Trump SHOCKS China/Big Pharma Conspiracy With His Handling of The CoronaVirus Scam…

California’s Senator Richard Pan Is Probably Already In Diarrhea Mode…

Trump Has No Intention Of Making Vaccines Mandatory…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

If you are one of those people that have NOT figured out the relationship between Mainland Communist China, Big Pharma, The “Progressives” of the US Democratic Party (especially California), and the Deep State’s “Public Health” corruption, then you have been living under a rock.

But don’t worry – for the Trump Administration has it figured out, and so have the Republicans in Congress, and the Conservative American media.

All hell is about to break loose…

Already, the financial relationships between the US liberal “fake news” media and China are being revealed – and it ain’t pretty.  Check out this story below, and watch the short video in it, about China and the liberal media flagship “Politico.”  Similar stories are appearing about the financial relationships between China, the New York Times and the Washington Post, and California Employees’ Retirement fund.

Tucker Carlson: Politico is one of the reasons sucking up to China is normal in Washington

It is all part of a much larger story – about who is really controlling the so-called US liberal elite.  Watch the Tucker Carlson video below.  Pay close attention to the part about California…

There is no question about who it was that set up and controlled the “fake impeachment” of our President…

…and is trying to interfere with election 2020.  It is/was the China/Big Pharma/US Democratic Party.  Already, thousands of entities are under investigation by the US Department of Justice.  Actions have already been taken to de-fang Chinese interests in the US.  It is time for massive arrests.

We are about to take a major step in restoring America to Americans.

CoronaVirus – just another “fake epidemic” started in China?…

Of course it is.  Every few years there is another “Earth Destroying Flu Virus” that we all are supposed to line up and get a “special flu shot for.”  Remember this 2019 BolenReport article, just below?

Big Pharma AND The Democrats – The “Fake Epidemic” Game…

The whole idea here, with these flu-virus scares, is to create worldwide fear, and then all of us, supposedly, will line up to get ALL of the vaccines recommended by the US CDC.  But, it is NOT working.  Why?  Because Trump out-foxed the vaccine-pusher-sleaze-masters.

Instead of what Obama had done – giving the vaccine industry eight (8) billion US dollars to come up with a new emergency vaccine, Trump simply shut down travel to China and ordered Americans to come home.

A brilliant move – that totally flummoxed Big Pharma’s Vaccine Industry, who thought that THIS CoronaVirus incident would be the tool that FORCED MANDATORY VACCINES on the entire US public.

The CoronaVirus scam was going to be the tool that countered the US “Anti-Vaxxer” movement’s SUCCESSFUL efforts to shut down “Mandatory Vaccines For Children” in forty-seven (47) of the US fifty (50) states.

No, Donald Trump Is NOT A True “Anti-Vaxxer…

I think he just believes, like I do, that vaccines should NOT be injected into people or animals – especially Americans.  It is THAT simple…

Stay tuned…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

27 thoughts on “Trump SHOCKS China/Big Pharma Conspiracy With His Handling of The CoronaVirus Scam…”

  1. Crucial points MISSING above……..
    1) you are deluding yourselves if you think that China and the PHARMA cabal can be so in league… China went along with the CHINA STUDY back 40 years ago, BECAUSE they saw the shocking rise in CANCER as they adopted the AFFLUENZA DIET of the west… The results of that study revealed that a) the western ‘knowledge’ was false and b) the western medicine [drugs] were IMPOTENT……… so i don’t see how a logical argument can be made that there’s an alliance between the pharma cabal and China…

    2) China simply took advantage of corporate greed. Resulting in that phenomenal list of pharma’s sacred antibiotics and vaccines paying huge numbers of workers wages that are miniscule here but bottomline better than no wages at all if the corporate greed hadn’t betrayed the Americans, the taxpayers, insurance premium payers, and patients and fundraisers that fund its development…

