By Kent Heckenlively, JD

This came to me from a good friend in the vaccine fight.  It goes along with what I have been saying about the new Conscience and Religious Freedom Division at Health and Human Services being our way to DESTROY VACCINE MANDATES.

Can I tell you it will succeed?


Did Eisenhower know that D-Day would succeed?  Did Lincoln know he could win the Civil War?  Did Washington know he could beat the British?

The only guarantee I can give you is that IF WE DO NOTHING, THE SITUATION WILL STAY THE SAME.  Here is an excerpt from that email:

I recently spoke with Arina Grossu, the contact for the Conscience and Religious Freedom (CRF) Division at Health and Human Services (HHS).  She told me, THEY WERE WILLING TO ADD VACCINE SITUATIONS TO THEIR REGULATIONS.  HOWEVER, we need to TAKE ACTION.

We must participate in the PUBLIC COMMENT on the Federal Register by March 27, 2018.  Clear itemized instructions are listed below (steps 1 thru 6).  We need to make a request to “Expand the Categories to include parents, adults, children, caregivers, legal guardians, and employees to file complaints regarding vaccine situations.”

As you know President Donald Trump has voiced his adamant position that vaccines cause Autism.

Is the agency aware of the President’s concern regarding vaccine mandates. Can the agency marry the President’s two concerns… concern about the risk of vaccines and supporting religious and conscientious objection to vaccine mandates?

Here is an eight minute video which documents the position of President Trump on vacccines.

Given how many readers this article is likely to reach, and knowing how many are likely to take action, I propose our goal is at least 5,000 comments by March 27, 2018.  Here’s what YOU NEED TO DO:

 1.  Go to:

2.  Insert into search bar, cut/paste the Docket No. HHS-OCR-2018-0002

3.  Click on green Submit a Public Comment Button.

4.  Insert your PUBLIC COMMENT, “Expand the Categories to include parents, adults, children, caregivers, legal guardians, and employees to file complaints regarding vaccine situations.”

5.  Add your information, your organization or

5.  Click the SUMBIT button on your form.  Thank you for helping to make a difference!

6.  You can also go to the website – under TAKE ACTION, file your own individual complaint (see CRF Division’s SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS for filing vaccine situations).

I thank you my dear brothers and sisters in this struggle for taking the time to submit your comment.  I genuinely believe we are now DRIVING the conversation.

If we keep up the pressure our enemies will soon be fleeing on the figurative HIGHWAY OF DEATH as we liberate our children from their malign influence and protect the next generation of American children.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

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37 thoughts on “Trump Administration WANTS YOUR INPUT to SMASH VACCINE MANDATES!”

  1. Done. My second comment on these new regulations. Waiting for the OCR lawsuits to begin!


  3. The whole vaccine scam started in the US by the pharmafia and it has spread to Australia and even to Kenya. The US has to stop it, even if the army has to destroy the production facilities and try the murderers by a military court. Unfortunately, people do not like practical solutions. But a campaign can be started against vaccinations and all the laws like the Nuremberg Code, UN resolutions etc of human rights, freedom to health could help. A tough law could be introduced against bribing by Merckderer and others. This would be a blow to them and the Clintons. Pan and others could be convicted. No bribes no interest in pushing vaccines. This includes the media. Send Sarosh back to Hungary, Orban will sort him out.

  4. I just submitted my comment but I noticed the document says it has ‘no public comments yet’.

  5. In 1986 President Ronald Reagan signed a waiver that you could not sue drug mfg for vaccine injury… nowadays they’ve added numerous more vaccines and many toxic ingredients. Many of which are being made unsupervised in other countries such as China. We also have the state mandating by law that we have to get vaccines or CPS will have a sheet. The only waiver I was given was from homeschooling from this year’s laws…we need change in our current vaccines mandates. Our children do not need all of the vaccines especially HPV, which causes serious side effects and injuries. Please help reverse some of these state mandated requirements or make the drug mfg liable again.

  6. God bless Donald Trump and his family for this decision!
    Can persons from abroad participate this activity?
    In the case that it is allowed, I would send this call for action to Italy, Serbia, Croatia and my country to support this extremely important issue.

    Best regards,
    Jagoda Savić
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

  7. Would it be to far a reach to state that the people behind the vaccination racket are the same people who assassinated JFK? Our President? Just me opinion.

  8. President Trump’s “adamant position”?? I remember hearing him mention this subject once while he was campaigning and once while he was meeting with Robert Kennedy, Jr. Otherwise, I really have no clue what the President’s position on vaccines truly is and I’m not sure anyone does.

