German Government admits 5G is the Problem and COVID is just a Cover-up…

A Masquerade…

From Europe by Karma Singh

Ever more we see “face masks” being made compulsory and yet no-one seems to be aware that such is total nonsense.

Those surgical masks are made to stop bacteria. Bacteria are hundreds of times bigger than the putative viruses. Anything the size of a “virus”, such as an air molecule cluster, will go straight through it.

Conversely, a mask which would stop a “virus” would not let you breathe sufficient air to survive.

In addition, as you can see in a doctorate dissertation from the Technical University, Munich, the wearing of such surgical masks is very damaging to your health. (At present, this rather lengthy and technical document is being translated and a precis will then be prepared.)

Current medical statistics show clearly that there is no epidemic or “pandemic”, no unusual numbers of people dying, no unusual numbers of people ill, and tens of thousands of hospital personnel throughout the world complaining of boredom because they have nothing to do.

So what is this masquerade all about?

Is has several purposes:-

1) To stop you seeing people smile – a smile is the antidote to separation and the feeling of loss. When, in the Spring, the sun begins to shines, people go about with smiles upon their faces for joy that the Winter is over: The time of darkness and cold is finished and life begins anew.

2) To make you afraid of other people’s breath; other people’s words: Only hear what the controlled press tells you; those who have your best interests at heart are “poison” – don’t listen to them. Remember, when you talk with someone, the bulk of the information that you receive from them comes from their facial movements, not from the words that they are saying. It is this which helps you recognise who is telling the truth.

3) To reduce your ability to think: As is made plain in the doctoral dissertation mentioned above, wearing surgical masks results in oxygen starvation. This, in turn, means that you can only perceive a small part of the information which you receive.

Time to demand some answers from your members of parliament/Congress/whatever.

Also time to take some positive action.

Let your artistic talents have free reign. Paint a smile on your mask. Cut breathing holes into it. Decorate it with the colours of Spring. Add your comment such as “COVID is a lie”. Express your inner knowledge and wisdom.

What does a dictatorship do when too much truth gets out?

They clamp down on it, of course: They can’t have anyone undermining the propaganda upon which their power is based. If the people knew the truth then they might start disobeying orders. If the people knew that the government was deliberately harming them then they might rise up and remove the government.

For some weeks, the government has been pushing an agenda of house arrest and economic destruction based upon a story with most peculiar properties:-

Apparently, if you believe the story, by changing the name from “Corona virus” – a group of viruses known for more than 50 years to be harmless and associated with especially mild forms of influenza – to “Sars-Cov-2” has somehow made this “virus” fantastically dangerous. So “dangerous”, in fact, that we must all avoid both breathing and normal social activities. The “tests” for this so-called “virus” are unspecific and will register a positive no matter which of the more than 1,100 long-known Corona variants may be present. Why?

I leave that question to the intelligence of the reader to answer…

As honest scientists begin to come to grips with this “pandemic” they find, more and more, that the connection between the sickness symptoms shown and the putative “virus” is not only tenuous, it is non-existent. A ‘flu “virus” could never cause such symptoms. So they begin to look where the problem could lie.

Those who have shown severe breathing difficulties do not show any problems with their airways. This is why putting them on respirators achieves nothing. Were the problem any sort of “infection” then the breathing difficulties would be due to inflamed and hence restricted airways and/or mucus accumulations. These are not present!

The symptom that they all display appears to be an oxygen deficiency in the blood, i.e. for some reason, the blood haemoglobin does not take up sufficient oxygen. This causes the brain to register an oxygen deficiency and to increase the rate of breathing.

Working upon information initially out of Wuhan but confirmed elsewhere, such as Lombardy in Italy, there is an apparent correlation between this “mysterious” illness and 5G.

5G, especially the Huawei version, uses 60 gigahertz as its main transmission frequency. This is the same frequency as the oxygen molecule. This type of 5G distorts the electron activity of the oxygen molecule making it much more difficult for haemoglobin to absorb. This appears to be especially problematic for people with blood group A. Precisely why this should be is presently unclear.

As more and more both professional and “hobby” scientists as well as thousands of doctors call the “virus” hypothesis into question and look for alternative explanations which do make scientific sense, the question of 5G damage comes into sharper focus.

As Sherlock Holmes was wont to say…

“When you have eliminated the impossible, what remains, no matter how improbable it may appear, must be the truth”.

In this case, “the impossible” is that the symptoms, as experienced by doctors in hospitals right around the world, do not conform to those of any “infectious” disease nor are the airways inflamed or constricted; there is simply not enough oxygen in the blood.

So, why does vitamin C reduce the symptoms?

