Dealing With Democrats – You Have To Have a Sense of Humor…

It Never Occurred to the “Liberal Democrats” That NORMAL Americans Would Take Their Nation Back…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Regular BolenReport readers know very well that we here write articles that anger  both sides of an argument – sometimes three or four sides.  We are NOT PC – and never intend to be.  When we see a problem we are going to talk about it – that’s our strength.

I get constant complaints from Democrats about the fact that the BolenReport picks on them – actually BLAMING them, for the US Vaccine problem (and more), including “Mandatory Vaccines.”  They want us to stop that, declaring the Vaccine issue to be a Bi-Partisan one, blah, blah, blah,,,

No, We are NOT going to do that.  Why?  Because, as an example, the Vaccine Issue IS a Partisan issue.  Across the Nation “liberal Democrats” can’t wait to introduce a new legislative bill, in each and every State, to rip citizens out of their homes, drag them out into the front yard, and vaccinate them at gunpoint.  It is the Democratic Party way.  “Hillary” made it very clear that, once she was elected,  EVERYONE was going to be vaccinated, like it or not, with the vaccines she got “Made in China” with no inspections.

Republicans, across the nation, are against “Mandatory Vaccines.”

In short, Democrats want to be elected to TELL everyone what to do.  Republicans are for freedom.  It is THAT simple…

Facts are facts.

It is REALITY time…

We are one year into the “Populist Revolt” of Donald Trump.  America is becoming great again.

Democrats are reeling in dis-belief – Americans still have their guns, there are still churches, their ANTIFA rodents are being arrested, Free Speech is being protected, the borders are being patrolled, fake-environmentalists are laughed at (and de-funded), Elitist Leaders are being raided by ICE and their slaves (low paid illegal immigrant employees) are being freed.  Their world is being systematically destroyed.

Except for “The People’s Republic of California” Adult and Childhood “Mandatory Vaccines” have been stopped.

The Fun Has Just Begun…

The 2018 mid-term elections, I predict, will be the end of the US Democratic Party. 

Why?  The Democrats  have no platform to run on – no offering of any interest to America.  Unless, of course, you consider “HATRED” a political platform.

Perhaps “Make America WORSE Again” is something the Democratic Party can run on…

The Evening MSM News…

I used to get angry after turning on the Nightly News to see what tomorrow’s weather was going to be.  After watching a car-chase, a child shooting, etc. you-all-know-the-crap-they-put-on-TV-News, it wasn’t worth waiting for the weather.  After all, by the time the weather segment came around you have already viewed fifty-two drug ads that offer a variety of ways that you can have your eyes pop out, and even survive the pustules and the anal leakage (in TWO bathtubs).

But, these days I can ALMOST watch MSM News once in a while, just to view the seething anger pouring out of those liberal commentators – who, prior, to Election 2016 ACTUALLY BELIEVED we, the viewers, were all dumb enough to accept their snide opinions of how life works.  I suspect that, now, whoever does their laundry charges extra for bile-stain removal.  They probably just throw out their underwear – I can’t imagine any fabric that could stand up to those toxins being absorbed by that same underwear.

So, I laugh…

Stay tuned.

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

9 thoughts on “Dealing With Democrats – You Have To Have a Sense of Humor…”

  1. It’s not just America, of course. We are moving things in Germany as well. We haven’t quite got rid of Merkel – yet – we’re still working on it. Her triumphant claim to have established a coalition government is looking daily more shaky and less viable. We are shaking as hard as we can.

    We also have our “Trump” lined up – Alice Weidel from the AfD; thanks to the latest Merkel coalition attempt now the largest opposition party and, accordingly, AfD appoints many of the committe chairmen/women.

    The new head of the justice committee publicly states that 9/11 was a false flag event, that Germany is not a sovereign state but an occupied land, that alternative countries such as The Kingdom of Germany (a tax free state within the German territories where the constitution defines charging interest as the highest crime of all) are completely legal, etc., etc.

    We live in interesting times, Mr. Bolen. Don’t we?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  2. Some days I have an AWFUL sense of humor. Today is one of those.

    FaceBook, of course, blocked me from Posting this on our Groups EARLY. I can envision a whole room full of FaceBook staffers, after encountering THIS article, crowding into a “Safe Space” with their Starbucks double-froth latte in hand.

    It is up to you what you do with this…

  3. “Republicans and Democrats both say they support democratic freedoms — but that the other side doesn’t”
    According to you if one is a Democrat, and also anti-Vaccine, that is not possible. You are turning Descartes on his head! “You think, therefore you dont exist!” 🙂

  4. I’d say we’ve been winning on all fronts.

    Along with the thwarted a temps to start WW3, I understand a dirty bomb attack was thwarted at the Super Bowl by Al-CIA-duh and all the Somalis.

  5. Roger – Facts are facts.

    Across the nation Democrats carry “Mandatory Vaccine” bills. Republicans thwart them.

    In the “People’s Republic of California” the Democrats TRIED to pass legislation (SB18) taking children away from parents. And California DID PASS a law legalizing childhood prostitution. In California they want complete Communism.

    There is NO argument. It is simple battle between GOOD and EVIL…

  6. I suspect there are some freedom-promoting Democrats out there, it’s just that the activist leftist fringe tends to generate the most fury. And since the Republican Party has a Republican Liberty Caucus, why don’t we have something like an outreach to Democrats to establish the same with their party? Then if things really worked out, we might even replace ALL the deadwood war-horse Congressional “leaderShemp” from BOTH parties — with people actually in tune with the message of increased health freedom! Either that or keep kicking the Congressional can!!

  7. Visionaerie – I wish you were right, but I don’t think we are quite there yet.

    Why do I say that?

    Because I watched the State of the Union message. I watched the Democrats REFUSE to help bring America back from the brink. They cannot get over the fact that we ripped the election process away from them – they were so sure of their globalist elitist superiority.

    So, we are NOT done with them…

    I remember, as an aggressive boy-child, changing Catholic Schools because my family was upworldly mobile, encountering the school bully in a very dramatic way. My whole class was there to watch the bully put me in my place. It didn’t work out the way he wanted. I had to do it again two days later to overcome the disbelief.

    The liberal Democrats WERE bullies…

    And they are still in disbelief. They are going to need few more political beatings – maybe twenty, maybe fifty, maybe a hundred. It’s unavoidable…

  8. I kicked King “Zuck” off my desktop some time ago.

    On Twitter, I often display links to the excellent Bolen report and will continue to do so !

    Keep up the great work Tim !!!


  9. If Donald Trump is not backed 100% after all the miracles he has bestowed on them, I believe it would be time to get even with the ungrateful majority by immediately tendering his resignation from office. That way, the new deadbeat majority can improve things drastically by appointing superior intellect to the white house such as all the foul mouthed extreme leftists such as Ms. Pelosi and that black foul mouthed congresswoman whose name I don’t remember but I certainly know how she articulates issues.

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