“The Blighty Wound” – a Story of Betrayal..

The Battle for “Globalist” Control of Europe Rages…

Note From Tim Bolen:  The US Main Stream Media (MSM) is INTENTIONALLY not covering what is happening in Europe.

Strangely, health care and the world-wide vaccine programs, are at the center of the “globalist” argument.  Why?  How?  Big Pharma runs Germany – and Germany runs the EU.  The Battle in Germany is the Battle for Europe.

The so-called European Union (EU) is a thinly-veiled quasi-government made up of “globalist lackeys” spending every minute of their days furthering the destruction of nationalism in Europe, the destruction of the European middle class, and the creation of a globalist run socialist state. Everything the EU does creates fear and dysfunction.

INTENTIONALLY, Individual countries are being jam-packed with millions of Sharia-law oriented combat-aged Muslim males who will never assimilate, but are overloading individual country’s welfare programs – literally raping their way through unarmed white communities, creating massive fear and the beginnings of a counter-attack.  The battle is getting dangerous on the streets.

We have brought you what is happening in Germany, next we are going to explain what is happening in Britain… 

By Karma Singh

The expression “the Blighty wound” is of uncertain origin. It may have come from the Crimean War or, possibly, slightly later. It was certainly much in use during the First and Second World wars amongst British troops. It describes a wound which is not sufficiently serious to permanently disable but serious enough to be sent back home – to “dear old Blighty”.  That is what is happening in Europe.

Why what is now happening in Britain is so important…

Following the success of the Brexit campaign under the leadership of Nigel Farage, the, then, Prime Minister David Cameron resigned.

Theresa May

To replace him, Theresa May was appointed to the post; a woman obviously totally unfit for the job which is way beyond her abilities. Her only qualification for the job is her many years of loyal service to the bankers and her oath to deliver the British People into globalist slavery.

In her post as British Prime Minister, she has “faced” one election; an election in which she was such an obvious liability that she was told to hide and let the bankers run everything. Her sole task was to eviscerate the Brexit decision and to betray the British people. This task, she has now completed – or, perhaps, better expressed, “She has NEARLY completed it but could still be stopped.”

It is the responsibility of the British people to stop her.

It is the British people who knew that they were, and are, being daily lied to by the main stream press but, nonetheless, chose to believe the lies. Now they can see clearly what their cowardice has wrought:

Instead of an EEC membership in which Britain and the British people had little say, Treasonous May has “negotiated” a Brexit in which Britain is still ruled from Brussels but Brits will have NO say. Thus is May’s contracted betrayal attained.

Following the successful Brexit vote in 2016, two very strange things happened:-

Nigel Farage – Brexit

(1) Nigel Farage, who lead the campaign, suddenly decided to retire instead of attempting the obvious next step of becoming Prime Minister himself.


Boris Johnson

(2)  The front-runner in the Conservative Party and staunch Brexit advocate, Boris Johnson suddenly refused to stand for election as Prime Minister following David Cameron’s resignation (an election which he would have won) and allowed a non-entity to be promoted over his head. He has now resigned from her government in disgust.

Why did they both stand down in 2016? Were they or their families threatened by the bankers?

This is the shining example of the fate planned by the bankers for all of the other national movements to leave the European Union. All others should take careful note.

Perhaps those ministers who resigned following the betrayal will now call for a vote of no-confidence in Theresa May (which they would very likely win) thus forcing her removal and the election of a new party leader and Prime Minister (they’re one and the same in Britain).

Curiously enough, President Trump…

…on his recent visit to the UK, addressed Boris Johnson as “the future Prime Minister”! Which, of course, brings us to that visitation itself.

It seems that the visit (perhaps, more accurately, the visitation) of Donald Trump to the United Kingdom has heralded the end of an era.

Despite some protests, in the case of London numbering several thousands (about 1.2% of London’s population), something of considerable importance appears to have been achieved.

Although the style of the protests appears to mirror that of those orchestrated and financed by George Soros in America, it is not likely that we will discover just how many were paid to be there – one simply does not ask such questions in Britain.

Trump minced no words…

…in telling Theresa May what an idiot she is and described her Brexit programme as a betrayal of the will of the British people. Following private talks in which he may have given her orders, relationships appeared to be friendlier.

There were, further, some glaring breaches in court etiquette during his time with Queen Elizabeth.

Firstly, neither the heir, Prince Charles, nor his heir attended! Donald did not bow to the queen nor did Melania curtsy. Donald even walked in front of the queen!

Finally, after reviewing the guard, Donald was given the seat in the centre of the podium. It is possible to presume from this that the European cabal of which Queen Elizabeth was the head, has formally surrendered to President Trump and will now, to some extent at least, co-operate with him in draining the European swamp.

