Poisoner in Chief – Book Review

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

There’s a new book everybody should read.  It’s called Poisoner in Chief, written by Stephen Kinzer, a long-time reporter for the the New York Times, world affairs columnist for the Boston Globe, and a senior fellow for International and Public Affairs at Brown University.

You may wonder why a blog dedicated to improving health is recommending a book about Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of the MK-Ultra program for the CIA, responsible for creating drugs and techniques to break prisoners, or turn them into untraceable assassins, like the fictional Jason Bourne.

As a science teacher I’m always telling my students to notice patterns in the data.  Both the CIA and our current public health system thrive on secrecy.  They tell us what to do, and when we question them, they tell us it’s beyond our understanding.  We should simply OBEY!

I tell you to read Stephen Kinzer’s fine book, Poisoner in Chief, because it details the horrors human beings are capable of when there is no effective oversight of government programs.

This is the review I posted on Amazon:

Like many people I was vaguely aware of MK-Ultra, but not in any significant way.

That all changed when I read Stephen Kinzer’s magnificent new book. The amount of research Kinzer undertook is truly daunting, and yet he has written a fast-paced account of the founding in 1943 of the army’s Biological Warfare Facilities at Fort Detrick, Maryland and the man put in charge of the program, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.

When World War II ended, the United States actively recruited former Nazi and Japanese scientists to help them develop biological and chemical weapons, to test on prisoners and unsuspecting members of the public. One of the prisoners given massive doses of the newly created drug, LSD, was Whitey Bulger, who would later go onto become one of the country’s most notorious criminals. The department even ran a brothel in San Francisco on Chestnut Street (not far from where I once lived), that fed its clients LSD, then sought to determine if this made them susceptible to spilling secrets. Big surprise! Men are more open to sharing after they’ve had sex! The drugs they were fed gave inconsistent results. Oh, and the CIA enlisted vice cops from San Francisco to help run the brothel. All in the name of national security.

It also seems clear that the department had little trouble killing its own in extra-judicial fashion if they turned out to be agents of a foreign power, or even in the case of one scientist who started to have moral qualms about their work, Frank Olson, throwing him out the window of a thirteenth floor hotel room in New York City.

All of this took place in an atmosphere of Cold War hysteria and those who took part in these activities seek to use this justification for their work. Yes, how easy it is to commit terrible crimes under the guise of an imminent threat.

And yet, even though Gottlieb presided over this carnival of horrors, and eagerly participated in using the services of his San Francisco bordello, and sleeping with the wives of his colleagues, Kinzer goes to great lengths to present a balanced portrait of the man. After leaving government service and realizing that no effective drug or technique could reliably break a person, or make them into a “Manchurian candidate,” an assassin, ready to kill at a moment’s notice, but who would have no memory of why he did it, Gottlieb truly devoted himself to charitable work.

However, in the 1970s the truth came calling and he was forced to give Congressional testimony as to at least some of what he had done. The wages of sin must have hung heavy on Gottlieb in the final years of his life. His wife fiercely defended him, but his children refused to speak to him. This story bears witness to what darkness lurks in the souls of men when they are given a pressing task at the very edges of science, and no oversight.

The greatest monsters we may face might well be those which hide in every human heart.

Regardless of our political persuasions, there is much to learn about what governments may do when they are allowed to operate in the shadows.

Be sure to pre-order Kent Heckenlively’s new book with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION from Amazon which you can do RIGHT NOW!
Be sure to pre-order Kent Heckenlively’s new book with Dr. Judy Mikovits, PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION from Amazon which you can do RIGHT NOW!
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7 thoughts on “Poisoner in Chief – Book Review”

  1. what? no recognition of the assassination of RFK with a patsy who has no recollection, but is a convenient conspiracy-coverup closing door on public interest, while the real reliable killer walks away un-recorded and the coverups by the organizing evil-organizers and their pet media lock the door after….?

  2. I heard a podcast about that and thought the same as you that the vaccine industry is just as wretched as Gottlieb and with all the same flimsy excuses for their wretchedness. And it was (and is) all allowed to happen because these guys had no oversight or accountability. I just hope that revelations like this and the Boeing fiasco help other people make the same connections to the vaccine industry and the ineptness of the agencies that are supposed to be regulating them.

  3. Well the problem of ‘inadequate govt oversight’ is rather an interesting dilemma when the govt is more interested in keeping the treachery under wraps and instead developing weaponized versions… a friend just sent me this video.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8FCJ_VPyns&feature=youtu.be

    Go back in history to the 50s and the polio vaxxes, when the royally incompetent frankensteins produced vaccines based on monkey kidneys that were laced with CANCER CAUSING VIRUSES… the switch to using fetal tissues was to hide the history of injecting a whole generation of Americans with viruses that the woman who was told to check the safety had warned were not safe but was over ridden and for every polio death, they may have caused 200 cases of cancer… BIG TIME DISASTER, requiring LATER the War on Cancer but hiding the VIRAL SOURCE as a path to cure, making it simply a game of torturing the vax victims…

    Now maybe you’d say that woman’s warning was the inadequate oversight, but they shifted her assignment to flu and yet she managed to uncover further viruses causing cancer, on which the government did a TWO FACED OVERSIGHT. One face was supposedly looking for a more lethal method for killing the viruses [for vax use] while the other face was looking for a way to use the viruses to kill Communist opponents… supposedly both failed and the ‘conclusion’ was that it was easier to kill Kennedy [before he could smash the CIA to smithereens] than to kill Castro…

    So meanwhile the vax industry switched to using FETAL tissue TO AVOID ANY RESIDUAL BAD PRESS ON THE NIH’s FACE… but IMPORTING FETUSES from Sweden was expensive and back alley abortions were not appropriate laboratory specimens SO ROE VS WADE was NEVER about CHOICE or even WOMEN’S RIGHTS OR HEALTH… it was to have a cheaper source of vax clinical materials…..

    The video goes even further on the GOVERNMENT OVERSIGHT of vaccines and medicine, with clips at the end to show that the treachery goes on and on, right through the AIDS epidemic…

    I’m not too thrilled with any government oversight ideas.. MEDICINE SHOULD NOT BE A GOVERNMENT POWER.. ttyl

  4. MJ:

    It sounds like you’ve been reading an advance copy of my new book, PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION!

    Kent Heckenlively

  5. I’m glad you and Judy Mikovits can document these poisonous industry intrigues, so i can just point to your book.. it seems endless… thank heaven for RFK,Jr and his astute idea that we can get around the ’86 error and sue for fraud and lying….. no wonder he was so enthused….. ttyl

  6. An even more damning book with more future implications is CIA as Organized Crime by Valentine. Should be required reading for everyone world-wide.

  7. I hope to let you know that the there has been grant funding for vaccine development for small pox within the recent past. Something to look into if you are interested.

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