MANDATORY California Childhood Vaccines REALLY ARE Made in China – And There Is NO Quality Control What-So-Ever…

There Are No Manufacturing Inspections, No Lot Testing, Nothing…

The Chinese Manufacturing Facilities ARE PRE-APPROVED  By the World Health Organization (WHO)…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Most, if not all, of the seventy-two (72) Childhood Vaccines FORCED on California children in order to go to school are made in any of the twenty-eight (28) Chinese vaccine manufacturing facilities.

China DOES NOT have a good reputation as a trustworthy manufacturer.

(1)  There are no product inspections of any kind performed at the Chinese manufacturing facilities.

(2)  There are NONE of the testing requirements the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires of US manufacturers.  NONE.

(3)  The US government gives China a free pass bringing whatever-is-in-those-vaccine-tubes into the United States.  US government agencies provide no testing, what-so-ever, of so-called vaccines brought in from China.

(4)  The US government gives China a free pass – not checking, at all, to see if those vaccines(?) have been transported under refrigerated, sterile, conditions to the US.

(5)  The US government makes NO EFFORT, what-so-ever, to protect US children from potential harm from Chinese manufacturers.

(6)  The State of California Department of Health is both complicit, and equally guilty, along with the Feds, of endangering California’s children – and I don’t think they care.

This Situation is Preposterous.  China has the WORST record of tainted products on Planet Earth…

Where do I start?

(1)  Let’s start with a short 50 second video…

(2)  Then let’s look at another five minute video …

(3)  Remember the Heparin scare?

From Wikipedia – In March 2008, major recalls of heparin, a substance widely used as an injectable anticoagulant, were announced by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to contamination of the raw heparin stock imported from China.[1][2][3]

The raw material for the recalled heparin batches was processed in China from pig’s intestines by the American pharmaceutical firm Scientific Protein Laboratories.[3][4][5] The U.S. Food and Drug Administration was quoted as stating that at least 81 deaths were believed to be linked to a raw heparin ingredient imported from the People’s Republic of China, and that they had also received 785 reports of serious injuries associated with the drug’s use.[6] 

Although supermarket labels may not always indicate it, a growing portion of the American diet is now made in China. In 2009 alone, 70 percent of the apple juice, 43 percent of the processed mushrooms, 22 percent of the frozen spinach and 78 percent of the tilapia Americans consumed came from China. But despite a well-documented pattern of chemical adulteration and unsafe drug residues, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has done little to address the growing tide of food imports from the nation. The FDA inspects less than 2 percent of imported food and rarely visits Chinese food manufacturers. Between 2009 and 2010, the FDA conducted only 13 food inspections in China.

fake bar codes on white background
You should have ZERO confidence in Chinese made vaccines, or ANY food or medicinal  products – for good reason.

U.S. food safety inspectors have been overwhelmed by the surging food imports from China since the country joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001. These international business deals allow trade to trump food safety and encourage U.S. agribusinesses and food manufacturers to source food ingredients from China where environmental, food safety and labor laws are weaker and regulatory oversight is lax.

The shortcomings in China’s food safety system were brought to light when ingredients tainted with the chemical melamine entered the global food supply — including products from well-known brands such as Mars, Heinz and Cadbury.

I Could Go On With these Truthful Stories About Chinese Manufacturing For the Rest of the Year, and ALL of Next Year…

But, I am sure you get the idea…

Up in the article sub-title I said The Chinese Manufacturing Facilities ARE PRE-APPROVED  By the World Health Organization (WHO)…”  Does that fact give you confidence?

It shouldn’t for a number of reasons.

(1)  The Roman Catholic Church Council of Bishops in the African country of Kenya last year pointed out the WHO laced millions of vaccines headed for child-bearing age Kenyan women with a sterilizing agent.  I wrote about that here.  Below is an excerpt:

“Let’s first mention what happened in the Czech Republic in 2009, where scientists there were horrified to discover that millions of Flu Shots provided to them, for national distribution, by the US company Baxter, were found to be laced with the deadly avian flu virus.  Read about that here.

