Internet “Censorship” is Here…

“Censorship” – the Last Bastion of Globalist Totalitarianism…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


The last-ditch attempt to stop The Great American Revolution started by the election of president Trump is centered around censoring the content, and use, of Social Media.

The globalists had to bring in foreign agents to make this happen, dominating FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. leadership with GREEN CARD “Engineers” who have NO CONNECTION with Americanism.

Americans simply would not assist in this process…

“Green Card” Engineers?

Yup.  We need only to look in two places to discover what the globalists did:  (1)  Review, once again, the Project Veritas Video exposing the GREEN CARD anti-American “Engineers” at Twitter” and (2)  read the words of the James Damore lawsuit against Google – the part where the NAMES  of the people involved in the anti-American plot are written – more GREEN CARD people.

Point of fact – the woman at Twitter, secretly interviewed by Project Veritas, who decided who can be on Twitter, and who cannot, is a Bangladeshi Muslim educated at an ultra-liberal US East Coast University.  Her comments were very clearly un-American.

Here is the video once again…

I will explain the James Damore lawsuit against Google down below…

Why Are We At This Point?

It had to happen.  The lefty globalists have no where else to go.  Their world is caving in around their heads.  Their self-assigned “Smirky  Elitism” has collapsed.

In less than a year – no longer is ownership of a Prius a status-symbol.  It is now the mark of a fool – and there is no need to put a “Hillary” or “LGBTPQ” bumper sticker on it – everyone knows.  Prius owners worry, these days,  about rocks heading their way…

No longer is America’s middle-class under “Agenda 21” assault.  American industry is re-awakening.  America is almost totally energy independent – no longer are we creating tens of thousands of Arab billionaire princelings, with their desert castles, so that they can fund “Hillary’s” presidential campaigns.  Instead we are using American energy produced by American companies staffed by American employees.

Americans are finding jobs, good jobs, and they are recovering their lost dignity.  Whole areas of the country are recovering quickly.

There is enthusiasm in the air.

It has become obvious that America, despite the best efforts of the Obama-Nation, has pulled back from the brink of destruction, and is resuming its identity as a world leader.

The fake environmentalism, the so-called Climate-Changescam has been rudely interrupted.  The Trump Team has gutted its funding sources.  The Climate-Change scumbags, Obama-made-billionaires, are scrambling to find the money for the grandiose payrolls they assembled during the Obama-Nation.  They are NOT getting federal funding any more.

Even the “Fake Lawsuit Project,” the operation where Globalists create a bunch of wild-eyed “environmental groups,” who then sue a federal agency over some made-up-on-the-spot-fake- environmental-catastrophe.  Then the Obama-Nation controlled federal agency SETTLED the case with the wild-eyed groups, and in the settlement are two things: (1) destruction of some American industry (like cattle, fruit-growing, mining, etc.), and (2) giving the wild-eyeds all their claimed “attorney fees” so they can fund five more lawsuits, and do it again, and again.

The Globalists are Reeling…

They see the light at the end of the tunnel – and it is a train coming fast their way.

Mid-Term elections 2018 will be their certain end.  Already other nations on Planet Earth are throwing off the globalist yoke.

They Have But One Card Left to Play…

Internet Censorship…  Control the communications networks.

The three major Social Media outlets, FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube have been, for some time, “adjusting their algorithms”  to eliminate politically conservative, libertarian, alternative medicine, anti-vaccine opinion.  Everyone knows this.  They do not hide it at all.

As we found, in the Project Veritas video exposé, shown below, Twitter operations, and hence the decisions on “content,” are in the hands of Green Card foreigners working in San Francisco.

Green Card foreigners?

Yup – watch the video once again.  Note that the woman in charge of “Trust” at Twitter is a Bangladeshi Muslim, educated at an Eastern US liberal college on “globalist scholarship(?).”

Isn’t THAT interesting?

