The Absolute JOY of Being Hung Up on by a CNN Producer For Chris Cuomo…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

This will be a very short article with a video just under two and a half minutes long, but it may become my most popular article ever written.

My wife was left a message on her phone from a CNN producer named Mi Seon, Senior Editorial Producer @CNN@CuomoPrimetime asking if she knew a Kent Heckenlively.  After a long moment of contemplation my lovely wife decided she did. She went to our bathroom where I was just finishing a quick shower and told me about it.

Because my long-time mentor, the great Tim Bolen, had long prepared me for such a moment, I decided to document the call back to her, of course asking for permission to make a record of the call.

Hilarity ensues…

I wonder how many interviews I’ll be doing with the mainstream media after this episode?

Opinion by Kent Heckenlively, JD

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8 thoughts on “The Absolute JOY of Being Hung Up on by a CNN Producer For Chris Cuomo…”

  1. Kent –

    Are you suggesting that CNN’s Chris Cuomo is just another “Purse Dog” for Big Pharma?

  2. You are awesome Kent. I appreciate your effort for all our children, especially the vaccine injured. God Bless you all.

  3. Well done. No one is likely to give contact details for Judy. Good on you both. Just a shame they didnt even want to chat to you. rofl.

  4. This is golden! Thank you Kent for keeping things real, transparent, and getting right to the heart of the matter! Integrity matters.

    Valorie in Georgia

  5. Im 1000% sure I have ME/CFC since I got a horrible flu from someone who had come from Tucson in August, 1977.
    My family all got it too but it stayed with me. Im still young enough to heal. Please can I get in touch with a doctor who knows what Dr Judy knows.
    I appreciate her so much. I listened to hours of her interviews. She is exceptionally
    wonderful. I even live in Ventura County. ( Ventura)
    Thank you for any lead or help you can give me.
    Susan Pal
    805 620 0174

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