Has Anthony Fauci Already Been Arrested?

Bill Barr – Please Don’t INCARCERATE Fauci in The Same Jail Where They Put Epstein…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Almost EVERYONE knows this CoronaVirus nightmare is a complete hoax, designed and implemented to destroy America, and Western Civilization. 

And right there, front-and-center, in the middle of this gigantic fraud is the name, and an almost daily presence of, (Deep State(?)) Anthony Fauci the so-called head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Or, at least, HE USED TO BE front-and-center.  These days he is conspicuously absent from the White House Podium.  I wonder why that is?

Could the name “Judy Mikovits,” co-author, with our BolenReport Kent Heckenlively JD, of the New York Times Bestselling book “Plague of Corruption” released April 14th, 2020, be the answer?

I’d say “You can almost bet your bippy” on that one…

One plus one equals two.  Two plus two equals four…

It is getting harder and harder to find even the dimmest of bad-breath liberals, lost without their Starbuck’s infusions, that will buy into the “continuous shriek-whine” offerings of the liberal media circuit regarding the so-called “Covid-19” pandemic.

Probably because it is so outright exhausting even listening to these media people even during a normal news day..  The regular old “Nightly News” is so depressing it isn’t even worth turning on for the weather update – they start out, almost every night with a child being burned or shot, move to a school bombing in some place we never heard of,  go to a Freeway car chase, over to a protest in far-off nowhere, while the Anchor smiles about it all.  Their depiction of America, and Planet Earth, is out of the minds of those clearly absorbed in self-loathing projected at the general  public.

So, when along comes a Coronavirus story these people are in their element and they can project even more horror on to their victims.  We see it every day.  All you have to do is to turn on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc..

And, right there, as the absolute Media Darling, is Anthony Fauci.  More, isn’t it just so “coincidental” (sarcasm intended) that those that Fauci, and company, are deeming “not essential” are almost ALL Trump supporter type people?  They couldn’t wait to close churches, and place of public assembly.

But, is it all part of a plot to destroy America and Western Civilization?

Yes, of course it is…

And we need to start thinking about EXACTLY what suitable punishment we intend to inflict on the guilty.  Don’t be squeamish.  We need something very overt that will be remembered through the ages.  Something like what the French citizens did to their Royalty during the French Revolution.

What, for instance, is the modern day version of a guillotine?

Let’s take a look at Judy Mikovit’s 20 minute interview one more time…

The Deep State has never seen anything like this before.  They thought they were untouchable.  But now they are having to look into the eyes of the parents, grandparents, and friends of, the children they vaccinated into something else.

Stay tuned…

Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen



20 thoughts on “Has Anthony Fauci Already Been Arrested?”

  1. Blood Eagle Tim!!
    The guillotine is far too civilised for the level of cobblers that this planet is being subjected to.

  2. What are you talking about? Fauci was right there behind the president directly behind the podium on Friday May 15th as President Trump announced Operation Warp Speed. https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/stltoday.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/8/63/8637008c-f2bf-5265-a9b8-0df60d9bb642/5ebece3f01bdd.image.jpg

    Maybe you didn’t recognize him with the face mask on? And President Trump appointed another one of Fauci and Bill Gates’ associates, Dr. Moncef Slaoui, to speed up the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. All the former players who were trying to develop and HIV vaccine are now back together, appointed by Trump. https://healthimpactnews.com/2020/trump-mobilizes-military-to-deliver-coronavirus-vaccine-appoints-another-bill-gates-funded-big-pharma-exec-as-chief-military-advisor/

  3. Brian:

    Fauci was there for a specific event, and he had his mouth covered so as to shut him up.

    You did figure out that the Covid-19 actually IS HERE now, right? And, that we need to deal with it, even creating an apparatus to contain it? More, to build an apparatus, and HAVE IT READY, for the next time some jerk-off nation figures out this is a way to covertly attack America, and Western Civilization?

    But, it would NOT HAVE BEEN HERE if proper things had been done to prevent it, right? And, that there is something radically wrong with the whole way Fauci and company started out, and delivered, their so-called solutions?

    In short, our vaunted PUBLIC HEALTH STRUCTURE is now a complete joke, in love with their over-inflated salaries provided by the Vaccine companies. They were NOT prepared for any of this.

