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Del Bigtree’s Master Class on Vaccines and Autism – Part 5…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

On Thursday, July 12, 2018, Del Bigtree’s show, High-Wire, gave a master class on vaccines and autism, featuring some of the most exciting news we have heard in YEARS.

I have broken the two hour show down into a several part article as there was so much news I didn’t want anybody to miss it.  Here is today’s installment.

Del:  I suppose you are all used to sound-bite television and wish I could pack this all onto a little bumper sticker for you.  But I’m not stopping.  If you’re getting tired, or you want to go back to eating your little blue pills, that’s fine, but I’m going to be bringing you the truth today.

We are not going to let you walk away without hearing the whole story.  Without really getting a grasp of what is happening in this world and how badly we are being lied to in the United States of America.  This is the worst of it.

I say to my friends,I think there are people out there in America who used to say, well, we test our drugs and vaccines on brown people in other countries.  And though I feel a little squeamish about it, I know that they are made healthy and that they are safer and they are tested on somebody else, then they give them to us because we are a privileged class.”  You may not admit that, but deep down a lot of people think that.  I want you to stop thinking that.

You know what the biggest test group is?  YOU!  You are, you idiot, and your kids.  In America we are pumping more of these things into our kids with less safety studies than anywhere else on the planet, less safety studies than any other kind of drug or product on the planet.

You are the guinea pig!  Your child is the guinea pig.  You are not being looked at in any way as some evolved class.  You are a class of slaves, as they say in The Matrix, when he holds out the blue and the red pill.  What is the truth?  The truth is that you are a slave.  You are a slave to the pharmaceutical industry that is outspending everybody in Washington, buying the next politicians.

Let me get onto the next point.  Because if you think I’m going to let up, if you think you can somehow go home and work around Pan’s idiocracy, and get to a place where you say autism isn’t on the rise, that it’s not capable of destroying our society, that it can’t be caused by vaccines, you are going to be blown away by this next interview.

J.B. Handley is infamous. 

(Be sure to pre-order J.B.’ new book, How to End the Autism Epidemic, available RIGHT NOW on Amazon!)  I worked on The Doctors television show, you may remember the moment when J.B. and the doctors went like this:


Female Doctor:  We do not need that many vaccines.  I think the chickenpox can be a parent’s choice, the rota-virus.  The flu shot that still contains mercury.

J.B. Handley:  The devil is always in the details.  And one of the problems with vaccines is they’ve been so great that they’ve been overly generalized as if they’re only great.  We looked at other first world countries.  We’re 34th in under-five mortality behind such luminaries as Cuba and Slovenia.  However, we have 36 vaccines, the top five, which include countries like Finland, Norway, Iceland, average 11 and 13 vaccines.

From 1994 we added eight vaccines to our schedule.  There are vaccines like flu, rota-virus, varicella, that have only been picked up by two or three of the other thirty countries.  So what do they know that we don’t?  Why aren’t they picking up vaccines that have been around for fifteen years?  And why are the autism rates 1 in 1,000, 1 in 2,000?  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon or an ER doctor to figure out there might be a correlation.

Male Doctor:  In my opinion, and this is just me wanting to have an open debate about this, that seems the one thing we have looked at.

J.B. Handley:  That is such a bogus statement.  How many vaccines have they looked at in these studies?  How many?  What’s the answer?  It’s 2.  How many ingredients have they studied out of the 35?  The answer is 1.  You looked at 2 of 36 shots and 1 of 35 ingredients and you’re going to stand on the stage and say vaccines and autism are unrelated?  It is the most bogus tobacco science, it’s a smoke screen that anybody who takes the time to read it would agree.

I’m so sick of doctors who don’t read the studies, who don’t know the details, sitting here reassuring parents that vaccines don’t cause autism.  It is irresponsible.

Male Doctor:  And this is the reason doctors in this country are frustrated.

J.B. Handley:  Read the studies!

