Latest Scaremongering Announcement Proves CO2 Has No Effect On Global Temperature!

It Is Time To Acknowledge the Truth About So-Called “Climate Change”...

‘This weekend, sensors in Hawaii recorded Earth’s atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) passing 415 parts per million (ppm) for the first time since before the ancient dawn of humanity.”

From Germany By Karma Singh…

According to “Science Alert” in their publication dated 11th May 2019, CO2 level at 415 parts per million of the air, i.e. 0.0415%, is now the highest ever recorded in human history

This announcement by the Climate Change Mafia is in many ways misleading.

Firstly, fossil fuel burning contributes only around six percent of all CO2, i.e. 0.00249% of the air.

Secondly, the position of the test station from which they have the readings which they quote is on the side of an active volcano sitting in a warming ocean.

The second largest producers of atmospheric CO2 are the volcanoes. In this case, the CO2 rolls over the lip of the volcano and, being heavier than air, rolls down into the waiting arms of the Climate Change Mafia.

The oceans are the largest producers of atmospheric CO2 which they absorb when the water is cold and then give off when the water is warmer. Ocean currents carry cold water into this region where it is warmed up by volcanic activity. Additionally, the “El Nino” cycle is presently pushing warmer water into the area.

It is scientifically incontrovertible that CO2 in the air MUST be very much higher on the side of an active volcano sitting in a warming ocean than elsewhere. This is why data from this station is used rather than data from an area where typical levels would occur.

Thirdly, the small increase in atmospheric CO2 which has occurred over the last few decades has resulted in a dramatic expansion of green plant growth (up to 50% in some areas). NASA scientists report that 70% of the increased plant growth is due to the greater availability of that essential plant nutrient CO2. The slight increase in world temperature since the 1970s, due to increased activity of the Sun, has helped to further this process.

Natural News) In direct contradiction to the scare stories about carbon dioxide being relentlessly pushed by the climate change alarmists, a scientific study published in Nature Climate Change and highlighted by NASA reveals that rising carbon dioxide levels are having a tremendously positive impact on the re-greening of planet Earth over the last three decades, with some regions experiencing over a 50% increase in plant life.”

Nonetheless, CO2 levels are still not ideal…

…way below the levels earlier in Earth’s history and many large-scale “greenhouse farmers” still purchase compressed CO2 which they add to the air in their greenhouses as this increases plant growth and harvests very significantly. For the same reason, many hobby greenhouse horticulturalists regularly burn paper in their greenhouses.

We note from their graph heading the Science Alert page that, according to them, CO2 has been steadily rising since 1958 yet, for the first two decades covered by their graph, world temperatures were falling. Present trends show that temperature has never again reached the high of 1999 and has been falling since 2010.

Further down in the same article we see a graph which they have prepared based upon ice core samples from an extremely stable part of the world (Greenland) for the last 10,000 years, i.e. since the end of the last Ice Age. At the beginning of their graph, world temperatures rose dramatically, causing the melting of the miles thick ice lying across much of the present land masses, resulting in a rise in sea levels of around 130 metres (426 feet). This melt inundated many legendary cities some of which, in recent years, have been found in waters presently 70 to 90 metres (230 to 300 feet) deep.

This warm period, very much warmer than now, lasted for several thousand years. It was followed by a relatively short cold period which caused the collapse of the Roman Empire, amongst other things, and then from about 800AD to 1300 we had the medieval warm period (also much warmer than now).

The “Little Ice Age” began in around 1300 AD, ended in about 1870 when the Earth began slowly to warm up again as solar activity increased. Throughout this whole period of ten thousand years, from the end of the last Ice Age, CO2 levels remained constant thus showing incontrovertibly that there is zero correlation between increasing CO2 availability in the air and world temperatures.

It is precisely for this reason that CO2 sampling was moved from a geologically stable position to an extremely unstable one…

…where CO2 levels are bound to be especially, but only locally, high. Failing this, the “man-made climate change by increased burning of fossil fuels fairy tale” was in imminent danger of collapse as more people ask, ”Where is this CO2?”

