Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for New CDC Director?

By Kent Heckenlively, JD   (Banned by the Commonwealth Club of California in 2015, Australia in 2017, and shadow-banned by Facebook in 2018.)

The Trump administration has now gone through two DHHS top people  in a single year. First, there was former Georgia Congressman DHHS head Tom Price, who was fired for taking rides on private pharma jets. Then next CDC director, Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, resigned after it came to light she had purchased tobacco, pharmaceutical and food stocks after taking her new position.

Just when you think people have exhausted all the ways in which they can be stupid, they surprise you.  (Fitzgerald has been in job since July.  Her defense is she couldn’t divest quickly enough to satisfy regulators.  Hasn’t she ever heard of Scottrade?)

At the BolenReport we were hopeful, for different reasons, for both of these picks.  That hope has been spectacularly unfulfilled.  The tentacles of the swamp appear to be surprisingly strong.

President Trump should make a bold pick and choose Robert Kennedy, Jr. to be the new director of the CDC.

Kennedy’s long experience as an environmental lawyer puts him in a unique position to take on the challenge of the modern epidemic of toxic man-made diseases, including the problem of vaccines.

Many agencies and companies have undergone remarkable renewal when their strongest critics have been put in charge and given the authority to clean house.

Real science should return to the halls of the CDC.

I believe Kennedy could do such a job at the CDC, especially as his uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy played such a pivotal role in revealing the abuses of the CDC in regards to African-American men in the infamous Tuskegee experiments.

Kennedy could also highlight the revelations of CDC whistle-blower, Dr. William Thompson, and the devastating effects of the MMR vaccine on African-American males developing autism.  (A full account of this story can be found in my book, INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, which was based on whistle-blower documents I received from Congress.)

Kennedy is one of those rare individuals who will stand and fight against an injustice, regardless of the consequences.  Kennedy does not have a vaccine-injured child or family member (to my knowledge) and he could have easily declined to enter this fight.  He did not and our entire community is appreciative of his courage.

I would be remiss, though, if I did not state that I differ strongly with Kennedy on tactics.

I favor more bold action, such as urging the high-profile parents of vaccine-injured children who are “secret” members of our community, to stand up in the public square and declare what happened to their children.  I feel this way even if they are “friendly” members of the media, entertainment, or captains of industry.

In most instances I would agree to such a right of privacy.  However, the fate of an entire generation of children, and humanity itself hangs in the balance.  If these individuals will not show the same courage demonstrated by Mr. Kennedy, I believe it is incumbent upon others to make the decision for them.

When I have urged such a course of action I have received a swift private rebuke from Kennedy, even to the point of refusing to let me interview him for the BolenReport, if I continued to hold such an opinion.

I strongly believe the more noise our community makes, the sooner the day will arrive when proper action is taken.  Kennedy and I differ on this point, although I would welcome a public debate in our community regarding this issue.  Just because we differ on certain issues does not mean I do not consider him a valuable ally and fellow warrior.

I am also concerned about how Kennedy’s political background might blind him to the potential to work with those who might not share his views on other issues.  It’s often said that people do not see reality, but a movie playing in their head of what they believe reality to be.  They interpret the actions of others according to the movie playing in their head, often missing the possibilities for fruitful collaboration.

Your best allies might not come wrapped in the package you expected.  They may not always say what you want to hear, but when the fight comes, they have your back.  Those are the only kind of friends worth having.

I understand Mr. Kennedy wants others to willingly come to the decision to talk about these issues.  However, as the recent shocking revelations about rampant sexual harassment in various industries has shown, the public will also make surprisingly swift decisions about whether to continue to support these figures when it discovers they have withheld their own knowledge of such critical information.

For those high-profile members of our society who are concealing their knowledge of vaccine injury, I suggest the time for you to demonstrate your courage is running short.

While I have my own reservations as to whether Mr. Kennedy would take a bold enough course of action, I do not doubt his integrity or his heart.  He stands as an example to other high-profile members of society as to the courage we should expect from those who claim to be our leaders.