    Curiously, the recent orders for Chinese children to be vaxxed for school may seem like China caved to Pharma lords demands,

    but a) i didn’t see any orders for infants [minimal compared to what Pharma does to Americans/Westerners] and the viral epidemic started right after that

    and b) China is the main source of VITAMIN C — the universal anti-toxin [vaxxes are toxins] AND the universal ANTI-VIRAL… on top of all the fundamental body regenerative things that C mediates…

    and c) CHINESE HOSPITALS ARE IMPLEMENTING THEIR OWN CLINICAL FDA TRIALS OF INTRAVENOUS C to defeat the corona virus….. [[ imagine that!! ]]

    and d) CHINA has CONTROL OF THEIR INTERNET & publishing, and to show which side this is favoring in the China-Pharma standoff, CHINA IS ALLOWING THE SUCCESSFUL RESULTS OF THAT IV-C CLINICAL TRIAL TO BE PUBLISHED ON THEIR INTERNET…. while here in the USA, the FACEBOOK, TWITTER, etc were aligning themselves to TAKE DOWN ALL MENTIONS OF THE IV-C CLINICAL TRIALS SUCCESSES and only publish the terrorizing CDC/Pharma cabal story-line..

    and e) WHO was the source and order-giver at the confab of the internet honchos to make the story-line impenetrable by us natural-meds promoters with news of the clinical trials to share… but we’re getting past some of the censors by ‘persistance’


    Is that enough to see the split…… The greedy politicians and corporate CEOs are basically taking orders [but from whom, everybody!!] but China does not… and China is not falling for the Pharma cabal lies… just like the Chinese only have a scattered operation to put fluoride in their drinking water…..

    So yeah Trump did not cower in the face of the fear tactics to try to make everyone wish there was a vaccine… and turn hostile to anti-vaxxers

    But even more important… TRUMP SIGNED THE RIGHT TO TRY LAW and that means WE CAN GET THE IV-C FOR OUR OWN NEEDS since once a therapy is authorized as officially allowed for one disease/disability/syndrome, then DOCTORS ARE ABLE TO AUTHORIZE ITS USE ELSEWHERE that they think it would be sensible to try it and the terms of the trial make IV-C authorized for PNEUMONIA, and ARDS [acute respiratory distress syndrome] as well as opening the Right-to-Try…. it may even be possible that the Right-to-try may get the IV-C protocol covered by INSURERS… who then may get awakened… [let’s hear an update from Ralph on insurers and alternatives] …….. ttyl

  2. This Bolen report is utter nonsense. The Democratic Party is far from perfect, nor are its leaders perfect, but if you still think that Trump is an upstanding guy and president, you need your head examined.

  3. Maurine – You REALLY need to pay attention. The Democratic Party, especially in California, is encrusted with filth. There is NOTHING about it worth saving right now.

    To me, State Senator Richard Pan, the author of SB 277 and 276, is literal human scum. What kind of American would WANT to do that much damage to California’s children?

    The Democrats are the Party that nominated Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate, and even counting for the usual Chicago-style massive election voter fraud, still there were actual people that voted for her. America will forever live in shame over that.

    But, don’t worry we are on it. Three Trump terms (2016, 2020, and 2024) and we will have ALL of the problems solved.

    America will then be great again…

  4. MJ – You are right – I need to list the financial arrangements between China and Big Pharma, and I can do that. They are EXTENSIVE. The arrangements between China and Merck alone would make a VERY long article itself.

    In short the words “Big Pharma” and “Mainland Communist China” are synonyms. They are that involved together -and NOT just financially, but morally and ethically. Or should I say “immorally” and “unethically?”

    BUT – the fact is that if we take ONE down then the other comes with it – they are THAT involved together.

    There is that old saying “If you set out to kill the king, you better kill the king…” They did not kill our leader and now they have pissed us all off.

    As you can see we have already started on China…

    We have taken off the gloves…

  5. I suspect the Chinese know something we don’t, that Vitamin-C may well be the cheap and effective magic bullet for treating patients with COVID-19 / corona virus.
    Here’s a link to their Trial:- and here a commentary about it :-

    There is nothing new here, in 2009 high dose vitamin C therapy saved the life of a Swine Flu patient in New Zealand.

    My only concern is, around 90% of the world’s supply of Vitamin C is made… China.

