Double Hoax – When, exactly, is the Covid-19 “Second Wave” going to start?

The So-Called “First Wave” Was a “Created Crisis…” With NO substance, designed, and activated, to shut down America, and Western Civilization…

We have been hearing, over the last few weeks, how a medical emergency has “necessitated” the quasi-abolition of human rights in order to prevent a plague…

The whole thing was made up – and that fact is coming to light worldwide. 

Harsh Retaliation is in the air…

From Europe – Opinion By Karma Singh

We have been told that this “plague” would be caused by the spread of a mysterious “virus” which has changed its name twice this year already and is now called “Sars-Cov-2”.

It is one of more than a thousand known Corona type “viruses”, so called because they have crown-like protuberances. Nothing further is known about this micro-protein particle.

Let me repeat that, just to make it clear:-


Nothing is known of its origin. Nothing is known of its life-cycle or even that it has such a cycle. Nothing is known of its purpose. Nothing is known of its function. Nothing is known of its effects.

All that is known is that it is one of many, many micro-proteins which have “crown-like” protuberances.

It is not even certain that it is unique, i.e. that “Sars-Cov-2” can definitely be identified separately from all other corona “viruses”.

The so-called “COVID-19” test is, therefore, unspecific and will register a positive for a wide range of protein particles having crown-like protuberances.

This was most ably demonstrated a few days ago by the president of Tanzania, the largest country in East Africa, when he had samples taken from a wide variety of animals, birds and fruits, and trees, put false human names upon them and had them sent to the WHO laboratory for COVID-19 testing.

A large proportion, almost half of them, came back “positive” including the one taken from a paw-paw fruit..   News sources say that the Tanzanian president had the head of the WHO laboratory arrested and replaced.

You need to watch the video below.

Had they all registered positive then one might assume contamination in the manufacturing process as happened in England some weeks ago.

Mixed positive and negative indicates most strongly that we are dealing here with a harmless protein particle which is very wide-spread across a wide variety of animal, bird and plant species.

Nonetheless, the presence of these very common particles has been used to strip us all of our rights and to cause economic mayhem. When we look at the figures from the German government office of statistics we see no unusual death rates. In fact the death rates for 2020 are mostly slightly below average and much lower than in 2018.

Other sources, such as Dr. Erickson in California, clearly show that there is NO PANDEMIC in existence.


Given that the corona “viruses” have been known for more than 60 years and are known to be harmless, that on the 19th March the British National Health service downgraded Covid-19 from “serious” to “harmless” and that the tests are conclusively shown to be unspecific, one question needs to be asked:-

Where is the “First Wave?”

Before a second wave can take place there must be one before it. Where is it?

We have been told that mass-deaths have been avoided by quarantining the healthy and bankrupting many small and medium businesses but where is the evidence?

Simply calling a proportion of the typical annual ‘flu deaths Covid-19 is no evidence that such an illness exists. Applying a test which will give a positive for any of the thousand and more known corona-type proteins is no evidence for the existence of Sars-Cov-2.

We are now told that “relaxing” the restrictions will, inevitably lead to a second wave. But where, please, is the first one????

The only visible evidence of a widespread health problem is the wearing of face masks which begin to cause lung damage after only 30 minutes and are completely incapable of filtering out anything so small as a putative “virus”.

Masks also cause psychological damage by preventing normal, healthy human interactions. This is the only evidence of something which could cause large numbers of people to become either physically or mentally sick. The quicker this practice is stopped, the less the likelihood of any widespread health problems.

Read more to this in my book “Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P.” available from

Please note that postal authorities in Europe are refusing to accept packages for delivery to N. America or Australasia. Printed books can be delivered in the UK and, elsewhere, the E-book editions continues to be available.


Blessed be

Karma Singh

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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

8 thoughts on “Double Hoax – When, exactly, is the Covid-19 “Second Wave” going to start?”

  1. It looks like they’ve introduced a variant to attack children. The original wasn’t getting the job done.

  2. The damage from face masks is more apt to be oxygen starvation from re breathing large amounts of your own expelled CO2 which is almost as bad as CO( carbon monoxide)

  3. Well, according to the BBC (I know, I know…) they didn’t throw out the test, they suspended the director of the lab. Which is the truth?

    All the same, suspending the director is a bit like the naked Emperor firing the guy who holds the mirror.

  4. That’s the version I heard, Larry – that the WHO suspended the director of the lab.
    Tim has received different news from elsewhere and changed my text.
    I don’t think that it matters much – either way he or she is going to be made the scapegoat.

    Blessed be

  5. The second wave will come when 5G is fully switched on. This has been a “Test Run”.

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