But, what happened in Kenya, uncovered by 27 Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church, is, to me, the signpost for “The Plan.”  There, in Kenya, just three months ago, vaccines were used to permanently, and without their knowledge or permission, sterilize forty-two million (42 million) young Kenyan women.  The World Health Organization (WHO), and UNICEF, were caught, by the Catholic Church leadership, lacing what they described as “Tetanus Vaccine” with Beta-HCG, a hormone that, when combined with the ingredients in the Tetanus vaccine, leads to sterility.  As  the Catholic Church says “Once a mother develops antibodies against HCG, she rejects any pregnancy as soon as it starts growing in her womb thus causing repeated abortions and subsequent sterility.”

According to the Catholic Church, it is not the first time.  They have evidence that WHO has done this at least twice before in Mexico and the Philippines.

A copy of the article from the Catholic website which led me to the Kenyan Bishop’s letter can be accessed here.

(2) Then let’s hear from Dr. Dale Brown on how WHO REALLY handles Vaccines – those deaths in Southern Mexico.

To Summarize – Dicky Pan knows all of this and he did it to California children anyway…

And, the California legislature, with NO research into the realities of vaccines, made them MANDATORY…

The State of California Health Department employees know all of this.  But, the new 2017 Audi, BMW, and Lexus models are almost out…

Am I painting THE REAL PICTURE of what’s going on, for you?

More to come.  Stay tuned…

Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


19 thoughts on “MANDATORY California Childhood Vaccines REALLY ARE Made in China – And There Is NO Quality Control What-So-Ever…”

  1. Excellent information!
    Do you have any references you can supply that states vaccines are made in China?

  2. I am thrilled that this argument will be used in the new SB277 lawsuit. An attorney in my family and I have discussed the importance of this many times. Tim, I would also like to bring up the issue of immortal, continuous cell lines that are now used in vaccines. As you know, these cell lines are experimental and have grown tumors in live mice, according to studies referenced on the the FDA website. There are public WHO/CDC documents available that state the vaccine manufactures do not have to disclose the risk of cancer, nor do they have to disclose that these cell lines are being used in vaccines at all. This is not only a violation of informed consent, but it is an active cover up to hide cancer risks related to vaccines from the public.

  3. This is very disturbing. I do not support mandated anything. Our constitution is basically written in stone and our bodies, our religion, and our choices should be our own, and not the governments. I don’t even know how this is happening. Keep fighting, I am behind you 100 percent!

  4. Laura sanders
    I Trump releases his tax returns we’ll know what he supports. You do know Trump declares himself Pro-Vaccine.

  5. No presidential candidate will “save us”. Smh. This is still a state rights issue ATM. We’re in a constitutional Republic with state sovereignty and a decentralized government, in theory. Let’s not rush the push to federal control over all of our lives. People act like they want the president to be emporer. We must be our own leaders first. Do you want to be free?
    Thanks, Tim, for another great article. Vaccines fall under prop 65 in CA, TOO. Crazy, this whole thing.

  6. Correction , Kenya only has 44 million people. The article linked to re sterilization says 42 million Kenyans were lied to, essentially, not that 42 million young women were sterilized.
    A very serious issue for sure…just clarifying facts.

  7. Tim, could you please provide us with links to the sources of your information verifying that the vaccines injected into babies and children are all made in China. We may have the same situation here in Canada and would like to do some in depth research on it. A starting place to research it would be most helpful. Thank you, Edda West – Vaccine Choice Canada

  8. Tim and visitors,

    Just want to perhaps plant a seed and maybe it will grow. I think parents (who still choose or feel coherced to vaccinate) really could use a way to track any vaccine injury in their children and I can envision a scientific process (and perhaps a business) that would monitor any negative health changes occuring in those who choose to vaccinate. What would have to occur is that a baseline blood draw etc. at birth (BEFORE any toxic vaccines like Hep B are used) would be done on a child and this would be kept in the family medical records. Then after any vaccination another small blood draw sampling is taken, kept on record and compared with former samplings(s) and any negative changes and timing can be monitored. This system could be expanded and would be a great defense based in SCIENCE and much harder to disavow in the event of vaccine injury. Really, as the CDC and AMA seem wholly owned by profiteers at best and perhaps eugenicists at worst, citizens are going to have to become very creative in finding ways to protect themselves and have a SOLID scientifically based system to aid them. Probably best just to say NO to the majority of worthless vacs, but to those who feel they can’t, I say you better be keeping very good track of your childrens health and have it often monitored and on RECORD (proof) as to any injury, it’s really going to be up to YOU.