  6. Exactly Janet, and it’s strikingly different so far in CHINA’s allowing the Clinical Trial to be publicized… unlike what happened to Dr Yanagizaga in JAPAN after Fukushima, where had data that he presented to both the NUKE CORPORATES as well as the GOVT OF JAPAN and was totally stonewalled to silence him… so he set up a clinic near the cleanup work and began IV-C AND DNA TESTING and could see that C was repairing DNA damage for workers with the nuke cleanup…

    In China, the word of the IV-C trial is not being silenced [SO FAR] even though China has complete control of the internet….

    So whether these CHINESE DOCTORS [trained here in the USA] succeed in releasing CHINESE PEOPLE to back away from Pharma Cabal agendas [other than benefiting from jobs] hopefully, they [with Trump’s Right to Try law] have HELPED US… agreed?

  7. MJ Raichyk, a few points here.

    First of all, I agree with you that there is simply more to this story than a simple “China-big pharma” alliance. At this point, ALL governments have caved to the big pharma agenda. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the USA and it’s corporate lobbying lackeys, who have, since the 60s (and in some cities/states reportedly going way back to the late 1800s even) required, that school children be injected with so and so many vaccines; Israel (the only “democracy” in the Middle East); Sweden (although it’s claimed that forced vaccinations are incompatible with the Swedish constitution); Japan (which is not “anti-vaccine” as is being claimed, but at least they allow freedom of choice); or “evil” China, “evil” Iran, “evil” North Korea etc. All these countries and others in between, have vaccination programs for their citizens, with varying degrees of coercion and enforcement.

    Regarding China specifically, which is what this article is about, China is not so much a part of an intricate “axis of evil” of big pharma colluding with that country to make “Americans sick”, as it has been chosen by American corporations, to make vaccines and big pharma drugs cheaply, both for export [to America and other countries] and for use by it’s own population. I agree that there is still an element of that country preferring it’s own traditional medicine, but when you have a totalitarian government colluding with big interests like pharma, you generally get the latter winning over the former. Of course when you look at the history of what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) actually is and who started and funded it, you’ll find there’s very little Chinese about it. Therefore, blaming the Chinese is silly and another distraction from the truth.

    That’s another rabbit hole to delve into, which I won’t go into here as this is a health website and I don’t want to get too political here. Nevertheless, for those interested, it may explain a few anomalies and also allows you to understand that all countries work together, with most differences simply being staged to give the impression there is rivalry – basically, “theater” for the masses.

    I understand this new vaccine law [] is not only for children, but mandates vaccines for ALL Chinese citizens, irrespective of age. That is the way I have read and understood it. It appears that Chinese school children (though not expats) have already been required to receive at least some vaccines before this law went into effect. It could be that a vaccination requirement has been law for many years already. Certainly, that’s what it looks like according to various expat blogs I’ve been reading and I remember reading these 1-2 years ago, long before any corona virus “epidemic” started or before I knew about this new vaccine law. Even Greenmedinfo refers to a study from a few years ago, about measles epidemics started by the measles vaccine in Zhejiang province where the measles shot is mandatory and has a 99% vaccination uptake.

  8. Just to expand a little on what I just said (and also to elaborate a bit further on the points you made Janet Love), what you’ll quickly find is that while Japan allows a certain amount of freedom of speech in many areas, especially those pertaining to WW2, at this point Japan is little more than a western/US colony as it has been since the end of WW2 when US bases were first established in the country (and they remain there to this date). This means that it’s media, it’s institutions closely follow whatever narrative that comes out of the USA, which in turn controls the general narrative of anything coming out of Australia and Europe. If you ever get a chance to watch NHK English, it’s basically a Japanese version of CNN. In other words, a more polite version but the propaganda is essentially the same.

    China is a little different. Although we are constantly reminded of their internet censorship, what is generally censored there is what their government considers “western propaganda” or anything that can be used as a tool to subvert their country by the west. This includes Facebook. Some might say the censorship of Facebook and Twitter etc. is designed to give their own corporations a competitive advantage, since China has their own alternatives for all of these (unlike most other countries – Australia and Europe certainly don’t). I’m inclined to think it’s a combination of both, but leaning more towards the former, since the marketplace determines what people’s preferences will be. American, European and Japanese automakers all manufacture vehicles in China and all of them are popular, while some locals prefer local brands, but in many cases this is only because they are cheaper and that’s all they can afford. In this example, there are no restrictions – the market determines what’s popular and having been to, and resided in China, it’s clear to me that brands like VW and GM’s Buick are far more popular in China than their own Great Wall and BYD cars.

