What did they know and When did they know it? Mercury, Vaccines and Autism

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A decade before the US Public Health Service (PHS) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) made a joint public statement vowing to remove the mercury preservative Thimerosal from vaccines (circa 1999), I was trying to find the science behind the recommendation to give newborns the Hep B vaccine (more about that later).

The interesting thing about that unprecedented  declaration by the PHS and the AAP was that there was no public pressure to make that announcement.

There were no protests, letter writing campaigns, distraught mothers of autistic children camping out at AAP headquarters….so, what precipitated this announcement, as shown below,  From Pediatrics  Sep 1999:

Strangely enough, the AAP walked back that declaration in 2012 and not only reversed its position but defended the use of Thimerosal in vaccines.

Actually, the only thing the AAP ever did (publicly) after the 1999 declaration was protest the pilot of a TV series called Eli Stone when Eli, a lawyer, accused a drug company CEO of knowingly using a mercury laden preservative in vaccines even tho they were aware it was hurting children.

But what precipitated that USPHS/AAP joint statement in 1999 in the first place?

In all likelihood it was the 1997 report to Congress by the EPA on mercury that indicated we had a real big problem with mercury exposure in the United States.

And in the same year the FDA released their Modernization Act leaving little doubt that there would be a push to remove mercury from medicine.

There must of been some sort of panic at the AAP and the PHS. Panic about the anticipated panic the public might have about the mercury in vaccines and that panic could jeopardize the whole national vaccine program if the public lost trust in it.

However there was no panic from the public, no cries of rage and no protests. Quietly, the CDC set one of its epidemiologists working on a project to determine if there was actually a problem with all the thimerosal (mercury) they were injecting into babies and children. That epidemiologist was Thomas Verstraeten, who would present his analysis at the secret, and illegally held meeting, called Simpsonwood in June of 2000. Why was this an illegal meeting?


A government agency cannot invite members of industry (vaccine manufacturers) to a closed meeting – this must be an open meeting – open to the public and Simpsonwood was not.

The transcript of this meeting was only obtained through an FOIA request and it is a bit daunting to read but the Put Children First website has the transcript and a nice review of the highlights from the meeting.

Simpsonwood revealed that all relevant parties, except the public, knew that there was a significant correlation between the use of mercury in vaccines and neurobehavioral disorders including autism. And their main concern was to keep this information out of the hands of lawyers and the public.

Most people would be shocked to find out just how rogue the CDC has become given the power and authority they wield

I don’t mean to understate the problem here, but this is criminal activity. So, what the CDC did next was have Verstraeten dilute, dumb down and extinguish any statistical significance in his findings and it took about 5 attempts to do this using statistical tricks and chicanery.  This is what eventually got published and cited by the CDC as proof thimerosal is a wonderful harmless preservative. In fact one study they gin’ed up showed getting vaccines with thimerosal protected children from autism.

One could postulate that the Simpsonwood meeting was intended to demonstrate to all the vaccine manufacturers how much they screwed up using thimerosal as a preservative, but not to encourage its removal as one might assume – no, it was almost as if the CDC threw this out to vaccine manufacturers with the intent of extracting favors if the CDC covered this up for the vaccine manufacturers. I have no proof of this but one has to wonder what motivated the cover-up and continued advocacy for thimerosal by the CDC.

So much tax payer money was lavished on corrupt academics who wrote methodologically flawed papers exonerating thimerosal as being a problem for children. Propaganda spewed from the CDC, and its front groups, that the mercury in vaccines was a good mercury, because it was not methyl-mercury (the most widely studied organic mercury). Thimerosal was ethyl-mercury after all not methyl mercury. Of course, if you know anything about biochemistry, the additional methyl group (ethyl means there are two methyl groups connected to the mercury not one) makes the mercury even more dangerous, more poisonous and more biologically active than just plain old methyl-mercury.

Don’t cry for me CDC

Which brings us back to why there was no public outcry about mercury in vaccines, or why the USHS/AAP joint statement about the need to remove thimerosal from vaccine didn’t seem to even stir the public’s concern about what its presence might have been doing to children in the preceding years.

The public – and I will include physicians in with the public here, never knew what was in vaccines.  They don’t get true “informed consent” when vaccines are given to their children.

Physicians receive no training on how vaccines work, what the components of vaccines are, or how they work.  So in a sense, the PHS/AAP were messaging a population about something that wasn’t even on their conscious radar.

I cornered the New Mexico Secretary of Health a decade ago at a town hall meeting (she is now a member of Congress) and asked her if she would look into only ordering mercury free flu vaccine for the state. Her response was that she had received no complaints from any mothers about there being mercury in the flu vaccines being given to their children. My response to her was “that was because mothers didn’t know it was in the flu vaccine.”

The Trick…

As the mercury levels were brought down in some vaccines, it became increasingly important to the CDC to make sure it was reintroduced using other means lest it be discovered that by lowering mercury exposure neuro-behavioral problems would also decline as well.  So, the push was on to give pregnant mothers the flu vaccine even though that would cause increase fetal death.  It was a sacrifice the CDC was willing to have the public make to, in part, hide the secret that mercury in vaccines was, and still is, causing neurological damage to children all over the world.