  9. There already is such a system… It involves tens of millions of children and their medical records including EVERYTHING that happened to them after vaccines. It has been in existence since January of 1991, and is still gatherng data. It is called the Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD), but the public is NOT allowed to see it..

    I am told, by those that HAVE seen it, that the data shows that vaccines are thousands of times more dangerous than we were led to believe.

  10. I think I will have to show my cards here pretty soon. I was hoping to hold them until the lawsuit comes out.

  11. The FDA is shady about the amount of biologics (vaccine ingredients and vaccines) that come from China but as you can see from this article much of the ingredients are sourced from China.

    ‘Americans benefit greatly from global sourcing of medical products. For example, to support the care of patients, health professionals can draw from drugs and medical devices developed anywhere in the world, if they have been approved or cleared by FDA. Approximately 40 percent of finished drugs in the United States come from overseas, as well as more than 50 percent of all medical devices. Approximately 80 percent of the manufacturers of active pharmaceutical ingredients are located outside the United States.

    Many of the challenges associated with globalization manifest themselves in China; however, challenges we see in China mirror challenges we see in other countries with developing regulatory systems. In recent years, FDA has faced several public health threats related to imports from China. The members of this Commission will recall the threats to the safety of the country’s heparin supply in 2007 and 2008, which emerged when Chinese suppliers of heparin (a critical drug that helps to prevent blood clots) substituted a lower-cost, adulterated raw ingredient in their shipments to U.S. drug makers. This substitution caused numerous deaths, as well as severe allergic reactions. In 2007, FDA found shipments of toothpaste from China that contained poisonous levels of diethylene glycol, a product used in antifreeze. And in China’s domestic supply chain in 2012, numerous companies used industrial-grade gelatin to make pharmaceutical-grade gelatin capsules for drugs and dietary foods. This industrial-grade gelatin contained more chromium than the edible gelatin that firms should have used.

    In the years spanning FY 2007 and FY 2013, the total number of shipments of FDA-regulated products from China increased from approximately 1.3 million entry lines to 5.16 million lines. Of the 5.16 million lines arriving from China in FY 2013, almost 25,000 lines were drugs and biologics and 3.4 million lines were medical devices—again, the majority of these (96 percent) were Class I or Class II medical devices.”J

  12. God how much longer will this nightmare drag on….. it’s disheartening, it’s disgusting, it’s evil. (I’m a JD and mother of 3 young healthy homeschooled children)

  13. Goldy: Thank you for this link. Truly creepy. Tim is right. Thirteen FDA inspectors in China (five of them Chinese employees). Way to keep you eye on the ball, FDA!

  14. Just a heads up, when I clicked on the latest article “Vaccine Holocaust Denialalists” the arrow curser that allows one to scroll down in order to read *that* article appears to have been disabled (hacked?) so that one cannot read the article and it auto jumps back to the top of the page picture when one trys to scroll down. It was working fine yesterday. Hmmmm. NOt sure and don’t want to jump to conclusions but had to wonder if some of the evil little Death Cult chimps don’t want people to be able to read this. Would anyone really be surprised at how far the Death Cult will go to attempt to control the dialogue???

  15. The same horrible damages are done to vaccinated animals and those are also forced on owners by laws that are against the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. No matter what you have to do, never vaccinate. They all cause brain inflammation, immune system suppression/confusion and other harms. More animals die from vaccines than most people know and there’s no liability to the vaccine manufacturers! Civil disobedience is absolutely warranted in this instance. God save us from evil governments and those who run them!

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