Autism Is NOT the New Normal..

I say this as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with a nearly half-century of clinical perspective…

By Rima E. Laibow, M.D.

Ralph Fucetola JD says – I’ve worked with Rima E. Laibow, M.D. for a dozen years.  Dr. Rima is a brilliant psychiatrist and physician who does not prescribe pharmaceutical drugs.  The book excerpt below is from The Definitive Autism Action Plan: Healing Your Autistic Child: Guide for Families, Educators and Health Professional for Healing Autistic People. You can obtain her book from Amazon, HERE.  #VaxxFreeWorld

What’s wrong with being autistic?  Isn’t autism just another kind of normal?

Let’s start with the question of whether autism is a profound disorder or just another way of being normal and get that out of the way right now.

The people who espouse this bizarre position, hoping that autism is just like being left handed, a normal difference which should be accepted and adapted to, do not want their children – or yours! – retrieved, cured or assisted.  They say autism is not an almost invariably preventable, cataclysmic and tragic consequence of largely avoidable, and always treatable, fundamentally toxic inputs, including from vaccines.

Political correctness aside, I say autism IS that cataclysm and that it can, and must, be prevented and cured.

Those who say that autism is just another way of being normal use a scientific-sounding, made-up term, “neurodiversity”.  They proclaim that people who are not autistic or, as it is popular to say, “on the autistic spectrum” are “neurotypical”.

Think about it for a moment: if someone is “just neurodiverse” then there is no need to change them, or to change the conditions that led to their damaged condition.

What follows from that is that any attempt to “cure” autism (dealing with the problem) should be abandoned for the [to them] far more worthy goal of “accepting” autism.  They are invested in coercing society to “make nice” but not deal with – that is, to stop – the underlying poisoning of our children.

They are wrong.  They have a right to be wrong, of course, but they have no right to harm others.  They are willing to sacrifice your child on their ideological alter to make themselves feel better.  This is not just a matter of opinion.  It is a matter of social engineering and policy.

In fact, they have recently succeeded in changing the diagnosis of autism so that Asperger’s Syndrome is no longer, according to the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, DSM-V, a diagnosis.[1] The consequences will be dramatic – and potentially disastrous – for those seeking services and help, whether for themselves or their family members.

This has been in the works for quite a while.

A 2012 study, using a preliminary version of the new DSM-5 autism spectrum criteria, found about 75 percent of patients who had been diagnosed with Asperger’s under the old criteria would no longer qualify for a diagnosis, raising the possibility that they could lose access to services, such as special education in schools.[2]

You can bet that autism, expensive to society and embarrassing for the poisoners, is next on the chopping block if they have their way. The neurodiversity crowd are the witting (or unwitting, but always dangerous) dupes of a cruel and calculated assault on our children, our future, indeed, our very DNA.

Some will say this is paranoid or conspiratorial. 

That is, frankly, because they have not examined the evidence.

Some will say this is harsh and unkind. They have not examined – and perhaps not implemented – real options for cures for autistic people damaged by the assaults on them.

Some will say this is defeatist.  They have not seen a fully retrieved former autist living life normally.

I have.

As a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist with a nearly half-century of clinical perspective…

…derived from successfully practicing both medicine and psychiatry without ANY drugs or vaccines, I say that these “neurodiversity” people are either:

(1)  Shills working for the pro-vaccinators, helping them reap the profits of destruction and medical mayhem which their vaccines cause or

(2)  Self-indulgent muddled thinkers who do not want to confront the ugly reality that their children (or, increasingly, they themselves) have been injured by agents which are known to cause cataclysmic neurological and other organ-system harm. Those agents could have been avoided, should have been avoided, but were instead willingly embraced. And the rest is their history.

It should not be your child’s history.

For some, this is so painfully devastating that it is better to subscribe to a false belief system of “neurodiversity” than to confront the reality:

“I could have avoided this for my child but I chose not to.  I could have listened to what I ignored and now the consequences are apparent life-long devastation.  No, let’s back away from the truth and soften the grief and horror with a lie: being autistic in another kind of normal and, somehow, is OK.  There. Now I feel ever so much better.”

What is the Autistic Spectrum?

Autism, or location anywhere on the “Autism Spectrum” of disorders, is a cataclysmic condition. 

Let me remind you that genes change over eons, not decades, and that when I graduated from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City in 1970, 1 child in 10,000 was autistic. That was the genetic norm for this condition apparently for millennia.

There has been no genetic drift towards autism: there has been, however, massive genetic, epigenetic, enzymatic and tissue poisoning in the air, food, water, fire-retardant pillows, PJs and mattresses and, most of all, leading the pack of genetic jackals, “unavoidably unsafe”[4] vaccines.

Despite the best efforts of the collaborators in a grand scheme of deception and mayhem, [since vaccine injury is well known and well characterized to cause a host of disasters while vaccination accomplishes less than nothing for health[5], the science is clear[6] and, as Hillary Clinton so famously said, “settled”[7]], the reality is that countless parents have watched countless healthy babies and children collapse into autism following vaccination.

Dr. Andrew Moulden, MD, PhD documented with exquisite care that every vaccine causes micro strokes and maxi harm, whether or not children show overt autism.[8] .

