How to pirate Vaxxed…and why you should think twice before doing so.

Perspective by Alan Hysinger – Health Freedom Activist


In the last few days, some pirated copies of Vaxxed have been making the rounds on various activist Facebook groups. I get it, people want to see the film. I personally only got to watch it about a week ago. It took that long for the forces in our life to favorably converge: someone to watch the little one, a little surplus in our budget, and a night my wife and I were both available that coincided with a Vaxxed Screening.

This is not an infomercial. Really…

But I want to increase awareness of two new ways Vaxxed is being distributed.

The screening my wife and I went to was one of the first “Theatrical On Demand” screenings of Vaxxed. Anyone willing to sign up as a Movie Captain can bring Vaxxed to their city or town. When enough tickets are sold, the movie tips, and is on the schedule. If it doesn’t tip, nobody pays a dime. All the nitty gritty details are handled by Gathr Films. All a Movie Captain needs is some enthusiasm and some ways to reach their potential audience.

If you are interested in either becoming a Movie Captain, or finding a screening near you put on by a Movie Captain:

Vaxxed is also available via streaming. For $3.99 you can view it on your computer, device, and on certain TV boxes like Roku or Apple TV. Details here.

Some people know what to do.

A pirated copy of the movie was posted on a forum. The admins saw the error of their ways, after reading a few comments. They did the right thing by taking it down. Why do I think it was the right thing to do? Keep reading and I will answer that question.

And some people can justify the most outrageous nonsense.

Before the copy was removed, a select few of us weighed in with rationalizations and encouragement to anyone to go right ahead and watch the film for free. And to hell with anyone who might try to stop them, because, REASONS!

Here is one such post, suggesting piracy is not the right thing to do:NIC-Vaxxed-Piracy-Post

Along came the swift response:

NIC Vaxxed Piracy

One of them pans the movie, but still gives permission to steal it. The other demonizes Del Bigtree, like he is getting rich off the film.

Let’s think about that for a moment… After creating Vaxxed and going on national tour with the film, Mr. Bigtree will never be invited back to produce and direct the hit TV show “The Doctors”. This man has quite literally limited his career options in order to speak the truth about the CDC Whistleblower.

I read someone else saying only the film’s distributor benefited financially from the streaming rentals. I’d never buy into the idea that any filmmaker would just give all the revenue from a certain market segment to their distributor. Would you?

It truly is the most outrageous sort of nonsense.

Vaxxed’s Distributor

The distributor, Cinema Libre, has created some problems for itself by choosing to distribute this film. Two of their executives were present at our screening. They did a, I’m just going to call it a “different” Q&A, unlike any other Vaxxed screening. Theirs is the story of unsung heroes who did the impossible. They took a major public relations disaster, turned it into an opportunity, and distributed a film three months ahead of schedule. In the process making it perhaps the most successful educational campaign our movement has seen. The entire Vaxxed Team knows how to execute a winning campaign. I’ll vouch for them any day.

The simple reality is…

The Vaxxed Team are tirelessly traveling the country, in the Vaxxed Bus (ok, it’s an RV), talking to anyone who will listen, and listening to anyone who wants to talk. They have documented their travels via non-stop Periscope and Facebook Live Streams. Confronted legislators where they can (and where said legislators aren’t running away whilst urinating). Shared the stories of numerous parents, children, adults, and even some medical professionals. It’s an interactive educational experience, that enables us to collectively tell our truth.

In a “Theatrical on Demand” screening, the Vaxxed core team does their Q&A via a reel, which starts out by asking people with vaccine injured children to stand up. Being present and standing in testimony to how our nephew’s story has changed our lives, while seeing similarly-affected others, all revealing ourselves in public, was extremely powerful. Especially considering some portion of the audience just got a drink from the firehose. We were brought into the storytelling process to make the point to everyone there that, no, this film isn’t bullshit.

The simple reality is, this all costs money. Some of which must be coming from ticket sales and streaming rentals.

In closing…

I’ll leave you all with this one question to ponder. Ok, two. Who or I probably should say: “What industry benefits from the Vaxxed Campaign losing money through piracy?”

I know it’s only one question. I wasn’t lying. Question number two is left as an exercise for the reader.

Perspective by Alan Hysinger – Health Freedom Activist

17 thoughts on “How to pirate Vaxxed…and why you should think twice before doing so.”

  1. Just a few comments.
    The movie is not available for live streaming outside USA and Canada.
    The DVD out next month is only in Region 1 format. (USA/Canada)
    The DVD out next month will ONLY be sent to USA/Canada addresses.
    There is a big world out there, outside of the USA. The masses are becoming impatient.
    Why are some becoming self appointed spokespeople?

  2. As for posting screenshots? Why? You and everyone are entitled to your opinions. And the assumption that pharma will somehow win, more actually see VAXXED, is absurd?

  3. Angela – I will call Del Bigtree today and point out the problems of Vaxxed in Australia…

    But, the Vaxxed project needs to be self-funded.

