The “Infectious Disease” Mafia – a Brief History…

This plague begins, as do so many such, in the American “Fake News” Media…

From Europe By Karma Singh

The, then, named “Communicable Disease Center” (later re-named “Centers for Disease Control” (CDC) opened its doors on the 1st July 1946.

Initially, its sole task was to control the malaria epidemic plaguing the Southern states. This led to the widespread use of DDT which, we now know, when it is combined with the mercury in amalgam tooth fillings and/or vaccines, is the actual cause of polio.

By 1949, the CDC’s mission was regarded as obsolete as better nutrition, sanitation and cleaner air had virtually eliminated the diseases which had plagued America for decades. There were even serious discussions about abolishing it altogether. Urgent and decisive action was needed to save Dr. Mountin’s (then director of the CDC) job! This objective was achieved through the appointment of Dr. Alexander Langmuir from John Hopkins (nowadays a well-known hotbed of phantom diseases and highly questionable statistics).

Langmuir changed the objective of the CDC from controlling diseases as they happened (as they, with increasing frequency, did NOT) to one of hunting for diseases.

To this end he established the “Epidemic Intelligence Service” (EIS) which, basically, trained people in how to abuse the, then, fledgling science of epidemiology to talk up mountain ranges out of goose bumps.

Their basic task was to search for every little cluster of disease and to attempt to talk it up into a major problem of impending health catastrophe; all to enhance the power of the CDC itself. Graduates of the EIS training were gradually infiltrated into every public health agency around the world. Although they, ostensibly, worked for the government wherever they were stationed, they passed and still pass all information onto the CDC and follow instructions given by the CDC.

The EIS is the CDC’s version of the CIA and which, so they claim, has infiltrated every government around the world.

The EIS has chalked up many “successes” including the 1950/60’s polio vaccine campaign which caused a significant increase in cases even after DDT, which, combined with mercury from amalgam tooth fillings and “vaccines, is the actual cause of polio, was banned.

A further “success” was the 1976 “swine ‘flu” through which, despite there only ever having been 5 recorded cases, they managed to parley Congress into imposing a compulsory vaccination, months after all traces had disappeared. This, in turn resulted in several thousand deaths and tens of thousands of serious injuries from the lethal concoctions in the “vaccine”.

Needless to say, the CDC and EIS have forged strong links to the vaccine manufacturers…

…and, in recent years, many senior figures in the CDC have also held significant numbers of shares in the vaccine companies.

In 2009 they tried to repeat their Swine ‘flu “success” of 1976 but public rejection led to them abandoning it despite have persuaded the French government to make their “vaccination” compulsory – a law which French bureaucrats never even tried to enforce, so great was the public resistance!

Incidentally, although pig and human tissues are so similar that it is theoretically possible for a swine ‘flu to move to humans (until recently, the insulin given to diabetics was taken from pig carcasses) there is no actual evidence that this has ever happened.

The EIC’s other big flop was bird ‘flu…

…which would have required a minimum 40% “mutation” to become transferable to humans. This explains why it never did transfer.

The modus operandi of the EIC has been to search for ever smaller “disease outbreaks” and, totally ignoring environmental factors which are the most probable cause, to push these with all their might to portray them as the sources of potential epidemics. Their failures are legion. Even in this century we can list not only swine and bird ‘flu but also Legionnaires disease, Zika, SARS, MERS as well as a host of other maladies afflicting tiny numbers of people and which never even made it to the national press.

Amongst these are the often repeated “measles” outbreaks which, it turns out, are in fully vaccinated populations. This despite the fact that the natural development process called “measles”, due to improved nutrition, ceased to be a health risk more than seventy years ago.

The EIC and the CDC may now have written the last chapter in their story with the present fantasy disease “Covid-19”.

In a last desperate attempt to justify their continued existence, being unable to find any pocket of strange malady which is not totally obviously environmental in origin (such as the extreme air pollution, including hydrogen cyanide, which kills around two million Chinese each year with pneumonia alone) they decided to go one step further and to simply invent a disease.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Covid-19 actually exists!

