Covid-19 Humor(?) – It Is Time To Laugh About This GIANT Absurdity…

What Do I Mean By “Absurdity?”

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Let’s start right out by summarizing what is REALLY GOING ON in this so-called Covid-19 Crisis.

Everything we are hearing, and are subjected to, by the Democratic State Governors, re-inforced by the liberal media, is an elaborate, America destroying, hoax.   We need to realize this, and act on that realization.

Think “Firing Squads…”

Tucker Carlson said it best in this short seven minute video:

Why Is This Happening At All? 

There are a few good reasons.  Let’s look at them one at a time.

(1)  Here is the IMPORTANT one –  liberals have found out that THEY, as a group, because of their general life-style preferences, are, in fact, the largest susceptible group to Covid-19 infection.  So, in their minds EVERYONE ELSE needs to be quarantined – not them.

We will look, as an example, at San Francisco.

Let’s ask this simple question  “So, why then do NORMAL people have to stay home? “

(a)  Why are schools closed?  Children are NOT susceptible (at great risk). 

(b)  Why do families have to stay home?  Their whole age group is NOT susceptible (at great risk). 

(c)  Why do healthy people of any age have to stay home?  They are NOT susceptible (at great risk). 

We are told that we have to stay home to protect the “susceptible.”  So, who, exactly are the “susceptibles” we are staying home to protect?  

(a) People in Nursing Homes and Hospices?  Why?  NONE of us are regularly going to Nursing Homes and Hospices for any reason.  So why are WE forced to stay home for these potential victims?  Protect the Nursing Home patients in the Nursing Homes.

(b)  People who are immuno-compromised.  Shouldn’t these people be watching out for themselves and restrict their own activities commensurate with their “susceptiblity?” 

There are NOT all that many of these.  Why should the whole population be on lock-down to protect THEM.  Let’s look at who those immuno-compromised people actually are.  The CDC says that older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.” 

Did you zero in on the words “might be?”  We are letting Democrats shut down America on a “might be?”

Let’s look at San Francisco –  This is the example of the BIGGEST ABSURDITY in all of America.  Literally millions of NORMAL San Francisco residents are being locked-down to protect San Francisco’s immuno- compromised.  NORMAL people are fined $1,000 per incident, with threat of jail, if they are found outside.

And just who are San Francisco’s immuno-compromised?  There are two very large, and politically powerful, groups:

(a)  San Francisco’s Aquired Immune Deficency Syndrome (AIDS) infected population.  The federal government pays for over one billion dollars per year, in San Francisco alone, for these people’s AIDS medications.  They are VERY, VERY, VERY, immuno-compromised.

(b)  San Francisco’s needle-flailing junkies.  San Francisco provides these people over 400,000 needles per year, which they conveniently strew everywhere.  They too are VERY, VERY, VERY, immuno-compromised.

Ask yourself “What in the hell is going on? Normal people are forced to stay home so that the AIDS infected homosexuals and the needle junkies can cash their welfare checks and SHOP all day?

(2)  Every major nation on Earth has  bioweapons laboratories.  Therefor the possibility of a bioweapon being activated in our society is VERY GREAT.  It actually is something to be concerned about.

Ask yourself “Would Hillary Clinton, her”Elite” friends, and the liberal media be someones who would release a bioweapon into America because she/they lost the 2016 election for the presidency of the United States?”  Of course she/they would.  To her/them anyone who voted for Donald Trump is a “Deplorable.”

(3)  VERY Important also – Liberals always NEED something to wring their hands over.  It’s in their psyche.  Everybody sees how liberals think and act.  If a Portland, Oregon drunk falls into the street and gets run over by a truck in front of a few liberals, within hours demonstations will be organized against not only the trucking industry, but Big Oil, White People, Thomas Jefferson, Alfred E. Neuman, and Chick-Fil-A – Every time.  That’s just the way liberals are.  They can’t help it. 

The Covid-19 Crisis really is a liberal’s wet dream.  For them this is even better – they can  dress up for it.  It is even  better than those ANTIFA marches where they could buy new leather pants and designer bandanas.  Here,  they can wear their (or their sex partners) underpants over their mouth and nose in public.  For them “this is a dream come true.”

They have added on extra rooms to store their toilet paper.

So, let’s talk about all this…

I had to go out “necessity shopping” (snort) the other day and decided to stop by Trader Joe’s and pick up some of their excellent sourdough bread, some half-and-half for my coffee, and perhaps some of those chocolate/macadamia nut cookies (Hey, if you are going to have to hunker down…).

When I pulled up in front of the store OF COURSE there was a line of people SOME of which looked like a cast-off crew from the Jesse James gang.  Others just looking pathetic in a piece-of-junk- looking mask made out of underwear using Grandma’s old sewing machine.

