Is President Trump Saving California From Itself?

During Eight Years of The Obama-Nation it Simply Did Not Rain In California.   Chemtrails Were Everywhere. “Drought” Was the Watchword…

Now, in the first week of June 2019 it is STILL Raining.  Greenery is everywhere, and the Democrats are getting nervous.

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Prior to President Donald Trump getting elected the only places you could find PLENTIFUL fresh water in California was in Nancy Pelosi’s winery, dribbling on her grapes. California’s Forests were a fire waiting to happen.  California’s agricultural industry was turning to dust.  Agenda 21 advocates controlled the dialogue.  ObamaDust ruled the skies.

Then, almost heaven-sent, comes the first Populist president in a long time, and he said “No, we are NOT going to burn California…”  Before his first official day in office it started to rain, and rain, and rain, in California…

FORMER President Barack Obama’s planned golf trip, upon leaving the Oval Office, in Palm Springs, California, had to be postponed, and his plane had to land a hundred miles away, due to the huge rainstorm Trump had delivered to California.  Trump had delivered his message “YOU are not the president anymore, I am…”  And, California was about to be saved from the globalists.

Everybody with a brain knew that the “Bullet Train” was a trick…

The Democratic Regime in Sacramento had concocted a so-called “Bullet Train” project.  The Obama-Nation kicked in eight billion dollars of start-up money.  What was it for?  No one actually believed that the people of California were actually so hungry for a high-speed train, with tickets to cost 450 dollars one-way, that they would be willing to kick in half-a-bazzilion-trillion-bigga-bucks for a train nobody would ever use.  Something else was going on here.

And what, you may ask, was really going on?  “Eminent domain” – used against California’s Republican farmers in the Central Valley.  The “Bullet Train” was the excuse the globalists needed to TAKE California’s farmland and turn it over to “The Collective…”

The completely manufactured “California Drought” was the other tool to be used to destroy Capitalism in California…

California’s skies during the “Obama-Nation…”

The working model to destroy America was being perfected in California.  Fake “Climate Change,” was being used to take ALL private property.  And that fake “Climate Change” process appeared in California’s skies, like clockwork, every morning, in the form of that crazy quilt in the sky, some, un-fondly, call “chemtrails,” and others call “geo-engineering…”

But now?

And it is raining….

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


4 thoughts on “Is President Trump Saving California From Itself?”

  1. Sorry chemtrails are a worldwide program that Trump has no say in.The prolific rain everywhere not just Calif,is due to entering the Grand Solar Minimum which brings a lot of rain and weather chaos in general as the planet cools.Why they are spraying is anyone’s guess but if they continue during the Grand Solar Minimum,things will be much much worse because the solar minimum also brings increased volcaoes which will cool the planet even more.

  2. Did Newsom and Biden work together to get rainfall “turned back on “? It seems this winter 2021-22 are providing a great deal of rainfall in Calif., and the snowpack in the sierras is very abundant. So the theory of chemtrails creating drought is a largely debunked theory. The worst CA drought was in 1924 long before commercial air flight. I seriously doubt that the federal and state governments want to create droughts.

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