(Humor?) – For Election 2020 – How To Choose Which Political Party To Support….

A Simple Guideline…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Last night’s “Presidential Debate” showed us the glaring difference between the aims of the Democratic versus the Republican Party’s offerings in Election 2020.

For the very first time during the 2020 election process the American Public got to see those glaring comparisons – for, for the first time Democratic candidate Joe Biden was yanked out of his basement bunker and forced to face tough questions about where he, and the so-called Democratic Party actually stand on issues important to America.

President Trump smacked Biden around the stage like he was a party piñata

It was very justified – But It was hard to watch.  President Trump was brutal and ruthless – just what America needed to see – the simple fact that Biden’s campaign offering, which has been kept a TOTAL SECRET so far, REALLY IS a socialist/communist takeover of the American ideology.   It is, and would be, without doubt, the end of “America,” in favor of globalist interests.

Joe Biden looked, and sounded, to me like he was “on something.”  That his  George Soros handlers had bent him over a table five minutes before debate time and injected him with a cocaine/meth application.  Biden was manic the whole time.  I think if the debate had been two hours instead of ninety minutes Biden would have started to grin/drool at 98 minutes and the paramedics would have taken him to the looney bin at 110 minutes in.

But, what we did get out of basement Joe was his so-called platform – pure unadulterated socialism/communism = where EVERYONE was to work for the government – and American business and entrepreneurship would be taxed into oblivion.  As Donald pointed out very clearly  – Biden wants to COMPLETELY  shut down the US economy in favor of a government building project where American workers will walk away from their just now destroyed private sector jobs, join road gangs (with ankle-chains?) , and install five million electrical “charging stations” on the nation’s Interstate highways.

That’s Biden’s idea of”creating jobs…”

Democratic party leaders want to cancel the next two debates – and we can certainly see why…

Why?  The Democrats have nothing to offer the American Public but a “Chinese run Venezuela.”  Socialism/Communism simply does not work.

NOW we are getting somewhere…

We are now fully into election 2020…

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


3 thoughts on “(Humor?) – For Election 2020 – How To Choose Which Political Party To Support….”

  1. I fully agree with your views, but the debate was very poorly (dis-)organised. 2 minutes reply per Candidate is insufficient. The minimum should be 3 mins. The Candidates must agree before the start, that they do not interrupt or make gestures or faces at each other. The Moderator is to be in charge, not the Candidates. After asking the question, he should sound the START 1 bell and disconnect the microphone 2 of the non speaker. After 3 mins the STOP 1 bell should sound followed by START 2 bell with microphone 1 disconnected etc.This is a very simple, cheap and effective way to control the Debate. Please advise the organizers of the 2nd and 3rd Debates.

  2. The only trouble with dictatorships is that they can’t work even if the smartest of all geniuses is at the helm. The reality of dictatorships is that only those people dumb enough to think that people can be productive without freedom end up as the dictator.

  3. The real winner of the “debate” was the one candidate on all 50 state ballots who was excluded by the unholy alliance of the two ruling parties and the media, namely Dr. Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party candidate. #JoJo2020

    Over the past three presidential cycles the LP has held the balance of the votes between the ruling parties and has doubled and redoubled its votes. Remember, a vote for Jo is not a vote for Joe.

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