to successfully infect their new host.

    13. In addition, retroviruses contaminating some vaccines have a great opportunity to establish themselves in their new host.

    14. Any pathogens that the child already had but was successfully fighting off before the vaccination are “turned loose to run wild” by the child’s suppressed cellular immunity.

    15. Mercury, still used in flu vaccines and found in trace amounts in many other vaccines, poisons the central nervous system even in trace amounts.

    16. Kids with imbalances of gut flora are particularly vulnerable to several of the above adverse effects, for a variety of reasons that have already been identified by research.

    Let’s stop at this point. We already have sixteen well-researched adverse effects of vaccines on our list (and there are probably others I’ve forgotten or haven’t read about yet).

    If we make an honest examination of the history of disease and vaccination, as Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk do in their excellent book “Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History”, we realize that vaccines are not effective. Their “success” in preventing disease is an illusion.

    So there is NO GOOD REASON to risk all the known adverse effects w vaccination produces in babies and children.

    Anyone who still doubts that vaccination is a major factor in the development of autism should study Theresa Deisher et al.’s change-point analysis of autism incidence, and C.D. Nevison’s research on temporal trends in environmental factors suspected to contribute to autism incidence.

    How about we stop pretending that we need more research, that there are “more unknowns than knowns” about vaccines and autism, that “we aren’t sure yet.” If we open our eyes, we have all the evidence we need to drastically reduce the incidence of autism, starting RIGHT NOW, by using what is already known.

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