About Those Lawsuits Against SB 277…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen  


I am NOT supportive of the case filed by T. Matthew Phillips.  At first I thought to give it a chance, since there didn’t seem to be much else coming forward.  But then  I watched Phillips’s performance on the various FaceBook groups attacking people I know.  Enough said.

Then too, the primary proponent for the case, Sharon Brown, and her performance, to me, lacks a whole lot.  A whole lot…

In short, I recommend that everyone just give this package a wide berth.  There are other battles to get involved in.

IS there anything else?

Yes, there is something I know is in the works, but I am not going to be specific.  Why?  Because I promised I would not reveal stuff.  Am I in favor of what I am hearing, so far?  Yes.

I have been involved in court cases throughout my career.  I see good attorneys, absolutely terrible attorneys, mediocre lawyers, etc.,  in every shape or form.  I do happen to know some really GREAT attorneys who have their heads screwed on straight.  I can read court cases, both sides of the argument, and get where they are going, with one eye shut.

So, if I tell you that there is a case being developed that I like the looks of, and has, I think, a more than reasonable  chance of success – you can make your own decisions, and not just reject the idea.  In short, there is a case out there, that if it continues to develop the way it is going (and it should) I WILL BE RECOMMENDING IT COMPLETELY.


There is  problem, not with the case, but who is behind it, who is going to claim credit for bringing it forward.  That’s the potential bug in the ointment.

Everyone know the problems the “No on SB277” teams had with the first three losing campaigns.  Fingers are being pointed, blaming those responsible for those losses – and that finger pointing is justified.  Very justified.  So, I’ll be blunt – if anyone sees announcement from the Canary Party/Health Choice Group that they, in their wonderfulness(?), are behind this effort, (with photos of Canaries with attorneys, congressman, dolphins at Sea-World, etc.) funding it, blah, blah, blah that will be the beginning, and the end of the case – no matter how good it is.

Got that?

It is common knowledge across the US, that if the Canary Party/Health Choice people get involved in the leadership of a project – that project fails.

We do not need another failed project.  So, if it becomes clear that that same CanaryParty/Health Choice gets into a position where they can drive the direction of the case over its lifetime,  I will come out AGAINST it – no matter what attorneys are involved.   And so will 98% of the California Health Freedom people.

Or, for that matter, ANY group that pretends to be running things and shuts others out.  As Karri Lewis, from AWAKE California says in her article ” The Need for Transparency…” 

The solution to all of this is really pretty straightforward and simple.  It’s called, “Transparency.”  There is a growing need for transparency within the health freedom movement, especially in California. We are not going to win the “war” without being able to trust each other.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “but we can’t put everything out on the internet for the trolls to see.”  I understand that some strategy must be kept away from the internet.  But what I’m speaking about is personal.

When you step up to lead, tell us who you are, tell us where you get your funding, be transparent.  Don’t get angry at people for asking questions and kick them out of your group.  And for God’s sake, show us the money trail when you are collecting funds! 

Got that too?

But, there is an Opportunity Here…

A time to work together on a common project.  I’m for that.  Let’s give it a try.

Starting right now.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

6 thoughts on “About Those Lawsuits Against SB 277…”

  1. I read this, as a parent I do believe that vaccination must be a choice. I think freedom to chose what drugs go into your young child should not be left in the hands of the makers of the product. I just cannot understand how a industry like big pharm. can write a bill forcing these drugs on a baby. I know on size does not fit all. The government of the United Stated knows vaccines can cause extreme harm or death. Why don’t parents have a choice now? What has occurred in the last decade to say we have power over your children. Feels like Natzi Germany. I love America because of the freedom to chose, and drugs are not perfect as we have seen. If they must be forced why give the product makers legal immunity? This does not make any sense. The law is clear if a product kills you they pay damages. However with vaccination this is so harmful. The message is that if Big Pharma harms or kills your child you cannot do anything about it. The cost to provide or heal a vaccine injured child are astronomical. I know my child has a proven side affect to vaccination. He cannot receive another one ever again. the next on might be the last one. He almost dies after his 12 month vaccination he spent a in the ICU the same day he received these injections clearly indicating a problem for him. No I did not sue in the VICF. I will not hold the American tax payer responsible for something they did not do. However if they are to be forced on children then drop the free legal pass. The 1986 childhood vaccine act is pure protection for the vaccine not the child or adult harmed by one. it is a legal joke! If a smart judge understands this corrupt system and agrees with it. God help us all. He should also speak with real scientists outside of the CDC and the HHS or anyone payed by big pharma. It is too biased. The true facts are hidden from him and the public. This debate has been going on what seems like forever yet nothing has changed in the way of safety or studies being done outside of the entities that have the most to gain by not changing the practice of vaccine safety. As we saw in the 2004 study done by the CDC they omitted data. They committed fraud and that makes people we the people question their motives to do such a thing. Also excluding parties that may know something very well is awful! To simply say they are excluded because they have been fighting for this cause makes them less intelligent is just weird to me. I went to law school. I use to believe it was the greatest. Justice was always what meant the most. When it comes to fraud lies and cover ups by our own agency designed to protect us. Wow I have been fooled into thinking It was all ok. It is not all ok. Many things need to change simply before it is too late. Please do consider the people, they are not their to be made fun of or lie. Real things have happened to good people that could have been prevented with the truth and right policies in place and safety.