No “virus” has been found. No pathogen isolated. No specific symptoms. No specific course. No morbidity. Nothing whatsoever.

When this whole thing started, we were given a list of symptoms of this new, “super-deadly pandemic”:-

Runny nose
Sore throat
Minor cough
Stuffy head
Sometimes also loss of sense of smell and taste
Symptoms last for 2 to 5 days

Do you not recognise these as the symptoms of the Common Cold?

Has your nose never been so bunged up that you can’t smell or taste?

If it’s so deadly, where are the bodies? Why have undertakers gone onto short-time working because they don’t have enough work to do?

The only evidence of morbidity that we have lies in the national death statistics of each nation which publishes such.

At the beginning of the lockdowns when hospitals were ordered to cease treatments for everything other than Covid, many people died as the direct result of being denied treatment. Since then, the death rate has returned to normal or, in some countries, is even significantly below normal! This latter is easy to understand when you grasp that hospitals are still being forbidden to offer normal treatments and that pharmaceutical medicine is the number one cause of unnatural death.

A cold isn’t even a disease but a natural detoxification method to prepare the human body for the cooler seasons. This is why it begins in the Autumn (Am: Fall) and continues through to the first warm weather in the Spring. This process removes cooling materials such a cow dairy residues and refined sugar in order to conserve bodily warmth. This is why the “Second wave” (despite a “First Wave” never actually happening) has been “scheduled” for October.

Over the course of the last 180 years, human (and animal) health has been so enormously enhanced by improvements in both the quality and quantity of foodstuffs, sanitation and fresh water supplies that most of the diseases which used to plague us have simply disappeared. You can write a list of diseases that you might expect to find in present day Third World countries and, if you look in the history books, you will see that these were endemic throughout Europe and N. America in the mid-19th century. You can read even more about this here:-

The CDC’s original remit to counter such diseases has become totally obsolete.

Covid-19 is just their final attempt to create a reason for their continued existence. The astute will have noticed how President Trump has been gradually distancing his administration from the CDC. This may be a prelude to closing it down as a major source of human suffering and misery.

We have, over the last few days, seen how President Trump and his wife, Melania, have processed this small problem. On Thursday 1st October, they both noticed the first symptoms of a cold. Co-incidentally, they both showed as “positive” on the ridiculous and hopelessly inaccurate “Covid-19” tests.

For reasons that we shall probably never know, President Trump was moved from the White House to the Presidential Suite at the Walter Reed military medical center in Bethesda, a short helicopter ride away.

Three days later, his cold was over and he returned to his duties at the White House, stating that he felt fitter than he had for 20 years. This is, actually, quite possible:-

Whilst in the hospital, President Trump was given a number of drugs with known serious side effects plus at least one experimental drug. The combination of these drugs is something that has never been studied and the cumulative effects are unknown. It is for this reason that a number of us in relay used techniques upon him which delete all toxins. Partially we used the Clearing Transmissions, which anyone with the DVD can use, and other, more advanced techniques which require study and practice. We did not restrict ourselves to neutralising the dangerous pharmaceuticals but deleted ALL toxins. It is quite possible that his body has, thereby, become, physiologically, literally 20 years “younger”.

Stop Press!

After completing this article, I received a report that researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center have “discovered” that the “antibodies”** which your body produces when you have a cold, will also prevent you getting Covid-19.

Well, of course they will – they are one and the same “disease”.

** The “Antibody” hypothesis, just like the “virus” hypothesis is not science but a dogma, i.e. it is a “required belief” in order to get and to retain a licence to practice medicine. No evidence ever been adduced to prove the existence of either the one or the other.

More open minded research indicates most strongly that “viruses” are, in fact, “exosomes.”

Exosomes are tiny packets of information generated by humans (and most other species as well) to facilitate informational exchanged both between cells and between members of that species.

Other researchers have identified the so-called “antibodies” as micro-proteins involved in normal cell-repair processes.

Karma Singh
10th October 2020

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