Is Trump Going to Be Able to Save “Weather-Controlled” California From the liberal Democrats?

California Is Teetering On the Edge of Political and Economic Collapse…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

The desperation in liberal Democrat leaders’ eyes, and actions, across the nation is awe inspiring.  The Democrats have lost over a thousand State and Federal elected seats, nationwide, in the last few elections. Their Press Conferences are telling.

Americans are delivering a hard message.  But the liberal Democrats are NOT listening YET.  Much more needs to be done.

In California it is even worse…

Nancy Pelosi – out of power in Washington

On February 7th, 2017, Nancy Pelosi, US Congresswoman from California, was SO upset in a Press Conference  she kept referring to our current President as “Bush,” not Trump.

Maxine Waters, also from California, looked like she was on the edge of a heart attack in the same group.

It is FINALLY beginning to sink in to the Globalist/Elitist mind that there is a new sheriff in town, his name is Donald Trump, and he has 350 million Deputies – the people of America.

California, as I have mentioned before, is/was trying to become a microcosm of what the United States would have been under an “Empress” Hillary regime.

But reality looms.

The Trump Populists are beginning to eye Sacramento – and they are not coming to town to talk about how many genders there are…

There’s a whole menu of things.

Did I Say Weather controlled?

Yup.  We’ll start with that…

One of the OBVIOUS things the liberal Democrats have been doing in California is weather control.  California, prior to the election of Donald Trump as President had the worst continuous drought in its history.  This year, after the November election, the rains came in amounts like years of old.

Why are the California Dems controlling the weather in California?

The most obvious reason, of course, was the raw destruction of small farmers in the Central Valley.  California provides, or DID provide, before the fake droughts, about 40% of produce consumed in the US.  My guess is that major Democratic Party BIG-money campaign donors wanted to buy that land at ten cents on the dollar.  During the fake drought years farmers below Sacramento have been forced to operate on only 5% of the water they needed.

Also, this is the State where the “fake climate change” adherents are based.  In order to convince the population that the climate is changing for the worse they have to make it appear that the Earth, itself,  is becoming hotter.  Not hard to do when you can change weather patterns by spraying crap out of airplanes.

Dane Wigington –

How exactly do you control the weather?  The easy way to do that is with weather control techniques, or as Dane Wigington says – Geoengineering:

Geoengineering is the artificial modification of Earths climate systems through two primary ideologies, Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR).”

But, Did Trump Just Stop It?  It’s Raining in California…

Even Water Districts in Southern California are declaring an end to this year’s drought.  Could we be returning to NORMAL weather patterns?    Could our forests and mountains be getting adequate snowfall?

Could the destructive Agenda 21 “fake environmentalists” be on the run?  I certainly hope so.

The Democratic Party is On It’s Ass Nationwide…

And it should be.  They’ve taken CORRUPTION to a new level.  California is one of the best examples of ultra-liberal SCORN for humanity.

The 2016 presidential election campaign brought out REAL issues for Americans to look at and make voting decisions.  The Democrats THOUGHT that their having control of the leftist media was going to get their sleaze-woman, Hillary Clinton, in the presidency.  But the Trump people showed the world what it meant when the surveys showed that only 6% of the US population believed what they saw on TV.

Did Trump Actually Win the Popular Vote in California?

Probably – if you count JUST those who voted legally.  As everyone knows, the Democrats COUNTED on winning the popular vote by rigged elections.

It is NOT hard to get votes in a ballot box when all you have to have is a few volunteers filling out “Absentee Ballots” for 20 million dead people.  The Democrats have given new meaning to the term “Absentee Ballot.”

Then too, it is really handy, in California, to be able to get more votes for your Democratic Party candidate in the ballot box then are actually registered in that District.  Good trick.

But Trump, that rascal, is ordering an investigation of California’s ballot system – GOOD.  My guess is that it will take a few years, and there will be a lot of screaming, but the 75% super-majority in the California legislature will get whitteled down proportionately once ONLY real, alive, US citizen voters are counted.

California is going to go through some rocky years while the Populists wrench back control for the people…

As we all watched in Berkeley recently, the Democrats brought in 150 ski-masked thugs wielding pepper spray, bear spray, steel rods, to smash Trump supporters who paid to see, and hear Republican Gay, Catholic, White activist Milo Yiannopoulos on campus.  The Mayor of Berkeley had the the police stand by and watch the Republican Gay community beaten.  They had to cancel the event.

But, hey, Democrats are Democrats, right?   – what else would you expect?

However, Milo is planning on returning.  Is Trump, to protect Free Speech, going to have to nationalize the California National Guard, and have them surround Berkeley City Hall?  So be it.

The NEXT TIME, I think, it would be a good idea to let the Democrats bring in their violent thugs, let them destroy stuff for an hour or two, while filming them, quietly close the trap, load all of them onto prison-type busses, get them in front of a Judge quickly, arraign them, and ship them down to the border (those that are US citizens), chain their ankles together, and let them do weed clean-up around the new “Wall,” while they await trial.

Instead of bear spray, or pepper spray,  they could get used to bug spray.

I Think It Obvious That America Has Suffered Enough From “Entitled” Liberal Democrats…

California, I think, is going to be the “fake environmentalist’s” last stand.  We need the craziness to stop.