    But Trump is tearing those people a new asshole. Your own article shows that Trump has ALREADY taken current Public Health’s leadership role away from them and has created a brand new oversight system…

    Your gloom and doom that there is no hope, that everyone has BETRAYED US, IS not well informed.

    What Trump is doing is building a first line of defense against this and any other attack of this sort. We will NOT be caught flat-footed again. As we speak those missiles that the ObamaNation turned away from China are being re-pointed.

    Notice in the article picture you sent that Fauci had his mouth covered? He was very likely wearing an ankle bracelet too…

    Although I do not like the effects of the forced shutdowns, I am watching with glee as the commie Democrat Governors turn their dictatorships loose on their constituents – toward their own political ends.

    Hand over the popcorn. This show is well underway.

  4. Tim,

    I am not sure where you are seeing “gloom and doom that there is no hope” in my writings.

    There is always hope, especially if the citizens of this country wake up and decide the time has come to RESIST tyranny.

    I’m just not part of the Trump-cult that believes he is our savior, as he continues to pour in HUNDREDS of BILLIONS of dollars into the pharmaceutical cartel and appoint its leaders to his Task Force and now his “Operation Warp Speed” to rush and develop a COVID vaccine. If Fauci has indeed been arrested and is wearing an ankle bracelet as you claim, how in the world did they keep that a secret and not have it leaked to the press?? Especially when he is still appearing in public?

    You do realize Tim, I hope, that vaccine laws, and any future potential mandatory vaccines laws over a COVID-19 vaccine, are all done at the state level? Other than the National Vaccine Compensation Program that was passed under Reagan, I don’t believe that there are any other national vaccine laws on the books.

    But every state has some kind of mandatory vaccine law already on the books, at least for childhood vaccines as a requirement for education, and even through Red and Blue states have a lot of disagreements and political issues they fight about, vaccines are for the most part not one of them. I don’t believe there is a single state, for example, that has not complied with the CDC schedule of vaccines as a requirement for education. They only differ on what exemptions they allow or do not allow.

    So while Trump can stand back and claim “I am not in favor of mandatory vaccines” (although I am not sure there is an exact quote like that from him that I have read anywhere), in the end it really doesn’t matter because he is not a legislator and this fight will be fought in the states, where they always have.

    And Trump’s administration will be right there, apparently with the military, distributing hundreds of millions of fast-tracked RNA vaccines.

    What will Trump’s public position be at that time, if he is still president when this occurs? Do we have any reason to believe that it will be different than the answer he gave to a reporter last summer when asked about the people (mostly Jews) in NYC during the measles “epidemic” when children were barred from going to school or even appearing in public places unless they had the MMR vaccine who did not want to comply?

    Because this was Trump’s reply then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01YtDo-knXU

  5. Brian:

    Anyone can cherry-pick facts out of a situation to make a point, and to interpret actions in such a way as to make some political observation, and/or prediction according to one’s views. But, in something like this, the proper thing to do is to look at the big picture.

    From MY VIEW, THIS WHOLE CORONAVIRAS THING STINKS OF MANIPULATION – just one more Democratic Party (Secular Humanist Globalist) creation, like “Impeachment, Russian Collusion, blah, blah, blah…” used as just one more attempt to remove a sitting president, and his supporters, to install a placeholder – like Biden would be.

    In this case major damage was done to America and Western civilization – and I want actions taken to literally HANG the participants.

    And yes, your publication is always “gloom and doom.” You have NEVER seen anything good in any situation nor do you ever talk about solutions, or people solving problems. The world is FULL of problems, but there are those of us who seek ways to solve them – and WE DO solve them. Try it…

  6. Well I can only conclude Tim that you are not reading much of “my publication,” because we have offered many, many solutions. They just are not pharmaceutical solutions.

    Try reading about our coverage of Dr. Brownstein’s 100% success rate in treating patients with Vitamin C therapy, Ozone, and others. You won’t be able to read it on his website anymore, because the FTC (a federal agency) just shut him down.

    Try reading our coverage about Dr. Ivette C. Lozano from Dallas who successfully treated her patients with a non-FDA approved drug she learned about from President Trump (yes, we actually do publish positive stuff about President Trump when it is merited.)

    Try reading about and watching the video of Censored Dr. Kaufman who lost his job because he refused to wear a mask at work.

    Try reading our own research on the healing power of sunlight that destroys viruses (even Trump and his Homeland Security scientist pointed out similar research).

