“Measles Propaganda” Rises Again…

Frankly, folks, I was appalled that the Marxist press was so eager, once again, to gin up a way to trash Trump.

By Elissa Meininger – Historian and Health Policy Analyst

Recently, it was CNN that managed to condemn Melania on Mother’s Day for not pushing measles shots…. or, more correctly, the MMR shot.  CNN did admit a guy from NIH stepped up to the plate and made the pitch during the Mother’s Day gathering at the White House, but that was not good enough.

What I find laughable is that CNN and its paymasters still hope they can con or bully the anti-vaxxer community into changing their minds. 

As for me, this once noble news outlet should now be rightly called the Marxist Propaganda News Network (MPNN) because it spews out nothing but propaganda.  This attack on Melania is a pretty lame example.

With all this hysteria about the measles outbreak, it gives me an opportunity to share some stuff with you that you might find useful.

First, if you have not read Kent Heckenlively’s book Inoculated  this would be a great time to do so.  Kent is a great storyteller and this is the true blow by blow account of how CDC whistleblower, Brian Hooker, came out to expose the flat out lies about the so-called safety of the anti-measles MMR vaccine.  It is a greatly expanded account covered in the movie VAXXED worth having in your library.  https://vaxxedthemovie.com/updates/

Second, this might be the time to spend some quality time on the National Vaccine Injury Center website.   Founder of NVIC, Barbara Loe Fisher, comes with solid gold credentials.  She and my late mentor, Harris Coulter, PhD., wrote the first major book on the dangers of vaccines, A Shot in the Dark back in the 1980s.  They then testified in Congress about their findings which resulted in the establishment of the so-called Vaccine Court to compensate for all the death and maiming caused by vaccines.

Both Barbara and Harris went on to become respected sources of information internationally and while Harris is now dead, Barbara is still called upon to testify and consult with government officials about vaccine issues.

While CNN aka MPNN and their fellow travelers will never tell you, we are already suffering from the increase in the incidence of infectious diseases, thanks to the massive influx of illegal aliens crashing through our borders.  These epidemics always happen when there are mass migrations of people.  Europe has its own issues with this thanks to the mass migration of people from Middle Eastern countries.

Since I am a major advocate of “non-allopathic” (aka natural) medicine, I asked one of my Chinese doctor friends for info about how the Chinese view measles.  After all, they’ve been treating it for thousands of years and have a complete system of healing that, to my mind, has a way better idea of how to diagnose and treat diseases than American MDs are taught.  He sent me excerpts from a book written by Bob Flaws, now retired, one of the great American teachers and practitioners of Chinese Medicine.  As it happens, his specialty was pediatrics, a major category of this ancient healing art.  Below is what my friend sent me.

I also included a description of chickenpox from the same book, my friend thought might be useful, also, since chickenpox is considered some dread disease needing mandatory shots to prevent.

A Handbook of TCM Pediatrics by Bob Flaws

Measles, rubella & chicken pox  (p. 57-58)

I do not recommend vaccinating for these diseases. In Asia, a childhood bout of any of these three diseases is not considered a bad thing. In Chinese medicine, these diseases are believed to be associated with so-called fetal toxins. It is said in Chinese pediatric books,

“Because of fetal toxins accumulated, they are more susceptible to pox.” Fetal toxins are toxins which are passed on to the baby at conception or developed in the womb. They lay dormant until they are provoked by some stimulating external pathogen. Then they are expressed to the surface of the body where they manifest as a rash or blisters. If these rashes or blisters are fully expressed and the body then heals correctly, the child is then better off for no longer harboring these fetal toxins. There are case histories in the Chinese medical literature where chronic health problems which develop later in life are associated with incompletely expressed or expelled fetal toxins. In addition, Chinese medicine does treat these three diseases very well. The main danger from measles is that it may develop into pneumonia. If treated correctly by Chinese medicine, this is very unlikely. However, if one does not choose to immunize their children against these three diseases. they should purposely expose their children to infection when they are still young. Measles and chicken pox tend to be worse for adults than for children, while German measles during pregnancy is associated with certain birth defects. In earlier times. people had measles and chicken parties so that their children would get these diseases, and there was wisdom behind that approach.”

Measles (p. 263-280)

Measles, also called rubeola, is an acute, epidemic, infectious disease caused by the measles virus. It may strike at any age during childhood, and it may attack adults who have never had measles before. It mainly occurs during the spring. Once one has had measles, they then have a lifetime immunity. In the past, measles were often a life – threatening disease and especially for children. Fortunately, because of hereditary immunity built up over generations among most Westerners, measles is rarely fatal these days.

In Chinese medicine, measles is believed to be due to a combination of Tai Du or fetal toxins plus invasion by an external pathogen. In other words, there is a predisposing factor to measles and that is this concept of fetal toxins. Fetal toxins are toxins developed during pregnancy. Not every person develops the same or the same amount of fetal toxins. Some people, due to the mother’s diet and lifestyle or due to the mother’s health at the time of conception and during pregnancy, inherit or develop more fetal toxins than others. For instance, if the mother recently had a severe, acute febrile disease just before conception or during pregnancy, this may predispose the child to more fetal toxins. Or if the mother had a very bad diet, eating lots of greasy, fried, fatty foods and drinking lots of alcohol, this might also result in the accumulation of more fetal toxins. Once generated, these toxins lie dormant in the body until they are provoked by some external factor. Thus they are also referred to as Fu Wen Xie or deep – lying warm evils.