Of course, the science is settled on the vaccine damage side while the propaganda is all on the “You MUST HAVE Your Ever Increasing Vaccines!” side.
That is, after all, where the money is, both in the vaccines themselves and in the aftermarket of conditions and diseases caused by the vaccines, including the rapidly increasing profit center called “Autism” and the well-established one called “cancer”.[9]

I wish it were different, but, in fact, no matter how distasteful the reality is, there is one and only one possible explanation for this cataclysmic and escalating deviation from normal genetic and neurological function in so many children: environmental causes preventing the normal expression of genes and the organs they create and control.

As I write this, the US CDC, as corrupt and conflict-riddled an organization as it is possible to imagine, is forced to admit that the rate of Autism in the US is now 1 child in 45 or more!

As a Child and Adult Psychiatrist practicing health care for almost 50 years, my answers to the questions urgently and destructively raised by the Neurodiversity crowd are  No, No and Yes.

No, autism is not just another way of being normal.

No, non-autistic people are not just “neurotypical” while those with autism are “neurodiverse” any more than people with cancer are just “immunodiverse” while people without it are just “immunotypical”.

Yes, people with autism can, and should, be helped toward normal functioning as a primary goal for them.

And, yes, autism, first and foremost, but not solely, is a neurological condition, and is curable in part or entirely.  I know, because I have been the treating physician for many autistic people who were able to leave that undesirable and painful condition behind and become emotionally, neurologically, and socially normal while using and enjoying their full capacities for a rich and productive independent life.

OK.  So we need to fix autism, but what is wrong with just calling autism “neurodiversity”?

Although it sounds nice and is certainly politically correct, when looking at the question more deeply we see the danger behind the apparent and easily observed absurdity.

This false belief permits the continued use of the very strategies and toxic agents that create more autistic persons (especially vaccinations) and dissuade people caught up in this dangerous myth from turning to the simple, effective and non-toxic natural solutions that address the problems of autism so well.  “Nothing to cure here.  Move along!”

By Rima E. Laibow, M.D.





[4] – see footnote 24 for the link to court decisions regarding the “unavoidably unsafe” nature of vaccines.

[5] See, for example,





13 thoughts on “Autism Is NOT the New Normal..”

  1. LA Times: Special Ed Epidemic in California… Thanks to Mandated Vaccine Injuries

    On May 12 the Los Angeles Times  reported that local school districts were “hitting the panic button” over costs despite a huge 21% increase in the state’s special education budget.

    Reporter John Myers pointed to “the rapid growth in expenses for special education.” He wrote, “More children are qualifying for additional services, particularly those diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

    California’s school districts are panicking over a 21% increase in the states special education budget due to all the schoolchildren with Autism and severe and costly needs. The proportion of students with expensive to treat disabilities, including Autism has exploded from 1 in 50 special education students in 2001-02 to about 1 in 8 in 2016-17. These statistics are alarming and they will continue everywhere vaccines are being mandated.

  2. Hi Rima,
    how’re things going?

    I would love to have a copy of your new book. Can I get it as a .pdf anywhere?
    Kindle I don’t use and postage from the US takes up to 10 days.

    I’d also like to see how my view of Autism fits in with yours. Perhaps you’ll add a comment?

    Heavy metals (mercury, aluminium, lead, cadmium as examples – the first two are in most vaccines) both block and divert nerve impulses onto unintended and non-functional pathways. This is why the sufferer feels isolated – that which he/she tries to communicate gets shunted off into some other action have nothing to do with the intention. Removing these neurotoxins (for example with and then using special dietary procedures to re-build healthy synapses etc. will usually show a dramatic improvement at an effective zero cost.

    Kent Heckenlively, also a regular contributor here, has been using this with his daughter for some weeks now. Maybe you’d like to give us a progress report as well Kent?

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  3. Dear Dr. Rima, Great article, great logic . When I see people espousing the views of neurodiversity, I think of the young autistic kids of today, twenty or thirty years down the line, thinking things through and saying to themselves, ” You know, it would have been nice to have lots of friends , like my sister Susan” or ” I wish I could get married and have a family, but I just dont know how to interact with girls ” or maybe ” I wish I had been confident like Lynette, Then I could have looked people in the eye and talked cutely and adults would have liked me and I would have been able to tell adults when they thought I had done something wrong and I was too shy to speak up and tell them what had happened ” I wish, I wish, I wish ……….

  4. I find it fascinating that the sort of people who support massive vaccination assaults, themselves often seem to be on the autistic spectrum.
    It is as if the disorder is self-perpetuating.

  5. Normal… let me tell you about Normal. I used to be called Normal, and it was a term of derision, not endearment.

    When I was at school in the 1980s I was one of a handful of extremely socially awkward kids. Unlike the others, as I got more socially awkward I also got livelier, unable to control my mouth. Some now may call it ADHD I suppose, other’s Tourette’s.