Male Doctor:  Listen!  All you’re doing is antagonizing the medical community that wants to help these kids.  You’re antagonizing me, you’re antagonizing Dr. Sears.  Why would you do that?  This show is all about Everyone wants to believe someone.  Yes.  This is what we’re trying to do is figure out how to help kids.  But all you do when you yell at me on my stage, all you do is anger me.


Del:  (Laughs)  All you do is antagonize me?  All we’re trying to do is help!  We want to help by doing one thing!  By not looking at vaccines.  What’s wrong with you?  Why can’t we just avoid looking at vaccines?  You’re making me so upset because you want to talk about the one thing hundreds of thousands of parents around the world witnessed with their own eyes and we’re not doing that here!

Them’s fighting words.  J.B., you started this whole thing.  J.B., are you with me?

J.B. Handley:  I’m with you, man.

Del:  If there are aliens out there I believe that’s one that will be watched over and over again.  It’s fantastic.

J.B. Handley:  We can only hope.

Del:  You have been tracking, you have a blog, you’ve been tracking one scientist for the last couple years.  How do you say the name?

J.B. Handley:  Dr. Zhibin Yao.

Del:  I read one of the studies he put out recently, he’s been looking at hepatitis B vaccine, and he’s using mice in a study.  You just came out with another one.  You’ve got a brand new study you wrote about in your blog.  It blew my mind.  I keep thinking this guy has done it.  He’s sealed the case.  It is clear vaccines are causing problems.  It’s called “Hep. B Vaccine May Have Adverse Implications for Brain Development.”  Oh, what was the name of the study?

It was “IL-4 Mediates the Delayed Neuro-Behavioral Impairments Induced by Neo-Natal Hepatitis B Vaccination that Involves the Down-Regulation of the IL-4 Receptor in the Hippocampus.”  That’s the title.  There it is, guys.  We’ve got to work on these titles.  Tell us about this study and the path Yao has taken in this study.

J.B. Handley:  Del, first off I think it’s worth noting that Dr. Yao is a University of Pittsburgh educated doctor.  He’s back in China.  He and his lab in China have done three mice studies that have all included the hepatitis B vaccines.  The studies were done in 2015, 2016, and 2018.

While the 2018 study is important, I’m going to focus on the 2016 study because in my opinion it’s more important.  The hepatitis B study in 2016 is the study we would all hope for.  They took a group of mice and gave them hepatitis B vaccine and they took another group and gave them a saline placebo.  Then they measured their brains later on to see if there were any difference and in the meantime measured their behavior to see if there was any difference in cognition and socialization and other things.

And they made some startling and devastating conclusions.  They concluded that there was a major change in the chemistry of the brain that showed a massive uptake in certain cytokines.  Cytokines are inflammatory markers from the immune system, and if you find them in the brain, we know that autism and certain cytokines are closely related.  I’ll explain why in a moment.  There was a dramatic difference between the mice who got the hepatitis B vaccine and the mice that got saline placebo.

But Del, I think the other thing they discovered which was so critical, I wrote the word down, it’s “latency.”  Latency should be the death-knell to the hepatitis B vaccine.  And it should be the death-knell to the current structure of how vaccines are monitored for safety and let me explain this.

What became clear is that there was a delay in terms of when the neurological disorders appeared in the mice.  They weren’t always immediate.  And we have both kinds of stories among parents.  We have stories from parents where their children fell of a cliff after a vaccine appointment and we have others where there is this kind of gradual decline from the initial vaccines, then they get the vaccine diagnosis when they’re five years old.

What we know with certainty is that a hepatitis B vaccine is only studied for up to a week in the safety trials, then it’s not acknowledged that a vaccine can cause autism.  If you have a latency period, then you can have an epidemic hiding in plain sight.  There’s no official acknowledged way for that.  People who have a child with a learning disability diagnosed at five years old, who got a hepatitis B vaccine when they were six months old, is not going to report that to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System because nobody’s ever told them that’s a possibility.

But now what we see unequivocally, is that those neurological disorders can show up later.  And let me explain what’s so interesting about that.  Hepatitis B vaccine is now becoming one of the most studied singular vaccines we have because we have so little research on any of them.  The work of the Chinese scientists is doing is unequivocal biological evidence that vaccines can cause brain damage.  But people have forgotten about the Goodman and Gallagher studies from the last 2000s, which I posted on my Facebook page as well, they’re from SUNY Stonybrook, and they looked at hepatitis B vaccine series and special education rates, and autism rates.