    In short, this is why your aforementioned example of Dr. Yanazigana was stonewalled. Had he been Chinese and/or published his work in China, then he may have been free to publish it there.

    Numerous studies on “controversial” scientific findings have been published in China where they would face difficulty securing publishing rights in the west. Part of the reason may be that China welcomes the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over the west, especially in areas where the west for whatever reason isn’t interested. Therefore, the Vitamin C example could certainly be very useful. If Chinese medical and scientific journals publish such studies because the west doesn’t want to, it means China is able to leverage this and can be the first to make intravenous Vitamin C a standard protocol in treating patients afflicted by certain pathogens. They could even patent the technology. More power to them…it’s always good to leverage an opportunity if one exists…in this case especially if it can be used to help people.

    That being said, there is censorship of certain topics like vaccines over in China too (mainly on it’s social media networks), but this is hardly surprising when they have just been deemed mandatory. However, it’s quite possible that it will continue to be possible to publish “inconvenient” truths about vaccines in Chinese medical and scientific journals, all the while the public is required to receive them. It’s not like many would be heading over to the libraries or the internet to find these studies. The vast majority just do what they’re told as we do in the west. Therefore, it may not be necessary to purge everything – all that is needed is that the masses comply with what they are being asked to do, which is not a difficult endeavor in China.

  9. To Jim, Janet, et al… . we are all agreed it seems on the spotty compliance in many places that defer to the USA [State Dpt as well as the Drug empires] but China has wangled a significant seat at that table with its role in WHO…. as well as some other ‘political’ points BUT THERE ARE STILL CRUCIAL POINTS to dispute or agree..

    1) even though all those forces were against IV-C ever getting adopted, THE AMERICAN TRAINED CHINESE MDs have opened a door to IV-C for pneumonia patients by establishing that FDA Clinical Trial… not just for them but for US here… so now supportive MDs here can use the protocol for whatever seems appropriate without risking their licenses…

    2) Trump defeated any imposition of the vulnerability of Americans by shutting down travel and ordering people home… now we watch to see WHICH DEEP STATE OFFICES UNDERMINE THAT BAN… already done and needs pursuing on whose orders the transport was done and how carefully [if done out of necessity]..

    3) Trump signed and supported the RIGHT TO TRY LAW which opens a second door to accessing the IV-C here… for PATIENTS to act, as well as MDs [functional medicine etc]

    4) the internet [even in China with its traditional medical reluctance to cave to drugs, has not acted to stop publishing] and the intense focus on the corona virus topics opens the door to awareness that your noted idea of nose-to-the-grindstone and do-what-you-are-told would otherwise have smothered….

    I still think this adds up to a breakthrough that could drag the pharma-empires down… ttyl and thanks for the insight into Chinese life at present.

  10. About China as a Big Pharma tool…

    China is SUPPOSEDLY under the thumb of the Chinese Communist Party. But when you stand back and look carefully it becomes obvious that it cannot stand by itself for Communism has no source of income to generate the cash it needs to operate on the world stage. Hence, the relationships with certain capitalist entities – those that can generate cash.

    In short China is a CONSTRUCT currently made up, and visibly controlled by, those controlling the cash. Big Pharma is the senior of those entities. In their role Big Pharma has formed Chinese companies to partner with – and crazy as it sounds most of those companies, my information points at, are divisions of Chinese government entities. Just think, worldwide Vaccine Manufacturers are partnering with the Chinese Navy helping them build aircraft carriers, and troop landing ships, all pointing themselves at America’s western States.

    Then note that those same US western states are part of the “Left Coast” American experience, where most of the children, starting about mid 1980s were over-vaccinated resulting in all kinds of problems not the least of which is the fact that the whole Millennial Generation is screwed up, and for the large part completely gender confused, making the US Military wonder where in the hell we are going to get future soldiers.

    Election 2020 has been all along “Big Pharma vs Trump.” My money is on Trump. There are NO pharmaceuticals in my investment portfolio. Trump bringing down China is the end for both China and Big Pharma.