    We need him to be against BigPHRMa’s influence in lobbying first and then work on the vaccine issue, otherwise the whole thing will never fly on the Hill. Gotta get those Senators and Reps used to being without BigPHRMa money before we can get their attention and have them do anything that benefits the citizens of america.

  9. If you heard him mention it once you definitely were not paying attention. And it didn’t stop with the campaign. No other candidate stood strong on vaccines and most of them admitted that they were sold on mandating them, including Ben Carsen and of course Clinton. He has brought it up to teachers and asked them to contribute to the conversion about the rise they have seen with autism over the years as vaccines have been added along the way. He isn’t up on all the science (which we know is lied about anyway) but he always says that there is no way vaccines in those quantities can be safe. Wouldn’t it be nice if he had some politicians around him with some backbone who are not sold out to pharma bc God knows the media works overtime to make him out to be a nut at each and every chance so he it trying to do this in a smart way. I would love to know who is political allies are on the issue because they sure are scarce.

  10. If you heard him speak on the dangers of vaccines once, you are definitely not paying attention, and his disgust with vaccines did not stop since he became elected either. I don’t watch everything but he had a room full of teachers and he asked them to specifically speak about the rise in Austism and other issues since vaccines have been added over the years. What other president has done such a thing? I’ll help you, none of them . And every other candidate was clearly sold out to the drug manufacturers. He has virtually zero help with this from our dishonest politicians .

  11. I agree with D. Smith. We need him to be against BigPHRMA’s influence in lobbying first and then work on the vaccine issue, otherwise the whole thing will never fly on the Hill. Gotta get those Senators and Reps used to being without BigPHRMA money before we can get their attention and have them do anything that benefits the citizens of america.

    We ALL must participate in the PUBLIC COMMENT on the Federal Register by March 27, 2018. The stakes are high, and a few moments of our time may well make the difference!

  12. Kent – I followed your directions and only found a green box called “Submit a formal comment”. I continued the steps and submitted all the info there. Is that correct? Or should I do again?

  13. I also went to that site and filed an official comment, also attached a pdf of supporting evidence. My comment was within the allowed number of characters (however, it kept telling me to fix fields w/ asterisks)- the Comments field was only one — then found a note saying (might need to attach comment if long) – so I shaved it way down — pasted the full version into a txt doc and also attached it. (I’ll share this w/ our State’s PAC who’s been fighting this topic and vaccination legislation successfully thus far; hopefully more will file official comments at the link you’ve provided!) THANKS GREATLY for your info/link and support on these critical issues! I emailed Tim and asked that he forward to you as I couldn’t find an email for you anywhere regarding a current legal battle on this topic. Keep up the great work! Hope to hear back from you!

  14. How come I didn’t get this important mail? Am I Google blacklisted?I’ve noticed lately my comments coming back to me as being “spam”. Does any one else experiencing this?

  15. George Corvin, Kudos to you .Soros will be very welcome by Orban in Hungary!But, sadly on the other hand there are too, some stupid $ORO$ admiders that would spoil the party.

  16. Remove the vaccine requirements under “HEDIS” reporting that is required for Insurance companies. With this requirement removed then insurance companies would take vaccine related financial incentives away from doctors and the doctors would then be less likely to bully parents into vaccinating. HEDIS scores are required to maintain accreditation for insurance companies…

  17. I commented it but it is not showing and in fact it says ZERO comments ! ?? What the heck?!! I left a message of inquiry at the contact number listed.

  18. my input:

    I have served our country in the following agencies and organizations: USMC-USMCR-US ARMY Reserve- US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS – FEDERAL AVIATION ADMINISTRATION – DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE – I have made great efforts at providing excellent and safe systems to US Military Aircraft and to the National Air Space via my service as an avionics technician, and later as an electronics engineer. I do take aviation safety seriously, and I have stood in the gap when others would have chosen path of more risk and less safety.

    My same concerns for safety extend towards our nation’s infants, children, and our autism population as they enter adulthood, and continue to age. The risks of the current massive vaccination program are huge, and in my opinion, the risks of injury and permanent damage have exceeded the benefits to society. Where a risk of injury exists, then the freedom to make an informed decision needs to be allowed in an atmosphere of respect and free of intimidation.

    The assault and the war waged on disease in our nation has taken the safety, and the rights of young, helpless, and developing infants, and their parents and treated these valuable treasures, these gifts of life, and considered them to be fodder in the cannons of mass and mandatory vaccination.

