The Need For Transparency…

By Karri Lewis – AWAKE California


When Tim Bolen, writer, editor and publisher of the BolenReport, told me he needed writers for his new project, and why he was approaching ME, I was a bit apprehensive about taking on yet another project.  Running the AWAKE California Facebook page is a 24/7 job in and of itself.

When he told me about the direction that the BolenReport is taking and the reach that it will achieve, I got really excited.  We need so many organizational tools to help bring activists together in the health freedom movement; especially here in California, which is ground zero for the forced vaccination mandates that are sweeping the country.

The Fight For California…

So as Tim and I were talking, he asked me to focus on California and the need for activists to be plugged into what is going on here in our State.  We also need a way to communicate with activists directly, and not just on Facebook.  This gave me some ideas.

First, let me start off by saying, it’s a wonderful thing that so many California activists are willing and able to take action when they see a need.  And I do believe that most of us are on the same team and want our health freedom rights restored.  That is good news.

We’ve had many positive actions taken by so many health freedom activists, the Learn the Risk campaign, Beyond The PBE Factor…What Now? Facebook page, Campaign for Liberty, Million Mamas Movement, Los Angeles Against SB277 Facebook Page, Stop the Spraying of Orange County Facebook Page and so many others.

Unfortunately, to this date nothing has been effective, so far as to change the law; and restore our PBE (personal belief exemptions) and RE (religious exemptions).


Our movement has seen its share of attempted hijackings by con-artists, profiteers, and charlatans.

California activists have been led down numerous rabbit holes and dead ends.  None of this is surprising considering Big Pharma’s unlimited resources and fraudulent past behaviors.


The solution to all of this is really pretty straightforward and simple.  It’s called, “Transparency.”  There is a growing need for transparency within the health freedom movement, especially in California. We are not going to win the “war” without being able to trust each other.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “but we can’t put everything out on the internet for the trolls to see.”  I understand that some strategy must be kept away from the internet.  But what I’m speaking about is personal.

When you step up to lead, tell us who you are, tell us where you get your funding, be transparent.  Don’t get angry at people for asking questions and kick them out of your group.  And for God’s sake, show us the money trail when you are collecting funds! 

Accountability in this movement has been awful.  Mechanisms for accountability have not been put in place in any of the failed campaigns.  Many activists and parents still have unanswered questions about what happened in the very first campaign to defeat California senate bill 277.

When speaking to the California legislature last year, “our side” agreed with Big Pharma, giving testimony on public record that vaccines are, “safe and effective.”  Vaccines are far from “safe and effective,” and are quite dangerous and deadly to some.  And that fact that vaccines have harmed many should have been on public record!  That first losing campaign was sadly, a bellwether of other failed campaigns to come.

When there is no accountability it breaks trust between organizations and people.  A well thought out campaign is organized; there needs to be measurement tools in place to monitor the success of any campaign.  Transparency is the key to all of this.

Thankfully, even though a lot of our California activists are new, they are not dumb.  And many are weary about supporting new campaigns.  They want to know the details and get their questions answered before they go falling down another rabbit hole.  That is all very reasonable and level-headed.  Transparency can help gain the movement’s trust.  Transparency makes for the best leaders.  Transparency also protects the leaders and the movement.

I do strongly believe that we can win this “war,” but I do think it will take time with many different strategies in play and mutual transparency.  Thank you to all the strong and committed California activists that are still here and fighting for their health freedom rights.  I’m truly humbled to know you and fight alongside you.

Karri Lewis – AWAKE California




7 thoughts on “The Need For Transparency…”

  1. Tim Bolen, I’d like to connect with you about helping to promote Vaxxed in San Francisco and Berkeley. Screenings begin this Friday, 4/29. If you’re able to do that via your newsletter, please let me know via email. Thanks much. J

  2. I was thrown out of the AWAKE group for telling the truth about a con artist named “Dr” Andrew Moulden. So, there goes the credibility of this author.
    You can’t beat the government by fighting them. We can only beat our 100% corrupt government by firing every elected and appointed criminal. The liars who lead the autism community pretend that they can’t understand that the people are the highest authority in this country. We have the authority to remove all of the criminals who continue the long train of abuses against us.
    The autism community is being led by our enemies. Can any of the followers wake up and learn to think for themselves?

  3. John Best, you were asked for proof of Dr. Andrew Moulden being a fake and you never provided ANY PROOF and that is why you were kicked off the AWAKE California page.

  4. LOL, Some jackass asks me for proof. I provide it and then they called me names and through me out without even allowing me to carry on a conversation about it. Whatever liar banned me also knew that Moulden was a con artist and didn’t want that to become known. You people are pathetic, lying about autism and vaccines to harm babies.

  5. John, I never saw proof (you never responded to me with any proof that Dr. Andrew Moulden was a fake) and never called you names. I’m very confused by your response. If you have proof, please post it here, instead of calling names and getting angry.

  6. The proof I present requires an honest response, not a defensive and dishonest attack to defend a con artist. When you’ve been lied to, the only intelligent reply is to ask more questions to understand the lies, grasp why anyone would engage in this behavior that can lead to more babies being harmed and prevented from being cured, and to learn how to promote nothing but the whole truth.
    Moulden did not graduate from McMaster U. I checked with the university. He tried to tell me that mercury does not cause autism, a direct lie, the same lie that Stephanie Senneff spoke. I think I still have the emails from 2008 but the lie about mercury not causing autism might have come from a phone call that Moulden made to me. The last I saw of him, he was telling people that autism could be cured by wearing weighted vests that he was selling.
    Your attack on me and throwing me out of the group for telling you the truth identified you as a liar.

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