Why Coronavirus?

From Europe By Karma Singh

Firstly, there are three things that we need to bear in mind when reviewing this:

1) The symptoms are indistinguishable from normal ‘flu or a heavy cold and, just as with these two, well-known detoxification processes, most recover fully within a few days and are cleaner, healthier and slightly younger. See “The ‘Flu Fairy Tale” for a very detailed explanation of this.

2) The present “death toll” as of Monday 10th February is reported to be 1016 in the entire Chinese territory and none elsewhere. When we bear in mind that the death rate from ‘flu in China for 2017 was just over 68,000 (later figures not available) and we’re now at the height of the annual ‘flu season, this number can only be viewed as very encouragingly small since the first cases of this “novel” ‘flu were recorded in mid-December last year.

This said, however, it now appears that the deaths reported were from pneumonia…

…which has no specific pathological cause and, from our experiences here in Europe, is an effect of extreme air pollution. When we cleaned our air, pneumonia largely disappeared. China and especially Wuhan, has purportedly the highest level of industrial air pollution on the planet. Here is also – purely co-incidentally, of course – where most of the deaths have taken place.

3) Influenza is NOT an illness but a natural detoxification process. It is a natural cleaning of your body’s cells, over a 2 – 5 day period, from the emotion “fear”. This is why you always feel lighter, freer and look younger following the ‘flu.

Following my initial article on this topic, I recorded this first video giving the needful information not published by the Main Stream (i.e. cartel owned) Press.

A few days later, I recorded Part 2 which you can see here:

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Now, it is obvious that, in order to spread ‘flu…

…you don’t need a mythical virus but you do need a lot of fear. This is, of course, well-known to the pharmaceutical manufacturers who are – totally coincidentally, of course – the major owners of the Main Stream Press.

Their biggest source of income at present is the sale of vaccines, a very large proportion of which are produced for them in China with neither quality control nor safety checks. As I make clear in the first video, they have had over 100 years’ practise in propagandising fake epidemics in order to sell totally useless vaccines. This is just another one.

You may remember these:-

196? Chinese ‘flu
1976 Swine ‘flu
2002 SARS ‘flu
2008 Bird ‘flu
2009 Swine ‘flu (again)
2020 Coronavirus ‘flu

I may have missed a couple between times.

You will note, however, two things:-

1) None of them actually happened

2) They are all re-labelled ‘flu! There’s a very good reason for this: Influenza is a very common detoxification process throughout humanity. It is extremely good business for the pharma-cartel selling their quack nostra to “prevent” flu (which usually has the effect of triggering ‘flu).

Each “‘flu season” (so it is claimed) is “caused” by a different (non-existent) virus.

Many, many thousands of the elderly and infirm die of it as they no longer have the physical strength to complete the process.

It, therefore, becomes a very simple matter to rename some of this year’s ‘flu deaths as something else and use the pharma-owned press propaganda machine to create a world panic and a market for more useless “vaccines”.

“But there is no Coronavirus vaccine” I hear you say.

Don’t worry – according to reports, they’ve been working on it for the last two years and now they just need to create the market for it. THAT is what this entire kerfuffle is really about!

This Coronavirus piece of theatre was rehearsed in great detail last year in a carefully pre-planned international offensive aimed at eliminating access to needed information and creating an “Orwellian” “Ministry of Truth” lead by Google, Facebook and Twitter. Watch this short video from Spiro for further details:-

In the New Moon Seminars which I am teaching this year there are three extremely useful tools with which you will:-

a) Immediately know whether something you’re told is true or not
b) Remove the fear programming with which they seek to ensnare you – it will also greatly strengthen your lungs!
c) Take up the energy behind this attack upon humanity (for that is what it is) and to send it straight back so that it is they who will fall over and not you. (This works for any sort of attack and most find it very easy to use once the simple principle has been grasped.)
I can only offer these seminars in Europe. At present there are just three possible dates which are still open:-
23rd & 24th May
30th & 31st May
20th & 21st June

Provisionally, the 30th & 31st May has been planned for Studland on the South coast of England, near Bournemouth. Maximum capacity is probably 42. Bearing in mind that all participants will be requested to pass on this knowledge to as many as possible, there is time to plan for some participants from N. America; maybe each self-development group could finance one member to learn these abilities and then teach them to the rest.

All other dates are already reserved and take place in Germany, Austria & Switzerland in the German language.

