Knowing What We All Know – WHO Would Vote For Hillary Clinton?

2016 Democrats – That’s Who.

The Moral and Ethical Decline of a Significant Segment of the American Populace…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


It has been common knowledge, for a long time, that Hillary Clinton, and her husband, Bill, are not the kind of people the average American would want as neighbors.

Likely, they’d steal your lawnmower, poison your dog, smash up your car. Hillary’s angry screaming would keep the entire neighborhood awake every night – before, and after, an almost endless line of  sex partners for both of them – were brought, and taken away, in police vehicles.  According to the newest Anthony Weiner computer seizure records, quite a few of those sex partners were/are unwilling children.

Typical Democrats right?

Well, not actually too far afield…

What, Exactly, is a 2016 Democrat?

(1)  For one thing, and most important, is that the typical 2016 Democrat does NOT find a whole lot wrong with Hillary and Bill’s activities.  That fact, says volumes..

Volumes.  Frankly ALL 2016 Democrats are all about a sense of “Entitlement.”

(2)  My guess is that most 2016 Democrats, that are actually alive, are people that are employed by government agencies.

Ever notice that every freeway is bogged down starting at 2:00 PM on a Friday?  For the most part those people in those vehicles are government employees who, although supposed to be working until 5:00 PM, leave early – and think nothing of it.  Mondays through Thursdays they wait until at least 3:15 PM before they head for the cars.

In their minds they are entitled to this because their job is boring, and they don’t actually do much of anything. The job simply is not as fulfilling as they had hoped.  AND, They are REQUIRED to be Democrats – pay Public Employee Union dues, or Professional Association fees, and donate to the local Democratic Party Political Action Committee (PAC)s.  Why?

Democrats create public service jobs, and, of course, expect, to be reimbursed.  It is just reality.

The Democratic Party isn’t really a political party.  It is more of an employment agency.  Just look at how California is controlled, as an example.

(3)  A large segment of 2016 Democrats, that are actually alive, I think, are vaccine damage victims, and fluoride-in-the-water victims.  The timing is right for both.  Thirty years ago vaccines were dripping with mercury as a preservative.  Quite a few people became almost instantly autistic.  But, what happened to an even larger segment was that thought processing seems to have suffered.  Add to that the injection of fluoride, and it is obvious in California, that we’ve had a serious dumbing-down of the population.

obama-consti(4)  There has been a general abandonment of traditional values, among those that are actually alive, in the Democratic Party.  They BRAG about it.

In fact, Democrats, almost on every occasion, spew hatred for Catholic, Christian, and Jewish values, espousing what they call “secularism.”

What they really are promoting, and trying to force on America,  is a removal of the Ten Commandment basis of law, creating an anything goes, if you can get away with it, society.

Democratic President Obama has declared that the US Constitution is “just a piece of paper.”

Their school curriculum (actually a State religion), as evidenced by “Common Core”  programs seems to be heading young boys towards ending up as Muslim homosexuals. Young girls (eleven year olds), it appears, are forced into accepting the Gardasil shot (the slut vaccine).  Are, these little girls being pushed towards the Democratic Party “Lolita Express” trips where they can be “clean” sex partners for the ultra-elite?

(5)  There is a general criminality that permeates those, that are actuality alive, in the 2016 Democratic Party…  There is NO QUESTION about that.  It is a simple fact.  In California, for instance, FIVE State Senators have been arrested, and indicted, for major criminal activity within the last few years.  The Democratic electorate couldn’t care less – they are, I guess, disappointed that those they elected got caught.

In the Mandatory Vaccine for children legislation, SB 277, it was VERY clear that those Democrats that carried the legislation through both legislative houses, got MILLIONS in “contributions.”   It is easy to buy a Democrat – just write a good-sized check.

(6)  There is strong evidence that the Democratic Party voter base has a significant number of actually DEAD PEOPLE voting across the nation.  Even the biased mainstream media is picking up on this.  Early investigations indicate that there may be MILLIONS of dead voting Democrats across the country.