    Much much positive on our website if one doesn’t want to trust the pharmaceutical cartel and their toxic products for healing.

    I am neither anti-Trump nor pro-Trump. I am PRO Truth. And publishing the truth is always positive….

  7. Is Donald Trump tweeting his support of Dr. Judy Mikovits? Maybe the New York Times is right and Judy and I are part of a secret White House cabal seeking to get Fauci fired. But they haven’t contacted me, yet!

    Donald J. Trump
    @realDonaldTrump, May 17, 2020
    Doing REALLY well, medically, on solving the CoronaVirus situation (Plague!). It will happen!

  8. Not to mention, of course, that we were one of the first publications to feature the work of Dr. Judy Mikovits back in 2015, just after her gag order was lifted. Between 2015 and 2016 we published 3 very long articles featuring her work, which is probably still more press given to her than what has been written recently.

    We have even featured some of your work in the past, especially the fine reporting you did on Dr. Mark Greier and his fight with the Maryland Board of Health.

  9. Brian:

    You need to stand back and look at what you are doing for it is obvious that you do not see that you have a STRONG negative bias towards situations and you do not project an attitude that problems can be solved – and they certainly can be.

    Like me, Trump is a problem-solver. I laugh sometimes when I see his latest foray. We here have a very good view of Trump’s overall strategy of dealing with US Health Care. He believes, like I do, that Big Pharma needs to become Little Pharma, and that they need to move ALL of their manufacturing back to the US where they can be under our constant thumb. Big Pharma has 2/3 of its world investment in China. Smile over that., For the two of them, Pharma and China, have only a few months to live – so to speak.

    The only area where Trump and I are NOT in agreement is over DTCA (Direct To Consumer Advertising). I want him to issue an Executive Order cancelling Big Pharma’s ability to advertise in our media, especially TV. That type of action would shut down Pharma’s power completely and remove 70% of the liberal media’s income.

    Donald is much nicer than I am…

    There is a use for Pharma… just not in its present form.

  10. Ok Tim, I hope you’re right. Let’s see if Dr. Fauci has indeed been arrested and is wearing an ankle bracelet according to your “inside knowledge.” I would welcome that.

  11. I don’t like blood, Tim. Good old tar and feathers seems fine to me. Public humiliation. Perhaps paraded in the streets then put in the stocks for a few days.

    Of course they should never be allowed any kind of influence again. I suggest once cleaned up, they be allowed to live out their days in a ‘compact and bijou’ studio apartment in a metropolitan ‘human habitation zone’, under permanent lockdown – for their own protection, of course.

    Once a day they will be allowed onto the 3’x3′ balcony for exercise, as long as they don’t talk to anyone. The only contact with the outside world will be a sliver of a view to a distant park and round the clock CNN. And of course facebook. They will of course be permanently shadow-banned on Facebook – as will all their friends. Got those community guidelines to consider.

    Everything they eat will be GMO and delivered ready cooked from a mainstream fast-food chain. After all, not much room for food storage and preparation in a studio.

    If they behave themselves for a few years, conditions will be relaxed and they will be allowed contact with one visitor at a time through a small gap in the door.

    In order to be spared the gallows and granted all this freedom, they will of course be required to be up to date on the current vaccine schedule from birth to present age, and on the flu shot for every strain for which there has ever been a vaccine. They may still be out there. And of course, the coronoavirus.

    Am I too soft?

  12. Silly me, I forgot to mention the public webcam 24/7 to make sure they aren’t up to anything illegal… Pardon me.

    Have I forgotten anything else?

  13. What was that bizarre ‘injecting disinfectant’ thing all about anyway? Some kind of signal? To whom – ‘us’ or ‘them’? Is it way out there to connect a dot or two with the ‘Epidemic’ card in the Illuminati game? It seems to feature a syringe and a bottle of disinfectant. Just saying.

  14. Brian:

    (1) Note that I was asking the question, not making a statement, about Fauci. The liberal media is itself, very upset that Fauci is NOT on center stage at the White House – so I am already pleased.

    (2) Back in the 1990s Jan and I owned and published a community magazine. We were based in super affluent South Orange County (and still are). We had 22,000 subscribers and each month we delivered up to 64 pages (exhausting work).