Overall, we must hope that what we are presently experiencing, i.e. a slow and somewhat erratic climb out of The Little Ice Age continues and a new Ice Age which, according to geologists is “overdue” continues.

Interestingly, in the 1960s, as the world was getting gradually colder…

…(despite, please note, the massive increase in man-made CO2 since the 1940s) a Swedish scientist suggested that we might be able to stave off a new Ice Age if we could build up CO2 levels to the point where their “greenhouse effect” would prevent the temperature plunge. Present CO2 levels, natural and otherwise, are nowhere near the levels needed to test his hypothesis!

We must also not lose sight of the fact that the temperature changes which have been measured during the last three decades are all in fractions of one degree.

Being accustomed to daily temperature changes of up to twenty degrees, the variations being talked about by the Climate Change Mafia are, generally, below the threshold that humans can perceive.

Should the recovery from The Little Ice Age continue…

…(and there is no valid scientific reason to believe that it will go one way rather than the other) then history shows us that we are to expect a period of greater comfort and prosperity for all giving rise to more free time for self-development and creative thought and it is this latter that the bankers who are behind the Climate Change Mafia seek to prevent as it will inevitably lead to the demise of the greatest fraud ever perpetrated – the banking system.

Blessed be

From Germany By Karma Singh…




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Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

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  1. Thanks, very clear. I agree with all of that, except that our rising prosperity will lead to the collapse of the banking system by some natural homoeosatic process. It won’t. It will take direct action to achieve that, perhaps even the guillotine. At best it may stave off the point at which the banking system naturally brings us all down, a point which is inevitable if we continue to accept their current structures and practices.

  2. Professor William Happer of Princeton says we are close to a CO2 drought. Piers Corbyn, brother of British Labour Party leader agrees and warns that we are heading into lower, not higher temperatures. Corbyn has a successful company that forecasts weather up to years in advance. He successfully predicted the recent abnormally low temperatures in the US and similar weather in the UK last year.

    Corbyn states unequivocally that man’s activity cannot affect temperature which is largely a result of changes in the Sun’s behaviour. We are being lied to in an attempt to massively increase taxes on energy. Corbyn warns that a fake climate emergency will be used as an excuse to plunder people’s pension funds to find an alternative to fossil fuels.

    In the UK, children are being fed the climate emergency myth in school and many are protesting on a regular basis. In my view, this is tantamount to child abuse.

  3. Thanks for your rundown on Climate Change.

    As a historian, I tend to do a great deal of looking behind the curtain to verify facts and find out who is behind promoting stuff like this climate change BS. Your discussion about how they are rigging information was interesting and no surprise to me.

    Just so you know, my late husband and I were part of a small group of people who liked to speculate on commodity futures. In short, we’d buy a contract representing the estimated value of a train carload of soybeans scheduled to be harvested some months later. Speculators buy these contracts and hold them until, hopefully, the actual value of the soybeans is higher than when they purchased the contract. Then they’d sell the contract to someone who actually needed to take delivery of the soybeans and were happy to buy the contract.

    Tracking weather over the growing area of the soybean fields is a daily project and brokerage firms hire high-powered weather forecasters so clients like us could pour over weather data every day. We needed the best available information at all times from a variety of forecasters. JUST SO YOU KNOW…..These forecasters were the best weather people in the business and their daily reports were read by people with millions of dollars at stake. And…..guess what…..THEY NEVER AGREED ON WHAT THEY THOUGHT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. That’s why commodity futures traders are called “speculators”.

    Many speculators like us, also have their own databases and chart the daily prices at the commodity exchanges. We’d print out charts and our data was based on charting the historical buying patterns that we could track back, in some cases, decades and/or hundreds of years. Our system gave us an idea of HOW people reacted to weather issues and other factors so we could guestimate how people might buy in the future.

    Consequently, when the climate change crowd bragged that 97% of all weather experts agreed, I knew it was A BIG FAT LIE.