(7)  There is even stronger of evidence of what is calledvote flipping,”   meaning that Republican votes are being “flipped” right at the voting machines BEFORE they are counted.   

Republicans at early 2016 polls in many States are finding voting machines flipping their “all Republican vote” over to Clinton right before their eyes.  Clinton big-money supporter George Soros owns the voting machines, it is said, in sixteen key voting States.

(8)  Then, of course, are those bus loads of voters, who go from poll to poll, voting the “Democratic ticket.”  This has been a mainstay in the Democratic Party for so long no one even questions it any more.  But, THIS TIME it will be.

So, WHO is it that would vote for Hillary Clinton?

All of the above.

Can we do something about it?  Of course.  What is really amusing is how panicked the Democratic National Committee (DNC) got over Trump supporter Roger Stone setting up completely legal “Exit Polls” across Key States.  They are actually suing Stone to stop this legal process in six States.

Democrats are TERRIFIED, for very good reason, of “Exit Polls.”   If Clinton-big-money-man-Soros owned  voting machines begin to show victories in places where exit polls show Republican voting, generally accepted rules indicate massive investigation.

Everybody knows that THIS IS THE ELECTION TO WATCH…

In more ways then one…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


27 thoughts on “Knowing What We All Know – WHO Would Vote For Hillary Clinton?”

  1. A vote for Trump is a vote for someone who unAmerican at heart and mind as shown by his hatred, his fear-mongering, his continuous lying, his ignorance of foreign policy, his hyper-arrogance (he actually said that he knows more about ISIS than the U.S. miliary generals!), his tax-dodging, his bulliness, his animal-killing children, his support for racist organizations, and his Nazi-policies. If that isn’t bad enough, his disdain for solar energy or other clean forms of energy and his disdain for environmental protection makes him an enemy of our planet Earth. There are good reasons that the worst and most dangerous and anti-American leaders in the world (from Russia & North Korea) support Trump…and therefore people who support this madman is literally insane.

    BTW, did you know that Hillary Clinton’s personal doctor is Mark Hyman, MD, one of America’s leading nutritional physicians. Dr. Hyman also wrote the Foreword to an important anti-vaccine book, written by Robert Kennedy, Jr. People who support alternative medicine will benefit from supporting and voting for Hillary!

  2. Yes, I can believe that Hilary uses a doctor with knowledge of the best practices of functional medicine. And I can believe that such a doctor would be opposed to toxic vaccines. However, that does not mean that Hilary would want the American people, the “deplorables,” as she calls them to have access to nutritional physicians. Her pharmaceutical company sponsors would not be happy. She has always served her corporate elite masters is every way even when it is diametrically opposed to her public rhetoric about the environment. She loves money and power above all.

  3. While I think most liberal Democrats are idiots, I do take offense to the crap you talk against government workers. That may be the case for federal service, but I’ve been in county and local government for the past 4 years, and I’ve always worked my ass off and so have those around me. Even when I was a member of SEIU, I’m not anymore since I moved out of California. I would never vote for that psycho. I also know that a good portion of local government employees are awake. We work for the government to stay informed and to stay relevant. We work for the government because we believe in the programs and services we provide and we strive to make a difference. If you can’t beat them (have less government), join them (work to make it more efficient, effective, etc.).

  4. A vote for Hillary is NOT a vote for medical freedom. The Democratic Party platform includes medical mandates! She is bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical companies. There is no way Hillary will be good for our country. That being said, Trump has plenty of flaws too.

  5. I used to really like the Bolen Report but this is beyond the pale. Not really objective and not so accurate. How much is Trump paying for this?

  6. This is a one-issue election, actually.

    Hillary wants to murder and damage as many American children as possible with forced vaccinations. Trump knows the truth.