One of the many beneficial effects of high-dosage natural vitamin C is to increase the ability of the blood to absorb oxygen.

Why does the anti-malaria medicine chloroquine appear to alleviate the symptoms?

Malaria is also a blood condition. Basically, the blood has become so acidic that it is unable to take up sufficient oxygen to maintain life. The chloroquine reduces the acidity and, thereby, facilitates the absorption of oxygen from the air.

When, however, the oxygen molecule itself has been altered so that it no longer “fits” into your haemoglobin, then you will also experience oxygen starvation with no other physical symptoms.

At present, almost all of those who have died had other such severe health issues – pneumonia, diabetes, angina, to name but a few – that the oxygen starvation on top of them overwhelmed the ability of the body to sustain life.

We must, further, note two things:

1) Almost all deaths have been in the age range 65+ in which up to half a million people die each Winter due to influenza on top of other serious health issues. The actual numbers for this ‘flu season are well below 500,000, i.e. death statistics show that there is no danger present. In point of fact, the death rate is this ‘flu season is well below that of 2018. Was a world pandemic declared then?

2) In so far as information is available, there appears to be a direct correlation between “covid-19” and the presence of 5G transmitters. On the other hand, live testing shows that there is no correlation between the detection of “corona viruses” and the “mysterious” COVID-19 illness.

Now, it is clear that 5G is primarily a weapons system and also an essential part of the planned global surveillance system based around the RFID chips planned to be injected into us with the “Corona vaccine”. This is, apparently, why they are indoctrinating us to keep 2 metres away from everyone else – closer and the computers can’t tell who they are observing!

The balance of the evidence indicates most strongly that the cause of this new illness is not a virus known for more than half a century to be harmless but switching on 5G installations.

Were this to be generally known then people in general might well decide to remove this danger from their lives and, thereby, circumvent the planned “computer-police” state.

With this in mind, the German government – whatever this at present may be – having no possibility to refute the 5G hypothesis with scientific argument, has declared an intent to refer those proposing the 5G theory to the special constitutional police and to rapidly push through a new law making it a crime to mention 5G as being a possible cause of COVID-19.

This action, as we have seen at the top of this article, is so typical of manipulative dictatorships that one might well feel constrained to view it as an open admission that the 5G hypothesis as the cause of COVID-19 is actually true.

It is not just governments, you will note, which carry out such actions, many “authority figures” have shown the same tendency to forbid questions which cast doubt upon their pet theories. “My mind is made up. Kindly do not confuse me with facts!”

We should also note that, assuming the 5G hypothesis is the correct one…

…that the persons presently in control could, at any time, create more “COVID” cases simply by switching more 5G transmitters on or by turning up the power. This is very probably their intent in order to “prove” that the present restrictions must be continued until they are ready to inject everyone with an RFID control chip. As this is exactly what they have been saying for some weeks, we should presume that this is precisely their intent.

As further indication  that the 5G hypothesis is probably correct, “scientific” reports begin to crawl out of the woodwork declaring that 5G is harmless.

One is from an impressive-sounding “institute” which was created by, and is 100% financed by the mobile ‘phone industry to minimalize or to deny the obvious dangers of that technology. A quick word of caution to those “scientists” who have “sold their souls to the devil”; you may think that karma is not real and that you will escape all penalty for the harm you cause but, karma is something that you use in your everyday work – you just use a different name: “Cause and Effect” should mean something to you or how about Newton’s Second Law of Motion?

Another such “report” was sent to me yesterday with the most ridiculous “justification” I’ve ever heard. Although 5G wasn’t even mentioned in the “report”, it was claimed that, because 100 people had forwarded it on facebook under the heading “5G proved harmless”, this, in some manner, made the completely unsupported claim true.

It seems that they are now really “clutching at straws…”

Blessed be
Karma Singh


Published by

Karma Singh

Professional healer, teacher, and researcher since 1986. Author of ca. 40 books, Handbooks etc. in "alternative", i.e. true healing. In September 2014 taken up into the Ring of Merlins

10 thoughts on “German Government admits 5G is the Problem and COVID is just a Cover-up…”

  1. This morning, I learned of an amazing video from Dr. Erickson which has been deleted, at least six times, by YouTube. #TooMuchTruth
    I have managed to find a copy elesewhere and will upload it to a safe streaming server presently. As soon as it’s free, I’ll post a link to it here.

    Blessed be

  2. 500,000 flu deaths did not happen in any year. The numbers are shamelessly manipulated upward the same way COVID numbers are. Recently the flu death numbers were claimed by the infamous CDC to be 36,000. Actual tested cases were only 18. CDC makes boatloads of money selling flu vaccines which explains why they aggressively push it. Of the list of comorbidities of a dying patient only flu (or COVID) are permissible causes of death to be placed on the death certificate.