    Just so you know, in some current research I am doing about Oklahoma, I have a book published by the University of Oklahoma Press, discussing the population in the state 8,000 years ago. Yes, Oklahoma was one of the most populated places in North America and archeologists can tell you what the weather was like as well as how mini-Ice Ages effected temperature, which, in turn, effected moisture and what crops were growing. Just for the record, 8,000 years ago, Oklahoma weather was more moderate than it is now which resulted in attracting people and animals to move into the area.

    I’m so disgusted with this Climate Change crap, my advise to everyone who wants to get to the truth is as follows:

    1. Marxism’s ONLY goal is to destroy Capitalism. The utopia they talk about is always vague and with no concrete information about how it could be implemented.

    2. The Green New Deals’s ONLY goal is to destroy the fossil fuel industry which, in turn, will destroy the means of production that is the economic basis of Capitalism.

    3. Marxists have taken over all those environmental outfits founded years ago to do good things to promote clean air, clean water, save the wildlife, etc. Well meaning people have no idea this has happened and are now peddled a steady stream of unquestioned propaganda from these groups they had learned to trust years ago.

    4. Marxism’s first rule to sell people their ideas is to LIE to gullible people they know will not check out the facts.

    5. Until the general public learns to look behind the curtain when they were told some cozy tidbit about the virtues of “socialism” (read Marxism), we might see them vote for Marxism and we’ll end up like Venezuela.

    6. I recommend people refer to Chapter 16 of a book just published on the net called:

    How The Specter of Communism is Ruling Our World
    Chapter 16 – Part 1
    Chapter 16 – Part 2

  4. Good morning one and all.

    Dr. Raickyk,
    many have found that, as a result of Mind Clearing, ( any lies that we are told are immediately and blatantly obvious. One of the many natural abilities which stem from the “unused” 80% of the human brain.

    perhaps I should have made this more of a major point: It is the increased general wealth and leisure time which increases intelligence with the inevitable result that so many see through the banking con that humanity, acting as an unstoppable whole, will simply demolish it by replacing it with something much, much better. See, for example, “Ubuntu” from Michael Tellinger for one model. I haven’t, regretfully, translated my own book on the topic into English as yet – it’s only in German at the moment – if you speak it.

    what’s going on in schools in Europe (and it’s also started in the US) contravenes the provisions of the UN Charter on Childrens’ rights. Yet governments do nothing to stop it. I wonder why (sic).
    We have to do it ourselves by giving our children the real facts. That’s why I’ve made two such documents available as free downloads for everyone to distribute. You’ll get them here:- and
    More will come.

    I do believe that you are confusing Marxism with Lenninism. No wonder, many people, especially Lenin himself and his successor, Stalin, have put a lot of effort into creating this confusion.
    Marx proposed a society similar to the Jewish Kubbutzim where everything was more or less in common ownership OF THE EXTENDED VILLAGE FAMILY! Michael Tellinger with “Ubuntu” takes this a little further. Both propose creating so much wealth that money becomes unnecessary – the exact opposite of Leninism which is about maintaining a plutocracy by stealing wealth wherever it is created.
    Whilst Marx’s writing are, I agree, somewhat vague, Tellinger’s are very precise and are based not so much upon theory and speculation but upon the results of implementing the Ubuntu Principle.

    Blessed be


  5. Please help me understand your proposed relationship between bankers and the climate change Mafia. It is not clear to me from your article.

  6. There is a lot of scientific evidence that we are going in a straight line to the next mini ice age. To be expected around 2030. The sun’s magnetic fields are seriously out of sync, causing a variety of things. One of them being a lack of sunspots, equalling a rapidly cooling down of the solar system. And it’s also causing all the extreme weather we have seen lately. The northern hemisphere had an extremely cold winter and it looks very much like in Australia we are going into the same direction.

    Grand Solar Minimums happen with regular intervals and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. The only thing we can do is prepare.

  7. Hi Fred,
    if you follow the money you will find that the principal financier and owner in fact of all the major climate change dogma groups is George Soros, the bankers’ messenger boy.

    Moin Rixta,
    an “Ice Age”, even a mini one, lasts for several hundred years not just for the duration of a solar minimum which we had last Winter.
    In any event, such is not something that happens rapidly but over several decades which is why it is difficult to pinpoint the start and end of an Ice Age.