    Next, Hillary would take our guns, seize our bank accounts, have us all ripped out of our homes and vaccinated on our way to the FEMA camps for “re-education.” Bill, of course, would pull the younger, prettier girls out of the line, for rough sex.

    Business as usual at the Clinton Family and Foundation…

    But after President Trump comes in the criminal prosecutions will begin.

    Tim Bolen

  7. Hi Tim,

    Vote for Trump if you want (or if you dare) but your reasoning is 100% provable wrong. In fact, it’s more likely Trump would create “camps” for Muslims than Hilary would for anyone (although neither are realistically likely if you are actually sane.)

    Remember when fear-mongers like yourself said Obama would “take your guns?” How is that working out for you (gun ownership has increased since he was elected.) Is he going to still do it before January or will you admit you were wrong?

    I would wager my entire life savings (worth over 3.4 million) to your single dollar in a bet that none of those things would ever happen if Hillary was elected.

    And when she wins I have screenshot this page to post in 4 years to have you issue an apology.

    You should be ashamed of literally lying (and knowing it) with the sad and hopeless hope that Trump is your savior on the vaccine isssue (he’s not.)

    Prove to me that Obama has taken our guns before you go off and accuse another democrat of doing the same. And yes, I know it’s impossible to prove lies.

    I’ll link to my website with this screenshot in 4 years and wait for your apology.

    Mic. Drop.

  8. Sorry Tim–this is not a one issue election unless you frame it as who will drive us faster and more dictatorially into total fascism. I dislike and distrust Clinton majorly. However, Trump’s history is tied to the Klan and Nazism. He speaks of his white genes; ie, his Aryan race values. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will. Yes, Clinton is a military hawk, but there is Trump threatening to kill his American adversary in this election and wanting to bomb other countries into oblivion.

    The difference is that Trump’s policies are essentially GOP, right wing, reactionary policies with a heavy base in racism and eugenics. He will do what the GOP pushes and we know what that is. Remember 911 and the Project for a New American Century? Who killed 1000’s of people in order to scare the public into submission. Who threatened Congress to pass the Patriot Act without reading it or Bush/Cheney would call for martial law and shut down Congress! Who designed Shock and Awe and killed 1.5 million Iraqis in 2 wars, remember daddy Bush.

    The neo-con agenda is not new and fascists neither are fascists in the US govt.

    Your assault on Democrats is about factless as most of what pours out the hate mongering Trump. If you weren’t so serious I would laugh at your characterization of who is working for the govt. As someone who pride himself on information, where did you get your information that says it is Dems who clog the roadways of Wash DC? This is the same factless hyperbole used by Trump and facists scare mongering and emotional carrying on to push an opinion that lacks any meaningful basis.

    Thank you Dana Ullman for noting Clinton’s Mark Hyman, MD. In case you don’t know, Tim, Hyman is a Functional Medicine practitioner; ie, a holistic practitioner who uses nutrition, supplements and other holistic protocols. Yes, Clinton does have some understanding of freedom of access for health care choices. It is up to the public to organize and put her toes to the fire on this issue. With Trump all you have is an egotistic idiot with a lot of money that he got from his own crooked deals and abuse of labor.

    I respect your advocacy on health issues, but your political opinions are best kept to yourself on a health blog.

  9. Tanya, you are absolutely right…and sadly, Tim’s comments are extremely dangerous. As a result, I will forever have a different assessment of him. He has lost a lot of my respect, especially when you consider that his support of Trump would totally change the Supreme Court. His over-simplification of issues is the exact opposite of what holistic-minded people want and need.

    And worst of all, he doesn’t realize that Hillary’s position on vaccination is not as simple as he conveys, as my comment above about Hillary’s personal physician suggests!

    Tim…I’m sorry, but you’ve lost me as one of your advocates…peace out.