And I am ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that if Mr. Kennedy is confirmed as CDC Director, he will not soon be taking any flights on pharma private jets, or buying stock in tobacco companies.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing, in 2014 and is now available in paperback with NEW material.

The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD.  It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, published in 2016 and available on Amazon and at Barnes&





9 thoughts on “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for New CDC Director?”

  1. To good to be true? What if he really wants to cancel vaccine mandates, and what if he really *knows* that some vaccines should not be on the schedule? What if Trump cannot be bought?

  2. I thought the same! I would love for Kennedy to be in this position, but I also feel Trump needs to be stealth in his decision (just as he has done with the recent religious freedom push). The current environment is so filled with vitriol for any mention of curbing vaccines, Trump needs to be strategic. I honestly believe he would never be re-elected if he pushed this issue in plain sight. Second terms are made for such brazen actions.

  3. I hope that it will became a reality. It will be the best that would be a gift for humanity.

  4. Mr. Heckenlively, FYI – Tom Price was fired as HHS Secretary within 24 hours of his doing an obnoxious publicity stunt to promote the new flu shot, by getting his own flu shot, on stage for cameras, with a big grin on his face.

    Sure, they told us it was only because of travel expense irregularities, but I don’t believe that for a minute. The timing was too close.

    I covered this on my podcast/radio show when it happened. Show notes & audio here:

    “Mad Scientists Exposed – HHS Sec. Tom Price gets flu shot for camera, Gets immediately fired by Trump – 09/29/2017”

