Look At Who is Funding The Democrat’s 2018 Mid-Term Campaign – And You Will See Their REAL Platform…

American Politics Is Getting Exciting…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Never before in America’s history have “We the People” been presented with such clear choices for the nation’s direction.


Because never before in America’s history has one political party (Progressive Democrats) OPENLY advocated the total destruction of America in favor of a totalitarian globalist/socialist/communist State run by self-styled Elites.

The Democrats 2018 Mid-Term Campaign Is NOT Going to Be Anti-Trump…

It is something far more horrible.

In reality, the Democrats’ whole campaign, and, in fact, the ENTIRE focus of the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Democratic Party, is the systematic destruction of the American middle-class, and hence, America itself.

There is definitely a plan.  EVERY Democrat follows it.  They ALL stay tightly in line, and without any questions, vote and act on their orders – like good little communists.

Their political platform, if you can call it that, is a continuation of the Obama-Nation, ramped-up – cancelling job opportunities, enslaving Americans in poverty, cancelling heterosexual family relationships, shutting down Churches, removing free speech, lining up citizens for forced vaccines,  overloading the nation with so-called refugees in a giant Cloward-Piven scheme…

And worse…

Where’s the Proof?

It is all in the requirements of the funders of the Democratic candidates.

Let’s look.

Big Pharma…

(1)  Vaccines – As America found out California legislators were easily bought by Big Pharma’s Vaccine Divisions, enacting, along party lines, the infamous SB277, requiring 72 mandatory childhood vaccines to go to school.

You can be sure Big Pharma is MORE THAN WILLING to fund the entire nation’s Democratic party candidates to get mandatory vaccines across America.  After, they will just raise the price of vaccines to cover their costs.  Will Democrats cooperate?  Of course they will. They always do.

(2)  ObamaCare – Of course Democrats want ObamaCare.  Why?  Because the drug oriented one-size-fits-all ObamaCare has very little to do with health care issues and everything to do with “big government control of everyone” through health care.

With ObamaCare ONLY the drug model will be used.  There will be a pill, and/or a vaccines, for everything – and those pills/vaccines will be required.  EVERYONE will be required to follow the CDC recommended vaccine guidelines (96 Vaccines for adults).

(3)  Drug Company Power –  President Trump has made it very clear that Big Pharma must be reined in – and the price GOUGING must stop.  Never before has anyone, especially a US president, even DARED to address the Big Pharma issue head-on.  Big Pharma is angry and desperate.

(4)  Democratic Party Senators Chuck Schumer (NY), Christopher Dodd (Conn), and Patrick Leahy (Maine) all serve as Executive Vice Presidents for Governmental Affairs to Multi-National TEVA Pharmaceuticals.  Teva is the manufacturer of the generic version of opiates used nationwide.

Does THAT paint the true picture for you?

Main Land China…

When the Obama-Nation created those MILLIONS  of regulations designed to destroy American industry forcing ALL US manufacturing overseas, where do you think all that went?


When the Bundy family in Nevada was under assault by body-armored machine-gun armed Bureau of Land management (BLM) quasi-Nazis seizing their cattle, and land, it came out that Democrat Harry Reid’s family was making a deal for a Chinese company to put in a solar farm on Bundy land.

Isn’t THAT interesting?

Most prescription drugs are made in China (probably out of Industrial waste)  and shipped to the US assembly lines of Big Pharma.

The Democratic Party is totally, completely, tied into Big Pharma and Chinese interests.

The Mexican Drug Cartels…

So-called “Sanctuary Cities” are ONLY in place to protect the interests of MS-13 and the Mexican Drug Cartels.

Since most of the United States has legalized marijuana it is no longer profitable to import it from Mexico – so the cartels have had to change their product lines. To what?

(1) hard drugs for street sales like cocaine, heroin, and fentanyl (from China), and

(2) people (human trafficking) – for the cheap labor market (Food, Inc), and children for the sex trade.

Remember all of those children imported under Obama, over the Mexican border, where there were busses waiting for them on the US side?  Whatever happened to those children?  No one knows…

Remember the recent big border scandal where every liberal in a “pussy hat” was cry-screeching over children being separated from their parents?  It was a known fact that 10,000 of those children were unaccompanied by any adult.  Who brought 10,000 children to our border?  For what?  What happened to them?  Were there busses waiting?  If so, where were they taken, and for what purpose?

Are these children ending up in our food supply in “Sanctuary Cities?”  Is a pork burrito in a “Sanctuary City” NOT actually pork?

The “Agenda 21” Promoters…

Probably one of the most evil programs ever designed and enacted on Planet Earth was the one promoted by the United Nations (UN) called “Agenda 21.”

Started in the 1970s “Agenda 21” was/is a world domination plan creating a one-world government, destroying nations entirely, and shifting wealth away from those that earned it to those that did not – outright socialism/communism.

More, in the minds of the self-styled elite who espoused this idea it could not be completed without the complete destruction of the American way of life, and way of thinking.  This policy is openly written in UN documents.

Even worse, was the idea, espoused by the self-deluded elites was the idea that the projected 2021 world population would have to be reduced from nine billion to 500 million by any means necessary.

The United States, according to the deluded elite, was to be parsed, creating massive “Human Exclusion Zones” where ONLY the elite could travel.

It looks as though the remains of the US population, after being reduced by 95% was to be removed to urban areas where they could ride the busses and trains to their jobs mowing the lawns, washing the dishes, and providing sex for the elites.

American Society woke up to what “Agenda 21” was really all about and began to put a stop to it.  The Obama-Nation however, OPENLY espoused “sustainable development” a buzz-phrase for “Agenda 21.” 

Hillary Clinton, during her presidential campaign, OPENLY declared that “Agenda 21” goals would have to be moved to 2030.

The “Climate Change” hoaxers are a significant force, in the US, behind “Agenda 21” implementation.  And they still have a lot of the money the Obama-Nation funneled to them.

Yes, America is Faced with VERY Clear Choices…

It isn’t hard to see why the Democrats want everyone vaccinated, NO BORDERS, NO JOBS and a drug-based one-size-fits-all ObamaCare system.

They NEED the campaign funding.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

2 thoughts on “Look At Who is Funding The Democrat’s 2018 Mid-Term Campaign – And You Will See Their REAL Platform…”

  1. I remember when being deplorable was a bad thing. Thanks to HitLIARy it’s become a badge of honor.

    Originally agenda 21 was memo 200 in the 1970’s. This was the handy work of the Zionist Nazi Heinzie Kissinger. He also was behind going off the gold standard to the petro dollar. 2008 was nothing, what’s coming down the pike will be big, and we know who’s behind it! Prepare to defend yourselves.

    If you use Coke, PepsiCo, and Kraft products, you are a cannibal! Call it fetal flavor enhancers. Senomyx.

    Bill, what you, Andy and Del did took guts. Some day soon I hope most people will know what y’all did! Your link, gave me a really funny thought. What if Greg’s name was Mike.

    They so much say they’re against families being broken up, but all for children getting kidnapped in South and Latin America, and Mexico for the child trafficking! A month ago veterans 4 child Rescue saved 50 kids. Ohrah and Semper Fi guys!!

    What we did to the Rino’s were going to do to the Progressives! When the smoke clears all these crooks will be in GITMO!

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