Should President Trump Activate The “1807 Insurrection Act” Against the “Impeachment Democrats?”

Yes, Absolutely…

There is no question that there is an “Insurrection” going on against a legally constituted government.  Call in the Military.  Make mass Arrests.  Fill up the camps.

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

What, exactly, is an “Insurrection?”

According to the Collins dictionary An insurrection is violent action that is taken by a large group of people against the rulers of their country, usually in order to remove them from office.

Are the Democrats involved in that?  Oh yeah.  We have only to look at the Liberal Democrat’s ANTIFA army being groomed across the US, armed and trained in weaponry, and attack tactics.  There, without question, is the violence.  Their recent activities in Minneapolis and Portland are not isolated incidences.  They are evidence of a carefully planned armed revolt designed to terrorize the American public into accepting Democrats’ corrupt deviant life style.

It is a violent communist/socialist/sexual deviant revolt.  It is time to shut it down as HARSHLY as possible.

Is there precedent for this?

Absolutely.  President George Washington used the Insurrection Act to put down the so-called “Whiskey Rebellion” in 1779.

It was invoked by President Eisenhower in 1957 in Little Rock, Arkansas to ensure the enrollment of African-American schoolchildren in the face of state defiance of a federal court order.

President President George H.W. Bush in the 1992 Los Angeles riots.

President Harry S. Truman’s use of federal troops against striking railroad workers in 1946.

The 1973 intervention of federal troops against the American Indian Movement at Wounded Knee.

Herbert Hoover including the assault on the Bonus Marchers in 1932.

The so-called “Insurrection Act” is a combination of laws that:

U.S. Code § 252. Use of militia and armed forces to enforce Federal authority

Whenever the President considers that unlawful obstructions, combinations, or assemblages, or rebellion against the authority of the United States, make it impracticable to enforce the laws of the United States in any State by the ordinary course of judicial proceedings, he may call into Federal service such of the militia of any State, and use such of the armed forces, as he considers necessary to enforce those laws or to suppress the rebellion.

California is the leader of the communist/socialist/sexual deviant rebellion against the United States.

Look at the “players” in the “Impeachment” activity – Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff – California’s elite.

California is corrupt to the core.  The State capital, Sacramento, and ALL of the Democratic party politicians, are completely owned by Big Pharma and the Public Employee Unions.

“We the People” have shocked the Nationwide Democratic Party…

We elected Donald Trump to be our President – not their choice for president baby-blood-drinker Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, as we ALL know, was  the epitome of corruption gone wild.  Her “Pay-to-Play” Clinton Foundation was, and is, apparently, the MODEL for Democratic Party elected officials.  Democratic Party candidate Presidential Joe Biden is just another example.  Filth encrusted Biden, as Vice President, took his drug-addled son Hunter along with him on Air Force Two, everywhere he went in world politics.  Hunter would stay behind a few days, and come away with huge piles of cash – a billion-five here, a million or two there.  You know – a little spending money so he could buy the better quality drugs to ingest.

But, “We the People” have a different attitude about that sort of thing.  We DO NOT approve…

But, what most Americans have failed to realize about elected Democratic Party officials is that they have been corrupt for so long they believe that they, and their families, are ENTITLED to that corruption.

So when our President Donald Trump, acting on our behalf, asks the leader of a foreign government to provide us all with the circumstances of corruption in that country in regards to interfering with our election process, the elected Democrats, as a group, shit their pants.


Because “We the People” identified a very important problem – the fact that almost EVERY Democratic Party elected official is bought off right from the start.  And THAT is why they are so angry.

We have gotten into their very core.  They are not impeaching our President they are impeaching us.

It is time to open the re-education camps.  We have a crisis.

We have been too nice for too long.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


14 thoughts on “Should President Trump Activate The “1807 Insurrection Act” Against the “Impeachment Democrats?””

  1. Tim, you are missing a pattern in your cited history… every one of those uses of federal forces [or state militias] was AGAINST ‘SMALL’ PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF THE DC GOVERNMENT… black rioters, veterans, railroad workers, indians, etc…

    This current insane operation is a violence-intending election-holified contingent INSIDE THE FEDERAL HALLS OF DC….

    The insane Pelosi may think she’s the Queen of England and can, at the invitation of Parliament’s majority party Princeling, step all over the rights and DUE PROCESS rules of law and run away with the powers… against the CONSTITUTION………

    BUT SHE IS THE 3RD IN LINE FOR THE PRESIDENCY, so this is not a riff-raff rebellion….. YET… TTYL

  2. MJ – There is no question that the whole “Impeachment” scenario is part of an insurrection. It is. Top Democrats, the liberal media, all of those liberal groups are in a RICO type conspiracy to destroy the legally elected American government.