  10. Thanks Dana. We are in complete agreement here. Tim seems to have ‘gotten it’ with vaccines but I think his motivation are not quite the same as mine, and perhaps yours. He seems to subscribe to a very reactionary social set of ideas and a Libertarian sort of politic. But my take on Libertarianism is that its laissez-faire politic actually supports the corporate free-for-all that these people seem to criticize. And when I ask people with this belief system what their solution is there is no answer. It seems like magic thinking where is you have no regulations of business capitalism will suddenly find a heart and give up its predatory greed and objectification of people and the environment. Big pity as there is great agreement on vaccines and other health issues.

    I wish Tim and other health guru Libertarians would stay focused on health and stop trying to use their platform to push their divisive politics.

  11. Now that the FBI has cleared Hillary of any wrong-doing worthy of prosecution, I wonder if Tim will now apologize and admit he was wrong…a good person and a person with integrity would do that, but like Trump who never admits to error, I don’t expect an honest response or one with humility.

  12. Tim,

    As one of your supporters for many years, especially when I helped expose fraud within the TMB….I’m very disappointed in your political view.

    You sound like Trump!

    Goodbye Tim.

  13. Dana:

    I had no idea you were, and are, this politically naive. You need to get out into the real world more. Try touring the US mid-west, where way too many small towns are dead and dying – and the people there have a look of desperation.

    I’ve done that…

    Try looking at what is REALLY happening to our Armed Forces and our veterans. They really are being abused in favor of illegal alien influx.

    I’ve done that…

    As part of the Alternative Media, those of us stomping out foreign owned so-called Mainstream Media propaganda, I as an American accept the responsibility for pointing out the truth. And, I do it rather well…

    And yes, I piss people off…. on both sides of arguments…

    To those that don’t like what I have to say I invite them to sign up as a “Subscriber” so they can get our Articles as soon as the are posted – that way they can get angry at me much quicker…

    So, let me help you with that naivete…

    The FBI, right now, is a joke. James Comey is, at best, an ass-kisser of the first degree… Investigations take months, Comey manages to get it done in hours. (insert laughter here).

    The Clintons, and everyone around them are, literally, human filth. They are never conversant with concepts like ethics and morality. They are globalist “one-worlders,” who have sold out America.

    Trump is right – NOW is the time to stop the globalists – before ALL jobs are shipped to China, and elsewhere.

    Yes, we are ABSOLUTELY going to get change in the US Supreme Court. One of the FIRST things that needs to happen is to clamp down HARD on the State Religion (secularism).

    There is an obvious pattern that shows that, in fact, those areas where jobs are intentionally destroyed are those communities that have a high number of churches, and church goers.

    America is waking up…

    Trump’s First 100 Days are going to entirely destroy the REAL (fast and loose) Democratic Party Platform –

    My concern is that the Democratic Party, having let itself be taken over by the morality-less, may NOT be able to recover, and we could lose our two-party system.

    Donald Trump has/had a unique campaign. He went out and LISTENED to America to hear what was going on, and what is needed to fix its problems. Empress Hillary wants our children on “Orgy Island…”

    Hopefully, tomorrow evening we can start the rebuild of America – before it is too late.

    For months I’ve been communicating with top Republicans about what we can replace ObamaCare with…

    I, Tim Bolen, am doing something positive to fix problems.

    Too bad you are not.

    Tim Bolen

  14. “The science is clear. The Earth is round, the sky is blue and vaccines work. Let’s protect ALL our kids. #Grandmothersknow Best”
    –Love, Hillary

  15. Forced Vaccinations coming soon, and as with Obamacare, there will be NO ‘opting out’ without penalty in the New World Collective. Grandmothers (read the Nanny State……knows best).

  16. Very grateful for your efforts, Tim, way to go!
    Wish there were more bad-asses like yourself to fight for our rights and freedoms.
    Too bad so many are closing their eyes to the facts. Eternal vigilance doesn’t work that way.
    Wake up, America! Remember your dreams and defend yourself! Don’t let your ancestors have died in vain…

  17. Tim,

    It is no surprise that Trump has gotten support from the KKK, and virtually ANY other politician would NOT accept such support, but Trump and his ilk are such hate-mongers and fear-mongers, he welcomed these “deplorables” into his campaign.