    Blessed be


  8. Thanks for your reply. What I’m still not understanding is what exactly is in it for the bankers? How do they benefit from promoting climate change? I can understand why Big Oil would deny climate change as it directly conflicts with their interests. Traditionally, I would expect banking to be on the side of Big Oil, not actively working against their interests

  9. There’s a lot of inter-connectedness here Fred and I may well go into greater detail in a later article.

    The prime objective of the bankers is to own the world and everyone in it. They don’t care about the energy cartel as a separate entity because the owners are the same families and, of course, they don’t care about the people who work there at all.

    By pushing the climate change fantasy they can “impose” their solution of wind and solar power. They want this because these are inherently unstable and a blackout which will last for at least three months is inevitable. This will cause the deaths of at least 100 million Americans. MS13 and the like are their imported foot soldiers whom they will additionally arm and tell to kill as many as they can.
    The survivors will be squashed into worker ghetto-cities and the rest of the world becomes their private playground. i.e. Agenda 21 which, thanks to humanity’s efforts so far, has been rescheduled for 2030.

    Blessed be


  10. This is more conspiracy nonsense. Our planet’s natural air-conditioning system is melting away (Arctic, Antarctic). I witnessed this personally during the 2012 Greenland melt with my spouse, a Caltech PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry, who was working on a project in Kangerlussuaq.

    Regarding C02 increases my spouse says: “Plants can’t suck it up fast enough. This is like a pin drop. The rising figures are very clear and indisputable.”

    As a group, scientists could care less about politics, conspiracies and “climate change mafia.” They are nerds doing research, period. Anyone is free to believe or not believe, but that doesn’t impact the facts.

    Here, let’s bring back the focus to medical freedom from forced vaccination, getting the truth and history about vaccines out there and replacing Richard Pan and his Big Pharma toadies out of government. As RFK. Jr. said, “100% of Republicans are corrupt as are 75% of Democrats.” Let’s focus on the 25 % of Democrats to protect medical freedom.

  11. Sorry to disillusion you K.,
    but as anyone with a little dilligence will find out for themselves, the Polar Ice (especially Arctic) expands and contracts on a regular basis. 2012 was one of those low ice years. The Winter just past was one of those maximum ice years.

    The Antarctic ice is actually expanding and has been doing so for many years. As the ice slowly moves from the middle of the continent to the ocean, occasionally bits of it break off. The US South Pole station reports an increase in ice of around six feet every year and they have to keep jacking their buildings up.

    I am aware, of course, of this “monster” ice sheet which has broken off but would put it into context thus:-
    Imagine an olympic sized swimming pool. Then go to your imaginary refridgerator and take out two ice cubes. Lay the ice cubes into the swimming pool.
    Now, what is the temperature and water level change in the swimming pool? These are approximately the right proportions of this ice sheet to the World Ocean or, maybe, one ice cube would be better.

    Well, the plants disagree, they ARE sucking CO2 up faster than we can deliver it and would like more. Only by fudging the readings as described above, can they maintain their fantasy.

    There is precisely zero evidence (other than the slow normalisation of temperatures as we climb out of the Little Ice Age) for Climate Change and a very great deal of evidence that the bankers are deliberately using children which they have themselves crippled plus pre-purchased politicians to set humanity upon a course to disaster.

    Incidentally, the phrase is “couldn’t care less”, not could! It is this sort of irresponsible positioning which the bankers count upon to slow down the response to their attacks.

    Blessed be


  12. Karma, yes. Certainly, getting off the treadmill helps people to see, and awareness is everything in shaping a future fit for living. Totally agree with that. In the end, people will need to act on that awareness; the banksters, deep state, secret societies and organised criminals currently pulling all the big levers don’t ever just curl up and die when things aren’t going their way, and we will be their enemies. Frankly I think we already are their enemies, and the prospects of winning over the bullies by reasoning, diplomacy and compromise are looking worryingly small. I hope I am wrong: I’m a healer not a fighter. Thanks

  13. Karma: “Could care less” is a commonly-used US Midwestern slang version of “could not care less.” And since you are writing for a US blog, it is “normalization,” not “normalisation.”

