Trump’s War Against Vaccines KICKS INTO HIGH GEAR…

By Kent Heckenlively, J.D.

How do you know when the righteous war against vaccines has begun?

When you read a recent article from The New York Times (September 26, 2018) which begins:

“The Environmental Protection Agency on Tuesday placed the head of its Office of Children’s Health Protection on administrative leave, an unusual move that appeared to reflect an effort to minimize the role of the office.

Dr. Ruth Etzel, a pediatrician and epidemiologist who has been a leader in children’s environmental health for 30 years, joined the E.P.A. in 2015 after having served as a senior officer for environmental health research at the World Health Organization.  She was placed on administrative leave late Tuesday and asked to hand over her badge, keys, and cellphone, according to an E.P.A. official familiar with the decision who was not authorized to discuss the move and who asked not to be identified.”

You can read the entire article HERE.

Now admittedly, reading The New York Times in our era is a bit like reading Pravda in the bad old days of the Soviet Union…

Still, you can be certain of some facts.  Somebody in the Trump administration really doesn’t like good old Dr. Ruth Etzel, who during the 30 years she’s been “a leader in children’s environmental health” has presided over the worst decline in the health of our children in history.

I started to do a little research on Dr. Etzel and quickly found an article from 2012 by Julie Obradovic, one of my former colleagues at Age of Autism.  I have always been a fan of Julie’s work and considered her one of the best writers on the site.

It seems Dr. Etzel was front and center of the controversy over mercury in vaccines and when it became clear in 1999 that nobody in the health establishment had done the math on cumulative exposure, she suggested a public relations strategy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics had put out a nonsensical message about the danger of mercury in vaccines, and Dr. Etzel suggested a different approach.  That email from July 2, 1999 is reproduced in full below.

“The Committee on Environmental Health and the Committee on Infectious Diseases may want to look at the way Johnson and Johnson handled the poisoned Tylenol affair in 1982. It followed three basic rules:

1. act quickly to recall the affected product

2. be open with consumers about what went wrong

3. show contrition

Seventeen years ago, when an extortionist tried to wring money out of Johnson & Johnson by lacing capsules of Tylenol with cyanide, 7 people died. While the government was still considering what to do (sound familiar?), and before the media had time to put the company on the defensive, Johnson & Johnson recalled all Tylenol products. That cost about $100-million and it lost short term sales. But it emerged from the episode with consumer confidence at a higher level than ever, and quickly regained its leadership of the painkiller market.

The AAP should be dedicated to promptly providing truthful information about this situation to pediatricians. We must follow the three basic rules:

1. Act quickly to inform pediatricians that the products have more mercury than we realized

2. Be open with consumers about why we didn’t catch this earlier

3. Show contrition

As you know, the Public Health Service informed us yesterday that they were planning to conduct business as usual, and would probably indicate no preference for either product. While the Public Health Service may think that their “product” is immunizations, I think their “product” is their recommendations. If the public loses faith in the PHS recommendations, then the immunization battle will falter. To keep faith, we must be open and honest now and move forward quickly to replace these products. Short term shortages may occur.

AAP should assure pediatricians that we are committed to making sure that all children will be vaccinated, although some may be delayed due to shortages. This is what American parents want to hear from their pediatricians. Anything less may cause them to lose faith in our recommendations.”
I like to include as much information from original sources as possible so that people can draw their own conclusions.”

There’s a concept in art appreciation called “the blank space” which refers to the part of the canvas the artist leaves empty to draw attention to the other sections.

When I read Dr. Etzel’s email from 1999 I am drawn to the fact that all she suggests is a media strategy, rather than questioning how America’s pediatrician’s could have allowed children to be injected with dangerous amounts of mercury.  It seems her heart is empty of such concern.

Well, now Dr. Etzel has had her badge, keys, and cellphone taken away from her by the Trump administration. 

There is now a “blank space” in the Office of Children’s Health.

I suggest the Trump administration place somebody in that position who will actually worry about children’s health, rather than a media strategy.

I respectfully submit the following five names to the Trump administration for this open position:

(1)  Dr. Judy Mikovits (my co-author for PLAGUE)

(2)  Dr. Brian Hooker (my virtual co-author for INOCULATED)

(3)  Dr. Andrew Wakefield

(3) Dr. Suzanne Humphries

(4)  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

I am happy to provide character references for any of these fine individuals and assist in their FBI background checks.

By Kent Heckenlivey, J.D.