    Trump cannot even admit that he makes mistakes and then APOLOGIZE. Such people never learn and remain arrogant and foolish. He fabricates information constantly and either doesn’t know the difference between truth and falsity or doesn’t care.

    He loves polls when he is winning and considers them “rigged” when he is losing. He’s totally predictable…in a disgusting way.

    You are becoming one of the deplorables when you support someone who encourages hatred and selfishness.

    And Pence doesn’t even believe in evolution or global climate change. Gad.

  18. Dana,
    If Trump talks so called ‘hate’ (according to you) at least he doesn’t have a dead body count as far as I know anywhere near the Clinton/ Dixie mafia’s stats. I’d vote for a loud mouth ‘hater’ over a mass murderer any day. Ever been to Mena Arkansas? Take a trip there and ask around. Consult the locals. Or take the time to read Ambrose Evan Pritchard’s work The Secret Life of Bill (and Hillary) Clinton. It’s quite an eye opener for the uniformed. Really though, in some ways I hope The Wicked Witch DOES Win. I think it is going to mobilize this nation to rid itself of this organized crime cancer in the Highest places that Trump would not be able to do in a way that has not been seen for a long long time. So cast your vote for the Russia hater and mandatory injection Nazi. Hope you have a bunker built and well stocked. Here’s a link for the ostriches:

  19. Dana:

    This is getting hilarious.. The KKK is backing Trump? All three (3) of them? (insert laughter here)…

    But, while we are on the subject of “organized hatred” let’s bring up the five hundred (500), violence organizers (paid @ $1,500 each) at each of the Trump rallies.

    Let’s do the math – 500 paid protesters each, at one thousand rallies, at $1,500 each = $750,000,000 (seven hundred fifty million dollars)…

    Two questions:

    (1) Who put up that money?

    (2) Hillary had to BUY hatred for Trump?

    I cannot help but laugh…

    Tim Bolen

  20. Tim,

    You obviously don’t know how math works (500 times 1,500 = 750,000…and those numbers of just make-believe anyway because the violence at Trump rallies was clearly the result of the Trump supporters. That said, something tells me that you don’t ever admit error, just like your main man Trump.

  21. 500 x 1000 x1500 =750,000,000
    Any questions?

    Let’s all pray PRESIDENT Trump will have the guts to FIRMLY stand behind vaccine CHOICE and will work in the best interests of the PEOPLE (rather than the profiteers), and will work in the name of SCIENCE rather than for the Charlitans.

    I also pray Dan Burton will get with Trump and help him become informed and stand up for his own family and the other scores of vaccine injured children. There IS hope! Ding dong the Wicked Witch is DEAD!!! Thank God, at least WE have a *CHANCE* now!!!

  22. Tim–the KKK is alive and well and has many morphs in the various forms of white supremacist groups/movements. They are all bonded around their eugenic racist feelings and govt power. But you are just to white to have any understanding of this. Sanders had a real problem here too, but was willing to open up to his lack of knowledge and understanding. That is what makes him a viable leader.

    W. Kabler–I wish you are correct about Trump and Vaccines but a) that is not the core issue of importance in this country–it is only a symptom of the problem and Trump is that problem.
    b) i wish you would be correct on this single issue but i believe this is wishful thinking and people will be as destroyed by him and his presidency as we were by the Bush/Cheney cabal.

  23. Tayna,
    All I can say is this election came down to what I sense many felt was voting for a *known* corrupt easily led puppet of the Elitist Globalist establisment vs an *unknown*, loadmouth *possibly* ‘outsider’ who MAY and again I stress MAY offer us a chance at something better.