    No, you do not disillusion me in the slightest. Implying that dedicated senior NASA, NOAA and world-wide scientists are all “…fudging the readings as described above, can they maintain their fantasy” is strictly a projection of your own conspiracy theories.

    Again, scientists are research nerds without interest in politics, conspiracies or “climate change mafia.”

    InsideClimate News dot org won a Pulitzer for uncovering the internal Exxon memos from the 1970s-1980s demonstrating their scientists could see the development of Global Warming. But senior executives knew they’d be retired before it became evident and they wanted to keep the money train rolling. The New York Times did an in-depth series on the persons involved which is worth reading.

    Finally, do you even know any scientists? NASA regularly has open houses where you can speak directly to scientists. You can learn a lot from our NOVA programs on our Public Broadcasting television.

    I think Tim Bolen would enjoy the next NASA-JPL Open House, probably this coming fall.

    You are certainly welcome to cherry-pick and spin and believe what you wish. However, that doesn’t change the facts.

  14. K. Christensen, next time you get the chance you might want to ask those NASA scientists where the carbon bound up in fossil fuels came from. It is ALL former atmospheric carbon, fixed by plants into biomass. Yes, ok, and prior to that, volcanic and so on.

    Agreed, perhaps dumping it all back into the atmosphere in a few centuries is an experiment, but if you want to talk science you need to talk about empirical evidence. Mathematical modeling is a tool. It is no more science than a fan belt is driving. But there is empirical evidence and it happens to show the opposite of the CO2 warming hypothesis (not even a theory). Those mathematical models that prove the CO2 hypothesis are themselves based on the CO2 hypothesis they are supposed to confirm. Duh! Funny how the world’s scientists can’t see what a child can see.

    I know it is unfashionable to trust dirty, unpredictable old nature. But those puny pathetic plants that can’t possibly soak up enough CO2 to keep levels constant still manage to push out enough oxygen to run every combustion-based device on earth and still leave us enough to breathe without atmospheric levels dropping noticeably at all. It would be good if we at least replaced the ones we are cutting down, that would be nice.

    Meanwhile, remember the world is full of trickery, so be careful whom you believe, even if they appear to be ‘leaking top secret reports’ and so on, and ESPECIALLY if they lean towards authority and consensus in any way at all, and even more especially if billions of dollars of funding (wages, pensions…) are riding on it.

    I imagine Exxon etc laughing their tits off (or is it laugh off their tits) that the world bit on that line, hook, sinker, the lot.

  15. For K. and Cupid,
    the very sloppy thinking which brings you, K., to assert that couldn’t means the same as could is symptomatic of an educational system purposely designed to prevent knowledge being attained and proliferated.

    I have, unfortunately, forgotten which Great Teacher said, “Education is about knowing more and more about less and less.” So, quoting from one of my books, “You take a tree apart, you examine its leaves, its bark, its cells, its proteins and its genes and still you do not know why it is a tree and not a fish or a bird or a man.”

    This is what modern education is about:-
    You are feeling sleepy- trust me – very sleepy – just listen to my voice – your eyelids are getting heavier and heavier – don’t think, just listen to me – your eyes are closing, closing – only I will tell you the truth – soon you fall into a deep, deep sleep – you believe only that which I tell you – you are deeply asleep – you will never ever question what I tell you – you will never wake up.

    This world is an extremely sophisticated and flexible creation which has not only recycled everything for many millions of years but has also shown itself to be capable of dealing with enormous changes no matter what their source. It has, in the past, dealt with oxygen levels so low that animal life was scarcely possible by “breeding” plants which converted the then CO2 levels, around twenty TIMES higher than at present, into the carbon need to build proteins and atmospheric oxygen so that animals could breathe. It has, on more than one occasion, dealt with asteroid or cometary collisions which threw so much dust into the atmosphere that photosynthesis became almost impossible. The problem confronting us right now is a computer model which says such and such is GOING to happen and, because of the nature of our educational system, the computer model is believed instead of the reality which contradicts it.