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback. Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&



10 thoughts on “Trump’s War Against Vaccines KICKS INTO HIGH GEAR…”

  1. I’d be happy with Kent Heckenlivey too !

    But Brian “FOIA” Hooker – what a legend.

    All of them are !

  2. Hans Litten

    Look what I found here (safe & effective my plectrum) ! 132 people say otherwise

    HRSA is publishing this notice of petitions received under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (the Program), as required by the Public Health Service (PHS) Act, as amended. While the Secretary of HHS is named as the respondent in all proceedings brought by the filing of petitions for compensation under the Program, the United States Court of Federal Claims is charged by statute with responsibility for considering and acting upon the petitions.

  3. Kent –

    I see a major problem with ALL of your nominees for the job. I happen to like every one of them, and if one of them got the job they’d have to relocate to the Washington DC area.

    There they’d have to live amongst the “Deep State” people.

    Where would they eat?

    I’m not sure they could ingest enough supplements to stay healthy.

  4. It seems more likely Trump admin is trying to get rid of an EPA office which is Challenging his plans to deregulate all dangerous pesticides. Not sure why people still believes he cares about American children even a tiny bit. All his moves since going into office have proven he has no intention of doing anything about this issue. In fact, the HHS under trump is attempting to mandate all recommended vaccines to biological children of parents who want to foster or adopt. Which would be he first federal vaccine mandate. A dangerous step in the wrong direction. Clearly his administration doesn’t care about this and we for sure know Alex Azar doesn’t plan on doing anything to stop pharma.

  5. I agree with Natalie above, this action involves the EPA and has nothing to do with Vaccines, which would be the FDA.

  6. Natalie,

    I sure wonder about Trump and his administration myself as Trump apparently went silent on appointing a vaccine safety commission. However, if there is a house cleaning at DOJ, FBI and the like, maybe we will see strong action soon. I see a few favorable signs. The successful lawsuit brought by Del Bigtree and RFK Jr, got HHS to admit required vaccine safety reports were not submitted for 32 years. Alex Azar might not be seen to be doing anything about vaccine, but HHS’s Office of Civil Rights seems very open to listening to citizen complaints about the violation of their civil rights in medical care situations including vaccinations. I remind myself that Trump is having to deal with “deep state” hold-overs in many departments. I think the opioid actions are a “shot across the bow” of the pharmaceutical companies. Now is a good time to pray and speak out.

  7. I too think, “Well, lets just wait and see what Trump can do for the autism situation” . Regarding Dr. Etzel, it looks to me that she was one of the “good guys” Notice please that she recommended doing a recall of vaccines that contained mercury. That is one of the saddest chapters in American Public Health history. The mercury laden vaccines of all types were NOT recalled and we poor naive, simple minded, brain washed American adults, imagined that this would be done. Even the doctors simply imagined that it was done. Along with that the doctors were not told the name of the mercury compound (Thimerosal- How many of them would know it even now?), so the doctors could not check the inserts of the vaccines, even when they had a magnifying glass handy. Years later we learned that vaccines had long shelf lives and some mercury laden vaccines were still in use in 2006 and perhaps up to 2008.
    So , it might appear that Dr. Etzel was a good guy, pushed aside by some bad guys.
    I hope that some legal challenges win, but we must see our last resort position as one of refusing vaccines – and not let them be mandated.

  8. Conscious friends of the world…besides telling and showing the truth to as many people as possible, I believe we can make the greatest impact on helping the truth and freedom manifest by making our own conscious choices – whether food, using knowledgeable moral and ethical service providers in all areas of life and being grateful and appreciative to the Creator and all those who truly and humbly care for vibrant health and function whether for themselves, their families, and all world inhabitants. We must also demand justice and serious jail time for all those who valued money and power over another human being’s wellness and function. If President Trump is really smart – all those evil friends of the likes of Paul Offit will get their just “reward” very soon. What a legacy he will leave for himself! If he promotes Homeoprophylaxis instead of vaccines – that would really make him a historic hero! Let’s all meditate on all that and watch it happen in REAL TIME!

  9. I’m tempted to nominate Dr Wakefield, – for the pleiotropic effect of causing such a fatal, group apoplexy that the Halls of Academe would be swept clean of much detritus and all sides could walk together in progressing ‘real’ Science

  10. Trump is the first President to address the problem of vaccines. In addition to everything else he has to do as President (plus deal with the 24/7 media attacks, engineered by the globalists), he only knows his personal instincts about them, and what Robert F. Kennedy is telling him. Mercury is not the only toxic junk in vaccines. There is nothing in a vaccine that is healthy for the body, but PLENTY of ingredients that are destructive and even deadly.

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