November 8th, 2016 – The Revival of America, or Globalist Destruction?


Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

There are VERY INTERESTING CHOICES being made available to American voters on election day, November 8th, 2016.

In short, the argument is about the future of the United States as a nation.  Hillary Clinton is owned, outright, by the Globalists – and does not hide it at all.  Trump wants to restore America, reversing the damage done to our economy, get rid of the $800 billion trade deficit, bring ALL jobs back to the US, secure our borders, and take care of Americans first.

The completely corrupt US media backs Clinton openly, taking every opportunity to mock Trump and his supporters (The Deplorables) – which is a message all by itself.

On the one hand we have Hillary Clinton, supported by Planet Earth’s “one-percenters,” who, recently, when subpoenaed by Congress:

“Clinton and her flunkies deleted 33,000 emails (at least) that were public records under subpoena. They also smashed laptops and dunked at least 13 separate Blackberry devices in the toilet to destroy them.”

On the other hand we have Donald Trump –  the Clinton machine accuses him of sexual improprieties 11, and 35 years ago.  (Insert laughter here).

Trump, of course, has made it completely clear that when he takes over as President, a Special Prosecutor will be appointed to investigate the Clintons – and Hillary will go to jail.

We’ll see what happens election night.

We are at a Crossroads like never before…

We need to make a decision, November 8th, 2016, on whether or not to save America, or turn it into just one more Third World country – under the thumb of the Globalists.

I’ve been alive in the United States during the tenure of thirteen Presidents:  Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush (1), Clinton, Bush (2), and Obama.

Gerald R. Ford, then a junior US Congressman, spoke at my High School graduation ceremony.

adlai-buttonThe first presidential election I was ever involved in was when I was nine, and I wore, at school, an “All the Way with Adlai”  (the Democratic candidate, Adlai Stevenson, running against Eisenhower) button.  The opposition wore “I Like Ike” buttons.

Elections, in America, were a little friendlier then.   Candidates talked, then, about real issues important to America.

In my Senior year of High School (1961) we had a mock presidential election, before the primaries had decided who the actual candidates would be.  My friend Bonnie Boyd ran the campaign for Republican Barry Goldwater.  I ran the campaign for John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

My candidate won the mock election, and, of course, the REAL election.  The big issue that election?  Kennedy was a Catholic and the opposition was certain that that the Pope, if Kennedy was elected, would run America.

Of course that never happened.  Kennedy’s message, and it was VERY REAL, was “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  So, we did – and it was a very different world.

Two years later Kennedy (1963) was murdered.  America has never been the same, since.  Everyone from that era knows exactly where they were the moment Kennedy was killed.  It was the day the music died…

Since then, things have changed on the American scene.  We’ve lost our innocence, and gained the attentions of the morally depraved – one of which is running for President of the United States.

Right now, we face the complete end of America…

Once again – Hillary Clinton is a Globalist.  Her political and financial backing comes from non-citizens – the “one percenters.”  She’ll turn America into a disarmed third-world, anti-religion, anti-family, morally dead, hell hole as fast as she can.

We, the American people, let this happen.  We made the mistake of letting someone like Clinton, owned by those “one percenters,” get all the  way into the election.  If we don’t turn this situation back November 8th, 2016, we may NEVER get another chance.

Is the “One-Worlder” thing Bad?

Oh yeah…

Younger people never saw, or heard, the early conversations about creating a “One-World” government.  But, I did…

What was being discussed right up front by the “One-Worlders”, was that America, and Americans, had to have our standard of living LOWERED considerably because, in the “One-Worlder” mind, Planet Earth is finite – and there is only so much wealth to go around.

In the minds if the Socialist/Communist/Progressive/Globalists, somehow, we, Americans, did something horrible pulling our nation, after World War Two, out of chaos; creating jobs, wealth for our citizens, food production for the world, education for the masses, etc.

