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Del Bigtree’s Master Class on Vaccines and Autism – Part 2…

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

On Thursday, July 12, 2018, Del Bigtree’s show, High-Wire, gave a master class on vaccines and autism, featuring some of the most exciting news we have heard in YEARS.  The link to the show is below.  I have broken the two hour show down into a several part article as there was so much news I didn’t want anybody to miss it.

Here is today’s installment with Jefferey Jaxen talking about what happened in American Samoa.

Del:  The science is proving we are right.  The science is proving the parents were right.  And about this horrible incident in Samoa, I had Jeffrey Jaxen look into it, reach out to Samoa and see if we could get to the bottom of this story.  Get some more facts than we’re getting from the mainstream media.  So Jeffrey, are you with me?

Jeffrey:  Yes I am.

Del:  You reached out to the ministry of health in Samoa and the news agency that broke this in Samoa, so what can you tell us?  What happened in this story?  What are the details?

Jeffrey:  It’s a fascinating thing going on behind the scenes right now.  On July 6 is when both these children passed. [After receiving a measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) shot] TV 1 Samoa got the jump, not only on the international media, but it appears they were out front before the Prime Minister released his statement on his grandson.

Del:  Let me read that because I think this is so powerful and what makes this story so interesting.  He has a personal story to tell, but let me read it.  “As a father and a grandfather, I can relate to the grief by the families for their loss.  I also almost lost one of my grandsons several years ago under similar circumstances.  But with the grace of our father in heaven, my grandson survived with the proper treatment, but he will never be the same as he has lost the ability to speak.”

You see, this is the problem Jeffrey,

…and I remember when I started working on the documentary VAXXED with Andy Wakefield several years ago.  And he said to me, “Del, in the end, it doesn’t matter if we figure it out now.”  Because I asked, “what happens if the truth never comes out.  And he said, “The truth will come out.  You can’t stop it.  The truth is the truth.  The problem is how long are we going to wait?  How many senators, how many Presidents will start having injured children from these vaccines?”

Because history will look back at some point.  Are we going to stop this at 1 in 100?  1 in 20?  1 in 10?  Of course I’m talking about numbers like autism, but the same thing with child deaths.  It is affecting too many people for the truth not to get out.  Very important.  In this case the Prime Minister of Samoa has seen this with his own eyes.  Tell me what else we found out about this story.

Jeffrey: The minister of health, Dr. Nasare, days after this he announced he had ceased all MMR vaccinatons for Samoa.  Cook Islands followed in suit because they have the same batch.  These vaccines have been used since August of 2017, and in multiple areas of South America as well.  It was reported in the minister of health’s statement that there have been no adverse events reported.  That begs the question, how good is their reporting system.  In the US we supposedly have one of the best reporting systems, according to HHS, but is admittedly catching only less than one percent perhaps.

But I want to go back to the news angle on this. 

TV-1 Samoa took and started doing objective journalism right after this started happening.  So they went to these parents and put them on camera and said their your stories.  These parents told their stories.  And that’s where we found out that the second parent whose child had passed, was vaccinated against the parent’s wishes.  After she watched the first MMR batch she said I don’t want to give this to my kid.  The nurse refused them informed consent, vaccinated the child, and the child passed within an hour.  This is very interesting.

What has happened since then, there was this little window open, we had the Prime Minister saying I have a vaccine-injured grandson, I have empathy towards this situation.

Del:  All hell is breaking loose on Pharma right now in Samoa.

Jeffrey:  Yes.  All hell is breaking loose.  We have the World Health Organization, UNICEF, representatives from Australia and New Zealand, have descended on there to help with the investigation.

Del:  What is UNICEF doing there?  Why UNICEF?

Jeffrey:  UNICEF provides the vaccines.  It is their MMR vaccine that is being given in these countries so they have a vested interest.

Del:  So this is a UNICEF vaccine which has just killed these two babies?  So who is going to do the investigation into the way it was manufactured, stored, who is on that investigation?

Jeffrey:  That is both UNICEF and the World Health Organization.

Del:  The same exact people who caused the problem are doing the investigation?  I love how this works.  I love how this never seems to bother anybody that we send the CDC to investigate a problem with their own vaccines.  We’re sending UNICEF.  This is exactly why, Bobby Kennedy and I keep traveling the country and people keep saying we need an independent vaccine safety testing body.  A national vaccine safety board, just like national transportation has, just like the nuclear regulatory agency has.

Do you think UNICEF is going to go in there and say

“Oh my, God, we made a mistake!  We made the wrong batch.  We’re storing it wrong.  We’ve killed more people than we realized.”  Do you think they’re going to find more numbers?  Do you think they’re going to look to see how many children they’ve killed?  Of course not.  They’re going in to cover their butts.  This is like BP being put in charge of investigating their own oil spill.  There’s nothing happening here.  Look the other way.

Jeffrey:  You’re totally right.  And there’s two points in this story I want to tell you and the viewers.  In the press release given by the minister of health in Samoa, it reads at the end, “The stories have been picked up by the anti-vaccination movement.  The health of our children relies on trust in national immunization programs and your efforts to maintain confidence in the safety of vaccines are critical.”  With that kind of statement I wonder what kind of investigation is going to be done here.

Del:  No bias here!  No bias here!  This is a totally objective review, saying you better not talk against vaccines because we know vaccines are great and though we’ve killed a couple of kids today, forget about it and move on.  It’s for the greater good of the whole.  Over and over.  Anti-vaxxers?  How about intelligent people who don’t like seeing innocent children being killed?

