Trump Continues Rain In California, Cancelling “Fake Drought.” – Liberal Democrats Running Scared…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

There is no question that the liberal Democrats were planning the outright destruction of California’s agriculture base in a manner similar to what they did to America’s factories, and to young Americans with the US Student Loan Program. Agenda 21 was their war cry.  A war aimed at American Citizens.

California HAD provided 40% of ALL of the US produce until, about eight years ago, the Dems started the “fake drought” destroying California’s ability to grow crops so that heavily bug-sprayed vegetables and fruits could be imported from the Third World  by the Obama/Clinton globalists.

ObamaDust covered the California sky EVERY DAY for eight years.

ObamaDust covered the 1200 mile long State every day for eight years, from the Oregon border to Mexico.  Thousands of air-tankers sprayed every morning, creating a noxious, toxic, air-soup designed to create a chemical cloud cover that would hold in the day’s heat, creating “High Pressure Areas.”

High Pressure Areas simply means no rain.  For eight years.

Then Trump got elected, and smiled…

All of the spray patterns changed – and the rain began to fall.

And fall, and fall, and fall…

The “fake drought” is over in California.

The liberal Democrats, not just in California, are in deep trouble…

For, as Trump assembles his Cabinet (his on-the-ground war team), liberal Democrats sink lower and lower into the reality that America has rejected their elitist assumptions – and that their party is over.


Promises made to liberal Democratic Party leader’s funding sources are NOT going to be able to be kept.

(1)  The promises to destroy the current ownership of California agricultural lands so that globalists could get the property for pennies-on-the-dollar, and then bring the water back, have been stopped DEAD.

(2)  The promises to protect the Drug Cartel, and Human Trafficking, middle management from deportation by creating “Sanctuary Cities,” and a “Sanctuary State,” is running into Big Trouble.  70% of Californians oppose “Sanctuary.”

(3)  The California population is awakening to what the liberal Democrats have done, and intend to do.  A REAL Resistance is growing.  Not only are twenty-one (21) of California fifty-eight (58) Counties wanting out of the “Socialist Collective,” completely (they want to form their own 51st State of Jefferson), but a whole ANGRY movement, statewide, is pressing.  Even the media is joining in – perhaps for the first time in a long time.   California government is in for a VERY HARD ride…

(4)  Senate Bill 18, the legislation designed to turn all California children over to the State, so that adults, other than their parents, can show those children the benefits of reaching beyond being a “Boy or a Girl” and explore the possibilities of Clinton/Obama’s thirty-four genders starting at seven years old, is failing rapidly.  The legislation is being withdrawn from its original form, and put into a “study form,” whatever-that-means.

(5)  I could go on endlessly about the changes happening in California and America – for they are happening, and liberal Democrats are screeching like the drowning rats they really are.  But, let’s move on to the next thing.

The War in California is ON…

There is NO QUESTION that California is EXACTLY what Hillary, and company, would have made of the entire US, had she been elected.

Liberal Democrats believe that MONEY is magically generated, and that every two weeks checks show up in the mail, or are deposited in their bank accounts, by some mysterious process – kind of like children getting an allowance from their parents.

For Democrats, all it takes is to pass another law, and the checks get bigger.  Magic.  They NEVER consider that money sources are finite.

In California, MONEY sources are a huge “Ponzi Scheme.”  Today’s income, supposedly raised for a special purpose HAS TO BE REROUTED to pay last month’s bills.  California has the highest taxes in the US, and the legislature has just passed a bill raising the gas tax, and automobile tax, to the highest levels on Planet Earth – supposedly for road maintenance.  No one thinks any roads will EVER be maintained.  The California Dems are just generating money to pay for last year’s promises.

The California “Socialist Collective” is imploding.  Maybe Obama will move to California to fix it all – sarcasm intended.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

7 thoughts on “Trump Continues Rain In California, Cancelling “Fake Drought.” – Liberal Democrats Running Scared…”

  1. No, it hasn’t. They sprayed all day yesterday and the day before in San Bernadino County. Simply looking up will confirm this.

    I highly doubt President “bomb Syria for regime change” Trump is going to do any of what was mentioned in this article. Clearly he is, as was every other president, a figurehead for the deep state which is still calling the shots.

    Unfortunately, this election cycle sucked in a lot of otherwise intelligent and highly critical thinkers to believing they were voting for change much like they did with Obama. It’s very difficult to admit being played for a fool when you have come out publicly in favor of one thing or another and are then proved wrong by simple evidence.

    It happens to the best of us.

  2. PS To get involved in making real change regarding Geoengineering, don’t waste your precious time and energy staking your hopes and dreams on political charlatans – join with your fellow citizens in raising awareness and funds for lawsuits through:

    The website is full of facts and pertinent information, and also includes templates for flyers, postcards and business cards you can download and print to raise awareness in your neighborhood.

    To combat the toxic effects of chemicals from geoengineering on your property check out these videos:

  3. I can only hope you are correct, that our people will mount an effective fight to save what’s left of our state. I know a lot of us are fed up. Regarding the daily spraying of our skies, Butte county continues to choke on fly ash 80% of our days, even behind the rain clouds that have delivered abundant rain for the first time in years. Our people are sicker than ever, and agriculture is adversely affected by the high aluminum levels. I am interested in knowing what makes you think chemspraying has decreased?

  4. From Wikipedia article “Droughts in California”. I dont know how accurate this is:
    Historic droughts – Since 1900, the following dry years have had significantly below-average precipitation.
    So I assume that Obama/Democrats have been responsible for all the previous droughts too. Amazing powers they have had all these years.

  5. Crap crap and more crap from California . Completely boundless with extremists and the media having their ear . I read a comment where aluminum is also an issue , making the hypochondriacs even sicker !
    Yes , there definitely seems to be an EPA type “fact” , where The Dem. and their karma , caused the drought , and the floods . A conclusive “fact”….not the CO2 , this research study by “97” % of all ” scientist” , agree to this . A research study was done without any state or Fed. funding , so it’s more credible . Get sicker and louder , California , you earned it .

  6. Roger:

    Geo-engineering only started towards the end of the Bush administration. It went CRAZY with Obama. Now, I’m told, it cannot just be stopped, but has to be re-directed, and phased out.

    The California liberal whack-job Democrats started manipulating water to the Central Valley farmers, trying to destroy the industry, about the same time using the “Delta Smeldt” ruse. Avocado growers started cutting down trees only two years ago when the underground water receded.

    Yes, Obama and the Demo-nuts did this.

    Tim Bolen

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