    Who knows what my diagnosis would have been in the 1990s. In the 1980s I was just a badly behaved kid. Thank god I wasn’t born a decade later. Unlike the other badly behaved kids, I wasn’t smoking and stealing lunch money in gangs, I just wouldn’t sit still. I couldn’t do my homework – it was physically impossible. If I read and understood something interesting I would hang onto it and read it over and over again. Every now and again I would do something impulsive like set off a fire extinguisher for no reason. Things like that.

    The other kids actually called me ‘normal’, and they were not being nice about it. They thought I was actually nuts. The staff just thought I was playing up for attention, and needed to try harder, be more disciplined. Yeah, right.

    When I left this hugely expensive private education I was jobless, smoking way too much pot, spotty, skinny as a rake, zooming around on motorbikes, had no friends and my social life such that it was was based around other outcasts, who also actually avoided me as much as possible.

    Doctors kicked me out of their offices for being a hypochondriac. One doctor, concerned about my weight, did actually spend around a minute talking about diet. That was 1987, the last time a doctor EVER attempted to do anything for my actual health. Now they just try and recruit me onto the statins pathway, so, I don’t have a doctor anymore.

    Luckily I started to grow out of it enough to pull myself together, long before I ever heard of the word autism, or vaccine damage. I started to have a social life, and interests that could actually keep my focus long enough for me to have a creative side and develop my character. I took vitamins and eschewed processed foods. I met women.

    I was 28 before I ever heard the word ‘autism’, at a dinner party. One person said ‘what’s that?’, and EVERYBODY leaned in to hear.

    And then when I was 29 I had a series of travel shots and BAM! went crazy in a few weeks. The switch was flicked and it all came back, but with visual auras and huge anxiety and depression that let me know something was badly wrong. Normal was certainly not normal, and it wasn’t nice.

    I was smart enough to realise that a medical diagnosis would be the least helpful thing I could seek, so my osteopath put me onto a brilliant alternative lady in London who helped me sort it out and understand what had happened. And slowly, years later, I feel a little better each year and have been high functioning for a very long time. I have my own clinical practice helping others recover from chronic healthy problems and avoid medical harm; those who actually want to avoid it!

    I still struggle to study and have to play to my own strengths to find a way through.

    But one thing I now know with absolute certainty is that it was vaccines that took away many of my chances in life and I must never ever be vaccinated again.

  6. Let’s replace the “neuro” part with another medical prefix. Pneumodiverse = asthma. Dermatodiverse = skin disorders. Reumatodiverse = juvenile RA. Opthalmodiverse = visually impaired. Etc. If this all sounds ridiculous: it’s not more ridiculous than “neurodiverse”.

    Disabled is now portrayed as normal and sick is the new healthy. It’s very worrying.

  7. @will
    from what i see on tumblr it’s desperate attempt by those mildly affected to NOT feel disabled/mentally ill. and so far that IS understandable.

  8. Thanks Ralph,
    I’ll get right onto that.

    Hi Rixta (but not just Rixta),
    you’ve reminded me of a maxim which I teach my patients here in Europe:
    If your “illness” has a long, incomprehensible name in Latin or Ancient Greek, what it really means is, “We haven’t the vaguest idea what the problem is or what to do about it but we’ll put this clever-sounding label onto it so that we can write a bill.”

    So, a few examples with English translations:-
    Multiple Sclerosis – Literally, “many scars”. What is causing the scarring on the nerve pathways is “unknown territory” (Terra incognito in clever speak). Actually, this malady is about 90% mercury poisoning which, purely co-incidentally of course, will cause burning on the nerves which produces the scars. A thorough Mercury detox will often get the sufferer back on their feet (literally). The other 10% is a very difficult childhood relationship with the mother.

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – scarring on the nerves leading to atrophy of the muscles. Most commonly on one side of the brain/body only.
    Well, well, well. What do you know – mercury again. Remove the mercury and the symptoms disappear.

    Subacute Sclerosing PanEncephalitis (SSPE) – A chronic light inflammation of the brain tissues.
    Based upon zero evidence it is claimed that this extremely rare condition (4 cases in ten years in Germany) is caused by a self-mutating measles virus which takes up to 50 years to attack the brain yet the medico’s can’t even prove that a measles virus exists – for years there has been a 10,000 Euro (about $11,500) reward on offer to anyone who can produce proof of the existence of viruses. Only one attempt to claim the reward has been made – with the measles “virus” – and Germany’s highest court slapped it down stating that supposition and guesswork are NOT scientific facts!
    Looking at the symptoms of this malady; they appear to me indistinguashable from mercury poisoning.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list and I am sure that Rima could add more.
    The point is this: Until we start criminally prosecuting those who are poisoning our people for profit, things will just get worse.

    Blessed be


  9. correction to the above:
    it’s €100,000 ($115,000) not ten thousand.

    would it not be better to heal these suffereres?
    Difficult it is not!

    Blessed be


  10. @karma
    the point is that they don’t want to see themselves as sufferers, or at least not as abnormal. their suffering is caused by the rejection of society, in their minds, and that IS partly true.
    but these are high functioning, akin to people who limp not wanting to be seen as disabled and therefore not wanting to prevent/heal complete paralysis.
    so healing/prevention means acknowledging that something is wrong with themselves.
    having multiple issues i can understand that up to point.

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