To the Globalist, American cities have to be destroyed – and they are systematically doing it.   The jobs that supported those communities have been exported to some other place.  Why?  So that these new people, in some third-world country, can buy dog food imported from China, and drink Coca-Cola from cans from a machine.

It is that simple.


This is the GLOBALIST future for America…

What is supposed to happen to those disenfranchised in our cities? In the minds of the Globalists, they can all go on welfare, sell drugs, kill each other, hate those that still have jobs.

To Hillary Clinton, and her globalist backers, it is NOT true that “Black lives Matter.”  To her only “Black Votes Matter.”

The Campaign for President…

Our National media is embarrassing.  News isn’t news anymore. It is all propaganda…  Everyone gets the real news elsewhere.


Hillary Calls a huge chunk of the American electorate “Deplorable.”

That’s me – Deplorable…

Stay tuned…


Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

4 thoughts on “November 8th, 2016 – The Revival of America, or Globalist Destruction?”

  1. The Democratic party will do what is necessary to stay in power by hook or crook to stack the vote in their favor. If Trump wins it would be nothing short of a miracle.

  2. Tim: I didn’t hatch until the Truman administration, but all of what you said resonates deeply with me. I have a crystal-clear mental photograph of where I was when they called us in from the soccer field on November 22, 1963, when Allen Dulles murdered our president. Daddy Bush was on the scene that day in Dallas, photographed mingling with a group of FBI agents at the base of the Texas School Depository building. The CIA made itself into the terrorist gang it is today right under the nose of Eisenhower, a remarkable military leader, but a political naif. I, too, have long been alarmed by the takeover of the nation by the oligarchs, particularly since 1993, and the assault on the inner cities since LBJ, but aided and abetted by every president since JFK. You are correct that Hillary is our worst nightmare, and you’ve almost convinced me to vote for Trump. But won’t the GEMS voting software assure that the Queen of Slime ascends to the throne? And will it actually make any damn difference? If Trump contests the election, it will take weeks to hand count the ballots in all those counties, and cost a fortune. I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Hysterical Hillary and the Deadbeats
    (sounds like a bad punk-rock band)

    “…..If Hillary Clinton wins, will Republicans and conservatives who gave up on Trump because of this recording really think that it was worth:
    having a left-wing Supreme Court for the next 30 years;
    having left-wing judges completely dominate lower federal courts;
    radically curtailing religious liberty in America;
    having speech codes go from colleges to the society as a whole;
    massively increasing the size of the government and of the debt;
    bringing in tens of thousands of refugees from the Arab Middle East;
    and having open borders?
    How can anyone answer in the affirmative?
    The answer is the left-wing hysteria got to them.
    On the same day the recording came out, so did leaked emails that revealed that Hillary Clinton told a Brazilian Bank in 2013 that she is for “open borders.”
    Open borders mean the end of the United States as we know it.
    That, my fellow Americans, is worth getting hysterical about.”
    from an article by Dennis Prager in the TownHall Magazine.
    The ultra-Left and democrat camp is terrified.
    As well it should be. They are so scared that it is entirely thinkable that someone in their camp had Julian Assange’s lawyer murdered.

    This would not be the first time strange and suspicious deaths have been associated with the Clinton camp.

    Much of what Hillary has been trying to do is to use scare tactics to win over voters. Dennis Prager’s comments are spot on as he points out that mountains are being made out of molehills. The latest attempt to smear Trump is over some comments he made privately that had nothing to do with his political views.

    The democrats has been attempting to use fear and hysteria to sway voters into their camp, which is, in a nutshell, “Let the Government take care of you; you do not know how to take care of yourself. Trust us!” Such an attitude goes quite against the grain of the Constitution and everything it stands for.

    It is up to each one of us to very carefully examine, with a great deal of discernment, everything coming from the democrat’s camp. The real facts speak for themselves, and we can see the results of their policies:

    The so-called Obama-care fiasco is imploding; more and more doctors are not accepting obamacare; it does not pay! Literally, the doctors are not being paid by obamacare when they treat a patient who has one of those plans. Many doctors are even leaving the profession; it is not worth it.