It becomes obvious in the video that all but one of the so-called Twitter “engineers” were in the US on a Green Card – and they were regulating what Americans could see, and put, on Social Media…

The James Damore versus Google lawsuit…

I know that after the news of the James Damore case against Google there is an assumption that there is a certain group-think trying to control American thought – and that is very true – but there is more.

From an article in PJ Media called “Employee Lawsuit Reveals Google as Intolerant Race Cult” comes this excerpt:

“Damore’s worst sin at Google was to be white and male and to presume that shouldn’t matter. In this, Damore was up against the roaring prevailing winds from the Left, where “whiteness” is wickedness, where “maleness” is a construct, and where the bright young things at the tech giant are remaking the world in their own image.

Just like Jim Crow of yesteryear, Google “formed opinions about and then treated Plaintiffs not based on their individual merits, but rather memberships in groups with assumed characteristics,” the complaint reads.

The complaint alleges that Google hires on the basis of race and sex, and punishes (and even fires) employees if they articulate political views that are not Leftist views. Worse, the complaint says that Google created company sanctioned blacklistsharassment committees, and even encouraged open vocal attacks on white males at company events.

Damore’s gravest thoughtcrime was writing and posting an internal memo suggesting that Google reassess the company policy of hiring on the basis of race and sex in order to reduce the role of white males. He posted his memo on an internal discussion group, and urged managers of Google “diversity” programs — such as the aptly named “Code of Conduct Team” — to consider his ideas.”

But Let’s look a Little Deeper into the Damore v Google Lawsuit Words…

From the text of the lawsuit itself:

62.  On or about August 2, 2017, at the suggestion of a Google colleague, Damore submitted the edited memo to (“skeptics”), another message board for Google employees only. Damore explicitly stated that the purpose of submitting the memo to the group was for Google employees to discuss different views and look at matters from a different perspective, including the conservative perspective; otherwise, all Google employees would simply hear their same opinions regurgitated over and over again, and never enrich their experiences with different viewpoints.
63. Within the next few days after Damore published the memo on the “skeptics” forum, the memo became more and more widely viewed on the private Google forums.
64.  On or about August 4, 2017, an unknown Google employee leaked the memo to either Vice Motherboard or Gizmodo, which selectively quoted from the memo and misinterpreted it. This “news story,” distorting Damore’s internal memo on workplace issues, was picked up by other media outlets, until Damore’s memo went viral across the world.


The key word here, in this section of the lawsuit, is “skeptics”.

Is this the very same group that attacks anti-vaxxers, alternative medicine, and anyone and everyone that questions Big Pharma?

 Yup…  Look at this 2012 video where the “skeptics” are making an official presentation to Google.  Is this the very same group that attacked Del Bigtree’s Highwire Media recently?  Yup…
So, Google is infected.  No surprise…

The White House and Congress are Looking Hard at this Issue…

As well they should be.

Justin Phillips in the Washington Times says in an article titled “Clamp Down on Big Tech’s Media Bias – ‘Shadow ban’ stifles free speech, conservatives”  that it is time for the US Justice Department Anti-Trust Division to step in and break up the Social Media companies.  In there he says:

Perhaps the obvious question is, why isn’t the Trump Department of Justice moving to break up the tech giants? In April 2017, according to Net Market Share, Google had 77.43 percent of the global search engine market share. The closed competitor was Baidu at 8.43%.

Never heard of Baidu? It is China’s version of Google.

YouTube, which is a part of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has also been making war on conservatives. Talk show host Dennis Prager is suing YouTube for censoring his videos. While YouTube allows videos that include graphic fights and other violence, videos that talk about conservative ideas are marked as over 18 only and are demonetized, meaning the producer cannot have ads or make revenue off of those videos. Videos by liberals have no such problems.

Yes, the solution needs to be harsh…

My guess is that Donald Trump already has someone on this.

(1)  If they were at all like me they’d be reading inter-company emails, memos, etc. deciding who the targets were, as described in the James Damore lawsuit..  Then on a predetermined day send in ICE, grabbing all the GREEN CARD holders who were engaging in American bashing – and just send them home – right then.  Have a bus to the airport waiting in the parking lot.