  3. Karma Singh, thankyou for your work. Many interesting facts here. I am in New Delhi at this time and it is amazing to see that people are taking this “virus” seriously despite the fact that there are only 900+ deaths so far. In a nation of 1.3 billion people, it is easy to chalk up 900 deaths. Initially, when weeks had passed, they were still aat about 300. I dont think many people notice that the Indian deaths are so few because the world deaths are constantly shouted at us on tv every day. Just as in other countries, it seems that anyone who tests positive and dies, even without any respiratory symptoms, will be a covid death . Anyone who gets a positive test result becomes a covid case, despite being fully well. Medical care is in a terrible state here. Only a few big hospitals are open and small “nursing homes” (something like tiny hospitals) are shut. Here is what happened to a very young girl in labor with her first baby (She had probably been married very young – maybe age 14) She was taken at two at night to the usual hospital (a govt hospital) which normally takes care of the poor. To their shock, they were shooed away and told that the hospital is “only for corona” This, inspite of the fact that this hospital has various buildings, and one could have been allocated only for corona and others left for usual work. This poor lady had the amazing fortune of finding some small hospital in an old village area of Delhi where she was able to deliver. ( Often the doctors who own such hospitals live nearby or even in the building, so perhaps that was the case)
    Another person took their child for stitched in the head after a fall and went to what is considered a large, state of the art, full of specialists hospital, – they were told to “come back tomorrow”
    Meanwhile, in a village in Uttar Pradesh a young girl of about 12, who does a lot of work at home despite having no fingers on one hand, stepped on a scorpion and was stung. She did survive and it was extremely painful. She and her brother and sister have no shoes because their shoes (sandals) have broken and they cannot buy new ones because of the shutdown. At one point the father of this family was stopped from harvesting his crop of oil seeds and from taking milk from his cattle to market- the main source of cash for the family. And yet, still, i would say that other families are in much more dire straits. Currently we hope for the lockdown to end, but it does not look likely . Is the government waiting so that they can increase the death numbers? After all the smoke clears, people are going to notice that 900 or a thousand deaths is not much for all the devastation that has taken place. Do we have so few deaths because 5G has not come here yet.? Is it being started even as I write. ? No one knows what is happening because we cannot go out much and must learn from our friends and relatives by email and phone calls.
    I would like to add that I have not heard any mention of the dangers of using chloroquin for G6PD deficiency persons. My husband is one of those genetically affected people and he would soon die if given chloroquin. Many people do not know that they have this deficiency and it would result in destruction of red blood cells in the people who take it. This deficiency is at about 4% of the population of India, but would be more common in Italians, Spanish, people and others who inhabit the land around the Mediterranean Sea . Infants in the U.S are now tested for G6PD , but adults would normally have never been tested.

  4. @Cherry Misra – I fully concur; we are living in what the ancient Chinese warned us would be “interesting times.”

    In regard to preventing and treating CoViD-19 in G6PD deficient persons (and everyone else) – there was a great study done in China that had a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT survival rate among moderate-to-severe infected persons. They used IV Vitamin C, which you may legitimately complain is not readily available.

    The REALLY good news is, one can get the SAME or HIGHER levels in the tissue cells where Vitamin C does it’s work with an oral supplement called “liposomally encapsulated” Vitamin C (which you can even make at home if need be.) Basically, this takes the water-soluble C and MAKES it fat-soluble when it’s first being absorbed, allowing the otherwise very low amounts possible to be absorbed of C to be bypassed. This uses a hyper-efficient absorption pathway, up to 95x what ordinary C is subject to (depending on how encapsulated the C is.) IV C is subject to a MAXIMUM of 10% absorption, meaning 90% flushed away, and oral C is ~1%.

    Just take the liposomal C on an empty stomach (I do it first thing in the morning) and take no MORE than a tablespoon (1000-3000 mg C) to avoid triggering the pancreatic enzymes that would strip off the liposomal coating (fat.) If you want to increase the dosage, simply wait 20 minutes and take another serving, and you could easily get MORE than was used in this study.

  5. Karma, you have raised the important issue regarding how the declared pandemic is being used as a mind-control “lesson” preparing human society for what is really being planned. I fear this plannedemic is just the training exercise and that 5G is the real weaponized technology that will be used to… Well, that’s the issue. What is the true intent? The Great Culling or just mind-numbed, chipped and restricted sheeple? Agenda 21 has become Agenda 2020.


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  7. Feb, mar, April when the cytokine storm hits those injected with covid-19 vaccines who will Bury the Dead, when the military is mobilized what then, when family members are dieing what then when a large part of first responders dieing who will take their place.

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