    Open borders and letting in huge numbers of refugees – especially from the Middle East and Central America; go to any large hardware store and you will see something on the shelves you did not see even just five years ago: insecticides for bedbugs. There is an explosion of bedbugs! They are being brought over by people from the Middle East and Central America because they are often here without being properly vetted; a procedure that is allegedly supposed to include checking them for communicable diseases, like fleas, ticks, lice and bedbugs. (Disgusting.)

    Attempts to distract people with nonsensical worries about who uses what bathroom. Who cares? If someone bothers you, yell at them, hit them upside the head; whatever. They will get the message and leave you alone.

    Ridiculously excessive expenditures of “aid” – in the millions of dollars – to despot regimes in Africa and other countries when we have plenty of homeless people – many of them Veterans – right here at home.

    Inflammatory remarks about how women still make 75 cents on the dollar for what men make in the same or comparable jobs. That gap has been narrowing for quite some time. In most jobs, men and women make the same amount, especially in the lower-wage jobs. In those instances where men make more, it is usually because the man has A) spent more time in that profession and B) he has been with the company for a longer period of time. This is often because many women take time out of the world of work to have children.

    Of course, that fact is left out of the rants about jobs and pay.
    Additionally, you have to look at such matters from a company’s point of view. I was in Human Resources for a while, and all things being equal, I would rather hire a man than a woman. Here is why: if a child gets sick, the school will usually call the mother, not the father. In cases where the parents are divorced, the child is usually in the custody of the mother, not the father. If I hired a woman, I was running the risk that she would periodically call out for time off to take care of her child. I rarely had that concern when I hired a man.

    Each time someone calls off prospective duty I would have to find someone to fill that slot, and very often it would mean the company would have to pay overtime, which really eats into the profit margin. (Nothing personal, it’s just business.)

    Of course, the Leftist/democrats do not want to face such hard, cold facts. When I point these things out I typically hear, “Oh, how can you be so heartless?” My reply, “How can you be so dense? You should have thought these things through before you got pregnant in the first place. Or is your answer to just go on Welfare, keep having babies, so you can get more money? Where do you think that money is coming from?”

    This is a classic example: “Oh dear, I am pregnant, I can’t work, who is going to take care of me and my baby?” The woman goes into total reactionary/hysterical mode and does not stop to think things through. This is just what the Left wants: for no one to think things through. They drum up hysteria about the so-called “global warming” – so they can begin to implement even more taxes, all the while saying that “it’s for the environment”. They drum up hysteria about “gun violence” (There is no record of any gun doing anything all by itself.) so they can lull the populace into thinking that it’s a good idea to give up firearms – all the while, of course, they are surrounding themselves with body-guards packing lots of guns!

    As November nears, we can expect to see more and more scare tactics and fear mongering from the Leftists. Let us remember to keep our wits about us, and maintain a calm perspective, as well as a sense of humor. They are getting truly desperate, and as more and more information about Hillary and her crowd comes to light, expect more and more ridiculous attempts to instill fear.
    Stay tuned!

  4. While most all of us know the Clinton’s well and who backs them, Trump is still a bit of an ‘unkown’. Historically he has appeared as a ‘friend’ of the Clintons. Has that really changed? Is he simply playing a ROLE in a pre rigged game, backed by those same Clinton Backers (CIA, Rothchild’s, organized crime etc.)? And if not, then who is the real power behind him and how can it compete? I’m reasonably sure one doesn’t stand up to the dark underbelly of the CIA unless they either have a very large pile of ‘insurance’ or some *other* equal power in their corner. If Trump REALLY wanted to take down the *Clinton/friends* organized crime machine then I’d simply like to see him hold up a copy of Ambrose Evans Pritchard’s book ‘The Secret Life of Bill Clinton’ and tell people to read it. But then you also might step on CIA toes. Does he really have that big of boots?

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