    This is your problem K.; you need to wake up and take a long, hard look at reality.

    Finally, The Bolen Report is not a parochial magazine but a publication of international standinf. I, therefore, write in English. I could, with almost equal facility write in German but believe that this would be understood by fewer users.

    Blessed be


  16. Karma and Cupid: I did ask a senior-level NASA scientist (who does research in earth sciences and also worked on Mars Rover technology) to peruse your writings. It was suggested that you take an entry-level Physics course because you both do not understand the basics. It was noted to me that there must be other forces at work to write so many conspiracies and fallacies which defy logic and disrespect science/scientists.

    The other disappointment is Karma’s convoluted writing. It may fool those who aren’t versed in his subject matter and some of it may sound very convincing, But it falls flat to those who are educated professionals and/or critical thinkers. Worse, is that you go so low as to personal ad hominem attacks which speaks volumes about your lack of veracity. Putting out false information is divisive, not healing.

    Cupid, you wrote “Funny how the world’s scientists cannot see what a child can see.” Red herring attack.

    It should be noted that earth, ocean and animal scientists are not the same as Big Pharma scientists. There’s no financial windfall. In fact, most are struggling for funding to do the work they love. There’s no lush retirement fund. Many are still paying off student loans. And FYI, NASA accounts for 1/2 of one percentage of the US budget (that’s half a penny of a dollar).

    Thanks to Tim for going back to the core of this blog: health freedom, informed consent and vaccine facts. Let’s focus on this important subject.

    (But you still are invited to NASA-JPL’s next Open House this fall to speak directly to scientists with any questions you may have about Global Warming).

  17. Thank you, KC for the advice. In fact I have two science degrees including physics, and my father was an aerospace engineer. As kids we had some pretty distinguished people in our house. We once had a camera that had been on the moon actually on our dining room table while we ate supper. Experiences like that were not uncommon in my upbringing. Physics is in my blood. Talk of red-herring attacks, sounds to me that challenging the blind spots of professional scientists is a fair response to their appeals to authority. I don’t know who your senior NASA friend is, all I know is the chances are he had to have certain prior assumptions to get the job, so…
    Good day.

  18. Hmmmmmmmmmmm K,
    has no one ever told you than innuendo is not the same as facts?

    Your NASA friend appears to be of the same ilk as Michael Mann who, after being caught falsifying data, is suing both the publication which published the facts and many of the scientists who have confirmed the falsification. His premise, apparently, is that because he has awarded himself a Nobel Prize, he is a special case and anyone contradicting him is not protected by the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution.

    I note that not one single fact or even a source is quoted in your accusation: That’s not very scientific is it now, K.?

    What is the scientific method? It is an organised method of questioning, vis:-
    – What are the facts; all of them!
    – How do they relate to each other
    – What effects do they singly and cumulatively bring about
    – Develop a hypothesis about their inter-connectedness
    – Offer this hypothesis for other scientists to test

    You, K. have, however, developed your hypothesis about Cupid’s and my knowledge and experience without bothering with steps one, two or three. In both cases, you have, of course, fallen flat on your face. How did this happen? Even more pertinent for you personally, K., is why did it happen? It is because you followed the path of the political “scientist”: “Here are the conclusions, now find me the facts which support it.” Having done so, anyone who points out the insupportability of the selected “facts” and/or brings the “deselected” facts back into the discussion is, obviously, mentally deficient and their arguments are to be ignored.

    My next article (just uploaded this morning, Tim) is almost a catalogue of the “deselected” facts which you wish to have buried. The fatherly advice that I give you, K., is to accept this as your wake-up call and to begin digging yourself.

    Blessed be

    Karma Singh

  19. Fred Blum, good question. Really, really good question. The reason nobody else has answered it yet is because it is huge. How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

    The problem is, once you pull on this thread (or many others) the whole sweater has to fall apart. Most people can’t do it, therefore. For me it was vaccines (another thread in the same sweater).

