China’s “Karma” and Karma’s Solution…

The CoronaVirus Scam Is/Was All About Trying To Implement Mandatory Vaccines For Everyone…

From Europe By Karma Singh

One of the laws of physics states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So when the jet engine on the aeroplane you’re riding pushes hot air backward, your ‘plane goes forwards. If you think about it a little, you will see this law at work in many aspects of your life, including walking.

What is much less clear, largely because it has been obscured by the major religions when they changed from channels of spiritual teachings to political organisations, is that this same law applied to human thoughts, emotions and actions.

The pharmaceutical cartel, as it took over the legacy of the church, obfuscated this even more and denies even the possibility that your thoughts can have effects upon your body and your life, claiming that consciousness is nothing more than a temporary aberration of your genes.

Modern science, especially Epigenetics and Quantum Biophysics, shows this to be completely untrue which is why conventional medicine is the only branch of “science” which utterly rejects modern knowledge and continues to be based upon a (this year) 333 year old disproven hypothesis. Accepting modern scientific knowledge would inevitably lead to the dissolution of the pharmaceutical industry.

Knowing this…

…the owners have successfully pushed for special laws prohibiting the use of present day scientific knowledge as this would deny them almost all of their customers. Cancer, for example, would no longer be viewed as a death sentence but as a minor aberration easy to correct. Most First World countries have such laws: In Germany and Norway, for example, it is a criminal act to even claim to know how to remove leukaemia as this “might give sufferers hope”. Why they are not to be allowed hope is not explained.

Many “emerging” countries have chosen to ignore their own ancient knowledge and have, instead, adopted the unscientific propaganda of the pharmaceutical industry because this teaches that the individual is powerless and furthers the ambitions of dictators.

Such a case is China.

Now we come back to the universal law stated in the first paragraph.

The human being is, essentially, a free spirit playfully travelling the road of discovery, learning and inventiveness. You may be able to contain and control a people for a while but you are sitting on a powder keg which will inevitably explode. In which way it will explode varies enormously – sometimes, as in 1917 Russia, it actually implodes.

In Europe, they have tried it with the European Union which uses manipulation and falsified information to mislead the people about how they are actually being exploited by the bankers and their “friends”. For a while it worked quite well but sufficiently large numbers of British people have reacted against it to cause two successive governments to fall and, just a few days ago, on the 31st January, to escape the bankers’ clutches. Inevitably, more of the European peoples will follow their lead.

Chinese military leaders have stated that their economic “freedom and expansion” has been nothing more than a tool planned to finance military growth. They have, further, stated that the only obstacle to massive territorial expansion is the USA and, to annul this threat, they have been working very hard on creating germ-warfare weapons to kill most of the American population.

Now, we return once again to the universal law in the first paragraph.

An intent to murder hundreds of millions of people carried out in detailed actions to manufacture weapons to do so brings, inevitably, an equal and opposite reaction. The plan to kill millions of people to create more “living space” for the Chinese inevitably returns to the progenitor. The Chinese military plan is causing China to implode.

What has actually happened?

The dictators have an adopted belief that germ warfare will actually function. For some, as yet unknown reason, the fact that it has always failed has not entered their consciousness. There are very good, scientific reasons why it always fails but you have to apply modern science instead of ancient disproven myths to learn why.

The simple truth is that sickness NEVER comes from outside…

…but is always an internal process. To make lots of people ill you have to get them to internalise the sickness either by getting them to believe in its omnipotence or by physically injecting it into them. This, incidentally, is why the sole effect of vaccination is to spread disease. Further, this explains why there has never, ever, been a disease which has naturally killed large proportions of a population.

The postulate of infectious disease is nonsense based upon a 333 year old nonsensical hypothesis and the greed of two charletans named Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch.

What the Chinese government has done is to believe their own nonsense and to go into panic mode virtually shutting down the Chinese economy. This is their own, self-created “Karma”.

Karma means, literally, “action”. For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Remember?

So, what can you do?

Well, the first thing is to stop believing nonsense. I’ve written several books which will help you to do so. Very much more is, however, possible:

Over the next few months I will be leading several seminars which not only teach how to access many of your “hidden” powers but will also, with practical exercises, get you to use them within minutes. Amongst these hidden powers is the natural ability to take up the energy of any attack upon you and to use that energy to throw it back to its source. It does not matter whether the attacker is a maniac with a knife, an ill-educated lackey with a syringe, an aeroplane spraying toxic chemicals upon the Earth, deliberate electronic pollution (5G) or propaganda to get you to believe that a tiny fragment of protein has the power to eliminate you. Each is an attack upon you and you have not only the right but also the ability to effortlessly throw it back – you just need to know how.