  11. According to Del Bigtree’s latest report [yesterday] the vax researchers in China after the SARS scare, had developed a vax that looked promising in the early trials.. lots of antigens and no sign of adverse events [unknown period] BUT WHEN THEY CHALLENGED THE MICE with the real virus, the mice that were vaxxed [BUT NOT THE UNVAXXED] had total ballistic meltdown of their immune system, with seizures, and organ damage [THAT LOOKS LIKE THE PHONE-CAM VIDEOS COMING OUT OF CHINA SECRETLY]…
    The research ‘cautioned’ decision makers not to release the SARS vax to humans…. [an open invitation to WEAPON USE DEVELOPMENT]…
    Del then found articles saying that China did testing of a ‘risky’ SARS vax without identifying any connection.
    AND the timing of the appearance of the victims NOW coincides with the DEADLINE FOR ALL PEOPLE IN CHINA TO HAVE UPDATED VAXXES.

    Tim, Larry, do you suppose Trump knew? Del answers for the CDC and WHO.. would they reveal anything to Trump

    This segment starts about a bit more than half way through The HIGHWIRE show [when there’s about 50min left]… and unless FACEBOOK HAS WOKE TO THIS BOMBSHELL, it should be here.. ttyl

  12. MJR, I have absolutely no idea what Trump or anyone else knew. But in all this I think one major point has been overlooked. We don’t need a virus to explain flu, colds, fevers, 1918, outbreaks, panic in China, a death in a British hospital, toilet paper wars in Australia or anything else. There are perfectly good disease theories out there that do not depend on that which cannot be seen or ever proved or disproved through the current framework of medical science.

    And here’s the kicker: you don’t need a virus to kill millions of people. All you need to do is tell them there’s a virus, and that it’s on the loose. Then sit back and watch as they kill themselves and each other in the ensuing mayhem.

  13. It really doesn’t matter what the cause of the epidemic was, nor even that it covers up the extreme human damage of China’s rush to industrialization…


    The SARS terror from 2009 had a stunning boost to our side, when Aussie 60MINUTES did a feature story on the NZ farmer who had been at SARS DEATH DOOR and the doctors wanted to pull his life support [ECMO] plug BUT THE FAMILY USED THEIR LAWYER AND AN ORTHOMOLECULAR DOCTOR [Dr T.E. Levy] to SAVE THE GUY with IV-C…. IV-C even cured the guy’s discovered leukemia….

    That story rang people’s bells and the reverbs are now seeable in the RESPONSE THAT HAS EMERGED IN ASIA TO ADOPT VITAMIN C AS THEIR LIFE LINE…….

    1) The Clinical Trials were solidly attended to by many others and WHEN THE SUCCESSES BEGAN TO ACCUMULATE, the news was NOT SMOTHERED, and instead the govt authorities in a major province — SHANGHAI — have ‘recommended that ALL DOCTORS in their province SHOULD ADOPT THE IV-C PROTOCOL….

    2) Dr Andrew Saul [the stateside coordinator for the Orthomolecular teams] got his PRESS RELEASES TRANSLATED INTO KOREAN and within a couple days the ORTHOMOLECULAR REPORTS had A MILLION VIEWS from KOREA-SPEAKERS…..

    SO REALIZE that this TOTALLY THROWS THE NEED FOR VACCINES OUT THE WINDOW… BECAUSE at least the terrorizing death-door aspect of the INFECTIOUS DISEASES IS REMOVED….. so even the flu vax with its ‘new threat every year’ is history ONCE WE GET THE NEWS OF THE DEFEAT OF THE CORONA THREAT INTO PUBLIC AWARENESS….. FULLY…….