  2. Jen–You are totally right about parents needing to have freedom of choice. The problem with your thinking is the absence of understanding about the core of the problem–the need to control and use the public for profit. Within a capitalist/corporatist society, people are treated as commodities. We make profit for the 1% and corporations feel they have the right to use and abuse people, animals and the environment to their heart’s content as long as they make a big profit. The public has often been use as guinea pigs for many drugs/chemicals–all done without our knowledge or consent. The core of the problem is structural; ie, how our social institutions are set up to create the nightmare we face today. There is no difference whether it is Big Pharma or the military or oil corporations. The same dynamic keeps happening. Lots of big money buying politicians and the government agencies set up presumably to protect the citizen. But as GWBush described the people so eloquently–You the consumers…. We have been reduced to an economic role, pawns in the money grubbing system that prevails.

  3. You’re totally spot on with T. Mathew Phillips’ true colors. I know from his GMO lawsuit that went nowhere. He would rant at me on the phone if I didn’t buy into his accusations on key anti-GMO and Moms Against Monsanto personnel. I figure he’s a new-age cointel type who does nothing but cause problems in the ranks.

  4. Dear Tim,

    My name is Ricardo Beas, I am a EH&S consultant and an activist against vaccines and other atrocities being perpetrated against humanity. I have been studying different aspects of law on my own for over 30 years.

    I read your comment on TM Phillip’s court submission. I came across his injunction and reviewed it and although I would have included many other defenses/arguments, I don’t see there anything that can be fatal to the movement if he were to lose. Don’t think that I support his work, even less his apparent actions, but the problem I see is that no one else is filing anything, against SB 277 or SB 792. I would not care if TMP won
    and got all the credit, even with everything he is accused of doing, so long as my kids don’t get vaccinated (I have 5 kids, the youngest 13, 10 and 7).

    If this was something that would not affect any unvaccinated child this coming school year, I can see why someone may “want to wait to see if someone else does something legally” before starting their own action; but no, I see the posts, people can’t register this coming year, people are moving out of state, planning home schooling, etc., one lady asking for an antidote because she had no option but to vaccinate. What is required now is action, nothing short of that, and it does not matter where it comes from.

    If anyone had a good defense to use to abolish either or both bills, and they don’t trust TMP (which I don’t blame them for what I have ready), they should do one of two things: either file their own court case NOW or they should file an “amicus curiae” brief in the TMP court case with its necessary merits.

    I have to say that I disagree with the idea that if you/I come up with an excellent legal defense, that we should not tell anyone until we file it – Why? If it is that good, no one can defeat it, right? After all, we have trillions of dollars with their legal experts against us, to take any argument apart – if they can …

    I am working on multiple strategies to defend against the vaccine injustice, some of them I have posted so I want to share this with you: Argument that Brown’s religious belief exemption is still available. It is a strategy and has the forms to use:

    Letter from Employees to Employers re: SB 792. As a note, this documents contains pretty much all the available defenses that I can think of from the “orthodox legal standpoint”: http://www.cafepeyote.com/files/Vaccines_-_Employer_Notice.pdf

    Feel free to share any of my materials with anyone (I would appreciate credit, but that can be ignored as well). You can find all of my writings, letters to Gov. Brown, etc., on my website’s Vaccines tab, at http://www.cafepeyote.com/vaccines/.

    Let’s do what we can, no need to waste energy on things we disagree on. Let me know what you think after you review my documents. Best wishes.

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