And they found dramatic differences between boys who had gotten the hepatitis B vaccine series and those who hadn’t.  And that would capture the latency period that Yao has found and he does reference the Goodman/Gallagher work and it’s really, really important.

And Del, what I’d explain to you is that you have scientists in China who are funded by the Chinese government because pharma doesn’t control China the way it controls the United States.  They are doing legitimate biological research which is the same kind of research we did on tobacco which showed that tobacco causes tumor and lung cancer.  We have Goodman/Gallagher’s epidemiology which very clearly dong vax/unvax showing dramatically different rates, and then we have to take a step back.

We have a disease, hepatitis B, which is a devastating disease that I would never want my child to have.  It’s a very serious illness, but it has incredibly low communicability.  In fact, I posted on my Facebook page something from the Oregon Health Authority about what it actually takes to get hepatitis B.  Because I get into arguments with some doctors who say it could come from the same water fountain or it could come from the same food.

But it couldn’t.  You have to basically cut yourself, cut the other person, then put your arms together.  You have to have sex or you have to share needles.  Those are really the only ways it can be transmitted from one person to another.  And so what i would say, Del, is from the science in China, between the Goodman/Gallagher work, and between the low communicability, unless you are a carrier of hepatitis B, a mother,  you would be insane as a parent to get that vaccine for your child right now.

I talked to Paul Thomas, who’s a pediatrician here in Portland who has the largest practice here in Portland and he doesn’t give hepatitis B to any of his patients.  And I asked him, he’s been practicing for twenty-five years, I asked him “Have you ever seen a case of hepatitis B?”  And he was practicing even before they had the vaccine for it.  And he said, “No, not one case.”

We have to put this in context.  I use this example like Ebola.  I don’t want my children to have Ebola.  I don’t want to have Ebola.  But I am not feeling bad that there is no Ebola vaccine, or that we haven’t gotten it because everything is a risk/reward.  And when you look at this unequivocal research, and by the way, Dr. Yao, I actually emailed him before I write these articles to ask him questions, I never hear from him.  He’s not part of the anti-vaxx community.  He never responds to me, which is fine Dr. Yao if you’re watching.

It’s all good, I’m still going to write about your studies.  This is not somebody who in any way can be viewed as being part of our community.  He has nothing to do with our community.  He’s doing these studies and I pointed out in the article I wrote about his new study, which is more confirmatory, because they injected the mice with cytokines and the vaccine to see if they’d get the same reaction and they did.  And so what they did is isolate the mechanism which they believe is causing the brain injury.

Del:  Well, what they want to move past the, well, we just know magically we give this injection and we see this issue later.  They’re really looking at the brain now and seeing what the injection is doing in this case, with the IL-4 cytokines and receptors.

J.B. Handley:  They know the IL-4 cytokine is a bio-marker for brain damage.  They affirmed it by just injecting the mice with IL-4 and injecting with just the hepatitis B vaccine and seeing the same outcome.  And to build on something that Brian Hooker was saying earlier, I think we know with certainty that immune activation events cause autism.  I think what we don’t know with certainty is the scale of the triggers.

You trigger an immune activation event and the immune activation event causes the autism.  So what are the triggers?  We know with certainty the aluminum adjuvants are a trigger.  Now we appear to know with certainty that the hepatitis B vaccine is a trigger.  Now, we don’t know exactly which ingredient, or which combination is more toxic.

But what I would say with certainty, is that if this was any other consumer product given to infants, the totality of the science through five studies, three by Yao and two by Goodman and Gallagher, would be enough to create an immediate need for all the interested parties to get together to discuss this problem.  And again, in light of the very limited risk of transmissibility of hepatitis B, I encourage parent activists to beat the drum in the state houses because the federal government appears to be so compromised on this issue.