So, I find a place to park, in the farthest reaches of the parking lot (until this LOCKDOWN I have NEVER seen this many people in Trader Joe’s), and head for the end of the line.  Of course I am NOT masked up.  I’m in my usual writers attire – tee-shirt (no logo), ratty old shorts, and even rattier looking old tennis shoes, and three days (or more) of grisly beard growth.  I dress for success…

I am situation oriented.  In other words I see and watch everything without appearing to pay attention.  I see patterns and groupings.  When I was in my old “Crisis Management” mode, setting up counter-strategies for my clients that were under attack, I always wanted to know WHO specifically was heading up the opposition team, and I went out of my way to see where they worked, what the inside of their office looked like, what kind of car they drove, whether that car was neat or messy inside, and whether they mowed their lawn as often as they should.  Often I had their neighbors interviewed.  I played to WIN…

When I knew who the enemy was, and what was REALLY going on, by the time I walked back out to my car I had a plan to completely destroy the opposition’s case.

Why is this important?   Because you really cannot solve a problem unless you can see and fathom the Big Picture.  How do you do that?  In this Covid-19 situation the answer is simple – go out and watch the General Public, like at Trader Joe’s.  There you will get to see EXACTLY what the General public thinks about the whole issue.

What is it that the General public is seeing and feeling about the so-called CoronaVirus story?

There are a number of seperate things:

For one thing here in Southern California, they are blowing off the hide-at-home bullshit, dressing up in their pretty duds, polishing up their cool sunglasses, and heading out for the day’s shopping.  Orange County, California opened its beaches last Friday to the Public.

If anyone was wearing a face mask on those beaches I’d have to guess that the cloth in that mask EXCEEDED the sum total of per-girl-bikini-cloth-per-person.  That’s California, and it IS “Mating Season.”

Good.  Here, we can laugh at the absurdity of it all…

But, for the next part we are going to get very SERIOUS…

For that let’s look at Northern California – and what is happening there is NOT funny. 

Here in California we have Governor “Gruesome Newsome,”  Nancy Pelosi’s twit nephew.  Yes, Newsome is issuing orders for people in the San Francisco Bay Area to wear masks constantly, or face jail-time.  I have to admit that in that case he is right.  Why?  Because, as I mentioned above, the San Francisco Bay Area probably is the biggest, most concentrated, area of AIDS infected homosexuals on Planet Earth – and THEY, are without doubt, at the top of the list of “At-Risk” compromised immunity of ANY group of humans.  California, and the federal government, spend many billions of dollars every year there, to subsidize ultra-expensive AIDS medications.

If you are a heterosexaul resident of the San Francisco Bay Area who has to stand in line outside of Home Depot in the human excrement and the needles, with the other 1,349 people in the hot sun, understand that you are, very “Americanly” protecting those two AIDS boys shopping for an Orchid in the Home Depot Garden Department (sarcasm intended).

Never mind that the reason you are at Home Depot is because you have water running all over the Living Room from a broken faucet connector under your sink. you are giving up your time for “Gruesome Newsome’s” Greater Good, “to protect the “At-Risk” population…”

California Governor Gruesome Newsome is making it VERY CLEAR which segment of California’s population has priority.

Am I saying that California is taking Heterosexuals off the streets to protect the AIDS infected homosexual population?

Yup – That is EXACTLY what I am  saying.  We sure as hell are NOT protecting Nursing Home residents.  The General Public does NOT come in contact with Nursing Home residents.

Yes, this is an absurdity –  the SITUATION is not funny but the ABSURDITY certainly is…

Sometimes story ideas happen in the strangest of places…

This one came to me as I stepped up from the curb to the sidewalk after leaving Trader Joe’s and stopping by to pick up a prescription at the drug store.  I stopped dead in my tracks faced with a HUGE sign just inside the door indicating that EVERYONE had to have a  face mask to enter the store.  I laughed.

Right there on the spot I had an immediate thought that I should play into this Rachel-Maddow-watching store manager’s paranoia and HELP him/her with their liberal fear-mongering.  I was just about to walk fifteen feet into the store, stop in front of the sign (maskless) and yell out, in a very loud voice:

“Do you sell body bags in here?  My family is out in the car and they aren’t looking too well…”

My mind, however, works fast, and in an instant I had about-faced and headed back to my Odyssey (named “Big Dusty”).  I mean why alarm maybe five people in this huge store nobody was in when I can reach hundreds of thousands at the touch of the “Publish” and “Send” buttons right?

I simply drove around to the car-pickup prescription window and got what I needed while I was mentally outlining what I was  going to write today.

Stay tuned for more…

Opinion By “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen


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  1. Covid19. Made in China from USA ingredients. Ask Fauci We can do better, CSL Australia makes Fluvax, thats better at disabling and killing kids than Covid. (Ask Turnball)

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