(2)  Institute hiring practices that ensure that American values are foremost.  Eliminate hiring those that cannot identify which bathroom to use.

(3)  Force the Social Media companies to relocate outside of “The People’s Republic of California… 

(4)  Force non-discrimination rules on Social Media companies with criminal charges if employees do not comply.

i think we are getting ready to do all, or most, of that very soon.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

10 thoughts on “Internet “Censorship” is Here…”

  1. Something just glitched and posted 1/2 of my lengthy comment. There’s been a lot of Libertarian Conservatives shut out of Social Media since Trumps Election. It’s been nuts the last couple weeks!

    Consumers Need an Internet Bill of Rights ( I hate being referred to as “The Consumer) Jan 24, 2018
    All though Randall L. Stephenson (Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President) is a member of the CFR, I see a lot of people jumping on the Patriot wagon now.

    I’m sure a few here are familiar with Dr. Corsi and his interpretations of the “Q” was shut down. I don’t think he was down very long, Friday night to Sunday evening.

    Jerome Corsi QAnon Decode 03/04/18 Q Posting Again Part 1
    Published on Mar 4, 2018

    “Q” posts have been interesting to say the least!
    Mar 4 2018 00:22:06
    Listen carefully.
    WE are FIGHTING for YOU.

    Mar 4 2018 00:46:40
    Do you trust the MSM?
    Do you trust Facebook?
    Do you trust Google?
    Do you trust Youtube?
    Do you trust Twitter?
    Do not blindly believe.
    They want you DIVIDED.
    Watch the news this week.

    Mar 3 2018 23:48:04
    ID: 4bebe1
    Expand your thinking.
    Who leaked Vault7 to WL?
    Who returned fire?
    OP Name: Fiddler
    Mission 1: Infiltrate
    Mission 2: Centralize
    Mission 3: Secure
    Mission 4: Expose to HARM
    (WH interference)
    (WH directive)
    Mission 5: Russia LINK
    (2013 timeline of events)
    Mission 6: Fiddler > Ghost-PRIME
    Mission 7: CLAS
    Mission 8: Whistle Blower traps – jobs C-3567k
    Mission 9: Censorship
    CLAS +relay

    “Q” posts

    Corsi says we need to start posting the phrase “Internet Bill of Rights” all over the net. Only a Hillary/Obama Bot would disagree, and I don’t mean her “Deplorable Russian Bots”

    Were kicking ass now people! Now lets go in for the big “K”!!!!

  2. Great article. I admire the work you do. It’s sooo badly needed and so refreshing to read real stuff.

  3. Rubbish, there is no cencorship, just a bullshit artist, pretending there is. angela coral eisenhauer facebook programmer, software tester. (voluntary) love my emojis, and my pride and joy? Google translate.

  4. Ashok and others been hired out of India, the best payer? Hilary, she spent 25 million of your taxpayers money, on Cisco tracking software, India (best programmers are in India) and shills like poor Ashok, India. Ask me more 🙂 or damn phone me, Australia 0406668237

  5. angelaoffer at hotmail dot com so cencorship? Bolen report refuses to publish my email, why? Stop the cencorship, Bolen, pleaaseee.

  6. Angela coral eisenheaur,
    Dont know how you hid a good laugh in yr name, thanks anyhow…
    With clever folk like you, nwehave hope.
    B regards

  7. The Third Digital Revolution to Unleash the Power of Anti-Censorship
    By James Grundvig

    When Drs. Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari published their findings with respect to nano-contamination in random vaccines, the logical next step should have been independent testing, and if necessary new vaccine safety standards and controls. But it didn’t happen. It was easier (and cheaper) to raid their home and science laboratory and snatch all of the digital assets—grabbing laptops, computers, and flash-drives—and with it, years of work and research.

    What can be done to bring transparency to the murky world of Big Pharma medicine and vaccine manufacturing, with government agencies failing to address real concerns and social media deleting free speech and public discourse? The answer: Blockchain technology.


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