So, Did The Democrats SPRAY The Trump Contingency At “The Debate” With Covid-19?

We Know The Liberals REALLY Are DESPERATE…

So, Did They?

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

CNN says: “The public doesn’t believe us!  Now what do we do?”

We only have to look at the liberal media’s representations of Trump, and America’s Conservatives, put forth every day to know that America’s liberals are morally and ethically bonkers.

Impeachments?  Russian hoaxes?  Every day a new scandal, and none of them stick…

They are at the point where they will try ANYTHING to stop us from rolling up their promotion of outright socialism/communism.

Their HATRED for our Judeo/Christian based society is boundless.

The idea that they would spray us with Covid-19 is NOT far-fetched…

Of course the Democrats would head towards violence.  It is in their political DNA.  Remember the Ku Klux Klan?  Totally a Democratic Party function.

Look at the continuing riots in Democratic Party run cities.  ANTIFA is their current version of the KKK.

ALL of the Western States fires are caused by ARSON.  Guess who the arsonists are?  ALL of the areas being intentionally burned (arson) are where Conservatives live…

Historically, “Corruption” is a way of life in the Democratic Party…

There are so many examples of outright corruption in the Democratic Party that one can simply not find ANY historical period when there was normalcy.

In the 1800s all of New York city was controlled by “Tammany Hall.”  These days it looks like “Boss Tweed” is still in operation.

The well known “Daley Machine” in Chicago was of the best known Democratic Party corruption schemes ever.  From the “Illinois Review” comes:

“Ten years ago, on July 27, 2005, Cook County Republican Chairman Gary Skoien announced a $10,000 reward for evidence leading to the conviction of Mayor Richard J. Daley on corruption charges. The idea of the reward did not originate with me, but I was quite involved as General Counsel of the County Party, with knowledge of the emerging federal probes of Chicago corruption.

In 2005, the Department of Justice employed specialized anti-corruption strike teams, each made up of a score of FBI agents and prosecutors. Only a select few cities had a strike team, but Chicago had three.

The reward was issued days after the indictment of Robert Sorich, head of the Office of Governmental Affairs, as federal prosecutors slowly revealed a massive, illegal scheme to unlawfully award jobs to Democrat campaign workers without regard to qualification and ahead of legitimate aspirants. Sorich, a Daley stalwart, had an office just steps from the Mayor’s in City Hall…

But then Robert Sorich was convicted. Then Al Sanchez, Commissioner for Streets and Sanitation was indicted, then convicted. The investigation resulted in over 30 indictments and 20 convictions, and the laughing stopped.

Eventually, the reward fund topped $100,000, but they never did indict Mayor Daley. Was he complicit? To this day I have no evidence, but I have no doubts.”

Louisiana “Dictator”  Huey Long – Famous for Democratic Party corruption… 

From “Politico” comes:

“Branded a demagogue by his critics, Long was a larger-than-life figure who boasted that he bought legislators “like sacks of potatoes, shuffled them like a deck of cards.” He dubbed himself “The Kingfish,” saying: “I’m a small fish here in Washington. But I’m the Kingfish to the folks down in Louisiana.”

Harboring his designs on the presidency, Long soon denounced FDR. In response, many of his former allies in the Louisiana Legislature turned against him. Seeking to retain power, Long engineered legislation that gave him control over the appointment of every public position in the state, including policemen and school teachers.”

From the “National Review” comes:

“It’s a mistake to regard Huey Long as an ideological figure, a man committed to a program,” Schlesinger said. “I think Huey Long’s great passion was for power and money, and he stole a lot of money and accumulated a lot of power and destroyed all those who got in the way of these two ambitions.”

And then there was Obama…

Barack Hussein Obama, probably the most corrupt and racist president in America’s history, devoted his entire eight years to the destruction of America as we know it – focusing on crushing Western Civilization.  Creating, and implementing, massive regulation, designed to destroy American business, in favor of Chinese, and other interests, he made a big point of using federal agencies to destroy his enemies, actual, and perceived.  There were so many instances of Obama doing this we lost count – focusing on what this degenerate scumbag arranged for our President Trump.

But, one of the most egregious cases involved a Texas Congressman, who dared to oppose Obama and his band of moral midgets – Rep Steve Stockman.

Stockman’s crime?  From the Washington Times comes:

“Former Rep. Steve Stockman, Texas Republican, did more as an elected official than perhaps any other to alert the nation to the fact that Lois Lerner, the now-disgraced IRS official, was using her powerful position to target conservatives.