    The rules of law that govern the respect for human life, and fairness in the treatment of the human race have been stripped from the vaccine injured. The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has been successful at removing human rights from helpless infants and children as their families seek support and compensation for vaccine injuries. I personally attended the congressional inquiries in April, 2000, as Congressman Dan Burton spearheaded an investigation into the autism epidemic and the correlations that exist between autism and vaccine injuries. As I and so many other parents, medical professions, researchers, and concerned civic leaders have tried to provide a course change for the health of our nation, the vaccination program has only encased themselves in more armor, battened down the hatches and rolled the tank treads over thousands of other helpless infants.

    As a nation founded on individual freedoms, it is time to honor our God given freedoms to make our own individual medical decisions based on our own convictions. Parents in this country should have the rights to raise their children as they see fit without coercion and intimidation from federal mandates from an overgrown and intrusive mandatory vaccination program. Iowa was the 1st nation in the country to pass legislation against the use of mercury in vaccines for our young developing infants in 2004. Mercury alone is not the only problem with the current vaccination program. Other neurotoxins still exist, in addition to DNA Fragments that have been proven to result in unintended mutations to many you are injected with this experimental tissue. Some vaccinations, by design, are intended to create a change to the DNA via reverse transcriptase, however other mutations exist that are not fully understood today, but are certainly a risk to the recipient.

    The illusions of the vaccine program overstate the success of the program, and minimize the benefits, of God’s design for good health. Nutrition, rest, breastfeeding, clean water, and exercise are all areas that benefit the development of a healthy strong and vibrant immune system. Dissolving the Illusions of the proclamations of the success of vaccines is not too difficult to do when we look at history and living conditions the resulted in outbreaks of disease. The city of Chicago for instance drank their own sewage until the canal system was built and the Chicago River was reversed to flow into the Illinois River. Yes, the successful projects developed by and supported by civil engineers and plumbers have provided many solutions to controlling disease that have been forgotten or never studied by most.

    In closing, I ask a simple question. Does our nation stand for Medical Tyranny and Mandates or Medical Freedom?

    Robert D. Meyer,
    BSEE – 1991

  19. Very important to remove immunity for Big Pharma, Doctors or anyone selling, promoting or administering the vaccines. That will automatically resolve the problem. Big Pharma will leave the vaccine business immediately.

  20. Maybe the starting point needs to be removing the law that protected pharma groups from being held accountable for the products they mandate. We the people HAVE A RIGHT!!!!

  21. Kent,
    I am not able to see where to “Click on green Submit a Public Comment Button.” Can someone tell me what I am missing here?

  22. Why have I not heard about this before now? I watch FOX NEWS everyday. I have not heard the President speak out against vaccines. I have not heard my Congressmen speak out against mandatory vaccines. I have not heard my State Legislators talk about the poisons in vaccines. How many more babies, young children and young adults have to be injured or die from the ingredients in vaccines? How many nurses, the elderly have to be injured or die after having to take a vaccine against their will?
    I will reply to the HHS and will encourage others to do the same. We must have freedom of choice.

  23. More money and unbiased scientists need to investigate the necessity of many vaccines they claim are safe. We have a dear young friend with MS And it appears she got those from receiving a vaccine I was claim to be safe etc.

  24. It is not working for me. I do not see what you are seeing – only the line for “search”, then it says “one document found”. No document is seen, no green button, no place for my information, no place to comment.

  25. Thank you Mr. Trump!*
    I’m an Ex-Vaxxer, and figuring out ways to detox my boys. It is my current utmost wish that you succeed, I have trouble getting to sleep &/or staying asleep often because I am so stressed about being forced to vaccinate my child. The FDA and CDC has NOT done adequate research, and research done in Italy proves that there are other, not good, ingredients left off of the ingredients list! I have not been affected by vaccine injury, and I want to keep that true! Good luck, it is annoying that I have to print and fill out exemption forms but Thank God I have that option!

  26. No more VAX for me. If you read any of the articles the problems outweigh the benefits, so is it worth the GAMBLE to hurt yourself or your children ? I don’t think so. “ALL” CDC / FDA employees should have to be vaccinated before the vaxs go public ! I’m from CA and
    think moonbeam should have to take all 60+ shots now ! DISGUSTING

  27. Thank you President Trump!
    I’m a parent who has a child that became terminally ill from Vaccines. His Immune system is changed for life. I kept him going with holistic measures.. left to the CDC/ FDA he would be dead. I am told that I have my own issues from mandatory vaccines while working in health care. Something is very dangerously wrong. We are not being protected we are being harmed.

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