    We live in a fake reality, where all kinds of conflicts and tensions are fomented as ways to control people and take money from them. For instance, bankers and arms dealers back both sides in wars, hence, they control the outcomes. The good money and good kit goes to the winning side. And the good information as well. They give enough support to the bad guys as needed to keep the thing rolling as long as it is profitable. Hence… perpetual war on terror, drugs, cancer etc. A huge shock to me was waking up to realise that the green movement and big oil are all really just part of this same dance that keeps us all on a treadmill.

    Ever heard of bread and circuses? Look it up.

    Behind all of this charade are the secret societies – Freemasons, Skull and Bones, Club of Rome, Rosacrucians… the list is huge. Vehicles like the UN were created to do their bidding. They own the government, not you and me. Show me a successful political movement and I’ll show you just another bunch of fascists in bed with the secret societies.

    What makes this all possible and profitable and global is the banking system. Sheesh, remember in Game of Thrones how it was the bank, ultimately, who owned the biggest tyrants of all? well, truth is not so different from fiction.

    The Federal Reserve is not some benign government body that moderates the flow of money to keep everything viable. It is a private criminal enterprise that is above the law, and that ought rightly be called a Ponzi Scheme. And like any scam, it has to keep finding more and more money from somewhere to stay aloft. The brilliance of the Fed is that is uses fractional reserve lending to print the money it needs and never be challenged. But the problems it makes are florid. More and more scams driven by fear, hate, division and fake science must be devised to justify sending the ordinary people of the world the bill.

    Throw in the hugely influential and powerful eugenics movement and you also realise that the next inevitable stage in keeping this awful, diabolical system afloat – already well under way – is massive global depopulation, then you will realise that suddenly we are faced with a looming emergency of a scale never before encountered in recorded history.

    Once you understand all this, the complex and confusing world suddenly makes a lot more sense, and you can never see things the same way again.

    On the other hand, if one firmly believes Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy, that Hitler just came out of nowhere and that taxes are necessary to keep society running, then, keep taking the bread and blue pills and going to the circus. You’ll be happy and comfortable right until you (or your kids or grandkids) are boarding the train at gunpoint. It has happened before and without eternal vigilance it will happen again, and again, and again.

    I suggest check out the following on YouTube:

    JFK to 9/11, everything is a rich man’s trick
    America: freedom to fascism
    The great global warming swindle
    Loose change
    The Secret of Oz
    Agenda 21: the plan to kill you

    The Bolen Report was crucial for me in understanding the history of medicine, and how that is a big part of the scam. Oh boy, on that score look up: The man who ruined medicine. It’s only three minutes long.

    The Corbett Report (not Colbert) is something I follow, by the brilliant polymath James Corbett. He is great for keeping on top of it without having nightmares or getting lost in the outer reaches of flat earths and so on.

    Good luck. Don’t worry if this is too much for you. If it helps turn on somebody else out there then it has been worth my typing this.

    Don’t have nightmares.

  20. Thanks, Cupid,
    I’d not previously been aware of the Corbett Report. Just watched my first episode. Most interesting.

    It’s all well and good cataloging this information and correcting the history books but what are we going to do / are we doing to stop them in their tracks?

    Blessed be


  21. Karma, another great question. First I’d like to say I commend the way that you engage with your audience. Many speak, few listen.

    I don’t have ‘the’ answer. But I do believe if we don’t understand the problem we are in even bigger trouble.

    Many say they just want to move to the wilderness, buy a gun and live in near isolation. I don’t subscribe to that, as I value the benefits of society very much. But it is valid to foster self-reliance as much as possible while at the same time nurturing strong communities. We need to resist (intentional) cultural disruption and social engineering while at the same time embracing change and utterly rejecting divide and rule. These are lines we need to learn how to walk.

    We need to avoid becoming dependent on the systems that will become our masters. It is the nature of all institutions that they start out as ways to make life better, but eventually take over life and lose their own purpose. Their mission changes from pursuing their philosophy towards maintaining their own existence. Bureaucracy is a diffuse industry whose bread and butter is administration for no other reason besides administering. This is an enemy that grows out of our needs, wants, fears and a desire to avoid tough decisions of our own. So in life, we need to be willing to go ‘off-piste’ whenever the urge takes us, put it all on the line in favour of what is true within us and to god.

