CONFABULATION – Immediate Action Needed…

By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

For the past week, as a nation, we have been torn apart in one of the nastiest and most divisive political fights we’ve ever had in this country.   We are all exhausted.

At odds are the he said/she said sexual encounter of nearly 40 years ago that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford swore happened to her and Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s absolute denial that he was even there.

Last night, one of the guests on the TV show, Justice with Judge Jeanine, offered a plausible explanation.

He is Judge William Fitzpatrick, the former president of the National District Attorney’s Association and present DA for Onodaga County, New York.  His explanation for how two people, both quite sincere and believable, could both telling the truth.

He believes the explanation may lie in the medical records of Dr. Ford’s from back when she first recalled the memory of the event she now reports as truth.

Judge Fitzpatrick believes that she may be suffering from confabulation, a mental disorder that creates false memories which the patient remembers as absolute truth.

According to Wikipedia:

“In psychiatry, confabulation (verb: confabulate) is a memory error defined as the production of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world, without the conscious intention to deceive.  People who confabulate present incorrect memories ranging from “subtle alterations to bizarre fabrication”, and are generally very confident about their recollections, despite contradictory evidence.

The malfunction could be caused by something as simple as a thiamine deficiency or triggered by some other neurological condition.  In any case, the person can seem quite normal, yet have no idea that the memory they are recalling is no memory at all.  Its error in brain function.

If  you would like to see Judge Fitzpatrick’s explanation, check out this video below.

Regardless of your opinion about the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, every decent human being I would think would want a true accounting of what is going on.

I urge you to circulate this article to all your friends and ask them to join you in calling both your U.S. Senators to share this information.  This would be the time to state your opinion about how you want your Senators to vote.

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By Elissa Meininger – Health Policy Analyst

12 thoughts on “CONFABULATION – Immediate Action Needed…”

  1. I have explained this in much more detail and precision in the article I submitted to Tim yesterday.
    This “confabulation” is a normal part of the Borderline Syndrome from which Christine Ford suffers.

    John Salvatore, writing for the Western Journal, gives several more such examples from the life of Christine Ford, including her close links with Google.

    Blessed be


  2. How do you reconcile confabulation with Ford’s story that she encountered Mark Judge working at his part time job back in ’82 and dodged his bullets with her own ‘greeting’ bullet, as if she wasn’t able to have forgotten that infamous supposed attack? It seems much more likely that her ‘recollections’ were PLANNED and not back in 2012, and those supposed recollections never happened… witnessed by ONLY her HUSBAND [can’t be made to testify against her] and her PSYCHOLOGIST [also not able to reveal anything without her signature which she vehemently denied ever allowing]

    We have the idea that Judge Jeanine has the right gut sense about truth-telling … and we suggest that any INVESTIGATION BE APPLIED TO FORD… she has
    the MEANS [to feign such behavior with her background in clinical psychology for all the edu years at least… she has the MOTIVE [ totally erased her open Trump insane hate, plus her own research$$ in ABORTION PILL manufacturing consulting ]… and she has the CHARACTER-HISTORY [ although the fancy private school would want people to stop relating the reputation their students earned back then, the scuttlebutt is that she was a notorious promiscuous alcoholic ]…

    We agree that this confabulation option would put large holes in the OPENLY PURSUED PLANNING TO DESTROY KAVANAUGH BY THE DEMOCRATS AND SOROS, in the minds of the MISLED PUBLIC if they thought that they could assuage their own fooled selves with the idea that it was possible for such diametrically opposite ‘truths’ to stand based on the SUPPOSED HYPNOSIS, but we decline to favor any idea that such a path is not loaded with dynamite in THEIR HANDS….. ttyl

  3. For the Democrats that was all a Hollywood Production.

    I can’t wait for the FBI investigation report of how they put it all together.

    Do you suppose Harvey Weinstein was the Producer?

