Robert Kennedy, Jr. Gives a HUGE Endorsement to my new book “PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION”…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

Publishing a book requires many moving parts.

One of the most important is who writes the foreword.  It gives the seal of approval from somebody who is likely to be more well-known than you, or has more standing in the field.

When Dr. Judy Mikovits and I published our book, PLAGUE, we were fortunate enough to get Hilary Johnson, a former editor at Rolling Stone magazine, and the author of the definitive work on the chronic fatigue syndrome epidemic, Osler’s Web.  Her endorsement gave the book an enormous boost in that community.

For this book I asked one of my well-known activist friends and he was flattered, but suggested I get Robert Kennedy, Jr.

I talked to Judy about it and she thought it was a good idea, especially since Kennedy had always been friendly to her when they met at conferences, even if she felt he didn’t fully understand her story.

The one concern I had is that Kennedy seems to be one of the busiest men on the planet.  Whether he was keeping our rivers and lakes clean, fighting Monsanto over their terrible Round-Up weedkiller, or getting eviscerated by members of his own family because of his stance on vaccines, I wondered if he had any time left for another project.

I was instructed to prepare a sample foreword for Kennedy, nothing more than 3 or 4 pages, then he’d edit as he saw fit.  Both my efforts were a complete failure.  I tried, but couldn’t seem to give him what he needed.

I offered him a graceful way out, suggesting he was too busy, but he said he wanted to help.  He just couldn’t give me a firm timeline.

You can imagine my surprise when I was recently in a teacher staff meeting, my cell-phone rang, and caller I.D. said it was Robert Kennedy, Jr.  “I know I said I didn’t have time,” he began.  “But I was on a long plane flight, had it on my computer, so I read the whole thing.  It’s wonderful.  I know what to write now.”

How many thoughts were racing through my mind?

The first thought was “YES!  I’ve made the book short enough so that somebody might be able to read the whole thing in the 4-5 hours of an airplane flight!”  I know I have a tendency to want to tell the ENTIRE story, rather than ruthlessly cutting out some of the less important parts.

The second thought was, “Oh my God!  Robert Kennedy, Jr., the man I consider to be the bravest figure in public life, just praised our book and is going to do the foreword!”  You must understand there was a time in my life when I read just about every word ever written about Robert Kennedy, Sr.  It wasn’t so much his politics that drew me, (because in some ways he was all over the political map during his life), but how he demonstrated the continuing ability to learn and grow.  Now the namesake of my political hero was endorsing my work.

Kennedy was as good as his word and came back with a fantastic foreword.  How long?  Remember, I was told to give him no more than 3 or 4 pages.

Kennedy wrote a 15 page foreword for “PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION!”

It was a thing of beauty, and he titled it, “Moral Courage and Our Common Future.”  To me it ranks up there with some of the most beautiful addresses of President John Kennedy, or Senator Robert Kennedy.  You are not going to believe how many ideas he ties together in this foreword.

As you probably realize by now, I consider myself a student of politics, so I have a few ideas about how to conduct a winning campaign.

The vaccine-injured population afflicts people without regard to race, religion, or political identity.  I’d say many, if not most in our movement consider themselves more liberal in their political leanings.  It probably won’t surprise you that I am more conservative, a classical liberal in many ways, meaning I want the maximum amount of freedom for the greatest number.  You live your life the way you want, and I’ll do the same.  Simple, right?

But when it comes to the fate of humanity, I don’t see liberals or conservatives.  I just see those who are awake to the danger, and those who are not.

This fight exists ABOVE politics.

But still, I recognize the need to solidify the base.  If I am known as being on the more conservative end of the spectrum, promoting TRUE free-market principles AND a FAIR JUSTICE SYSTEM, then I need those on the other side of the political spectrum to join in supporting my efforts.  (As I will support them in their fight.)  That’s what it means to have Robert Kennedy, Jr. giving such a full-throated endorsement to our book.

Kennedy’s endorsement should solidify our community, so we can move forward with one voice.  Then, we can start attracting those who are currently in their slumber, or just awakening.  I don’t care what approach wakes them up, from the right or the left, because this is a fight for ALL OF US.

A community unified in support of this book and the relentless search for the truth as exemplified by the example of Dr. Judy Mikovits can make an enormous difference.  Here’s what you can do, before the book comes out on March 3, 2020.

By pre-ordering the book…

…you are telling the publisher that there is an enormous hunger for this story.  That means they will devote resources to marketing and publicity.  It can also attract attention from Hollywood.

Our original book, PLAGUE, has sold more than 22,000 copies.

I want our new book, PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION, to sell more than 100,000 copies.

On publication day, March 3, 2020, I want there to be at least 10,000 pre-orders, waiting to be shipped out.  All pre-orders are counted on the DAY OF PUBLICATION.

Any non-fiction book that sells somewhere between 5,000 to 7,000 copies in a week is pretty much guaranteed to be on the New York Times bestseller list. (Yes, I know they might try to mess with us, but we do what we can do.)

I know that we can get to 10,000 pre-orders by March 3.  Please do what you can.

P.S. – And if anybody knows how to hook me up with Joe Rogan or Dave Rubin, let me know in the comments.