Beg your state representatives to remove this vaccine from the schedule and to stop pediatricians from giving it until somebody can go through those five studies and go through communicability and explain why they think the risk/reward for this particular vaccine is worth it.  Because I don’t think a case can be made for it.

Del:  I think it’s the stupidest vaccine there is.  The aluminum load alone is just off the charts.  It’s insane.  It’s given to day-old babies which is the most fragile time in your entire life.  That first day of life, why are we giving it, the developing brain as you pointed out.  Just like AIDS.  Are you worried your child is going to get AIDS on the day they’re born?  No, you’re not.  Same kind of disease.  You can only get it sharing needles, prostitutes.

J.B. Handley:  I just want to be super clear about this.  The one thing that is different about hepatitis B right now from any other vaccine is the weight of published scientific evidence.  I’m not saying that if you took other vaccines through this same rigorous approach of a saline placebo and that same vaccine in mice you wouldn’t get the same result.  Maybe you would.

But we now have unassailable evidence.

Del:  This should have been done on every single one of these vaccines before they were ever put on the market.  We are finally getting to a place where we’re seeing one vaccine coming under scrutiny from a good scientist who is saying let’s do the same thing we do with drugs.  Let’s inject this into mice and see what happens.  Oh, lo and behold, neurological disorders!

Am I going out a limb by saying that based on Yao’s studies, hepatitis B can cause neurological disorders in the brains of mammals?

J.B. Handley:  It’s been established that it can biologically cause brain damage in mammals.  And I’d argue that should be enough to pull the vaccine.  Just substitute any other product on the planet.

Product blank found to cause brain damage in mice and we’re currently giving it to children.  It would be removed pretty much across the board, except for vaccines.

Del:  Because guys like Dr. Travis Stork will scream and yell and have a hissy fit by even being asked to have that conversation.  That type of bias is why we find ourselves in such a dangerous position in this country.  We should not have science and doctors and people who are working with our children have such a bias.  Why is CNN not covering this?  Why is nobody in our media covering major science from one of the top universities in China?  Why is nobody talking about this?

J.B. Handley: I think that’s something people don’t appreciate.  Science, with the exception of studies that exonerate vaccines, are not supported by public relations firms at all.  These guys are just publishing their work in a vacuum in China, trying to figure out what’s wrong with all the Chinese children who are succumbing to these neurological disorders.  They don’t have Hill and Knowlton, the big PR firm that pharma employs on the vaccine/autism issue.

I think about the Tauzy study back on 2009 from Italy, which was this horrible study looking at kids who got more mercury versus less.  And it was on the front page of every newspaper in America because Big Pharma has a very well-crafted propaganda and PR machine.

And these guys don’t.  But that doesn’t mean that our health authorities shouldn’t be held to the standard of reviewing any science that comes across the transom that seems to implicate a product given to children is causing brain damage.  And I’ll go back.  I keep going back to this term, “The Grand Miscalculation.”

I want to give early vaccine pioneers the benefit of the doubt that they did what they did to help children.  But the grand miscalculation is that risk/reward trade-off being all screwed up.  The Aaby study out of Africa, where they showed these non-specific effects of DPT vaccine were actually causing way more deaths then they were preventing.  This is the grand miscalculation.

To me, it’s the ultimate argument around whether or not to use one vaccine is a mathematical argument.  It’s a mathematical argument about the risks and benefits of that vaccine.  But we can’t do the math without the data.  But if you study something for only four days and the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System doesn’t capture it, it takes biological evidence like this to prove that there is brain damage and that there is a latency period.

And to me, it makes the math have be redone.  And I’m telling you with hepatitis B, because of the low transmissibility, there just can’t be a reasonable argument that the risk/reward is one the average parent should take.  Now, if your mother has hepatitis B, it’s a totally different story.

Del:  I just want to jump in here really quick.  We’re way over time.  As I said, I’m still going to be talking with Bobby Kennedy.  We’re going to be talking about this lawsuit that we’ve just won.  Really quickly.  The WHO has just tried to change the guidelines on what they’re going to call an injury from vaccines.  There’s also these two scientists who are complaining about it.