You can read my article: Autism as a Minamata disease variant: analysis of a pernicious legacy for further analysis of this topic and the below documentary is very revealing as well. I will continue with what I discovered about the Hep B vaccine in another blog post….. stand by….


6 thoughts on “What did they know and When did they know it? Mercury, Vaccines and Autism”

  1. Absolutely brilliant, thanks for the article, I have attempted to share it on my facebook page, angela coral eisenhauer can you check if it is actually there? Facebook and other social media sites, seem to be really messing up lately………………………. If not just email me angelaoffer@hotmail.com I also sent a message via Academia, if you dont get the message, just email me. Email still seems to be reliable at this stage . Thanks again! Oh just noticed you have a website, I will visit.

  2. The government knew what mercury would do in 1929 when those 23 meningitis “volunteers” all died sooner than expected. Introducing mercury into vaccines in 1931 tied in well with the 1933 bankruptcy of the U.S. and the confiscation of our gold by FDR. It served the government to dumb down as many people as possible so they wouldn’t understand how the owners of the Federal Reserve had stolen every asset in the country from us. Hardly anyone understands this or how our money really works.
    As everyone knows, it’s tied to money but not merely to increase profits for drug companies. That profit is nothing compared to what the banksters steal from all of us and that’s why they can keep 125 million dumbed down enough to keep voting for democrats and republicans instead of hanging them. Autism is just collateral damage in the dumbing down process which has worked so well that nobody in the victims of mercury community understands that we have the authority to fire the government.

  3. It would be interesting too to see how the levels of aluminum in vaccines changed/increased? (or not) as the mercury was allegedly decreased (another way to hide the damage from Thimerosol?). Damage from the aluminum adjuvants appears quite potentially extensive on it’s own and when coupled with mercury and the solvents used to carry these toxins (across the blood brain barrier?) it’s no surprise we see so many vaccine court payouts (even though just a small fraction of the damaged get compensated) for Guilliane barre ‘syndrome’ which IMO appears to simply be a fancy name for vaccine induced damage.
    Having watched two elder parents become severely ill immediately after taking their first (and only) flu shot (because they were advised by a so called ‘expert’) with my father becoming paralyzed using the loss of his legs for over 2 months, I bcame very interested in just what was the mechanism in the shots that caused this. There may be more to the toxicity of vaccines than just the metal components but I see no real need to have them there other than they create lots of disease and huge obscene profits downstream as they bioaccumulate. Create the problem sell the ‘solution’. Excellent profit strategy but the public is becoming more aware every day and the days of the Death Cult profitting from poisoning people are going to be numbered. Count on it.

  4. Recent research (May 16th, Science Daily) has come to light showing that it’s antibiotics (Thimerosal is one) which destroy gut bacteria which cause specific areas of the brain (hippocampus for one) to stop growing brain cells. Imagine if parts of the brain stop growing while the brain is growing and other parts of the brain keep growing. Would mismatched brain growth spell autism? I think so. It means switching to neomycin from Thimerosal can’t stop the autism from vaccines, because we’re still dealing with an *antibiotic* in the vaccines.

  5. 5,000 microcephalic babies in Brazil, ALL of them given Tdap GSK brand from 20 weeks gestation, May 2015, look what happened when they got born in October . I would suggest giving the mothers thimerosal in the flu shots at the same time, would not have helped. Four (4) of those babies had zika, probably due to the fact they were already damaged by the vaccine. The one thing CDC have overlooked, is USA began vaccinating pregnant women with Dtap in 2013. I looked for a corresponding increase in microcephalic babies. I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I FOUND. 400 babies a year, pre jabbing pregnant women, by 2014, had suddenly grown to twenty five thousand babies a year, in USA now are born microcephalic. HIGHER THAN THE RATE IN BRAZIL, and not a pesky mossie in sight. I work in pathology, in Australia, we got Dtap in 1998, ten years before USA. It not only fails after 3 years, but before it fails every DTap child is a near constant carrier of pertussis, with no symptoms, every baby infected in Australia, has been the result of infection from a fully vaccinated Dtap person. In the first huge outbreaks, every whooping cough victim, was fully vaccinated with Dtap, ALL OF THEM aged 6-12. Not one person older than 12 (ie no DTP people) caught it, not one. We have near 100% vaccination rate in kids that can be vaccinated. USA is following our Dtap whooping cough vaccine caused whooping cough epidemic exactly. Our rates will translate in about four years, to USA having over a MILLION cases of whooping cough a year, mostly all in the fully vaccinated, aged 6-12. That is just an annoyance, in Australia, parents don’t even bother to report it anymore. The worry, is the fraud, that every time they jab a child with Dtap, that child will catch whooping cough, and near constantly spread it. The fraud is real, the damage done trying to cover this fraud, is murder. angela coral eisenhauer (fb) angelaoffer@hotmail.com for any information, references, research, statistics.

  6. Thank you for this valuable information.I hope I can help circulate it.

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