    And on the PREVENTION AND REDUCTION SIDE of the INFECTIOUS DISEASE THREAT scene, there emerged from the FB groups [as well as from the online messages from the Korean hospital adopting the trial] some OTHER THERAPEUTIC SIZE NATURAL MEDS being successful…

    1) the so-called D-HAMMER — A ONE-TIME DOSE of D3 that was about 100,000IUs for an adult… it was successfully done in FB groups ORALLY and at the KOREAN HOSPITAL STAFF [reducing any infection-caused downtime]
    2) the pH sensitivity of the respiratory viruses was used by many to disable the invading viruses to the point where their replication was slowed to no-big-deal for normal immune systems to crush the invaders
    3) even Dr Cheng published a case history of a family that had an elderly member with various disabilities already [diabetes and heart/stents] who was reluctant to do what the other family members were doing in HIGH-DOSE ORAL C [dynamically spread around the clock] and had struggled at home for 10DAYS of intense exposure to the virus eventually being hospitalized and saved by IV-C… yet the family members did not get the infection even though they were in close exposure for a lengthy time…. THE MAGIC DOSE-LEVEL WAS 20g/DAY…. which is unheard of in PHARMA-BRAINED MEDIA……

    SO…… who needs to fear the ordinary infectious diseases [which have a long history in research studies, even polio] of defeat by IV-C… AND who needs to fear the emerging influenzas etc when this Clinical Trial has defeated that as well… NO INCENTIVE WHATSOEVER TO GET VACCINES……

    NEVER AGAIN will vaccines have a hold on the INFORMED so let’s go INFORM the elected authorities and TELL THEM THE CDC’s HAND-WASHING IS SO LAST CENTURY,, rotfl..

    We and Trump want MODERNIZATION THAT IS BASED ON SOLID EVIDENCE from the discovery of the formula for C so that WE CAN MANUFACTURE IT…..

    C should be considered as vital to NATIONAL SECURITY AS OIL, etc…. ttyl

  14. MJ, as to vitamin C, in Australia you can buy injectable vitamin C from agricultural suppliers. It’s used for farm animals in case of bites by brown snakes etc. Anyone can buy it, since most horse owners would be a bit miffed if their million $ prize stallion got bitten 1000km from the nearest city and they had to wait for the vet to get there.

  15. interesting, do those horse owners have to be carrying a prescription authorization in order to buy the 1st injectable-C, with refill authority written in the prescription?

    We do a cat rescue [naturopathic/energy wellness type] and had to go to a compounding pharmacy in order to get a vial [or 4 iirc] and it had limits on keeping it safe — 45days if frozen, a week in fridge, and a day at room temp…. our issue was to avoid the PRESERVATIVES that are poisonous and so we were then to take the vials to the vet to be injected…….. we heard from a historian around here that he could do what you are saying is doable in Aussie land, back when he was a kid 60 years ago…

    Do you know if the injectible you have access to is preservative-free? It seemed like in the old days in humans’ doctors offices, the nurse could prep a vial for use right then, no preservative needed. But now it’s a pharmacy rigamarole license needed so our own veterinarian can not do it as needed for his own practice without a bunch of OSHA license rebuilding of ‘lab space’ to suit some bureaucrat.

    Talk to you later, as this idea of injectible C in the hands of animal owners is intriguing… see ya soon..

  16. MJR PhD, no prescription needed. I was in there one day, saw that stuff on the shelf, asked the guy if it was what it sounded like. Absolutely it is: OTC injectable vitamin C. And other vitamins too, they do an injectable ‘vitamin B’ as well. I could have bought a whole stash right there and then, quite openly, no questions asked. We’re talking a year ago. Probably contains a preservative as it wasn’t refrigerated, so, perhaps for emergencies and not a good choice for daily use. That said, the guy did say horse owners use it prophylactically.

  17. Thank you Larry, that is super intel.. i wonder if you would recall the BRAND name, because then we could possibly wonder if such a thing could be sold at Amazon, somewhere..

    i think there’s also a German version of this idea, so don’t worry if the brand name has faded away by now, With that possibility existing multiple places, we might find the name in google searches… and be able to find the identity of the preservative being used… and track that down next…

    In the research around veterinary use in high dose injectibles, the situation back then was showing that whatever they [unfriendly FDA undoubtedly] were putting in was complicating the success records of the original research where the doctors were mixing it themselves.

    Which ‘less desirable results than originals’ again seems to be happening in the MARIK’S cocktail [B1, C, hydrocortisone] results for sepsis survival because i talked yesterday to a hospital pharmacist who seemed to think he’d just mix some off-the-shelf and yet he thought the resulting cocktail wouldn’t be used after a few hours so he was figuring there was no preservative… not sure who’s more confused here.