Each participant will be asked to pass this knowledge on to all friends and family willing to listen and to try: You don’t need to preach; they will ask you how come you have become so much more erect, intelligent and wealthier and then you just need to show them how.

At the moment there are four seminars planned and three dates still open. One of the planned dates is in English. At this time, I cannot undertake to offer these seminars outside Europe. Further details and registration for the seminar in Studland on Englands South coast are here:

Blessed be
Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

4 thoughts on “China’s “Karma” and Karma’s Solution…”

  1. Hallelujah!!!

    I think it is worth repeating:


    Here is a story. When I first learnt that the mind was key and germs were not the cause of disease I had one burning question. It wasn’t vaccines (I could see their “success” was just a self-fulfilling prophecy) and it wasn’t antibiotics as I could see antibiotics just masked symptoms.

    My one burning question was myxomatosis. How did biological warfare work with rabbits if the issue was the mind?

    So I did something no doctor has ever done – checked the actual story of what happened (with some prompting).

    Turns out that myxomatosis was like “Invisible Boy” in the movie Mystery Men. The joke in the movie was that the boy was only invisible if nobody was looking. It was the same with myxomatosis. The “virus” only ever killed rabbits that were already dead.

    Rabbits breed like – well, rabbits. Their populations can easily explode in a single generation if the climate conditions are favorable. The flip side of course is that rabbits die easily in unfavorable conditions. This means that their populations fluctuate wildly from one year to the next.

    So whether or not myxomatosis “works” is purely dependent on whether you introduce the virus at a peak in their population or a trough. When they had field trials of the virus in Australia, it was an abject failure. However, rabbit populations in the wild eventually peaked so they claimed that the virus “escaped” and was the cause of the population decline that would have happened anyway (this was exacerbated because there was a concurrent rabbit poisoning regime).

    Of course, rabbit populations peak *and* trough. And trough they did a few years later and the population started to grow again. So what did the scientists say?

    Well they said “the rabbits must be immune now to the virus”.

    Amazing. Our kids are all supposed to be vaccinated for measles despite thousands of generations of human exposure to this “virus” but in just a handful of generations of rabbits, they were practically all naturally immune to myxomatosis.

    So it is clear that the myxomatosis story is a lie. The field trials didn’t work (they began in the late 1930s and the deaths didn’t occur until 1950).

    It should also be noted that estimating rabbit populations is only slightly more of an exact science than virology is. Reports of “90 per cent die offs” no doubt reflect wishful thinking vastly more than they do reliable sampling or census data.

  2. Good write up Karma. Just for clarification – when you say creating “more living space for Chinese” you do mean, the Chinese leadership is killing their own citizens, right? Because that’s exactly what I believe they are doing. If they were trying to kill foreigners, they wouldn’t be locking down their own cities and allow mass evacuations of foreigners. Besides, with 1.4 billion people, the world’s most populous country is an obvious target for those who want to cull the population a little.

    This whole virus saga seems like a form of economic warfare against China and it’s expansionist ambitions (particularly, with regards to slowing the expansion of the “Belt and Road” initiative) but at it’s core, it’s a depopulation exercise engineered by the true rulers of Communist China, the ones lurking in the shadows.

    Anyone who has a slightly elevated temperature becomes a criminal, while the “hospital” set up in 6 days is a prison camp where slightly or moderately sick patients become deathly sick after being given some sort of “injections” (this is mentioned by the BBC).

    The other aspect is that since Dec 1, 2019, vaccinations are mandatory for all Chinese citizens. At first it was unclear to me whether this applied only to children, but it’s now quite likely that all Chinese citizens, including adults, must submit to whatever the government says they need to inject into their bodies. No wonder so many people are dying from various ailments. Throw in some of the world’s most toxic air pollution and bam – a recipe for disaster.

    Come the “virus” and the perfect cover story for all these deaths ensues. Even better, lock ’em down and do whatever you want, out of earshot and away from the prying eyes of foreigners, most of whom have been evacuated from Wuhan, which is probably something China basically wanted so “nosey” foreigners don’t start broadcasting what they are seeing to the outside world.

  3. It’s a bit risky predicting a coronavirus vaccine, but there’s already a pattern of overhyped outbreaks followed by mandatory vaccination. I doubt if I can resolve the issue of mandatory vaccination in one comment, but I would like to make the following point: vaccines that are mandatory and liability-free are especially insidious. There has never been a vaccine that needed exemption from tort-liability that did not do more harm than good.

  4. Pro-vaxxers argue that it is generally wrong to harm others, then order physicians to kill and injure children with vaccines. I think the alleged harm the unvaccinated inflict on the immunocompromised is far less than the vaccine holocaust. Pro-vaxxers have put more energy into hiding the data than into making a quantitative comparison

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