The main stream press has, of course,

…not cottoned onto this as yet and continued to operate under previous orders.

President Trump met with Boris Johnson, a prominent Brexit proponent and probable candidate to replace Theresa May. Suddenly, with no visible source, Boris is portrayed in the press as a “right wing extremist” and Trump is to be censored for meeting with him at all.

The most prominent item in the British press was some ill-educated “activist” who called a well-known idiot journalist (Piers Morgan) an idiot to his face.

She then went on to display almost total ignorance about what Trump is doing and has already achieved. She is the epitome of the democratic fallacy: “You may be a world expert on this topic with 40 years study, research and practical experience but I have passed my 18th birthday so my opinion is just as good as yours.”

She has made not the slightest effort to find out what Trump is about nor to verify the accusations in the main stream press. She just assumes that because she has an opinion, that opinion must be correct and everyone else should bow to it. She is doing exactly what the cartel owned press want her to do, i.e. believe them implicitly without question and enter freely into the cage of slavery.

Although it has been widely reported in the German press…

…that President Trump visited London, he did, in fact, not do so. Meetings with Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, some 23 Miles (37 km) to the West and British Politicians at Chequers in Buckinghamshire, 40 Miles (65 km) North West of London did take place.

Business concluded, President Trump then went to play golf in Scotland. “Why should I go to London to watch a demonstration? Playing Golf in the clean Scottish air is much healthier.”

Now, more than one of my readers has remonstrated with me about my involvement in politics.

Circumstances force me to view this differently.

In Europe, as in America, the megalith of pharmaceutical medicine is actively supported, promoted and protected both by politicians and government agencies. The net effect is to prevent health.

In many ways, laws have been enacted which specifically forbid health! A specific example in Germany springs to mind. Amidst growing public awareness of mercuric poisoning from amalgam tooth fillings, so-called energy-saving lightbulbs and, above all, vaccines, a regulation was enacted forbidding most medical insurance companies to pay the costs of removing mercury from the human body.

One of the effects of this was to spur on the research which lead to the development of the “Clearing Transmissions” which use properties inherent in the quantum fields to, literally, disintegrate mercury and other toxins wherever they may lie. This brings the costs of a mercury detox down from many hundreds of Pounds/Dollars/ Euros to less than fifty. There is even a test version on www.karmasingh.tv which you can try for free.

Throughout the First World,

vaccines are not only heavily promoted by governments, despite the overwhelming evidence that they do no good but do cause massive harm, but also many are actively attempting, in the teeth of the evidence, to make vaccination compulsory.

In circumstances whereby health, as a matter of government policy, is specifically forbidden (as is the case throughout the First World) then government and politics are obviously seriously ill and become the proper task of a healer to correct.

By Karma Singh

Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

12 thoughts on ““The Blighty Wound” – a Story of Betrayal..”

  1. Good job. You need to contact Rush Limbauch for a guest interview. Good job of tying the continents together in one conspiracy.

  2. Thank you for this article. I learned some things I didn’t know, but it all fits with my experiences. Gangs of east European young males put into the neighbouring two-bedroom flat, who have tried to force us from our share of the garden, and force us to move house with unashamed antisocial and criminal behaviour, supported by the police. An NHS dental hospital who put mercury in my teeth without my consent, after I had paid to have it all removed privately, and was getting better. Whoever you complain to takes the side of the perpetrators. How many other people are aware of these things but don’t have a voice? We have to hear it from a German via America! Thanks again, Karma Singh, I’ve bookmarked your link.

  3. Hi Grace,
    I’m not German this time (that was last time).
    This time I’m a born and bred Tyke from Sheffield. I’ve just spent a lot of the last 30 years in Germany and around (a permanent traveller.)

    You will find a lot of the answers you seek in the article I’m just now writing for Tim.

    Blessed be


  4. Karma:

    You are a bit of a surprise for our readers. Many do not realize the BolenReport is international, and has been for decades. Nor do most people know, or realize, that health care is the single issue in common on Planet Earth.

    Your reports on Germany, and Britain, are VERY informative. Most people do not realize that health care issues are worldwide – and that Britain, Germany, Australia, Italy, Nigeria, what-have-you, all have the same, or very similar problems.

    I am seeing key people wake up to the fact that health care in general, and specifically the world-wide vaccine programs, have been weaponized AGAINST humanity by a self-styled elite who, in their deranged thinking, intend to enforce “Agenda 21” population reduction demands.

    We, the true revolutionaries of our time, are winning the war. You can see the fear creeping into the elite consciousness – just watch the machinations of the liberal US media (they leak fear, resonate it). And they have MUCH to fear…

  5. Thanks Tim,
    yes, many in Europe (but by no means all) are deeply aware how parochial many Americans still are. It’s understandable, of course, a huge country with a single language and no great need to interact with other nations. America has been and could again be completely self-sufficient. Involvement with other countries has been a matter of choice for Americans but one of necessity for Europeans.
    Until the introduction of that inflationary note, the Euro, many of us would have two or three different currencies in our wallet (Am: pocket book) at the same time. I travel much more than most people and have just checked how many I currently have: Today’s score is twelve.