He boldly led the charge that eventually resulted in Ms. Lerner admitting her abuse of power, being held in contempt of Congress and being ousted her from her post.

But while Ms. Lerner now lives as a free woman, even though she and her crooked government buddies enacted revenge on Stockman, who now is languishing in a federal prison under a 10-year sentence.

The 2018 criminal trial of Stockman has laid bare the underbelly of political targeting by the Obama administration’s Department of Justice. As a congressman, Stockman had exposed many instances of high-level corruption by Obama officials. His ability to chase down and hold accountable Obama officials is legendary. Stockman called for the impeachment of Attorney General Eric H. Holder for obstruction of justice and contempt of Congress.

The gutsy former Texas congressman undid much of President Barack Obama’s agenda when he blocked, via a “blue slip,” the president’s signature legislative priorities — the immigration and gun control bills — effectively keeping the Senate from sending the bills to the House for a vote.

The 2020 US Democratic Party has no sense, what-so-ever, of morality or ethics…

So, of course they would issue Covid-19 spray bottles to their street gangs…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


4 thoughts on “So, Did The Democrats SPRAY The Trump Contingency At “The Debate” With Covid-19?”

  1. T and the rest of them have been infected for months. I have been seeing it in their blood which I assume is why it has not been detected by the usual nasopharyngeal swabs. While YOU have no reason to believe a word I say, I know my accuracy rate, and therefore conclude this SARS virus is not that big a deal unless you are already half dead from a multitude of other illnesses. (What is causing the “infection” is really multiple infections all hitting at once, but that is another post.) What I have observed, is that this particular SARS virus has been hiding and latent in nearly all of us for 2-5 years. Of course this can account for why so many people seem to have T cell immunity to it.
    Re the COVID in general: The new 5G frequencies and increased numbers of 4G antennas have interacted with the latent crap (substantially chemtrail sourced) inside us all. Once this has damaged enough tissue and released enough latent infections/toxins, individuals reach their “overwhelm” point and get sick. A major clue to this is the appearance of exosomes, the presence of which may have mislead disseminators of the exosome theory into thinking all viruses are actually exosomes.
    This happened to me in mid December when I got sick from an excessive 4G exposure which always happens after these jobs, but sometimes the earnings make the risk necessary. Addressing exosomes for the first time in my life was the only thing that eliminated the misery.
    It also appears that the Barrett nomination bash on 9-29 may have been the blame worthy mass transmission event. Analysis of the energies of those in various publicity photos leads me to conclude that most of the attendees were infected with SARS-CoV-2. High levels of 5G, most likely 600 MHz judging from the amount of heart nerve damage, were evident. The results do not surprise me.
    P.S. I do not see evidence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in Barrett family members but I do see high antibodies to some other corona virus. If they believe they have already had COVID, presumably because at least some were tested, it may be evidence that cross reactions between SARS-CoV-2 fragments and other corona viruses using some PCR tests exists. If none fall ill, it could be evidence that cross immunity may also exist.
    P.P.S. After my initial eye roll, I listened to some YouTube videos of Barrett and have concluded she seems like a pretty reasonable person. Perhaps you should oppose her on those grounds.

  2. This is a definite possibility. The swamp knows that if Pres. Trump is re-elected, they will all be taken down. These evil people are beyond desperate and will do anything to stay in power.

  3. Not ridiculous that they might try, but since “the” virus hasn’t been isolated or proven to be a causative agent of anything, I can’t see that it would work. They’d just look stupid.

    Personally I think the whole thing is theatre, a distraction, or a way to make the press look ridiculous. But there are any number of additional possibilities: he’s being assassinated, or he’s faking his death being high on the list. It’s also entirely possible that he genuinely believes in this, and so do his doctors, and that possibility concerns me the most.

    All the same, his “illness” has been predicted for some weeks now. There is also the “October Surprise” thing, and don’t forget when he said “you won’t see me for a while”.

    There are rumours those videos from inside WRH in fact have the signature of being taken on some kind of sea vessel. There is a good chance he is a thousand miles from DC at the moment. The “President” in the car had a mask on, so, could be anybody.

    Since virtually everything coming out of DC is fake news, I wouldn’t take any of this at face value.

  4. I agree, Larry. One does not get sick from a virus.
    Karma Singh knows about this. Karma, can you elaborate?

    Dr. Robert Young has shown it’s the pH that drops when one gets sick. Acidosis – from cellular waste that the body can’t always keep up with depending on diet, thoughts, exercise, etc.

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