Be sure to pre-order Kent Heckenlively’s new book with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION from Amazon which you can do RIGHT NOW!
The book is coming out on March 3, 2020 and contains explosive new revelations about the corruption of our scientific bodies, as well as new directions to ensure we become the healthiest generation in history!



plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing, in 2014 and is now available in paperback with NEW material.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.



6 thoughts on “Robert Kennedy, Jr. Gives a HUGE Endorsement to my new book “PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION”…”

  1. Kent,

    I believe you are 100% correct that this fight is “above politics”. You are also spot on when you say it affects all people of all demographics. Anyone with a physical body literally has “skin” in this game. And, as Polly Tommey, says the vaccine mantra is the greatest lie ever told (not sure I quoted her perfectly). I believe I already know what the ultimate outcome of this will be, but if we allow anyone (or any entity) to continue to compel us to vaccinate it is a death sentence for humanity. There will simply not be any healthy people left. This is a pure good versus evil contest and I’m convinced it is also a spiritual/supernatural fight as well.

    Best regards,
    I will be pre-ordering your book,


  2. I read “Plague” that you wrote with Dr. Judy and I can’t wait to read this one. That being said, I will not be pre-ordering it as you are still using Amazon. Given Amazon’s anti-vaccine censorship, I closed my account in protest and I will never buy anything from them again. So, if you’d like me to buy a copy of your book, I suggest that you find a retailer who doesn’t censor and sell your book through them… let me know when you find one and I’ll order your book.


    I don’t know yet what corruption [so many directions it comes from] you’d pitch YOUR BOOK to…. but THE CANADA HEALTH [surrogate FDA] has just issued this amazing order to try to TAKE AWAY THE HBOT CHAMBERS THAT parents of AUTISTIC KIDS are using with some success. They state they will demand the chambers be turned in.. Claiming [in spite of their apparently recognized authority only applying to chambers with higher pressures] that the 1.3 ATA [4psi] are FIRE HAZARDS… even the ones that don’t use O2 CONCENTRATORS!!!

    I’m guessing they favor the drug industry’s hold and think [for their own aggrandizement] they can expand their licen$ing reach… but it may go deeper even…

    On the fire hazard idea…………………………………..
    One member of an HBOT group on facebook i belong to used to assiduously monitor accident reports and the fire/explosion events were always the big hard-sided high pressure chambers that totally fill the interior with O2…. whereas the soft-sided [aka mild] chambers supply O2 to the patient through a mask or canula so the interior of the chamber doesn’t reach beyond 30some % and the ones that do just ‘air’ [no concentrator, just pressure] don’t change the % [the pressure just makes the ‘air’ kinda ‘thicker’ so that every liter of ‘air’ that the patient inhales contains more o2 molecules for their hemoglobin and serum to take in]

    Meanwhile if higher amounts of o2 to THOSE LEVELS WERE HAZARDOUS, this planet would be a CINDER, because there were periods on evolution when the planet’s atmosphere exceeded 30% o2, which together with the planet’s incessant lightning would have toasted life on earth…..

    I don’t know whether you can turn this attack on autism kids as marketing and add to their defenses but i figured it’s in your ballpark…

    They were so prideful that they know it all that they have used the little mild hbot chambers doing ‘air’ as PLACEBOS in experiments that test the big chambers against the drugs…… BOOM… what happened in a number of those gold-standard [double blind, randomized, placebo controlled] experiments was that the little mild hbot chambers did AS WELL OR BETTER than the big expensive behemoths — AND BOTH DID BETTER THAN THE DRUGS… oh yeah, twisting reporting was needed… dig this… the game used was that ‘HBOT wasn’t better than Placebo, hence discard HBOT’……. KEEP DRUGS…..

    This happened in a DOD test for traumatic brain injury and PTSD…. similar things have shown up in diabetes research done in Canada for people facing extremities being amputated….

    Here’s one where they waited til the drugs had no use at all so only HBOT and hyperbaric air were tested… ………. conclusion, not significantly different… ignoring the better ‘side effects’ angle than *drugs*..
    [here in the USA the hospitals/insurance/medicare must not be waiting that long and are of the favoring opinion, because it’s ok for charging HBOT to medicare at our local hospital to avoid amputations]

    ….and here’s one done by the DOD to try to undo the SPECT scan demonstrated improvements in PTSD, etc done earlier by Dr Paul Harch [ a major researcher ]..

    Total corrupting going on……….
    best wishes….. ttyl

  4. “You live your life the way you want, and I’ll do the same.”

    Right on, Kent. This is actually key to the strength of a race, a species, a community, since variation is in evolutionary terms what allows a group to survive and grow stronger when faced with a threat or existential threat. If all members are identical, and have identical ways of living (niches), then one small change in environment can wipe out all members. And one faulty batch of vaccines could, say, cause cancerous viruses to infect a whole generation of children. It has already happened.

    This is basic Darwinian doctrine, and yet Darwin has been used by the eugenicists and technocrats to indicate prescribed living and collectivism. They no longer talk of ‘variation’ but of ‘defects’. I am not sure what Darwin believed, but even Monsignor Richard, high priest of the church of Dawkinology, has to admit that it follows from evolutionary theory that variation is essential to survival.

    In short, demanding everybody look after their health in the same way is setting mankind up for mass overnight extinction.

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