    In any case he said that even the ordinary hospitals were NOT compounding pharmacy sites, but maybe the ‘teaching’ hospitals were.

    ttyl, and definitely post your intel on injectible vitamins around as access to injectible C would be an option to be aware of… ttys, much to find out…

  18. Thanks Larry, those are now on my list.. So far, i had only found the B-1000 injectible on amazon and it has a preservative but at a level that is not the worst so far… . which then led to cruising the syringes and needles… i’ve only done sub-q so far, and i’m looking at an article written by Owen Fonorow on emulating an IV with oral, which only works for about 15minutes of a 2 hour slow drip. Then it appears that the stomach needs to re-establish its status. But Owen doesn’t know how long that takes AND he was not ‘sick’ when he did the testing, and when you’re not sick the gut’s tolerance is way lower.. when you’re sick, the stomach keeps on trans-pumping the C into the blood stream.

    Now if only that NZ company would get their finger-prick meter to measure C in the blood up to market… it was supposed to be called the Feedback-C-meter, and was due for international sales they thought by 2019, then we could be more clever and confident in Owen’s tactics.

    So now it’s off to check out ebay and the reviews, since google can’t seem to find any new press releases on the Feedback-C-meter… ttyl

  19. Ok, a few tips: With B12, snorting works better than sub-lingual. And honestly, with Vit C I’ll take my chances with lipo. Much easier to work with and as far as potency goes it isn’t lacking. The only catch is you have to be conscious and have voluntary motor functions sufficiently intact.

    I’d also suggest that while intramuscular injectables might have their uses in the odd very rare emergency situation, outside of a hospital the risks of injections must not be ignored. I can easily imagine among the collateral damage we will see from this (manufactured) crisis is people getting badly injured and infected by needles, thinking they were doomed otherwise, and with all the attendant complications.

    People are not used to sickness these days, let alone handling it at home. They panic and take antibiotics and other even more unnecessary drugs, thinking they are about to die if they don’t, from problems our grandparents would have handled with a hot compress, some lemons and a few days in bed. They have no idea how low the body can appear to go, and for how long, and still bounce right back, because they haven’t seen it, let alone dared to navigate it themselves.

    Frankly, in acute illness, sometimes the best medicine is to just leave things well alone and let nature run its course. Much of the advice I give to my clients amounts to ‘be patient and don’t do anything stupid’.

    So, don’t be too quick to start sticking in needles, for the vast majority of cases it is very far from necessary, and you can do a lot of damage.

    Beyond that, if people really are in desperate straits – and nothing else can be done – try TRANSDERMAL!

    Yes, we have used topical vitamins before, and they do seem to work. In one case we did it to the point of sitting there in hospital painting home-made yellow war paint onto the patient for weeks. The case was so desperate and unlikely to rally, the staff didn’t bat an eyelid, and they were pretty broad-minded, to be fair. We joked to them that it was jaundice, and they just walked away. We had to stand in front of the urinary catheter whenever staff came around, so they didn’t see the muck that started leaving the body: we couldn’t afford another round of panic medication. When a fever finally appeared, we rejoiced, we knew this was turning the corner, but then our work was cut out defending against paracetamol-wielding panic-merchants.

    Much to their surprise (and our delight) the case turned the corner and they were discharged a few weeks later into community care. Unfortunately, community care now being a branch of agenda 21 was another battle all of its own, but that’s another story.

    Anyway, the topical vits is worth a try if all else is impossible and the oral route fails. You can buy some from the Ray Peat people, but honestly I take the rest of their philosophy with a big pinch of salt.

    We made ours up in various ways, mixing with water or ghee, or both, in various combinations. Don’t forget the minerals also. Certainly if the pee turns yellow you know something must be going in. Remember that it won’t make a bad problem worse.

  20. Just a brief addendum to that: there are some topical vitamin patches on the market. They are a complete RIP-OFF. Do not buy these products. In particular, the ones made by Patch MD are a fraud.

    If you are in any doubt, just look at what it says on the packet: 2000mg vitamin C per patch, 30 patches per pack. The whole pack weighs 9 grammes. No kidding. I repeat this is a bare faced fraud.