    Corbett’s answer is decentralisation, which is I suppose a way of summing this up. He talks about the ‘catalexy’ or ‘catalexy’ in his excellent video ‘why economists are always wrong’.

    Meanwhile, we are constantly bombarded with fake challenges and offered pre-packaged adventures, to distract us from the epic adventure of dealing with the very real challenges we see right under our noses all the time but around which we are taught to skirt. I meet people wasting their energy running marathons for a challenge, when they have a glorious challenge in their life they are avoiding. Fair enough, some are marathon runners, that is who they are, but most of us are not.

    Finally, if the goal is population limits and a technocratic society where everybody follows the needs of the system, then the ultimate revolutionary act is having babies, nurturing strong families and encouraging them to pursue their own true destiny with all their heart.

    Awareness as always is surely the first step. The rest, every person has to figure out themselves. And as Jordan Peterson keeps saying, “tell the truth”.

  22. Cupid: impressive background certainly, then why don’t you acknowledge the simple physics fact that increased C02 heats up the earth? How can you deny what is going on? Are you just being contrary? 🙂

    Karma: always the obtuse, pseudo-intellectual nonsense. Not to mention the villification of anyone who isn’t wowed by your holy pronouncements. No more attention for you.

  23. Because it is not a simple fact of physics. The ice-core records (empirical evidence) show the opposite. Heating of the earth causes increased atmospheric CO2.

    Prof Ian Clark, puts it very well. “You can’t say that CO2 increases global temperatures. It certainly didn’t in the past”. CO2 increases have about an 800 year lag behind temperature rises.

    My tutor was head of the environmental sciences department, my project supervisor was a member of its faculty. Neither thought man made climate change was an open and shut case. Far from it.

  24. Hi Cupid,
    I am of the same opinion that co-ordinated decentralisation is the way to go and that is why I’ve done so much with the Kingdom of Germany which is a living model of such – Interestingly, the bankers fear this, at present, small community so much that they have made enormous efforts to destroy it even, on one occasion, hiring a private army to destroy all of their possessions and equipment. The result – even more decentralisation and a sheaf of court cases all of which have been won and now the bankers have to pay up about 20 million in damages.

    The model, where only the local communities have any power of legislation and citizenship requires you to pass a simple written examination to prove that you have read and understood the constitution, can be applied anywhere.

    Very compatible with this is “Ubuntu” from Michael Tellinger. Put the two together and you have a society in which monopolies are simply not possible.

    This is, however, purely external organisation. My personal forté lies in detoxifying the mind. This is why I write for the Bolen Report and others. There are, however, much deeper methods which aim to delete the learned fear which makes sheeple out of people.

    Each in our own way but together and co-ordinated: And you don’t need an extra co-ordinator (bureaucrat); we’re quite capable of doing it ourselves. Just use The Field.

    The lack of any scientific fact and personal insults as a substitute is gradually drawing me to the pesumption that K. Christensen is, in fact, a pharm-troll. What do you think?

    Blessed be


  25. K I think you are right, it is ourselves we need to work on, detoxifying the mind, yes. It isn’t the whole solution, but without our minds working we have nothing.

    Kingdom of Germany, I had never heard of it. Sounds interesting. Of course I am suspicious of subscribing to any man-made system or constitution, when we already have some brilliantly well thought-out constitutions that have all failed beyond a certain time to protect humankind from oppression and have themselves been co-opted into systems of oppression.

    The single most important feature of any system, any authority, any law, any constitution, any machine, is that there is a way to get rid of it and begin again, when – not if but when – it eventually ceases to serve the people and expects them to serve it. I thank the late Tony Benn for that insight.

  26. Very good idea Cupid,
    let every new law have an expiration date and a renewal require a 2/3 majority.

    Stop-gap solution, I think you’d agree but it would serve to make people more aware of the law creating process as well as slowing down the avalanche of new laws almost all countries have experienced in the last decades.

    Blessed be


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