This is sort of what the headlines was, “Under WHO’s Revised Manual on AEFI, Only Those Adverse Reactions Observed During Clinical Trials of a Vaccine Should Be Classified as Vaccine-Related.  All New Serious Reactions, Including Death Seen During Post-Marketing of the Vaccine Should Be Considered as Coincidental or Unclassifiable and the Vaccine Should Not be Blamed.”  I think there’s a real review of the World Health Organization trying to move to this.  I’ve heard that maybe they’re revising it.  But the fact that this is what they’re trying to do, that they’re trying to limit what we call a vaccine injury to what we saw in trials.

Which as we’ve already pointed out, hepatitis B, a four day trial for one of the versions and five days.  So if you’re injured on day six we will never, ever call that an injury.  We have no pre-license testing, and now you’re going to take away the only thing we have which is surveillance after the fact.  This is the World Health Organization.  J.B.,  are the lunatics running the asylum?

J.B. Handley:  There is a disturbing ideology.  And it is an ideology because there is not logic in play.  That when it comes to vaccines, the benefits always outweigh the risks.  The lengths they’ll go through to maintain that mantra are pretty disturbing.  And how anybody can look at that and recognize latency periods, and not see how contrived that would be to narrow the definition like that.  That’s just profoundly dishonest.

It’s not science at all.  It’s not trying to capture the reality of what’s happening in the world.  And it’s gravely disappointing.  I think there are a lot of public health officials who are far more crooked and dishonest than any business person I’ve ever seen.

As a business person I just remain mystified sometimes by moves like that and it’s deeply, deeply disturbing.

Del:  J.B., I love the fact that you’re out there when mainstream media is not.  J.B. Handley blog.com.  (jbhandleyblog.com) Is that right?  Keep up the great work.  You are working with great groups like Generation Rescue and others.  You’ve been in this fight for a long time.  I want to thank you for your work.  My heart goes out to you and your family and many of the people as Brian pointed out, to the autism dads.  Keep up the great work.

J.B. Handley:  Thanks Del.


…available RIGHT NOW on Amazon!  (Spoiler – I’ve read an advance copy!  It’s FABULOUS!  Give it as a Christmas present to all those doubters in your family!)

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

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The book is co-authored with Judy Mikovits PhD. It is an indictment of the “Fake Science” we find so prevalent in the US.


Kent Heckenlively is also the author of INOCULATED: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism, available on Amazon and at Barnes&Noble.com


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3 thoughts on “J.B. Handley – The King Of Ruckus…”

  1. I have a hopeful feeling that this blog will get steadily increasing attention as people get “red-pilled” about vaccines. So I’d like to ask you to do a bit more spell checking and verification on your posts, unless of course, the “misspellings” are in order to avoid algorithms that suppress your content. For example the “female doctor” you mentioned appears to actually have been Jenny McCarthy (I watched the clip). Also, the researcher who noticed excess deaths among children receiving DTP in Africa was named Aaby. These points are relatively minor and won’t stop me sharing your excellent posts. I think that improving the editing will enhance your work, however. (Please correct me if I am mistaken about the speaker identified as “female doctor”).

  2. ..and while we’re relaying these studies and their implications to others, I suggest that we also keep in our focus that we would be grateful (as JB has indicated he is) to the Chinese people who are doing the work to save children from the pharmaceutical DeepState’s treacherous religion. That religious mantra is false dogma and should be seen as such.

    Just like we should treat Russia as a decent competitor, not an enemy, as they have been proven repeatedly to have told the truth about rigged disasters that had military-industrial deepstate fingerprints all over them and clearly motivated rash retaliation, wrongly….

    And on the math in CEO-land, we saw how they originally favored it in boardroom decision making, beginning in the later 70s, until those inclined to cheat were uncovered in analysis of aftermaths of cheating the models, and then the favored role was downsized and academia got the message, so the original burst of interest, declined steeply and now only the cheaters have control and favor clearly treacherous rigging… as we now also see in ‘actuarial’ (one of its merlinesque original promoters), public ‘health’ and ‘medicine’…. ttyl

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