    Time will tell if Trump will be establishment OWNED, but at this point at least there is a chance, even if small, that things CAN change in a more peacefull, proserous, and healthy humanity.

    Don’t forget, both the Clintons AND Bushes share the Globalists’ plans for a One World DICTATORSHIP, ran by Elitists, FOR Elitists and BOTH continued down the path of continued organized crime tactics in order to maintain that stranglehold.

    Trump deserves a CHANCE. IF it is found that he is simply based on smoke and mirrors like his (alleged) opponents then expect his popularity to be short lived and those of us who want the constant killing, poisoning, synthetic events, war mongering etc. to end will put him (read his policies) in the cross hairs just like his totally corrupted predecessors. I take a wait and see attitude. I pray he will not waste his mandate. There really IS a chance America can be the great exceptional country it has the potential to be and hasn’t been in a long long time. Time will tell.

  24. Have to disagree with you. Trump played the loud mouth, iconoclast. He pandered to the lowest common denomenator, appealing to mainly white working males with a deluded sense of racial threats. Trump is a very well known character. He is not new to the public. His behavior is different from Clinton/Bush only in the fact that he has not held political office. But let me remind you the president gets nothing done without the Party behind him. So Trump himself is a figure head as is any other president. The GOP stands for raw, brutal, globalism, racism, classism and a totally anti-public, anti-humanist value structure. Trump will do nothing that the GOP does not approve. If he steps too far out of line, there is a drone wating for him.

    We also know a great deal about his personal beliefs and philosophy as his history of abusing labor is well known as is his disgusting sexism along with his pro-Klan, pro-fascism. How anyone can even think Trump will do one bit of good for the public or democracy is pure delusion.

    If you wanted real change, you should have worked for Sanders, or better yet, Jill Stein. You should be an avid worker for FAIR Elections and other real political structural changes. Clinton would not have spearheaded meaningful change, but she could have been molded/pushed by an organized populist movement. I think many Obama supporters may have learned that and certainly younger, pro-Sanders people are leaning this now. Trump is in the pro-autocratic camp, is a bully and divisive person. His tactics are right out of the Nazi/Fascist playbook so he will fit in quite well with the GOP true agenda and find lots of support there. I do not see him attending to one damn need of the general public as he makes no bones about his disdain for us.

  25. In the end it may ALL be delusion and illusion Tanya. But the public has spoken (as far as we can tell) and Mr. Trump seems poised to have his turn at bat. I personally look to NO political party or politician to ‘save me’ or really do anything to help make my life any better, I just hope they don’t try and make it worse, that’s really all I ask for.
    Some of Mr. Trumps ‘reported’ political pics (Newt??? Really?) don’t look very encouraging and I would love rather to see people like Dr. Ron Paul brought from retirement and back into public service (if he would accept). What a fantastic Sec. of State or ambassador I think he would be and I think this would get many former Paul supporters on board.
    Not much else to say, but I find your drone comment interesting. I suspect Mr. Trump may have some ‘insurance’ in case his rivals wish to hit below the belt. Signing off here, and I’m hoping for the best as the saying goes but am willing to plan for the worst. Cheers!

  26. Proud Trump deplorable here, saying THANK YOU Tim Bolen for all that you do.
    It’s really sad how some people here just spout off MSNBC/CNN soundbites about Trump. Trump’s no saint, for sure, but the Clinton machine has done far, far worse things over the years….. Hillary would’ve pushed for forced vaccinations, I have no doubt about that. At least Trump, and Dr. Ben Carson, and Rand Paul all said during a debate that maybe we are giving too many vaccines and there are potential problems with vaccines. They were all labeled “idiots” by the mainstream media.
    I voted for Trump because at least he’s unpredictable, and no one knows how he would govern; a risky bet, I know. But I know how Clinton would’ve governed, she said so herself: continue the Obama policies that he’s already started, and that hasn’t worked out the past 8 years.

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