Chinese medicine divides the progression of measles into two basic types in three basic stages. First of all, there are those cases of measles that follow the normal progression of this disease and those that follow the abnormal progression. Basically, Chinese doctors want to see the measles rash “come out” fully on the body. This is then taken for a sign that the righteous or healthy energy of the body is sufficient to fight the evil or disease energy and that, in fact, the righteous energy is kicking this evil energy out of the body. Since this evil energy was generated during pregnancy, once it is gone, it is gone for good. If, on the other hand, the righteous energy of the body is not sufficiently strong to out – thrust these toxins from the body, then the sink back into the body and can cause a variety of diseases at a later date.

The three stages of measles are the pre-– eruptive stage before the rash appears, the eruptive stage when the rash has discharged uniformly, and the rash – receipting or resolution stage when the rash disappears. Further, there are several post – measles conditions that are also discussed in the Chinese pediatric literature.


Chickenpox is also known as varicella. It too is an acute, epidemic, viral infection which is very common in young children. Children under 15 years of age are the most susceptible and it mostly occurs in the winter and spring. It is a highly communicable disease and its symptoms are usually mild with a favorable and complete recovery. The Chinese name for this disease is Shui Dou or water pox since it is characterized by the eruption of watery blisters all over the body. Like rubella, Chinese medicine divides most cases of chickenpox into two basic patterns, a mild and a more severe.

I recommend that you consider obtaining a copy of the book pictured above called Keeping Your Child Healthy With Chinese Medicine.  It would make interesting reading and show you that your local pediatrician is not the only game in town in regards keeping your kiddos healthy.

By Elissa Meininger – Historian and Health Policy Analyst

9 thoughts on ““Measles Propaganda” Rises Again…”

  1. I do believe that the reason democrats are for illegal immigration are for the fact that they would have more votes against Trump and that they could and are creating a panic by bringing in measles which is what Big Pharma wants since if they don’t have measles already they would get it from vaccination and then spread it. All Trump has to say to get the public on his side would be that these illegals are bringing in diseases such as the measles. The networks would then attack him for being against vaccines bbefore and he would attack back, which is what we want and need.

  2. Counsel Kent Heckenlively (“The World’s #1 Anti-Vaxxer”), Rima Laibow MD and I have refiled our White House #StopIllegalVaccines petition since the first version, while getting thousands of signatures did not get the requisite 100,000 in one month. We need to tell Trump that we have his back on this issue. Please, please, please sign the petition here: https://tinyurl.com/stopillegalvaccines — and share, share, share!

  3. Chinese medicine is vastly better than the toxic nonsense that Western medicine dishes up but it is still wrong.

    The key to understanding rashes such as measles (all epidermis rashes are caused by the exact same thing) is that rashes are typically *focused*. That is the key. If you ignore that then your theory will be worthless.

    I will repeat. Rashes are *focused*. Very often they even present on corresponding parts of the body! Why would they do this? How could they do this?

    There is only one possible explanation because there is only one thing in the universe that knows which parts of your body correspond with other parts.

    Your mind.

    Epidermis rashes are caused by a trauma of separation. They occur at the spot(s) on your body where your sub-conscious mind most closely associates the separation. So a breastfeeding child will have a rash on their face and hands. A child who misses embracing their father will have a rash behind their knees and inside the elbows.

    The rash occurs in the *healing* phase which is why people have missed the significance.

  4. “Epidermis rashes are caused by a trauma of separation.’ Sorry, but I am not buying this one. According to http://virology-online.com/viruses/MEASLES4.htm The Koplik’s spots and the rash in measles are thought to result from a delayed hypersensitivity reaction, the virus antigen being absent from the lesion itself.” That does not mean the the Chinese medicine way of treating measles does not help, it is just an ancient way of trying to understand things. I still would trust Vitamins and D, and massive doses of Vitamin C to help the body get through.

  5. Sorry but why on earth would anybody trust a propaganda website called “virology-online.com”?

    I mean, they are entitled to their ridiculous opinions but ridiculous opinions is all they are.

    Like I said, the key is that rashes are typically *focused*. Your virology online propaganda site has no idea how to explain that. Most of the time they won’t discuss it and if you actually ask a virologist to explain how rashes could be focused their only answer will be “ummm, that’s just what the virus does I guess”.

    “the virus antigen being absent from the lesion itself.”

    So their own observations prove that their ridiculous theories are wrong but they still believe it because they are so brainwashed.

    “are thought to result”

    Doctors don’t think. They mindlessly regurgitate. It is an anthropomorphism to describe anything that a doctor (let alone a virologist) does as “thinking”. Only around 0.1% of doctors can even be said to have consciousness.

    Doctors have no idea about anything. They just proffer up nonsense rationalizations for the fact that their ridiculous theories never explain any of the actually observed phenomena.

  6. I’m not so sure about the “focused” concept either, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely either. The Chinese may not communicate their thinking in a way that’s palatable for western minds, but again, it would be unwise to discount their relatively long and successful health knowledge so easily. Consider the game of Chinese whispers, where people relay a message through a few players only to be amazed at the end result. Effective communication requires two things, loud and clear transmission and loud and clear reception. Sometimes, it’s not the transmitter at fault, but the receiver that’s distorting the message.

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