If you want to organise further seminars in English, find a suitable location (details on the webpage), check availability and let me know.


My first coronavirus article on the Bolen Report had the result that the printed copies of “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” have sold out.

A fresh order has been placed at the printers last week and I expect them back in stock on the 17th Feb.. In the meantime, if you purchase the printed book, you will automatically be sent the e-book version straight away and the printed book will follow in the post as soon as they arrive from the printers.


In conclusion, the most potent health advice that I can offer is – keep smiling! There is no putative virus that can get through a smile.

Blessed be

Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

12 thoughts on “Why Coronavirus?”

  1. You’re right to describe coronavirus as theater. I mean, China passes a large mandatory vaccine law in June 2019: https://www.loc.gov/law/foreign-news/article/china-vaccine-law-passed/

    And then Pharma waits a little bit (just so it’s not TOO obvious) and the mainstream news starts telling everyone in the world they could get infected with CovId19 because of the lack of a vaccine.

    Sounds like its not just the Chinese people that are getting played like a mandolin.

    What is the likelihood that this ‘coronavirus’ will naturally diminish in both incidence and harm according to the ‘experts’, at which point Pharma releases their new vaccine and claims success once again for reducing incidence and harm? Same playbook, different virus name. In other words, so long as Pharma controls the narrative, they win. In order for us to take back the narrative, we need to demand real science and real proof. And that begins with demanding real time scientific and government transparency in our system of checks and balances.

  2. Most “flu” isnt even influenza virus. There are many viruses including the hundreds of corona viruses that cause “flu”-like symptoms.

  3. I totally agree, but there is a problem. China is closing its ports and largely stopping any kind of movement of goods and people. This will totally ruin its economy. China of course knows that it’s all a hoax. So why would they do this? Considering other things that have recently happened there (e.g. the social credit and facial recognition cameras) I feel like the Chinese government want to go back to full communism and full government control.

    That’s just a theory. But there are definitely multiple layers to this story. It’s not just about selling vaccines.

  4. 2019: massive 5G pilot scheme activated in Wuhan Province, China.

    2020: people suddenly start getting sick and dying in huge numbers of a brand new disease that explodes onto the scene in Wuhan Province, China.

    Just sayin’…

  5. Just an observation, Karma: many old and infirm die of flu, not because they haven’t the vitality to complete the process, but because the whole thing gets grossly mismanaged by hospitals and care homes.

    I have seen people admitted with severe influenza and pneumonia, for instance, then immediately refused water for two days because they are an emergency, and that means ‘nil by mouth’ (a bizarre and barbaric policy anyway, that has no evidence base to support it). Others fed fish and chips in the midst of a fever to ‘keep their strength up’. Almost all given antipyretics, which should be actionable, frankly.

    And of course, what they have is often these days not an actual seasonal healing crisis but a reaction to toxic provocation of the immune system.

    Generally speaking, if people don’t have the vital reserves to complete the process, they don’t start it in the first place: the human body tends not to self destruct.

    We used to rejoice whenever my mother got a fever each year. It meant she would probably last another year! That was until she was admitted to a nursing home, and then every single event that took place got attacked with antibiotics, antipyretics etc behind our backs.

  6. Governments and media write the narrative but they don’t get to choose how it is interpreted.

    That is the first part of understanding this situation.

    Governments and media have an enormous propaganda apparatus with the objective of making people petrified. The most effective way of doing this is with the fear of contagious diseases.

    But it can be a double edged sword.

    The “dissidents” in China hate their government but are still frightened of contagious disease. So you have all these whistleblowers coming out and saying the situation is “much worse than the Chinese government is letting on”. It’s true that the government doesn’t like these whistleblowers but it doesn’t change the fact that these whistleblowers are completely brainwashed.

    So people – whose fear in contagious disease has been carefully inculcated by the government – are now angry at that same government for not doing enough to protect them from these dastardly contagious diseases.

    Of course, the situation is even more complex than this because the individuals within the media and government themselves believe in contagious disease.

    So there is no “top-down” plan here. That is why in my previous comment I explained step-by-step how these so-called pandemics occur which everybody needs to understand. There is no carefully planned conspiracy. There are only two steps that aren’t trivial (ie self-reinforcing). Here they are again.