  4. Theft is theft no mater the reason why. If my kids were hungry would it be OK for me to dine and dash, what’s a few bucks to a restaurant? How about if I go to an expensive fancy restaurant where I’m sure they could afford the loss, would that be OK? Money is tight, what about if I put a few groceries in my purse, maybe some apples for my hungry children. I’m sure Ralph’s Market with millions of dollars in sales will not miss it, is that OK? Really? Wow? In addition to the points already made above regarding how the distributor & filmmakers might have limited their future income earning potential they are making a lot of sacrifices. They are away from their family what seems like 24/7 with little breaks, especially Polly. They are all putting in tireless hours & whatever money they are making off of the film showings, merch, downloads & DVDs probably dosen’t leave much left to take home at the end of the bus tour. It cost money for all the equipment, gas, lodging, staff, technology, bus etc. No one here is getting rich except the pharm industry. STOP being Jerks & pay the $3.99 or go to a free showing via Angel tickets

  5. I’m in Australia.
    Been dying to see this.
    Surely you can open up screening to Australians,

  6. Good article — help the fine folks who are doing this vital work, because you know it is the right thing. But what is meant by “if the movie tips”? I think that needs a little clarification. Thanks for posting this, can’t wait to see ‘Vaxxed’ and I have friends who are health freedom fighters!!

  7. I saw an Austin showing. It was great. I was so glad my daughter-in-law went to see it with me. I think she really got how corrupt and dangerous the vaccine business is.

    Support these guys financially. They’re doing a great thing for all of us and it’s got to be a big strain on them but they must have a lot of joy knowing they are saving lives and lots of suffering.

  8. Hi Angela and Wes, the execs from Cinema Libre said they were working on international distribution. I recall them mentioning Australia, but can’t tell you where it fits within their priorities. I would hope it is high on their list as your country seems to be most immediately under threat of mandates.

    As far as the DVD Region issue goes, it is a simple matter to reprogram a computer’s DVD drive to be in a different region. You get a few chances and then the drive stays locked in the last region set. Just google it.

  9. I completely agree with the sentiments in this article. Everybody involved with this film has made tremendous personal sacrifices, lived their beliefs and earned the right to whatever the film garners. Having been involved in crusades of my own, I know exactly how their 16 to 20 hour days, endless calls and speeches exact a real toll. They did this to help the rest of us…the least that we can do is help them fund the fight. PLAY BY THE RULES, PEOPLE.

  10. I can’t say for certain what the situation for Vaxxed is. My filmmaker wife tells me the likelihood of any indie film breaking even is pretty low. And even lower for an indie documentary.

  11. Well, a pirate is a pirate just as much as a thief is a thief! Doing the right think and supporting this film by purchasing the DVD or accessing the streaming mode means that we contribute to the work of getting the word out. EVERYONE related to the VAXXED film from Andy to Anu and Patrick to Polly, and Josh behind the camera are making sacrifices. Their sacrifices are ensuring the voices of children and their families who are struggling through the vaccine induced injuries and are striving to heal, EVERY SINGLE ONE of these folks are sacrificing so much that frankly I am embarrassed that I am not doing more.

    Thank you Alan for addressing this important problem. If Cinema Libre does not see a profit from this film then will independent films, will important documentaries ever get a fair shake and a wide audience see the important story? The answer to this question is that it isn’t likely. I support VAXXED and the RV Tour in every way I can. Its too important!!!!! Lives are the cost now, and that must be turned around, it will no happen if folks ‘pirate’ the film.

  12. What if we in the USA who have friends in Australia bought the DVD or the livestream, then added it in through Skype? I would personally ask that each of my friends who decided to watch donate to Del and Polly and Andy…the people could see it and we would still get much needed funds to the creators.

    When this is commercially viable, others will make more.

  13. I paid to see the movie online. That said, I actually think people should pirate it. If you want to kill the movement stopping people seeing is the fastest way of doing that. I think the Vaxxed team should setup a donations page to keep the bus going. Seeing as how important the message is, I am sure people would do that.

  14. {1} Does “Vaxxed” cover All/or Most of the Scientific problems with Vaccinations {including Big Pharma’s influences}?
    OR, does it spend Most/All of its time on the Autism/ Thimerosal problems?
    (2) When can I buy the DVD?

    THANKS for answering my questions.

  15. Hi Frank,

    Thanks for your comment. Vaxxed is pretty laser-focused on the Study by CDC Chief Scientist Dr. William Thompson aka #CDCWhistleBlower. I don’t want to give the whole film away, but I would say even if you are familiar with Dr. Thompson’s story, there are likely some takeaways from watching that haven’t been covered by blog posts and other coverage. Also, that study focused on the MMR Vaccine and its correlation with Autism diagnoses, so Thimerosal isn’t an issue as the MMR is an attenuated virus vaccine, they can’t use Thimerosal as a preservative as that would render the viral payload inert.

    You can buy DVDs or Instant Streaming of Vaxxed from the official website,

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