    Time to open the camps that Obama and Hillary had set up for US – and fill them with the conspirators.

  3. I much preferred it when you slandered homosexual attackers of anti-vaxxers. Much more entertaining!

  4. Tim,…
    I’m not arguing against the idea that PELOSI and SCHIFF are attempting a coup, but there’s a quantum leap between their agenda and the appearance of riff-raff rioters in your law-use-history precedents… and worse, there’s no solid connection making the antifa violence as ordered by the coup perps…

    We need to find and follow some bread crumbs, since it would make the scene clearly outright treason, if those bread crumbs led to Soros FROM BOTH THE ANTIFA SIDE AS WELL AS THE SCHIFF/PELOSI side….

    If Schiff/Pelosi is just ONE MOB… and the Antifa is a competitor MOB, then the definition [insurrection] is not satisfied,,.. don’t you agree?

    Jon Rappoport is hypothesizing that the circus is a CLINTON CIRCUS where the smearing goes on, because the current phony debaters for the DNC prize are losers, and the deadlocked Demorat convention is the planned redemption FINALE going to Clinton as the great unifier of the Demorats, with Trump thoroughly muddied up in the eyes of the slow-witted public who are not awake yet…. in that case the bread-crumbs would lead to the Empress Hildebeast….. so, i favor looking for the breadcrumbs… maybe Project Veritas style…

    If it’s the Empress path, then our hope is Rep/Major Tulsi Gabbard who already has some scent of the crumbs….. and challenges Clinton.. ttyl

  5. Compare this with a federal (as in FBI) prosecution of a drug kingpin or terrorist. Same starts out as a COVERT investigation, with NO leaks, whether intentional or by accident – for fear of tainted testimony and a mistrial.

    But the constant, deliberate leaks of witness testimony, by the prosecution (Schiff/Pelosi) – to the public – seriously prejudices the impartiality and honest testimony of subsequent witnesses at later trial. Don’t they call this a tainted jury?

    It is therefore unreasonable for the jury (USA public) to form a correct or credible conclusion.

    Using this analogy, Trump, RNC, et al, need to role the dice, and quickly go to the Supreme Court and ask for an injunction and rules of procedure to correct this travesty of procedure. It is not complicated. I prefer Trump uses this BEFORE he goes to U.S. Code § 252.

    We hold a value, in our respective countries, that would prefer 10 killers to walk free, rather than to see one innocent person convicted.

  6. Leo, yes if the target was Soros, then the idea is like you describe, but ‘impeachment’ is rather governmental and covered by precedents and constitution rules… and those constitution rules were clear enough in the previous cases… a committee with the powers to order impeachment needs substantial authorization of such powers, and QueenPelosi couldn’t get that authorization that was needed from the whole HOUSE… So she and Schiff are out of line and engaging in the SMEAR GAME you describe… but the Jury being the Senate [where the Demorats are majorly weak] means the Demorats cannot really want ANY OPEN TRIAL AS WOULD OCCUR IN THE SENATE…. where the RULES OF DISCOVERY WOULD OPEN THE WHOLE COUP ATTEMPTS TO EXAMINATION…. it would seem puzzling that the Demorats would risk that…. unless they KNOW that the RINOS [Romney and maybe some Epstein corrupted etc] in the senate would make the process impotent…

    But i agree with you on that reluctance to go to insurrection level without more in hand…… ttyl

  7. Thank you. Troops on the streets and opponents in jail creates only a temporary lull on the streets. It does not OF ITSELF give Trump any moral authority that ordinary people can understand and support, things have unraveled so far.

    He needs to go to SCOTUS for SOME kind of relief, and use troops if necessary, while the court figures itself out.

    SCOTUS understands the gravity of the situation and will at least appreciate his good faith appeal.

    So if Trump is turned down and loses he will have the moral coverage to resign, blaming SCOTUS and not crediting his political opponents. And the new president will have the coverage to pardon him from any retribution.

    What about an executive order limiting all federal agencies’ use of future whistleblowers? These people do need protection, but right now the SWAMP is misusing them.

  8. We do not have to look very closely to see the elements of Insurrection.

    Elected Democratic Party leadership has, and is, without doubt, ignoring the US Constitution and our Bill of Rights. They are completely in the globalist camp, very clearly trying to destroy America. Look at California as an example. Here, they do not care one bit about the will of the people.

    Let’s look at what the liberal media is doing. They are, without doubt, maintaining a false narrative, and have all along, for the express purpose of creating an uprising to destroy America.