  5. Vaccines are a crime (Here is the Proof)–brazil-nigeria/4226489.html

    GENEVA —
    Two of the largest mass vaccination campaigns against yellow fever ever seen in the world have begun in Nigeria and Brazil. Both campaigns, which are supported by the World Health Organization, aim to prevent the spread of the disease.
    Nigeria plans to vaccinate more than 25 million people throughout the coming year, making this the largest yellow fever campaign in the country’s history. In preparation, the World Health Organization has trained thousands of health care workers on how to administer the vaccine.
    No placebo-controlled trials to assess the safety of yellow fever 17D vaccines have been performed.
    Vaccine-associated viscerotropic disease, previously described as multiple organ system failure (26), is a known rare serious adverse event associated with 17D vaccination. No cause and effect relationship has been established between vaccination and these subsequent illnesses. Physicians should therefore be cautious to administer yellow fever vaccine only to those persons truly at risk of exposure to wild-type yellow fever virus infection. (2)
    Adverse reactions to 17D yellow fever vaccine include mild headaches, myalgia, low-grade fevers, or other minor symptoms for 5 to 10 days. Local reactions including edema, hypersensitivity, pain or mass at the injection site have also been reported following yellow fever vaccine administration. Immediate hypersensitivity reactions, characterized by rash, urticaria, and/or asthma, are uncommon and occur principally among persons with histories of egg allergy. (1) (2) (24)
    No placebo-controlled trials to assess the safety of yellow fever 17D vaccines have been performed. However, between 1953 and 1994, reactogenicity of 17D-204 vaccine was monitored in 10 uncontrolled clinical trials. The trials included a total of 3,933 adults and 264 infants greater than 4 months old residing in Europe or in yellow fever endemic areas. Self-limited and mild local reactions consisting of erythema and pain at the injection site and systemic reactions consisting of headache and/or fever occurred in a minority of subjects (typically less than 5%) 5 to 7 days after immunization. In one study involving 115 infants age 4 to 24 months the incidence of fever was as high as 21%. Also in this study, reactogenicity of the vaccine was markedly reduced among a subset of subjects who had serological evidence of previous exposure to yellow fever virus. Only two of the ten studies provided diary cards for daily reporting; this method resulted in a slightly higher incidence of local and systemic complaints. (1)
    In 2001, YF-VAX vaccine was used as a control in a double-blind, randomized comparative trial with another 17D-204 vaccine, conducted at nine centers in the US. YF-VAX vaccine was administered to 725 adults ≥18 years old with a mean age of 38 years. Safety data were collected by diary card for days 1 through 10 after vaccination and by interview on days 5, 11, and 31. Among subjects who received YF-VAX vaccine, there were no serious adverse events, and 71.9% experienced non-serious adverse events judged to have been related to vaccination. Most of these were injection site reactions of mild to moderate severity. Four such local reactions were considered severe. Rash occurred in 3.2% and urticaria in two subjects. Systemic reactions (headache, myalgia, malaise, and asthenia) were usually mild and occurred in 10% to 30% of subjects during the first few days after vaccination. The incidence of non-serious adverse reactions, including headache, malaise, injection site edema, and pain, was significantly lower in subjects >60 years compared to younger subjects. Adverse events were less frequent in the 1.7% of vaccinated subjects who had pre-existing immunity to yellow fever virus, compared to those who had not been previously exposed. (16)
    A CDC analysis of data submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) between 1990 and 1998 suggests that patients aged 65 or older are at increased risk for systemic adverse events temporally associated with vaccination, compared to the 25- to 44-year-old age group (see PRECAUTIONS section, Geriatric Use subsection). The rate of systemic adverse events occurring post-vaccination in patients age 65 to 74 was 2.5 times higher than the rate occurring in patients age 25 to 44, based on incidence rates of 6.21 and 2.49 per 100,000 doses of vaccine in the two groups, respectively. (38)
    Neurotropic Disease
    Vaccine-associated neurotropic disease (2), previously described as post-vaccinal encephalitis (1), is a known rare serious adverse event associated with 17D vaccination. Age less than 9 months and immunosuppression are known risk factors. Twenty-one cases of vaccine-associated neurotropic disease associated with all licensed 17D vaccines have been reported between 1952 and 2004, 18 in children or adolescents. Fifteen of these cases occurred prior to 1960, thirteen of which occurred in infants 4 months of age or younger, and two of which occurred in infants six and seven months old. Six cases were reported between 1960 and 1996, world-wide. Three occurred in children, including a one-month-old infant, a three-year-old, and a thirteen-year-old. The three-year-old died of encephalitis, and a genetic variant of the vaccine virus was isolated from the brain in this case. (39) This is the only verified fatality due to yellow fever vaccine-associated neurotropic disease. The three remaining cases of vaccine-associated neurotropic disease since 1960 occurred in adults. (1)
    The incidence of vaccine-associated neurotropic disease in infants less than 4 months old is estimated to be between 0.5 and 4 per 1,000, based on two historical reports where denominators are available. (40) (41) No data are available for calculation of an age-specific incidence rate in the 4- to 9-month-age group. A study in Senegal (42) described two fatal cases of encephalitis possibly associated with 17D-204 vaccination among 67,325 children between the ages of 6 months and 2 years, for an incidence rate of 3 per 100,000. One study conducted in Kenya in 1993 detected four cases of encephalitis temporally associated with vaccination, one in a 2-year-old child and three in adults, for an incidence of 5.3 cases per million vaccinees of all ages. (1)
    Other very rare neurological signs and symptoms have been reported and include Guillain-Barré syndrome, seizures and focal neurological deficits. (43)

  6. Well done on this post. Please feel free to read my posts on toxic mould in my public housing in Albany, Western Australia. One has to wonder, are they actually TRYING to kill off the poor with toxic moulds? angela coral eisenhauer (pathologist, and chemical analyst) and really, really angry I spent 3 years in toxic mould that they REFUSED to fix. Nearly damn killed me, and really harmed my son. I now have permanent lung damage, and they refuse to even replace my contaminated bedding. Now not only homeless, but no furniture. But hey happy ad healthy, I dont pray to die every night now 🙂

  7. I’d like to see Bobby Kennedy, who is a lawyer, be put in charge of the Justice Department (imagine THAT!) and Dr. Rebecca Carley, of in charge of the CDC myself! She would be the most qualified person to hold that post having been trained as both a doctor and surgeon and having successfully reversing thousands of cases of vaccine induced diseases. HELP IS ON THE WAY!

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