The “Climate Change” Farce – Using CO2 As The Ideal “Bogey Man…”

From Yorkshire, England By Karma Singh

When I was a child, we were all told stories about a mysterious figure who would come to eat bad children. He had various names up and down the country and appears not only in all European folk-lore but also in Middle Eastern, Indian, Japanese and the entire American continent. China? I just don’t know.

Descriptions of the “Bogey Man” are amazingly uniform across cultures which, naturally, gives rise to the question,

“Did he actually exist and, if so, what is really behind the story?”

There are two divergent opinions on this: The one believes that, at some time in the distant past, a race of giants or extra-terrestrials preyed upon human children. The evidence that giants did, for some time, co-exist with Homo Sapiens is irrefutable but whether they ate our children is a very different question.

The other opinion refers to the millennia-old trade in kidnapping small children and selling them for sexual perversions. Figures for 2018 claim that there are, world-wide, more than eight million missing children: How many are in the hands of child sex traders or their clients is known only to them.

President Trump vowed to end this trade in his election campaign and, during his first weeks in office, more than six thousand such children were found and set free. It was, further, disclosed that nearly one third of the children had been taken away from their parents by bureaucrats and the courts and then sold into slavery.

The Bogey Man is, however, such an integral part of our early childhood that, even though the form may well have changed with the advent of uncontrolled television and the internet, this “primal fear” can still be easily activated.

It behooves us here to take a quick look at the characteristics of the Bogey Man:-

• Nobody ever sees him
• Nobody ever hears him
• You cannot smell him
• You cannot feel him
• He leaves no footprints or any other traces of his visits

You only “know” he’s been because children are missing.

At around seven years of age, we begin to lose our fear of the Bogey man because our newly-opened critical faculty brings us to question his existence. We seek evidence for him and, finding none, we finally dismiss it as a fairy tale BUT, here’s the rub: The early childhood fear of the Bogey Man remains!

CO2 – The New Climate Change “Bogey Man…”

It is this which, especially the Greens (read extreme left Democrats in the USA), are using in their attempt to take over complete control of our lives. They believe themselves to be the “all-knowing” “wise” councillors who can run our lives much better than we can.

In other words, an absolute dictatorship dressed up in a pretty, floral skirt.

Their principal tool is the “Climate Change” Bogey Man. They are also the only political party (as do Californian Democrats) who want to legalize sex between adults and small children. WHAT A CO-INCIDENCE!

The parallels between the Greens’ main platform of “Climate Change” and the Bogey Man are astonishing and it is only when we exercise our mature, adult ability to separate fact from fiction that we determine that they have even more in common: Neither of them actually exist! This is why the Greens, supported by the Soros financed “Extinction Rebellion” target children especially. Until they actually leave school and begin to find out how the real world functions, the daily curriculum to which they are subjected actively supresses independent thinking and demands obedience to whatever the “teachers” are paid to preach.

When we go looking for the Bogey Man…

…we go to all the places where we are told he is to be found and, finding nothing, finally dismiss him from our thoughts.

With Climate Change, it is no different: When we look for the evidence that we are told is there, we find nothing. We even find that we have been consistently lied to about what is actually going on.

Almost all Climate Change scare stories are based upon the world-famous “Hockey Stick” temperature curve invented by Michael Mann. This computer model has caused the Medieval Warm Period to “disappear” and the temperature to rise to dizzy heights over the last ten years.

Seven years ago, a real scientist (as opposed to the pseudo-scientists employed by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) published a short article proving that Mr. Mann had simply invented the figures upon which his prediction is based. Mr. Mann is suing him, the publication and all the other scientists who confirmed the fraud for libel but has refused to let the case go to trial.

And what does the real world say to Mr. Mann’s “Hockey Stick”?

• In the real world, temperatures have not risen but have fallen slightly since 2005
• In the real world, CO2 levels are not greatly different to those measured in 1890**
• In the real world, the slight rise in CO2 levels since the 1940’s has been almost exclusively due to increased volcanic activity and the slow warming of the oceans as Earth’s temperature began to normalise at the end of the Little Ice Age (Ca. 1300 to 1870 A.D.)
• In the real world, the growth of green plants has expanded enormously between 1982 and 2015, in some areas up to 50% increase. According to NASA, 70% of this increase is due to the increase in available CO2 which is an essential nutrient for all green plants
• Human produced CO2, being, by far, the smallest source of this gas in the atmosphere cannot have facilitated more than a tiny proportion of this additional food production.


As a small child, you believed implicitly everything that your parents told you. As you got bigger, you began to seek evidence which would confirm the Bogey Man stories. You didn’t find any and eventually dismissed it as nonsense.

As mature adults, it behooves us to check what the Greens (Democrats) are telling us and look for the evidence. When we do, we find that their bogey man is also nonsense and that life on Earth is, in fact, getting better as the warming of our planet by the Sun’s increased output has not only reduced extreme weather events but also increased the availability of many foodstuffs. You only need to go to your green grocer, look at what is now available and ask yourself how much of that produce was available in 1980.

Personally, I find this much balmier climate a welcome change from the extremes of my childhood when we sometimes couldn’t leave the house because the snow had blocked the doors or the school was closed due to deep snow. Frostbite was, then, a common phenomenon.

I wouldn’t say that grape vines could now be planted in my Yorkshire home as they were in the medieval warm period but the whole county looks much greener that it did when I was a child.

From Yorkshire, England By Karma Singh



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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

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  1. This year in Yorkshire, the summer was generally cool with a few hot days- heralded as the hottest ever by the media. On the news today we were told that October was ‘the hottest ever’ which is utter nonsense. Frankly, as a major coal producer and major area for generating electricity in the UK, Yorkshire should return to mining and burning coal rather than relying on natural gas shipped thousands of miles by tanker. Perhaps we wouldn’t be quite so green, but people might actually have jobs to do.

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