The first thing we need to do is ask Trump to start cutting ALL Federal funding to California.  Every agency in California should have to justify what they want the money for.  And they SHOULD NOT get the money for any year until they explain EVERYTHING to public satisfaction.

We DO NOT WANT to be sprayed with chemicals any more…

And we want the real California back right now.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

9 thoughts on “Is Trump Going to Be Able to Save “Weather-Controlled” California From the liberal Democrats?”

  1. Excellent report Tim. I’m in San Diego, and although we have received much rain, the enormous amount of chemtrails continue to be sprayed, especially 1-3 days prior to rain; so my personal guess is that while Trump is aware of this poisoning, he is yet to stop it, and the rain was simply mother nature pouring despite the coal fly ash and components being sprayed.

    Let’s hope that once Trump’s focus goes to the Paris treaty/Agenda 2030 he will then address stopping chemtrailing, but he has to be very careful: an open declaration of what the US government has been doing worlwide with weather modification and the substances being used may put the US in jeopardy of million/billion dolar lawsuits for such unauthorized and detrimantal toxic geoengineering. Let’s see how he handles it.

    Keep up the good work. Best wishes, RB

  2. Hmmm… if the previous report-comment about the continued chemtrailing while rain was now the result.. perhaps the real answer to the question of what’s going on is that the elite can see that the only way to take the USofA down is to ramp up a civil war with CA as a key player, now needed to supply the food for the insurgent crazies…… think about the rest of the picture of threatening civil unrest… red-state vs blue state civil war… so change the trashy chemtrails to produce abundance to supply only one side of the civil war… can Trump deal with all of these facets of the EmpressHillary planned NWO in just his 100 day target to get things under way in the right direction?? Time and our diligence will tell….. ttyl and great stirring article to keep the monitoring of the crazies going… Pelosi was unreal…..

  3. The geoengineering with ground & ocean based generators creating rising towers of artificial clouds that break off & are floated overhead in the opposite direction of weather fronts and the planes spraying white lines that can be made to spread into a giant magnifying lens that scorches us and all plant life with the UVB now getting through to us is both a destroyer of independent food production & an efficient genocide program. Twenty minutes of sun looks like a 5 hour sun burn.
    Once scorched, a plant’s ability to photosynthesize is stopped and so is its ability to create oxygen. The chemicals falling out of the artificial cloud like articles in the sky are slowly poisoning the soil and air and every thing or being that depends on both.

    The only way a person or group could rule all the people and use people for experiments like turning us into half robots or forcing us to fight each other to the death for entertainment is to reduce the world population to a level people would not be able to join together and overcome these cruel rulers. The mass poisoning of all food, all water (current fracking does not need to explode every known poison underground while ignoring use of correct amounts of cement to prevent contaminating water nearby or to be cheap & remove to reuse pipes as frackers are doing without any oversight in Los Angeles County), vaccines, medications & the air is genocide.

    Network news is not covering any of this. Network cartoons have lines drawn into the sky without indicating these are tools to poison & block sun needed by plants, people & all life forms. Text books on weather created new cloud charts depicting artificial clouds as natural.

    Abnormal weather created by interfering with HAARP, radar & other EMF generating transmitters is also not disclosed.

    I have contacted many elected officials. California Senator Diane Feinstein’s response sent in an email was “those are clouds that form in lines.”

    I understand that people who spend most of their time indoors, do not notice the poisoning of the sky with chemicals & technology that look like cloud cover & movement. I look forward to a less poisoning future for the future generations. I am confident in people who know how good it is to communicate directly with one another as opposed to being kept from reality by too much individual electronic engagement. A more informed health care industry is also part of a healthier future not controlled by the greedy few.

  4. I’m not sure Trump or anyone is stopping the chemtrails. I’m in Ventura County, just north of LA & they have still been spaying like crazy for months. They ramp up their efforts every-time there is rain in the forecast. I’m actually surprised that we have gotten so much rain in the last two months.

  5. Absolutely wonderful Tim, to see you reference geoengineering/atmospheric modification and to see a pic of Dane on this site. If one goes to they will see that Dane is also a great information crusader not only exposing the crimes occurring in our atmosphere but also those criminal assaults being injected in our own bodies (Vaxxed).
    People ARE linking up and waking up, the kept press no matter how much they still chant their ‘conspiracy theory/tin foil hat’ rhetoric it’s quickly losing it’s ability to mislead We The People.
    What’s happening in California and off the West Coast with the seeding for rain diversion is CRIMINAL. But just another day in the life of psychopathic people who can NEVER NEVER get enough control over others (and their resources). Never.

    No freedom loving citizen can ever rest until these barbarians are beaten back with a proverbial ball bat. Let’s pray that’s soon and that Trump has some power/control at the CEO level to push back against his ‘board of directors’.

  6. I have been meticulously watching the sky in Central Cal since the inauguration. Although there are many lines from airplanes, they do not behave like Chemtrails. They don’t flare out much, dissolve fairly quickly, and their persistence in the sky is congruent with the surrounding airplane-air temperature pattern. That is to say, they are not created following the shape of a regular checkerboard grid, or persist near-to consistently, as before.
    We’ve also been having vast amounts of rain, and winter is definitely over.

  7. So sad, are there NO men of principle who are working with the sun reflecting metals and etc., who will refuse to put the chemicals into the planes? Are they harming our country for a higher salary? They could strike, and refuse to work…

  8. Where have several posts gone that were here yesterday? Mine was never put on this page.

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