    1. Bunch of people die with similar (and often very mundane) symptoms – this is trivial (ie happens all the time).

    2. A group of doctors (for whatever reason and it will be a different reason in each situation) blame the deaths on a “novel” condition and the doctors are believed by the community. This step is not trivial (most of the time, deaths of people will *not* be blamed on a novel condition) and is the key ingredient here.

    3. The community becomes scared of the “novel” condition – so do the doctors of course. Because all the initial deaths in Step 1 have been blamed on a “novel” condition it appears as though the death rate for the disease is extremely high. This extremely high expected death rate gives the doctors justification to employ extreme measures to “save” people they suspect of having the germ. More people die of these extreme measures. More people get scared of this “novel” condition. More people run to their doctors, more people get toxic treatments, more people die and so on. This step is trivial – once step 2 happens then it is highly likely Step 3 will occur.
    The next question becomes – how does humanity survive these so-called pandemics if there is a self-reinforcing loop as Step 3 entails?

    Well there needs to be a circuit-breaker – a new variable (a discontinuity). So this next step is non-trivial and is the determinant of how severe the “pandemic” gets.

    4. A small but significant proportion of doctors and/or the populous most affected by the “pandemic” start to suspect that it is actually the medical treatments that are the most dangerous part of the “pandemic”. People start avoiding these treatments and/or doctors employ safer treatments instead.

    5. The apparent death rate of the “novel” disease falls drastically as the extreme measures are reduced. This again is a self-reinforcing loop in the other direction – as the less extreme measures (eg Vitamin C) have lower death rates, they get hailed as miracle cures and people abandon the toxic treatments for the less (non) toxic ones. The death rate falls to just about zero and the panic stops. Obviously this is a trivial step. Once 4 has happened (to a reasonable extent in the pandemic affected community) then step 5 will occur.

    Unfortunately, the next step also occurs (it doesn’t have to, it just always has).

    6. People (particularly those not directly affected by the “pandemic”) don’t put 2 and 2 together. They believe that the end of the “pandemic” occurred because doctors got even smarter and better at quarantining and treating people and that the rest of the community developed “immunity” or that the virus mutated into a harmless form* etc. So they still remain vulnerable to the propaganda the next time Step 1 occurs.

    *Obviously the explanations of community immunity or viral mutation make no sense. For the former, that would have required all those people to get sick from the “novel” disease first (which of course didn’t happen). For the latter, this would entail trillions and trillions of this virus to mutate simultaneously (which of course couldn’t happen).

  7. Spot on, Karma. I wrote at length about these loops in 2009 over Swines Flew (the clue in the name). What I didn’t twig but that you’ve highlighted there is the process by which some kind of equilibrium will arise, whereby a disease will always seemingly be with us but always under control.

    AIDS is the classic example. We accept the less deadly kind of AIDS we have now because, well, we are ok with the reliability of the tests and the effectiveness and safety of the drugs, and the fact that it only ever happens to other people, and you can still live a relatively normal life, right?

    If you’re lucky enough to have breast cancer now you can even monetise your survival story! It’s a business for the sufferer as well as for the services offered to them. And since it has such a huge rate of overdiagnosis, it isn’t such a risk to get it any more. I tell, you, breast cancer aint never going away until they actually ban it.

    If people knew what a false AIDS diagnosis could do to them, and how easily it can happen, they would demand Robert Gallo’s head on a spike. What they first need to realise is that MOST HIV cases are probably false positives, and there is no way to check!

    Florence Nightingale said ‘there are no diseases, only disease conditions’. She didn’t need microscopes, blood tests etc to know this, just a clear vision.

    What defies expectations is that the boy who cried wolf gets believed again and again and again. In fact, far from the village getting immune to his false alarms, they become trained by them into flicking the fear switch more and more easily.

  8. Rixta,
    what I can imagine is that the Chinese model for future development depends on killing off the weak and elderly. Their one-child policy failed because eugenics at birth-age guts the population of the strong and eventually leads to an elderly population and decimation of the working population. What they really want is the opposite.

    Then there is the quite likely possibility this is kakistocracy in action – rule by those least qualified. In other words, cock-up, not conspiracy. Put stupid people in the driver’s seat and wait for the crash.