    What you say is very true. Most countries experience the same problems (with local variations) but, being trained into only looking at the effects and never researching the cause, almost no-one realises that their perceived problems are created by the 5 cartels as a matter of policy to “divide and conquer”. Although I wrote a complete book on this some time ago, I’ve never got around to translating it into English. As I’m presently doing a complete re-write of “Cancer? So what?” as well as volume II of Tyrannosaurus Pharmaceuticus R.I.P. I could not undertake the translatoin in the near future.

    Blessed be


  6. Karma,
    Interesting that you comment on the potential self-sufficiency of Americans. That is what I want, personally, but I am grieved over the lies and evil hatched here and spread globally. (Horrifying to discover that to a globalist human beings are cattle.) One of my first sentences was “Let me have problems by myself”. However, as a Christian, I try to live by the words of Jesus who taught that to hurt a little child was to hurt Him. I live like that. I spent a year in a U.S. Federal prison under psychiatric care because, in desperate stress and fear, I took a stand for life. I lost my family, my home and my marriage. It has taken nearly a decade to recover, but guess what? I still stand for life, minus most all of the fear. It is as if, naked and bleeding, I threw myself against the gates of hell and they yielded. Let’s get the prisoners out.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

  7. There is a growing opposition to vaccines, which is being forced on everybody by the pharmafia and bribed politicians. It is surprising that people are docile ( probably the fluoride) that they do not stand up. I agree that we are too many on the planet, and reduction is needed. But why murder people with GMOs planned wars, GMOs etc. The solution is not simple but logical. Allocate every woman 2 children (not transferable) Beyond it, abortion. Free, safe, painless. This would result in 1.2-1.4 children per woman. Sounds awful, but think, Which is better to lose a fetus or children whom you love and nurture, Expenses of damaged children for both the parents and the taxpayers? THINK!

  8. On the vaccine front, Gaston, all hell has broken loose in Germany since my book was published last week. (www.tprip.com)
    Suddenly there is a massive propaganda campaign promoting vaccine, vaccine, vaccine and all other voices are conspiracy theorists or insane or both.
    Panic in the pharma cartel. See my next articles.

    Last year, there was a video doing the rounds in Germany called “Bauer Unser” (Dear Farmer in English). In the documentary, several farmers made it clear that we could easily feed twelve billion people without damaging the planet but the cartels are actively preventing the farmers from doing so.

    Abortion is neither free nor safe nor yet painless. Ask any woman who has been through it. It is the policy of the banking cartel which creates the circumstances in which abortion might be perceived as a way out of an “impossible” situation created by the bankers.
    There is your real problem – confiscate the banks, cancel all bank debt and reduce personal taxation to 8% (yes, eight per cent!) and everything will be hunky dory.

    Blessed be


  9. The latest population growth analysis proposes that global human population will naturally level off around 10 billion as we reach the upper limits of lifespan.

    Numerous scientific studies and practical applications of permaculture prove that vast tracts of desertification can be reversed with little expense and become sustainable farmland.

    Legislation of reproductive rights is always a disaster. See China and back alley abortions.

    Family size naturally shrinks with increase in quality of life, not the other way around. The greatest threat to humanity is the migration of productive families from rural, privately owned farmland, to overcrowded, underproductive, polluted cities. When people have to work for their food, and they experience food stability, they are capable of learning new ideas, and embracing the concept of putting off marriage and children until appropriate resources have been gathered, and see the value of not straining those resources by exercising self control. When people live in squalor they copulate like animals because it’s all they have and infant mortality is high.

    Do not fall into the trap of fascism for the “greater good”.

  10. Unfortunately it’s not just about feeding however many billions of humans there are or will be in the next few decades. Many species on the planet are going extinct every day. We need a very finely tuned biosphere and atmosphere for our species as well as all the others to survive. We are almost at the point of no return. That being said, I don’t think we need to be draconian in our methods of stabilizing the population, such as forced abortion or lethal vaccinations. Many countries including the UK actually pay people for having children (including supplying housing or incomes, which childless people don’t get). All we need to do is make incentives for having smaller families, which would have the added advantage of raising the standard of living for the children already born. I think the problem is that there is an elite who actually make their living out of the work, and consumption, of the ordinary people, so they want an ever increasing number of such people, regardless of the long term consequences. This is why I think it’s a mistake to claim that vaccinations are an attempt to reduce the population. What They really want is a large number of chronically very sick people.

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