    Then there is ANTIFA of course, weaponizing America’s vaccine damaged young people. All you have to do is watch and listen to them in the street videos – they all VERY CLEARLY have brain damage. I suspect there is some mixture of liberal media combined with Starbucks coffee at work with them.

    We could put them all in the same re-education camps, give them extra sugar (high fructose corn syrup) in their food, and watch them devour each other on YouTube…

  9. mantenimiento y venta de extintores mexico –

    Es mucho mejor tirar gasolina en este fuego…

  10. Tim… fwiw on tying Antifa to the coup… the Atlantic had a piece on THE RISE OF THE VIOLENT LEFT.. [sep 2017] and they ‘trace’ their ‘roots’ to the 1920s IN EUROPE.. and disappeared for a while after WW2, then re-emerged IN EUROPE in the 70s… according to that tracing, the AMERICAN crowd emerged in the LATE 80s and focused on anti-racism gaming…. a bit early for the total population poisoning of the MERCK mobsters.. though not by much, so the phenomena could easily be handy to manipulate into its current shape FOR A PURPOSE…. AND IT’D BE CRUCIAL TO TRACK THEIR NUMBERS to match the emerging supply of brain injured on the campuses [and make that druglord mob the insurrection-funders]… i agree they look demented as do an amazing number of the lgbtq-whatevers….

    but just how far can we trace it to get to the coup?

    and your being in California, you’ve got a front row seat on the ‘strangely EXPLOSIVE’ FIRE STARTS again.. so it seems clearly there’s big money also in maybe weaponizing the weather [spreading strangely functioning ‘climate controlling particulates’] and other exotic DEW [directed energy weapons]…. Considering what sort of ‘science’ twisting ideas that the bagman Epstein was funding for his own personal entertainment, it does not seem so inconceivable that bankers’ and other megalomaniacs could have horses in this race… what do you think could be done…….. ttyl

  11. The Left’s means are extensive and pervasive throughout the US and Europe. I hope there is a plan not just to stop the coup against our duly elected President, but to also uproot all of the Left’s means of control.

    A list of the Left’s means from “Re-Remembering the Mis-Remembered Left: The Left’s Strategy and Tactics To Transform America” by Unconstrained Analytics (

    „- Individual Actors, Surrogate Force Individuals and Groups (IS, AQ, etc.)
    -ANTIFA, BLM, etc.
    „ -Digital and Cyber Communications
    „ -Weapons
    „ -Unsecured Borders
    „ -Training Programs for ANTIFA operatives, violent and semi-violent activists
    „ -Surrogate forces including street gangs, MS-13, ISIS, and AQ Information

    „ -Education—coopt universities and school books—a primary line of effort to their campaign
    „ -Communications—use of their own lexicon/terms of art
    „- Hollywood and Entertainers and emergent sport entertainment indus-
    try (ESPN)
    „ -Purpose built information and influence organizations (MediaMatters)
    „ -Online Recruiting, Conferences, Propaganda
    „ -Census Operations, Polling, and Surveys
    „ -Co-opted US Government officials who support Leftist agenda
    „ -Interfaith Programs

    -„ International bodies including the UN, the EU, the OSCE, the OAS, the OIC et al.
    „ -Andy Stern – SEIU and Obama – Soros memo on Madison Welfare office
    „- David Brock – MediaMatters, democracy alliance, American bridge
    „- OFA – Obama – Hollywood – Jake Sullivan, John Podesta, Ben Rhodes, networks, 990’s

    -„ Individual and Institutional donors

    „ -Right Wing Watch
    „ -Media Organizations
    „ -Civil Rights Councils and Local Governing Boards
    „ -Dual Use Organizations (transportation, immigration advisors) „
    -Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)
    „- USG institutions inappropriate use of personal information.
    „ -Systematic purge of non-conforming individuals and political opposition
    „ -Possible penetration of USG Intelligence and LE apparatus

    -IRS targeting
    „ -Boycotts and Supporting Media Campaigns
    „- OWS
    „ -Deep pocket billionaire’s on the Left leveraging U.S. corporate and financial institutions
    „ -Social media (blocking e-commence)

    „ -SPLC
    „ -Hate speech laws
    „ -Lawfare, Legal coercion targeting opponents
    „ -Parallel counter-state legal constructs implemented through narratives
    „ -Manipulation of Immigration Law, Employment Law, Equal Opportunity Law
    „ -All group based and related “otherist” rights designations
    „ -ACLU

    „ -Community Development Organizations
    „ -Questionable Voter Registration Efforts
    „ -Social Welfare Programs
    „ -Foreign Funding of Community Development

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