    At the outer reaches, of course, there is the idea of a ‘reset’ coming. This we should fear the most – if it is true (big if) – because it essentially means this is the start of a global plan to de-populate the world. Some of us think something of that nature is quite likely sooner or later – part of the technocratic dream to make fully manageable Utopia on earth depends on certain conditions, one of which is manageable numbers of people. Pure evil, but make no mistake there are those working on this project right now. Other resets may have (MAY have) occurred in the past, followed by repopulation of empty cities with huge numbers of orphan children, and a re-writing of history to cover the events. Surprisingly, the more one looks into this, the less bizarre this idea seems.

    Interestingly, China has these huge fully-built cities, capable of housing millions upon millions of people – that are standing completely empty.

  9. Although Rtp has made some very cogent points, something else is becoming much more evident.

    Firstly, the number of cases is nowhere near the numbers required to earn the appellation “epidemic”. More than THREE HUNDRED TIMES as many cases would be needed to justify this label.

    The minimum epidemic level is one per cent of the population. The last time that I looked, the actual level was 0.00365%!

    On the basis of this, China has stopped almost all shipping.

    Many industries are dependent upon parts supplied from China. This, combined with “just in time” logistics, means that, very quickly, some major employers will run out of parts and have to temporarily cease manufacture.

    Could this whole thing be an opportunity for the Chinese communist party to clamp down on dissidents – which is what those prison-like “emergency hospitals” to cope with a very slight increase (if at all) in the numbers of people falling ill are built for – together with a concerted attack upon the Western economy assisted by certain interests in the West, such as banking and pharmaceuticals, to create an economic downturn to influence the US presidential election?

    At the moment this seems, to me, to be the highest probability.

    Once recognised, however, it is relatively easy to overcome and I would ask those having the necessary contacts to bring this possibility to President Trump’s attention.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  10. I should have said that for step one, when I referred to the symptoms typically being mundane – that is actually quite important. If the symptoms are weird (eg hemorrhaging in ebola patients) then the “pandemic” is self-limiting because very few people – even with lots of toxic medical treatments – will succumb to such symptoms.

    Of course, some doctors will start to blame more mundane symptoms on the “novel” virus (which is what started to happen with the ebola and polio “epidemics”) but given most doctors perceived ebola to be about hemorrhaging and polio to be about paralysis, it was hard to get the average doctor to panic about ebola/polio virus whenever they saw a patient with a cough.

    Step 1 and 2 thus, tend to be more likely to occur if the initial symptoms are mundane and ubiquitous. That typically means either respiratory disease or rashes because these are ubiquitous.

  11. Excellent article and fantastic responses, especially by Rtp. I agree with Karma, that certainly these “hospitals” are about containing the activities of dissidents and most likely, injecting them with unknown things (this was recently mentioned in a BBC article regarding the treatments given to “Corona virus” patients). Also, given China’s new vaccine law that appears to apply to ALL citizens (not just children), informed consent no longer exists (if it ever did) since the government can legally give these injections even if it’s an experimental vaccine not yet on the market.

    However, what has not been mentioned here is Jon Rappoport’s hypothesis, which is that “corona virus” is simply a cover story to explain pneumonia caused by toxic air pollution. In the panic of an “epidemic” all sorts of people with similar symptoms have been called “corona virus” cases.

    I also have to suspect what’s going on in other countries – particularly South Korea, Japan, Iran and now also Italy. Aside from China, three countries – first Vietnam, then Iran and now Italy, have declared quarantines or lock downs on specific villages or townships. Is this a prepping strategy to eventually lock down the entire world? All that is being used to justify this is some people who have an elevated temperature, a flu, pneumonia or similar conditions, all being blamed on “corona virus” with most of these people never having been to China.

    It’s hard to know where this is all headed, but it certainly looks as though it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And I’m not talking about this probably mythical “virus”. I’m talking about the economic damage that has already occurred, the continuing and expanding flight bans, travel bans, flight reductions/suspensions, quarantines, lock downs etc. Some countries like Israel have now banned anyone who’s been to Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Singapore from entering the country. Kuwait is stopping flights to Iran. Borders are being sealed – what started with Mongolia sealing their border with China shut, then expanded to countries and airlines suspending flights and is now threatening to encircle the world. Perhaps in a couple of weeks ALL countries will close their borders completely? Over a non-specific flu or pneumonia, caused in all likelihood, by toxic air pollution, which is non-contagious anyway?

    Whatever feelings one may have towards another country or government, this kind of response is insane and unprecedented in world history. Nothing good can come out of this.

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