Do We Really Want to Inject Our Children with Vaccines Made in China?

By Janet K. Kern PhD

There are serious concerns being raised regarding contamination in vaccines, especially in light of the fact that many vaccines are now made in China.

Most childhood vaccines are now made in Chinese vaccine manufacturing facilities (Bolen Report, 2017). Unfortunately, foreign pharmaceutical companies are not subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality control regulations.

China has a history of producing tainted and/or toxic products.

For example, in 2008, an estimated 300,000 infants fell victim to contaminated infant formulas made in China. Six of the infants died. Four years after that, Chinese baby formulas were found to contain dangerous levels of mercury and were forced to recall six months’ worth of production. Then one month after that, China authorities discovered more shipments of contaminated infant formula, this time poisoned with a cancer-causing toxin aflatoxin, a carcinogenic substance produced by fungus or mold. It was found in “excessive” amounts (The New York Times, 2012).

In 2007, a nationwide inspection of China’s food industry uncovered 23,000 cases of tainted or expired food (NPR, 2007a). Then in 2012, when Rendezvous explored the issue of food safety in China they described it as “a mess” (The New York Times, 2012).

It gets worse…

Other products from China are found to be contaminated or toxic such as: toothpaste (containing antifreeze); toys (containing lead); mini-blinds (containing lead); pet food (contaminated with melamine, a chemical used to make plastic products); laminate wood flooring (containing high levels of formaldehyde); candy, pickles, crackers and seafood (tainted with formaldehyde, illegal dyes and industrial wax) (NPR, 2007b).

In 2007 alone the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission recalled 338 products from China (NPR, 2007b).

Already there are problems reported with vaccines from China. A series of news reports coming out of China reveal that thousands of doses of improperly stored and expired vaccines for children are being sold (Cáceres, 2016).

A child being vaccinated last year in Hebei Province, China. A scandal exposed several weeks ago over faulty vaccines was the latest blow to public faith in China’s food and medicine supplies. Credit Hao Qy/European Pressphoto Agency

Moreover, there is new research evidence to suggest that contamination in vaccines is a problem. In a new study, Italian researchers Gatti and Montanari (2016) used sensitive new technologies to examine vaccines. These scientists examined 44 samples of 30 different vaccines and found dangerous contaminants in 43 of the 44 samples tested. They found single particles and aggregates of organic debris including red cells of human or possibly animal origin and toxic metals including lead, tungsten, gold, platinum, silver, bismuth, chromium, aluminum, bromine, silicon, titanium, stainless steel, and tungsten.

The bad news...

Injecting toxins/ contaminates into the body can have direct effects including destruction of tissue, particularly nervous tissue. However, an inflammatory-based secondary response from injecting contaminates into the body can have even greater detrimental effect.

The brain possesses its own innate immune system and it can sense peripheral innate immune responses. When the peripheral immune system is activated by the presence of injected contaminants, the brain’s immune system can potentially be activated. Microglia, which constitute the main innate immunity effector cells, become activated. Microglia then release proinflammatory signals including cytokines and chemokines (Reis et al., 2015).

If the activation and inflammation are sustained, the brain’s immune system can become in effect “derailed” and healthy brain tissue can be destroyed as “collateral damage”. This is the very issue found in children with autism spectrum disorder (Rodriguez and Kern, 2011).

With one in six children in the United States having a neurodevelopmental disorder already, we already have a problem.

Officials with the China Food and Drug Administration checking vaccines last month at a clinic in Rong’an County, in the southern region of Guangxi. Credit Tan Kaixing/European Pressphoto Agency

Can we stand to put our children at an even greater risk by injecting them with contaminated vaccines made in China?

By Janet K. Kern PhD



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11 thoughts on “Do We Really Want to Inject Our Children with Vaccines Made in China?”

  1. Janet:

    I know that you are very well connected into the vaccine world, considering your anti-mercury work. Could you tell our readers WHY we DO NOT test vaccine batches individually in the US?

    It sounds insane that this is not done before our children are injected.

    Tim Bolen

  2. This is outrageous! If there ever was a practice and an industry that could undermine all of America…this is it! All we would need is a reason for China to want to harm us (hmmmmmm, America has never been under attack, we have no foreign enemies, we don’t owe China BILLIONS of dollars, life is perfect and happy all around the world….) and an industry that has ZERO liability for harmful side effects! – this madness must STOP!

  3. China could be loading those vaccines with their Industrial Waste and we have no way of knowing. Thank God the Chinese do not have a contract to clean up Fukashima.

    The CDC and the State and County Health Departments do not care at all what actually in those little tubes.

    Maybe someone should ask California Senator Pan about this?

    Tim Bolen

  4. “Unfortunately, foreign pharmaceutical companies are not subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quality control regulations.”

    The whole point of globalisation of industry was to allow these companies to move offshore where labour is cheaper and compliance costs are less.

    That vaccines are even more toxic than they would otherwise be is only one part of a multifaceted problem that now really does threaten to ruin first the United States, then the rest of the West.

    It’s not helping the Chinese either- they are having terrible problems with the pollution their stupid government is permitting.

  5. To Shawn,
    Good point. I am concerned that vaccines will have even more neurotoxins if made in China….

  6. I keep making this point again and again and I DO think that it is time that someone picked it up and started running with it. Instead all I hear is discussions about “choice”, “informed consent” and, now, “should vaccines made in China be allowed?”

    All of these are totally irrelevant!!

    The one essential truth is that the very theory upon which vaccination is based is “fatally flawed”. (That’s polite, scientific speak for “total bullshit”)

    The theory states that if you inject someone with a weakened virus they will generate antibodies to it and, should they ever come into contact with the real virus then they will already have the antibodies and will not become ill.

    Quite apart from the fact that there is no such thing as “infectious disease” – but that’s another story – the truth is that anyone with a fully functioning natural immunity will, without any problem whatsoever, generate any required antibodies. Otherwise mankind would have died out long ago. Or, as one of the founders of Chiropractic said, “If the theory of infectious disease were true, there would be no-one left alive to believe it.” Those with weakened immunity will not generate antibodies and this is why we see clearly, in the few statistics which have escaped pharmacartel censorship, that vaccination invariably spreads disease.

    Vaccination is a completely non-functional racket; something that the pharmacartel has known right from the beginning. This is why they go to such lengths to falsify and to suppress vaccine studies.

    A correct line of action must, therefore, be to stop this mass-crippling fraud and put those responsible into jail for a very, very long time.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

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