    Their story is rapidly coming apart…

  4. Will this investigation be conducted by the same FBI people who spent the past two years trying to overthrow our duly-elected President? Can we trust them?

  5. Incorrect memories are not a psychiatric disorder. They happen to all of us, all the time. Memories are not like pictures. They are influenced by all kinds of things that happen to us. All the daily input into our brains influences memories. Which means that memories of just a few days ago might already be distorted.

    The chance that a memory from 30+ years ago is even remotely accurate is pretty much zero. It’s also very well possible that the brain has created memories of things that never happened. I’m sure that’s the case in many of the accusations against the Catholic Church. And no, these people are not lying. They are convinced it happened and/or it happened the way they say it.

    People don’t like to accept that their brains are so unreliable. But it’s true. That’s also why it’s insane that whole criminal cases in court are based on witness testimony. The chance that the testimony is incorrect is huge.

  6. Confabulation? Actual it should be called Cover Your Ass which is what Kavanaugh is doing. Or you could just call it LYING. Is that in your medical books?

  7. What about all his refusals to answer questions, constant deflections like his rude questioning of his examiners instead of answering his questions, his lying under oath (saying he didn’t drink in high school, then later saying he drank beer (oh yes, only beer, you like beer don’t you, everybody likes beer, it was only beer))?
    His “emotional” display is also extremely unsuitable for anyone in his position. Just imagine if a woman acted that way …. Or a black man ….

    That doesn’t even begin to take into account that Kavanaugh, and Lindsay Graham too, are pathetic actors who have confused grimacing with actual emotions. Kavanaugh’s phony display didn’t fool Trump.

  8. Anyone hear about Projection? Where a person projects/attributes to another person, some painful event he/she actually suffered from another person. It is too painful to blame the correct person.

    I would look to her childhood experiences with her father, or other adult male in her house where she grew up.

  9. The Kavanaugh issue, and its handling, makes it very clear why we, the adults, using Trump, have had to take over control of our nation and actively reverse EVERYTHING the Obama-Nation put in place.

    We waited too long, I think, and we let craziness creep into our society. The Democrats are the Party of HATRED and its promotion. Ask yourself why…

    I agree with Mike Adams – it is time for Trump to declare Martial Law and shut down the liberal media. Their Anti-American scream “No Trump, no wall, no USA at all…” is indicative of where the liberals want to go.

    And we are not going there…

  10. Interesting that you all should have so much interest in the hollywood PRODUCTION and the FBI that has tried for the last 2 years to overthrow our elected president, and what harm her male family members might have had… BECAUSE that’s where some other people have looked and let’s just start with this tidbit…….

    Christine Blasey’s brother, Ralph the third, used to work for the International Law Firm of Baker Hosteltler. The firm created Fusion GPS, the company who wrote the Russian “Dossier”.

    or this tidbit……….
    Her father Ralph Blasey II operated a business in the same lil ol building where the CIA has several known ‘front’ companies.. what are the chances…

    and the chances go up with this tidbit……
    Her grandfather on her mother’s side was supposedly Nicholas Deak, a money genius for the CIA’s laundering operations in the early CIA days up until the shtf in Reagan’s messy Iran Contra days, and he was surprisingly murdered one morning by some ‘lone assassin’ [rotfl at visioning their choice of unstable people to do their dirty work and using an old woman, oy]… even better than suicided, agreed?

    .. and the list goes on.. one source with a good reputation among some local people here is

    wow! how did Soros get on the same train with the CIA?
    Need some figuring…. ttyl

  11. I have heard of cases of women (probably mildly autistic from vaccine injury) being persuaded by their psychiatrist that they were sexually abused in childhood, allegedly by a close male relative. When it was proved to be untrue, the patient received considerable compensation (though I’m not sure if the wrongly accused father did!) I myself have been accused of having been sexually abused as a child (which was not true) and I believe this was to cover up the correct diagnosis of vaccine injury. All of these issues come together in vaccines, don’t they?

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