    Of course I had my monthly scorcher, talking about some horrible thing some local agency was doing. With a four-part series I actually got a Water and Sewer agency prosecuted (17 felonies and 22 misdemeanors of the Clean Water Act)

    One of my major advertisers, a very powerful Democrat, and a good friend of mine (Richard J. O’Neill), owned, among a million other things, a Restaurant in San Juan Capistrano. One day he calls me up and tells me to come to lunch, and I went. His message to me was a little unusual but it changed the way I looked at things.

    Dick told me that the day before he had a visit from eight people from the City of San Juan Capistrano, including the Mayor, the City Manager, two Councilman, etc… They were there to enlist Dick’s help in dealing with me. I laughed and asked why they didn’t just approach me as I was friendly.

    Dick laughed too. But he explained that I scared the shit out of all of them, and every time I did one of my articles the City got 6 to 8 thousand phone calls from angry citizens (I think they exaggerated a little – maybe not). Dick said that, in effect, I was ambushing them.

    Well, no shit, Sherlock…

    What Dick said next changed me – right then.

    He said “Tim, you are one of the best writers I have ever seen. You can take a completely complicated issue and explain it so anyone can understand it. You can pull a reader through six pages of facts and make it funny and interesting.”

    My answer to that was “So, what’s the problem with that?”

    Dick said “you come out with your magazine, the whole town reads it. You’ve given the City a BIG problem to solve and you haven’t told them how to fix it….”

    “Tell them how to fix it?” I said. “That City Manager makes 175 thousand a year. He should be bright enough to fix it.”

    Dick said “The man is an Administrator not a Thinker. His process here would be to put together a proposal for the City Council to approve authorizing and funding a STUDY to answer the problems you showed them in your articles.”

    Then he said “Tim, if you can identify a problem, and you can, then you probably have four or five solution scenarios ready to go, don’t you?” Dick was right – but boy was it hard to change course from just being a smart, and smart-ass, critic.

    So, a year, or so, later when I was investigating the Water and Sewer Agency, and writing articles my first proposed solution was for them to fix their leaks so they would stop polluting the local beaches. When they blew it off, my next possible solution was to sit down with the Orange County Health Department, the District Attorney, the State of California, and the Local Agency Formation Commission.

    And THAT worked really well… Hell, THAT was even more fun…

    So, Brian, when you read the BolenReport, you will notice that every one of my writers is an activist with a message and a solution.

    You, Brian, are a problem identifier. Move to the next step…

  15. Last year’s extraordinary spectacle of the Yuge Trump Rallies together with the growing coalescence of Health Freedom and Vaccine Freedom folks so frightened the Deep Statians that they must have seen the Declared Pandemic as a gift sent from [Heaven or Hell — take your pick].

    In one fell swoop, no more mass rallies that Trump aptly called part of a Political Movement that would out-last even a two term presidency. No more public outcry against forced vaccination (since it has been censored).

    Led by Deep Statians like Fauci they finally saw a way to stop the Revolution.

    Instead, the Resistance grows daily and patriots are reclaiming State Houses, exercising the 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights quite openly.

    Great work Tim!

  16. Well Tim, with all due respect, you are showing your ignorance of me once again.

    I can brag about things too, if I wanted to. When I started MedicalKidnap.com back in 2014, we were the only ones writing on this topic.

    One of the first main articles we did was highlight a couple who gave birth to twins at home. The grandma who was in a different state got concerned that they were not going to the hospital, and called the paramedics to go visit them.

    They were given a clean bill of health, but as mandated reporters, they had to report the fact that they did not take the newborn twins to the hospital.

    CPS came and removed all three of the kids from the home. We published to the story the day before Thanksgiving, and within 24 hours we had 1.5 million pageviews, and sent almost 6000 phone calls to the governor, making it a high profile case that even the local media could not ignore. Local state representatives and some good Constitutional attorneys got involved in their case and positive things happened.

    I could give many more examples, but I am not interested in proving anything to you.

    As I have read your articles over the years Tim, you are not someone who appears to bring people together, but divide people.

    I am sorry I ever came over here to comment on your blog and get criticized by your arrogant attitude.

    Best wishes though, we are all in the same fight whether you want to believe it or not.

  17. Starbucks infusion ? Didn’t you mean Adrenochrome? You are too nice ; )
    BO had guillotines stock piled somewhere… and multiple occupant coffins… can’t remember where they are, sorry. But I’m sure that’s all been scrubbed by big tech censorship by now…
    Thanks for all you are doing, I post these on fb and twitter.

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