    When I contacted the manufacturers and the suppliers, they didn’t even deny the discrepancy, they gave me the most pseudoscientific BS explanations I have ever seen. One friend switched out his mother’s home-made topical vits for PatchMD, she went immediately downhill and was dead in a week. I saw the same spiral with the other case (mentioned above) and immediately withdrew their use.

    Avoid, avoid, avoid. If anyone from PatchMD is reading this, sue me, please. I would love to have this discussion in a court.

  21. How interesting a view ‘from down under’… yet we both resort to many of the same routes… Yes we do transdermal, sublingual and even intranasal… for ourselves as well as for the cats in the rescue work. Also nebulize the C as another way to deal with getting C into the blood stream as well as respiratory, and avoid the gut-tolerance figuring… we mess with proteolytic enzymes, CS, micro-currents, earthing, red660nmLED, and mildhbot, as well as the vitamins and minerals… however, here we were threatened with physical eviction if we ever showed up again with codliver oil for my son in the ICU, even though he’d turned the corner after we’d used it on his eyes, while in coma….. whereas at a hospital with similar name and nearby, they didn’t object that i put my neodymium magnet on the bandaged area of my surgery, but threatened me with the psycho visit if i persisted in wanting to end the antibiotics after the worst was over. They had never heard of ‘probiotics’ back in 2007…… Your adventure in hospital rescue is amazing, something i frequently wish i could do…. ttyl

  22. Well, be careful what you wish for. Those experiences are something life just threw at me, the choice was take bull by horns or let people I care about suffer without a voice. Besides, from what you say you’ve walked this walk as far as I have or further, and with a minor also, that must be a layer of complication beyond. I really hope and pray never to need to go there.

    But on my part this is not a huge number of cases – a select few friends and family who have wanted my help. But over the years it adds up to an awful lot of experience, and some lessons I really would have preferred not to have had to learn.

    And I really don’t enjoy it. Each time it has probably taken years off my life. Unfortunately my curse is that I just can’t leave it alone.

    My approach is to be there, and to throw around the phrase ‘informed consent’ a lot until they understand that what will get them into trouble the most is doing something we don’t like. If the patient dies of the disease, I will thank them for trying their best. If they die of the care, that’s what will make me angry. I don’t leave them alone in hospital and I don’t accept visitor status – I am a relative/next-of-kin and advocate. I did come very close once to taking up whistleblower status as a matter of ‘professional duty’. Letters were written. People changed roles. Yes, I would throw in my licence for the patient if that is what it takes. But it is extremely rare that I ever invoke my professional status, it is asking for complications.

    Another thing I do is keep records. Somebody goes into hospital, I get a big desk diary and start keeping notes. Get to know the routine and be sure to be there at critical times. Most important of all is to identify the decent staff in those institutions and leverage them all you can. Identify the clock-watchers, idiots and psychos and find ways to steer them away. They present THE major danger to the patient. When they show up, tell them everything is fine, never need their help. Critical times to be present are doctors’ rounds and nursing handover. Enlist other family as well, many hands make light(er) work. My wife is now an ace at this, even though she has no clinical training.

    And I don’t always get it right, far from it. In this sort of endeavour one is always armed for the last war one fought, not the present one.

    But wow, nebulising vits, that’s a nice one to have in the armoury. Nice to hear the cats are benefiting too!

  23. I find myself feeling like, there no hope for me being disable from a fire, where a republican, i was renting a winter home in the mountians, lied straight to my face, when i asked if the fireplace was safe and usable. yes, she said and it was even inspected. 21 days later i woke and within seconds was trapped breathing 600 degree toxic air, and catching on fire, my brave husband rescued me , started me breathing. I was saved, what a waste of a million dollars. now i find myself in danger with the hoax , thats killing imaginary people in the usa, hummmm. I feel like i should just dispose of myself and uncared for. Why dont you all just say how you feel, i mean you call feel it from comments made. i did not do this to myself. Yet feel judged and nothing but a burden to the system of MONEY and thats whats most important in life, as you have all taught me. Terrible feeling, i feel so alone . Thanks for not caring about human life.

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