Honestly, what airbag company would get away with that?

What car seat manufacturer would get away with that?  What crib manufacturer would get away with that?   Hey, we know cribs are good.  We know car seats are good.  So don’t come out against the fact that this one killed a couple kids because people might stop using car seats.  This is crazy.

Jeffrey: As people read this and follow the story, watch the media narrative.  The media narrative is acting like vaccines don’t do damage and there’s no deaths.  So they’re completely omitting that narrative, which we know is not true.  When we read an article on CNN, a New Zealand article, the Australian mainstream news, half the article is on the fact of the story, the other half is talking about how great vaccines are.

Let me ask the viewers this. 

Any other situation, how would this be reported?  If there is a car accident in your town and somebody dies, do they spend half the article going over what happened in the car accident, and the other half saying cars are still important and it’s the most dangerous thing you can do.  Cars deliver our food, so let’s not talk about cars.  Cars are safe and effective.

Del:  That’s a perfect example.  There’s been a couple Tesla accidents.  I think Tesla is a great modern car, it’s a great American company.  But whenever there’s an accident, the media descends upon it and shows all the bad things.  Can you imagine if the article said that Tesla was going into investigate and we’re waiting to hear about what happened?  And where is the bias saying this is a great car and the wave of the future?  We don’t see that.  They report the way they report and it’s exactly to your point.

They go out of their way to change the narrative before they’ve even done the investigation. 

And they think we’re biased.  Those of us who want to see the real science.  I’m curious, Jeffrey.  Who’s going to do the autopsies on these two babies?  Is it happening in Samoa?

Jeffrey:  Yes, it is.  The forensic doctors are brought in from Australia.

Del:  Wait!  They’re bringing them in from Australia?  The place where you get fined every two weeks if you don’t get your vaccinations?  The one place that is even less free than America, that is so into sucking on the blue pills of the pharmaceutical industry.  They’re going to come in and do the autopsies on these two children?

Vaccinologist Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris

Jeffrey:  Correct.  What’s interesting and the last point I want to make to your viewers and be conscious of when they’re reading these mainstream articles is that there’s a Dr. Helen Petousis-Harris out of Auckland University, she’s the director of research and immunization, and she is on the soil in Samoa right now and she’s assisting in this investigation.

She was also the same person in 2016 who flew out to Japan

…and was part of the situation there when the HPV vaccine was going to be withdrawn, and actually the government ended up withdrawing the recommendation for it because it was hurting children.  This is the woman who flew out there, and Freedom of Information requests show she and members of the World Health Organization were actively trying to suppress some of the adverse reactions from the HPV vaccines, particularly those found by Dr. Christopher Shaw, regarding the aluminum adjuvants binding with DNA.

So this woman is the point woman for the media.  We’re reading these stories and she’s supposedly the expert who’s giving her point of view.  So it’s very interesting and we should watch out for it.  There’s an open letter complaint on these matters for people to read about to cover up that situation in Japan.

Del:  This is like El Chapo being the being the point person on any drug bust.  It’s outrageous.  Thank you Jeffrey.  I know we sent several questions to the ministry of health, including the question of how many casualties are you willing to accept in Samoa in order to achieve what you think is health for the greater body.  Is this inside your number of acceptable deaths?  And I also asked you to find out, do they have mandatory vaccines in Samoa?  Did that nurse break the law in any way?  Is that nurse up on any charges?  Did you get any answers to those questions?

Jeffrey:  I did not.  I know the police are looking into this.  It has become a police matter.  And the nurses that were giving the vaccines are on leave for their protection.  Those are the two facts that I do know.  I can also report that the minister of health, did receive my email correspondence with those questions.  But he has not replied to them.

Del:  What’s happened to the reporting?  Is the reporting continuing from Samoa for the network that broke this story?

Jeffrey:  Yes, it is.  So far they are continuing to report.  Their Facebook page is continuing breaking stories.

Del:  Let’s support that local network that’s actually doing real journalism and really telling this story.  So how do we find them?  Where on-line can we find that network?

Jeffrey:  That will be TV-1 Samoa on Facebook.  There’s no other one like it.  Sometimes they do their reporting in their native language so there’s a language barrier, but most of the time it’s in English.

Del:  Okay, thank you.  As always, if you have questions about the stories, about the links or studies we’re talking about, or today the court order we received in our HHS (Health and Human Services) order law suit, all of those things are available to you if you simply type in Ican in your comment section on Facebook.  I-C-A-N on Facebook, or if you’re watching us via Youtube or some other platform, then pick up your cell phone and text the number 33222 and in the message type Ican and we will text you links to all the information.

By Kent Heckenlively, JD

plagueheckiKent’s book PLAGUE was released by Skyhorse Publishing in 2014 and is now available in paperback. Skyhorse also publishes the work of Mo Yan, the 2012 recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

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  1. Vaccines, vaccines like fire, keep playing with it until it burn you and if not careful, consume you. Will humanity ever wake up to the reality of this unscientific dogma of necessity of vaxxing in order of good health? Won’t be easy to abandon such a long held deep rooted misconception. But, facts are speaking just so loud. Are we listening?

  2. You mean with all of the injury and deaths from vaccinations over the years nobody has ANY CLUE what the actual mechanism is that triggers the damage? Really Really? REALLY???

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